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December 2010


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Award Winners Celebrated

HBAWS President Rich Achor, ARENA Builders Associates, Inc., expressed his gratitude to the members of the association’s committees, councils, task forces, Board of Directors, Executive Board and all other members of the HBA for their successful association work in 2010 at the November 23 membership meeting.


Rich presented the 2010 President’s Awards to the following members who went over and beyond in 2010 to serve the HBAWS in extraordinary ways: Keith Rogers, Keith Rogers Homes, Inc. and Ron Ricci, Ricci Builders & Management, Inc.


220 Charlois Blvd W-S, NC 27103 336-768-5942

Ron Ricci receiveds President’s Award

Keith Rogers receiveds President’s Award

BOARD INSTALLATION Meet the HBAWS 2011 Leadership Team Steve E. Hurst, Steve E. Hurst Construction., was installed as President at the November 23 membership meeting. Along with the recognitions and awards, the installation of the 2011 HBA Officers and Directors was held (see full list on page 5). The other elected officers and directors were installed at the meeting and will begin leading the association beginning January 2011. Marty Needham, NCHBA Vice President of Region 7, performed the installation service. He gave a heart felt appreciation for the leadership and at the same time explained the importance of each person’s role in the association.



2010 Sponsors’ Club

Home Builders Association of Winston Salem

Exclusive Event Sponsors WSJournal Media Sponsor

Diamond Event Sponsors STOCK Building Supply

Pine Hall Brick Co., Inc.

Triad Home & Garden Show Preview Party

Parade of Homes Celebration Awards Banquet

Southern Community Bank

BB & T

Parade of Homes Event Co-Sponsor

Parade of Homes Celebration Awards Banquet

Platinum Event Sponsors Signs Now

James River Equipment

Official Printing Sponsor Triad Home & Garden Show

84 Lumber

Parade of Homes Kick-off Party

Triad Home & Garden Show

Fairway Independent Mortgage Golf Tournament


Bank of N.C. Busch Insurance/Builders Mutual Insurance Company Coldwell Banker/Triad Realtors Piedmont Natural Gas, Inc. ProBuild Truilant Federal Credit Union


Alan G. Fletcher Construction Co., Inc. Bimco Plumbing Supplies McCullough Tile Piedmont Garage Door Co., Inc. Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Pine Hall Brick

Bronze First Community Bank Hall Insurance Associates, Inc. Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services Piedmont Protective Services, LLC Sonoma Building Company 2


December Came Around Quickly December 2010 - sure came around quickly. How was it for your business? For you personally? How you answer that reflects why it was... what it was. Huh? If you answered it was great, I would be willing to bet it was because you expected it to be, planned for it to be, and saw the opportunity (s) that existed for you and your business. If it was bad, guess what? Self-fulfilling prophecy. We can all look back and see missed opportunities in the past year, even the most successful among us. We get to choose if that is our focus or the opportunities we realized are our focus. People want to do business with successful people; people want the busiest people working on their ”deal”. Sharing ‘woe is me” tales may make you feel better ( I really don’t know why) but they don’t bring you business. Personally, I can chose to look at this past month and focus on the fact that for whatever reason, I have seen realtors bring custom buyers to builders that are famous for disappearing after closing day, or have had to have 10’s of thousands of dollars of structural repairs done to their previously built properties, or to builders that are known to be failing financially, while the financially sound, always there for the unexpected warranty call, and/or the builders with the spotless records don’t get contacted by these realtors and their buyers. OR I can chose to look at the recent uptick in showings of speculative property and the numerous recent contracts on existing, speculative, and custom homes and see a light that is starting to get brighter. I chose the latter and believe the brighter light is the brightness of the future and not the headlight of an approaching train. (Maybe I am just not bright)

Let’s take a minute in December to remember those that have passed from our organization, (Wade Jurney, Sr., E. J. Hanes), we will miss them. Let’s take a minute to thank those that made our lives better, richer, or more successful; my list would more than fill this page. Let’s take a minute and wish those taking on our leadership roles for the coming year ....unbridled success; to “the Steves” and Best Wishes for a GREAT Year. I want to thank each of you for the opportunity to serve you as President of certainly the best HBA in the state and most likely the nation. It was an honor for me. We have had some great success as an HBA this year because of many of your efforts to ensure it was so. Our organization is only as strong as our members who put the time and effort in to make it so. We have some of the best volunteers and certainly the best staff of any HBA. Please continue to give of your time and energies to our HBA. I warned you in my first of these letters that I would likely upset a few of you with my comments and hopefully make a couple of you think. If I was successful in making a few of you think about a thing or two you had not had time to think about, I am happy. If I have upset any of you, I am sorry, but was I wrong? It is early to start making New Year’s resolutions but let’s as an association make this one; 2011 is going to be a good year; we expect it to be, we are planning for it to be and we will make it happen by staying focused and in the game. Thank you for letting me be part of your 2010.


REMODELERS UPDATE Chuck Hicks, President, NAHBR, HBAWS Wow! What a quick 12 months! Its hard to believe this is my last month as President of the Remodelers Council. It has been my great pleasure to serve you during this time. We have seen lots of changes this past year - new codes, new lead paint requirements, a change in volume and also in mix of project work - overall it has been quite a challenge this year. I applaud all of you who have maintained your active role in the Remodelers Council and in Home Builders through the economic downturn. I want to thank you for all your support this past year. Remodelers, associates, and especially the HBA staff have made this past year a success for our council. I look forward to the leadership role passing to one of our associates - Mike Scardina of The Kitchen Center. Mike will do an outstanding job as leader of our group. Thank you to all who assisted with the stage setup and Christmas Tree assembly for the Brenner’s Children Hospital fundraiser. Rob Powell did an excellent job again organizing and driving this community service activity. We are still exploring options for our Showcase of Remodeled Homes for 2011, so please respond to the questionnaire that the HBA is sending to members. We need your feedback to choose the right option that will result in the biggest benefit for our group and our charity. We look forward to seeing all of you on December 7th for our annual Christmas dinner at the Deacon Tower. Merry Christmas!

We protect the dreams you build. And, at Piedmont Protective Services, we do it using the most advanced systems available. Call us today and learn why more than 60 builders in our community have chosen us to protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. Piedmont Protective Services Bill Wrenn: Owner, 336.771.2389 We can also assist you with home theatre, multi-room stereos, central vacuum, LCD and plasma television sales and installation. 4

WELCOME - 2011 OFFICERS & DIRECTORS OFFICERS President - Steve E. Hurst Steve E. Hurst Construction

Secretary - Jennifer Sammons Allen Tate Realtors

1st Vice President - Steve McSwain Maplestone Construction, LLC

Treasurer - Mike Hayes Southern Community Bank & Trust

2nd Vice President - Shane Wagner Hubbard Realty of W-S

Immediate Past President - Rich Achor ARENA Builders Associates, LLC

DIRECTORS Richard Alexander Richard Alexander Custom Homes, Inc. B Pat Bullard STOCK Building Supply A Jeff Canter J.K. Canter Builder, LLC B Andy Collins Collins Home Builders, Inc. B Scott Craver W.S. Craver Construction, LLC B Bryan Daniel Bridges Wealth Management A Rick Easter 84 Lumber A Buck Horn Buck Horn Construction Co., Inc. B Rosemary Howell Women’s Council A Todd Isenhour Cambridge Isenhour Homes, Inc. B Angela Kalamaras Keller Williams Realty of W-S A Nathan Myers BRANCH BANKING & TRUST A Sarah Olson LEAP Realty, LLC A Ron Ricci Ricci Builders & Management, Inc. B KEITH ROGERS KEITH ROGERS HOMES B Mike Scardina The Kitchen Center of Winston-Salem A Chris Smith P.F. Plumbing Contractors, Inc. A Chris Thompson PCI Builders, Inc. B Richard Tozier Sonoma Building Company B Bob Vaughn Cabinet Studio A


TRIAD HOME & Garden Show In less than two months the 2011 Triad Home & Garden Show will be here! A premier trade show, this event is open to thousands of consumers from the Triad and beyond. The Show runs for three days: February 18, 19, 20 and provides companies an outstanding marketing tool to help increase revenue during the winter season. The TRIAD HOME & Garden Show provides vendors with an outstanding local venue to interact with consumers, and display their products & services. The THGS Committee is busy planning, and strategizing for financial success at the 2011 trade show, which means increased revenue for members of our Association. The 2011 event is an excellent opportunity for both new and returning vendors to showcase their products and services. As always, the THGS brings a variety of learning opportunities, and shares solutions and and ideas for home improvement and landscaping for attendees.

Sign up today and join us at the 2011 Show! For more information, visit The THGS is frequently sold out by the end of December, don’t miss your opportunity to to be a part of this year’s event. 6

MARKETING & Promotion There are several ways all members can assist in promoting and ensuring the success of the show. Review the information below and decide how you can help:

Advance Tickets Purchase the advance show tickets you will be sent in January and give them away to customers, friends and family! Web Site Link Post our event HTML tag on your company’s Web site. The logo will then link visitors directly to the HBAWS Web site, which will provide them information on attending the Show. Contact Beverly Hayes -

Company Newsletter Add information about the Show to your company’s internal or external newsletter. Visit for a complete listing of the dates and times for the Show. Posters Place event posters in your office or place of business - and even around town! Posters will be available at the HBA office in mid-January.


The Triad Home & Garden Show Committee, chaired by Steve McSwain, Maplestone Construction, LLC, appreciates the members’ support. For more information, contact Megan Parks, 768-5942 7


Professional Women in Building Rosemary Howell, President

On behalf of the Professional Women in Building (PWB), I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Our December social was held on December 7th at the home of Donna Gilbert (former PWB member). We celebrated a wonderful year of fellowship & giving. This hard working group of women have contributed to over a dozen charities this year in time, money & talent.

Our SCAN toy drive was a great success and I would like to thank the members of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem and the Professional Women in Building for their generous donation of toys. The PWB is looking forward to growing our membership and would like to invite any woman employee or wives of builder members and associate members to join us in 2011. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

DECEMBER Professional Women in Building 6:00 p.m., TBA


HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION Getting the Most From Your HBA Membership


A Guide for Associate Members


When building relationships with builders, let common sense and courtesy be your guide he principal reason most associate members join the home builders association is to get business from the builder members. However, it is not always easy and it is never automatic. Membership does not give an associate member the right to a builder’s business. What it does, rather, is give him the privilege to seek business from builders through specific opportunities. Many builders in turn will try to do business with an associate member, provided there is a favorable balance to him in price, service, and quality. Consider some of these basic principles in building your relationships with builder members: Things TO DO: 1) visit the builder regularly with good reason --- do not waste his time with idle gossip. Do not underestimate his interest in new products. 2) Keep his literature current. The builder needs current information if he is going to use your product --- not only to show his customers, but for other suppliers or subcontractors that may be involved in installing your products. 3) Keep the builder informed if there are pricing or product changes. There has never been a builder who liked price increases, but they dislike surprises even more. Timely notice will allow him to adjust his budget. 4) Let him know immediately if a product is discontinued or going to be discontinued, and what his replacement options are. 5) Tell him immediately if a product or service is going to be delivered late. Stay in touch with him so you know when you and/or your product are needed. Remember that other suppliers and subcontractors may be affected when you are late. 6) Sell quality products and do not compromise your reputation with inferior products or services. 7) Be honest with the builder about what features or benefits he may gain by paying a little more. If your offering has deficiencies, tell him in advance so he can make adjustments. 8) Do not waste the builder’s time --- take care of his needs quickly. When you make an appointment, be on time or call to say you will be late. He has to deal with a lot of suppliers and subs. 9) Be knowledgeable. Try to understand his business. Is he building luxury homes or affordable housing? Stay informed of trends in the building industry and be a source of information to him. Find answers to his questions. Reliable information will keep him coming back to you. 10) Get actively involved in the home builders association. Just as the builder makes his living from the building industry --so, too, do you. Getting involved not only benefits the industry as a whole, but also gets you the recognition you need from builder members. Regular meeting attendance will give you additional visibility. Devote some of your advertising budget to placing ads in the association’s newsletter. 11) Encourage pride and service throughout your company. You are judged by the attitude of everyone who works for you. Polite administrative staff, accounting staff, and delivery people are greatly appreciated. However, DO NOT: 1) Speak negatively about your competitor or his product or services. He may be a personal friend of the builder or even a fellow member of the home builders association. We all have to prove ourselves to be accepted. You will not succeed by speaking negatively about your competition. 2) Also, the builder may have been using your competitor’s product or service. By speaking negatively, you are saying that the builder was not very smart for using it. 3) In either case, you are going to make the builder defensive. Instead, focus on making positive statements about your products or service. Give him references of other builders who have been satisfied with your product, service, quality, and price. 4) Misrepresent the facts (or, to put it bluntly, DON’T LIE). Whether it’s about a delivery, what you or your product can do, or about price, never become an untrustworthy businessperson. 5) Do not tell the builder you are giving him the best price in town when you may have given someone else a better price. Prices can vary based on quantity, delivery, and a variety of other factors, and builders know that. They do not want to be lied to any more than you do. Bottom line, selling to builders takes a lot of common sense and courtesy. Your membership in the home builders association is a tremendous asset to your business. By applying these basic rules to your sales strategies and actively participating in the association, you can greatly enrich your builder relationships, increase your sales opportunities, and grow as a consummate professional.


2011 Market Forecast Presented by Edsel Charles

Merry Christmas from the HBA Staff!

Mark your calendars for the 2011 Triad Housing Forecast on Tuesday, January 25 at 8:30 am at the Greensboro Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel. This will be a combined HBAWS and Greensboro Builders Association event. All members are invited and HBAWS builder members will receive 1 hour CE. Edsel Charles, president of MarketGraphics Research Group, one of the largest new home research companies in the US, will provide updates and forecasts on residential starts and closings in the five county region. MarketGraphics tracks real estate trends in North Carolina and 20 other states.

Nancy Gould

Charles will also be available for a Builder Forum at 10 am, immediately following the breakfast presentation. ed Gisela Whitbr

Edsel Charles Bio:

Edsel Charles is the founder & Chairman of the Board for MarketGraphics Research Group, Inc., a new home market research company. After building over $100,000,000 of new single-family homes during the late 70’s and 80’s, Mr. Charles started MarketGraphics in 1988. The company has grown to be one of the largest newhome research companies of its type in the United States. MarketGraphics clients include builders, developers, banks, utility companies, Realtors, appraisers and city governments. MarketGraphics gathers housing, employment, & economic data in 21 states with audits encompassing approximately 13.5% of all the housing starts in the nation, 25,000 subdivisions, & 2,400,000 homes & lots. 11

GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS REPORT Nancy Gould - Joint Governmental Affairs Director

Local Government - Get Involved in 2011 There are numerous reasons why learning more about our local governments and being involved in local politics are smart moves for us personally and professionally. That’s why we work hard at making it as easy as possible for our members to better understand how our local governments work and to participate more in the important discussions and decisions place in our local counties and communities. Below are three quick ways to help you take the opportunity to “Get Involved in 2011!” I hope you will take advantage of all of them. The City of Winston-Salem University gives citizens a better understanding of city government, including the responsibilities of various City departments and the City’s role in the community. Students are chosen through an application process. Class size is limited. It is a 13-week course and meets once a week on Thursdays. Classes are from 6 to 9 p.m. The classes meet at City Hall and various other locations. The next session begins February 3, 2011 .Application deadline is December 31, 2010, 5:00 p.m. To learn more and to apply go to the City of Winston-Salem website or click on: MarketingAndCommunications/CWSU/Articles/CWSUniversity Partners in Housing UPDATE, our Joint Govt. Affairs newsletter, lets you quickly find information about what’s happening on the national, state, and local government levels. It is updated several times a month and can be accessed on the HBAWS and WSRAR websites and in the WSRAR weekly, Wednesday E-Letter. Apply to serve on a committee, board or commission. Although we publish in the UPDATE when there are seats available on local citizen groups and boards, most of our local governments encourage citizens to go ahead and submit applications at the beginning of each calendar year. Below is a chart that provides you with a phone number and the link to each local government’s website, where you can find more information about local boards get the necessary form that must be completed and returned if you wish to be considered as an appointee. We will also be happy to help you with this process.

Counties Davie Davidson Forsyth Stokes Yadkin

Phone 753.6001 242-2000 703-2020 593-2811 679-4200

Web Site

Towns/Cities Bethania Burmuda Run Clemmons Coolemee Kernersville King Lewisville Lexington Mocksville Rural Hall Tobaccoville Walkertown Winston-Salem

Phone 922-4744 998-0906 766-7511 284-2141 996-6916 983-8265 945-5558 248-3910 753-6700 969-6856 983-0029 595-4212 727-8000

Web Site


MONTHLY MEETINGS: First Wednesday of the Month 11:45am, HBA Conf. Room RSVP: Megan Parks 336-768-5942

“I can’t imagine any other resource available to me as an HBA member that gives me access to so many different information sources. By attending Spike meetings I get to hear about what’s really going on in our area and in our industry. It’s invaluable to me, and I highly recommend joining this committee it to any HBA member”.

~ Rick Busch


Busch Insurance Services

Visit to view NAHB member discounts 13


Info about Spring Parade House

Plans for the 10th Annual Spring Parade of Homes are underway. This year’s event will be chaired by Ron Ricci, Ricci Builders and Management, Inc.. This year the event will be held April 30, May 1 & May 7, 8, 2010. Sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem and co-sponsored by the Winston-Salem Journal, homes will be open to the public from 1 – 5 pm each day of the event. Registration information is now available, so builders should be planning and thinking about which house(s) they are going to register. Houses can be shown at any stage of completion.

HBAWS is accepting proposals for the 2011 Spring Parade of Homes Association Home. This home will be our association’s entry in the Spring Parade of Homes (April 2011).

Dates: April 30, May 1 & May 7, 8

The event is also a great opportunity for developers to spotlight neighborhoods, encourage builders to showcase homes in those developments, plus focus on specific house features. The Spring Parade of Homes, along with the fall Parade of Homes, is the BEST marketing buy a builder can get for his/her money! You cannot get the amount of exposure for the money you receive during the Spring and Fall Parade of Homes anywhere else! For more information, contact Megan Parks at the HBAWS office – 336.768.5942 or

RFP due 12-1-2010

Extensive media exposure awaits the builder of the selected Festival home, including: • Prominent featured articles in The HomePlace Sunday supplement of the Winston-Salem Journal; • Coverage in the Spring Parade Tabloid distributed to 76,000+ W-S Journal readers • Recognition at Membership Meetings • Featured articles in the HBAWS Newsletter about the home, builder and the project’s subs and suppliers

This project is a vital fundraiser for the association and an excellent opportunity for members to showcase their goods and services. The financial commitment can be shared with the developer and or realtor. The Parade Homes have been consistent generators of high quality leads for its builders, marketing teams and their neighborhoods. The Spring Parade Association Home Task Force invites any interested builder to submit a proposal for their home to be selected as the 2011 Spring Parade Association Home This home must be complete & open to the public both weekends of 2011 Spring Parade. This home must be new construction and never occupied. It can be a home currently in inventory or under construction to be complete prior to April 15, 2011. Any price point is welcome to submit a proposal. All proposals will be evaluated by our task force as to the characteristics and marketability of the home. Proposals must be received no later than 5pm, December 17. For more info, contact Jerry Herman 336-768-5942.

Benefits of Membership!

Education - We Help You Know

Expand the ability of your business to offer customers the most knowledgeable services possible. N.C. Builders Institute offers continuing education credits, Annual Builders’ Convention is the nation’s largest trade show, Designation program, Mandatory Builder Continuing Education Program 14

NEW MEMBERS & APPLICANTS WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Builder Forsyth Structures, John Deal 5385 Funk Farm Lane, Winsn, NC 27295 336.382.3678 Custom Spec Sponsor: Richard Doud, Jr.

Associate Tarheel Basement Systems, Pete Burgess PO Box 711, Valle Crucis, NC 28691 Sponsor: Virgil Smith

*Membership lapsed over a year Builder Castlegate Construction. Marshall Horton 100 Miss Emery Lane, Lexington, NC 27295 336.382.3678 Custom Spec, Sponsor: Al Hyatt Associates Angler Electric & Service Co, Tony Johnson Sanchez Construction, Salvador Sanchez P.O. Box 822, Clemmons, NC 27012 P.O. Box 16132, Winston- Salem, NC 27115 336.765.5251 336.399.5755 Electrical, Sponsor: Buck Horn Masonry, Sponsor: TBD Burchette & Burchette Hardwood Floors Ronald Burchette 196 Austin-Traphill Rd, Elkin, NC 28611 336. 835.6409 Retail Wholesale Sub-Contractor Sponsor: Ron Schwartz, Jr.

Forsyth Tech Community College, Justin Draughn 2100 Silas Creek Parkway, W-S, NC 27103 336.723.0371 Marketing, Sponsor: John McPherson

REQUEST FOR TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP Associate Member: Bank of North Carolina Jim Bowman, Mortage Banking Greensboro, NC, 336.476.9200


Sheppards Run, LLC Mike Turner 210 N. Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284 336.817.5202 Custom Spec Sponsor: Ron Schwartz, Jr.

Associate Backyard, Etc Shera Henderson PO Box 163 Semora, NC 27343 336.234.8850 Sponsor: Dennis Crews

JNS Construction Company, Inc Jeff Montenare 402 Vedra Court High Point, NC 27265 336.362.7841 Custom, Remodeling, Commercial Sponsor: Shane Wagoner


MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS THANK YOU FOR RENEWING IN NOVEMBER! Pine Hall Brick Co., Inc. - 51 years Pope Sand & Gravel, Inc. - 43 years Relco Construction Co., Inc. - 36 years Audio Video One, Inc. - 30 years Pfaff’s, Inc. - 30 years Piedmont Federal Savings Bank - 29 years Piedmont Natural Gas - 29 years Poindexter Lumber Company - 29 years Helsabeck-Hall Insurance Agency, Inc. - 18 years Medford Construction Co., Inc. - 17 years Missy Easter Agency/Nationwide Ins.- 17 years Coldwell Banker Triad, REALTORS - 17 years Kitchen Vision - 16 years Energy Efficient Insulation Co. - 16 years Ray Bullins Construction Co. - 16 years Dipak L. Soin - 14 years Kitchen Craft /Healthy Gour. Cookware - 14 yrs Southern Community Bank & Trust - 14 years

Thomas Harris Building & Design, Inc. - 12 years DK Construction - 11 years Triad Custom Painting - 10 years The Plumbing Works - 9 years HomeTeam Pest Defense - 8 years Battle’s Custom Trim, LLC - 7 years Interlandi & Assoc/Custom Home Designs - 5 yrs JJ & J Construction - 4 years Walter Menjivar - 3 years Mears Construction, Inc. - 2 years Carter Lumber Company - 2 years Mousavi General Contractor, Inc. - 2 years Goforth Pest Management - 2 years Florido Framing - 1 years Insulation by Branchelin, Inc. - 1 years ODDS Construction, Inc. - 1 years Weeks Hardwood Flooring & Carpet, Inc. -1 yrs

DECEMBER ~ TIME TO RENEW Robertson Realty, Inc. Primo Water Auman-Elite, LLC Bob’s Drywall Service, Inc. Bost Builders of Winston-Salem Carolina Shutter and Blinds Carolyn Triplett Custom Homes, LLC Consolidated Landscaping, Inc. Home Resource Keith Rogers Homes, Inc. Loflin Concrete Co., Inc. Manus Home Improvement Progressive Security, Inc. Richard D. Smith Sandman Flooring, Inc. Southern Plumbing Solutions, Inc. Allied Surveying


American Waste Systems Brothers Siding & Roofing DR Horton, Inc. Excalibur Enterprises, Inc. Freedom Mobility Aids Jones Doors & Windows Media Placement Services, Inc. Natural Home Lite PNC Mortgage, div. of PNC Bank Patti Dobbins, Attorney at Law Pilot Air Qwest Building Corporation R & G Painting RH Boone Construction LLC Ray’s Creative Landscape Southeastern Title Agency, Inc. Southern Foods at Home

Stars Peak Builders, LLC The Nemeh Group Whitney Flooring, Inc. Wilkins Electric BPS Waste LLC Pro Build Budget Termite & Pest Control Granite & Marble by Malave’ Hartgrove Lawn Care Walkabout Tile Webb Heating & A/C Co., Inc. Davidson Steel Services Piedmont Fence, Inc. Nelson Shirley, Inc. Grandview, Inc. Bridges Wealth Managment Knight Topline Services, Inc.


Congratulations! Smith Phillips Building Supply welcomes David Rogers as an Account Manager at their Statesville location and Ronnie Smith as an Account Manager at their Winston-Salem location. *Smith Phillips is an independent, locally owned and operated business, serving the Triad since 1880.

Murray Supply Company Wins 2010 Blue Volt Award for completing the highest enrollment of Knowledge@Noon classes in the HVAC, Plumbing and PVF divisions of Affiliated Distributors. Knowledge@Noon is a live online training


Bryan Daniel, New Members: Jeff Montenare, Jns Construction Company, Inc., Jacob Dahlin, Mountcastle Insurance, and 2011 President - Steve E. Hurst, Spike Ambassador - Virgil Smith, 2011 VP Steve McSwain, & Spike Ambassadors: Dennis Crews and Shane Young

Happy Holidays! from

*Murray Supply Company is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 1965 by Mr. C.V. Murray in Charlotte, North Carolina.


HBAWS BOARD of DIRECTORS 2010 HBAWS BOARD OFFICERS Rich Achor, President Steve Hurst, 1st Vice-President Shane Young, 2nd Vice-President Jennifer Sammons, Secretary Mike Hayes, Treasurer Rick Tozier, Immediate Past President

COMMITTEE/COUNCIL CHAIRS Associate Members Committee Bill Wysor, Chairperson NAHB Remodelers Chuck Hicks, President Women’s Council Rosemary Howell, President

Richard Alexander Jeff Canter Andy Collins Rick Easter Chuck Hicks Rosemary Howell

2010 DIRECTORS Angela Kalamaras Steve McSwain Susan Mueller Nathan Myers Sarah Olson Keith Rogers

HBAWS DIRECTORS NCHBA DIRECTORS ALTERNATES: Rich Achor Steve Mabe Steve Hurst Herschel Redding John McPherson, Jr. Shane Young Kathy Craven Snodgrass

Chris Smith Carolyn Triplett Robert Vaughn Shane Wagoner Troy Warner Bill Wysor NAHB DIRECTORS Rich Achor Steve Hurst Paul Mullican Eric Anderson LIFE DIRECTORS

Kathy Craven-Snodgrass ALTERNATES: Richard Alexander Jonathan Lee Steve Mabe Keith Rogers

STAFF CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 336.768.5942 • Fax: 336.768.9280

Jerry Herman Executive Vice President Megan Parks Director of Operations/Member Services Beverly Hayes Communications Manager Gisela Whitbred Financial Manager Nancy Gould Joint Governmental Affairs Director 18

Dec. & Jan. CALENDAR OF EVENTS DECEMBER 1 Spike Club Appreciation Lunch 11:45 p.m. Invitation Only DECEMBER 7 Professional Women in Building 5:30 p.m. Christmas Party - TBD Christmas Holiday DECEMBER 7 Board of Directors Christmas Social 4:30 p.m. – WFU Deacon Tower Remodelers Council Christmas Dinner 6:00 p.m. – WFU Deacon Tower DECEMBER 9 Associate Members Committee 12:00 p.m., Christmas Social - TBD DECEMBER 24 & 27 HBA Office Closed Christmas Holiday

Congratulations and Thank you for 51 years of membership!

JANUARY 4 Professional Women in Building 5:30 p.m., HBA Office JANUARY 5 Spike Club 11:45 a.m., HBA Office JANUARY 11 Executive Board 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room NAHB Remodelers 6:30 p.m., Decon Tower JANUARY 13 Associate Members Committee 12:00 p.m., HBA Office JANUARY 17 Newsletter Copy Deadline 12:00 p.m., HBA Office JANUARY 18 Board of Directors 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room JANUARY 25 Breakfast with Edsel Charles 8:30 a.m., Four Seasons Hotel JANUARY - TBD

Membership Meeting 6:00 p.m., TBD


ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED 220 Charlois Boulevard • Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 303 Winston-Salem, NC

Go Green! email: to receive electronic newsletter vs. printed.


Please visit us


4575 Hamp ton Rd Clemmons , NC 27012 P: 336.712.9 910 F: 336.766.5 906 www.stock buildingsu

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