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220 Charlois Blvd W-S, NC 27103 336-768-5942



he 8th Annual Showcase of Remodeled Homes exceeded last year’s numbers with more than 1,300 visits to the homes over the weekend. Visitors toured the homes May 15 and 16, as well as large numbers taking virtual tours to the homes via the website: The Showcase featured remodeling projects by: RH Boone Construction, Stephen L. Mabe, Icon Builders, M & P Renovations, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen and HLM Construction, all members of Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem’s NAHB Remodelers. Showcase Chairperson, Bob Vaughn, Cabinet Studios, Inc., worked with a local agency, Wildfire, LLC, to establish a new look for marketing materials for this year’s event. Wildfire created the tabloid cover, ad and poster for the event at no cost to HBAWS or NAHB Remodelers. Event proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity Forsyth County. The response from members and consumers has been very positive from the two day event. Appreciation goes to Chairperson Bob Vaughn, Cabinet Studios, Inc., participating builders, the entire NAHB Remodelers group and media sponsor, Winston-Salem Journal.


We protect the dreams you build. And, at Piedmont Protective Services, we do it using the most advanced systems available. Honeywell 2-Way Voice Burglar Alarms

Honeywell’s state-of-the-art systems allow hands-free communication with our central station to provide the quickest police response when your customer needs it most. With the addition of a “panic button,” the system can be upgraded to a life alert system for the elderly.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

An excellent protective complement, these compact units can be added one per floor or installed to meet residential fire code. With our monitored system there’s no need for your electrician to install smoke detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These sensors are an excellent upgrade for homes with gas appliances. For many Energy Star Homes, it’s required to have carbon monoxide detectors for the rating.

Digital Camera Systems

Providing the added protection of real-time video monitoring of the home, these motion-activated systems capture activity as it’s happening and can be viewed by your customers remotely.

Call us today and learn why more than 60 builders in our community have chosen us to protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. Piedmont Protective Services Winston-Salem, NC 336.771.2389 Bill Wrenn: Owner We can also assist you with home theatre, multi-room stereos, central vacuum, LCD and plasma television sales and installation. 2

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Rich Achor – ARENA Builders When you look in the mirror, whom do you see? Do you see the person you are or the person you want to be? Do you see the person your spouse sees? The person your children see? The person your customers or employees see? Are you sure? Where do you go for feedback on that image? Do you listen when people tell you what they see or do you tell people what they see? Our lives are fantastic, we get to answer that question each day, we get to act on our answers each day, and we get to be whom we want to be. In addition to our persons we also get to shape our businesses. How are they perceived, how are they shaped? Like what you see? Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t like what you see? Change it. Don’t know how? Getting caught up because it is you who you are trying to reshape? Try imagining you are giving advice to a friend; it becomes easier to see the opportunities. Wait, perception and reality are not always the same. Really? Isn’t that politician exactly who the media or the position paper you read presented them to be? Don’t they do exactly what their image says? The Kings of Green would never travel the globe in a private jet, transport from airport to meeting in a parade of limousines and commute on their farm in an F-350 dually. The carbon footprint would be too much for their image, right? The conservative governor with the religious community’s unwavering support would never cheat on his wife, especially with the male aide at his office, right? How do you want to be seen? Who do you really want to be? It has been said, “want to accomplish the unaccomplishable… work anonymously”, “want to be remembered as someone special…worry about your deeds and not your recognition”. Do… don’t pretend. What’s the point? Times are tough, right? We all want to wait to reshape things until times are better, right? Think hard and remember a time when you ever thought times weren’t tough. I’ll bet if you are honest with yourself that you can’t. No matter what is happening we always seem to have challenges. In 2006 we all saw challenges even though

through the rose colored glass of time, it now seems like the best of times. The time to evaluate yourself and your business is now. We have all pulled inside our protective shells and are trying to ride out the storm. If we wait long enough our perceptions will tell us the storm never ends. The time to shape the view in the mirror is now. If you want the image to be one of a successful person, start doing the things to be successful, if you want the image to be of someone who gives back, give back. Your HBAWS needs your help. We have a valuable position in the local economy and business community, but we need to be active to leverage that opportunity. We have great committees and events that can use your talents. If you are willing to do the work and can forget about the recognition, I guarantee you will get more out of your “giving back” both in terms of that recognition and a better business environment than you ever thought possible. We are in the midst of setting up our slate of Officers and Board of Directors for 2011 and I am happy to report that we are having huge successes finding willing members to fill the slots, THANK YOU! The task does not end with the Officers and the Board, the committees do the real work, the below the radar work that really makes or breaks our events happens on the committees. Contact one of your current Board members, Officers, Megan, Beverly, Valerie or Jerry and find a space on one of the committees. When you get on the committee DO the work, the image in the mirror will thank you for it. Do… don’t pretend. If you think giving back is having your name on a committee roster where you only attend a few meetings and interact at a minimum, skip it. If you want the title but not the work, skip it. If you want the recognition; the line item on your personal or business resume, but can’t put in the time (too busy or something else is always more important), skip it. Your HBAWS needs your help, a great many have answered the organization’s call for help, many again and again (I am sure several names come to all of our minds) but we need all of you to be active for the image the HBAWS sees in the mirror to be the one we all envision it to be. 3

REMODELERS UPDATE Chuck Hicks, President, NAHBR, HBAWS The NAHB Remodelers May meeting featured Dan Dockery of the Winston-Salem Inspection Division as the presenter. Attendees were able to secure 2 credits toward their CE requirements for the year.  Dan discussed several main items of interest: 1. Builders should be contacted by their inspector if there is any problem seen while performing an inspection.  If you are not being called, let Dan know.   2. Inspections to change the work schedule to create 10 hour day shift to enable late afternoon inspections. ♦ Two building inspectors will be retiring soon. ♦ He is requesting a permit fee increase next year of approximately 21%. ♦ Inspections will roll out Mobile Solutions. ♦ Disclosure statements are changing in real estate contracts to ask about work being done with or without permits. The Showcase of Remodeled Homes on May 15 & 16 was a great success!  Good weather and good traffic overall.  Thanks goes to Bob Vaughn and the HBA staff for all their efforts in making this annual event a success.  Thanks also to everyone who helped

2 0 1 1 4

spread the word about the event given that we did not have as large an advertising budget as in previous years. Later this month, we plan on meeting with the Winston-Salem Junior League to discuss next year’s remodeling showcase events.  There could be some synergistic coordination between the HBA event and the Junior League event, as both are similar Spring tours.  Our goal is to get at least 10 homes on the Remodelers Showcase Tour next year so please begin your planning process now.

NO JULY MEETING: Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 8 at the Deacon Tower.  Ty Johnston with PF Plumbing will be our presenter.  We will begin our social time at 6:00 p.m., with dinner at 6:30.  Please let the HBA staff know if you plan to attend. 

2010 Sponsors’ Club

Home Builders Association of Winston Salem

Exclusive Event Sponsors WSJournal Media Sponsor

Diamond Event Sponsors STOCK Building Supply

Pine Hall Brick Co., Inc.

Triad Home & Garden Show Preview Party

Parade of Homes Celebration Awards Banquet

Southern Community Bank

BB & T

Parade of Homes Event Co-Sponsor

Parade of Homes Celebration Awards Banquet

Platinum Event Sponsors Signs Now

James River Equipment

Official Printing Sponsor Triad Home & Garden Show

84 Lumber

Parade of Homes Kick-off Party

Triad Home & Garden Show

Fairway Independent Mortgage Golf Tournament


Bank of N.C. Busch Insurance/Builders Mutual Insurance Company Coldwell Banker/Triad Realtors Piedmont Natural Gas, Inc. ProBuild Truilant Federal Credit Union


Alan G. Fletcher Construction Co., Inc. Bimco Plumbing Supplies McCullough Tile Piedmont Garage Door Co., Inc. Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Pine Hall Brick

Bronze First Community Bank Hall Insurance Associates, Inc. Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services Piedmont Protective Services, LLC 5

Parade KICK-OFF celebration PHOTOS

Kick-off party sponsor


Fall Parade of Homes

2010 Fall Parade of Homes Coming in October… Enter Today! The Fall Parade of Homes registration forms and the Parade Partners Discount

Directory are both currently online:

If you haven’t entered, now is the time to do so! Important Parade Dates • October 13 • Pre-qualifying, 8:00 a.m. – until finished • October14 • Judging, 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. • October 16, 17 • First weekend of Parade Homes open to public, 1 – 5 p.m. • October 19 • Golden Home Awards Banquet • October 21 • Builder/Realtor Open House Extravaganza • October 23, 24 • Second weekend of Parade Homes open to public, 1 – 5 p.m.

FALL 2010


WOMEN’S COUNCIL Rosemary Howell, President

Women’s Council had a great month of May. We kicked off our May with our meeting at June DeLugas Interiors which was our Build PAC Kick Off. We are well on our way to achieving our 2010 Build PAC goal. Thank you June for hosting our May meeting. The Women’s Council sold “skirts” at the Spring Golf Outing which was also held the first week in May. The proceeds from the sale of the “skirts” have been designated to Hospice in memory of Darlene Good.

On May the 14th, I attended a cook out and awards lunch at the W/S Forsyth County Career Center and presented Joseph Albertelli the Lewis R. Wilson Merit Award. This is a $500 award presented to an outstanding student in the Carpentry Class at the Career Center. Our second award will be presented to a student at Forsyth Tech.

Mark your 2010 calendars: Women’s Council Meeting July 6 at HBAWS This year we were able to donate $365.00 to Hospice. Thank you to all of our members that participated in this year’s “skirt” sales.


I am proud to be a member of this small group of women who seem to do so much for our community and our industry. We are always looking for new members. Our next meeting is June 1st. If you would like more information regarding becoming a member of Women’s Council, please contact me via email or Valerie Adams valeriea@

Keith Rogers Keith Rogers Homes 3455 Polo Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106 336-765-0110

Fall Assoc. House Taking Shape! Keith Rogers, Keith Rogers Homes

October comes sooner when there is an Association Home to build, so the completion of framing is a welcome sight at Lot 246, Brookberry. The 2010 Association Home, built by Keith and Mark Rogers of Keith Rogers Homes, Inc has begun mechanical rough ins and is shaping up into a wonderful home! Built to the exacting standards of Energy Star and the NAHB Green Building program, the home will showcase many of our industry’s leading technologies and our Association’s finest talents. The Association Home is being built at Brookberry Farms, one of WinstonSalem’s leading luxury family communities. An elegant two-story with traditional flair, the home features main level living, a main level two car garage, and a third garage tucked in the basement. The space is open and airy with many windows, varied ceiling heights, and polished finishes. Outdoor living utilizes a large screened porch and deck. Since it’s inception in 1987, the Association Home has been a mainstay in supporting the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem and its members. The success of this project has supported the many industry efforts of the HBA including advocacy, education, and promotion of the home building industry. Member’s participation and support of the Association Home has helped to keep service levels high and dues low. Anyone interested in participating in the Association Home is encouraged to drop by the HBA offices to look at the plans or call Keith. Discounts and donations is another opportunity for our members to participate and get valuable marketing exposure at membership meetings, this newsletter, and in the home during the Parade of Homes. The Association Home is an annual must see destination for the public!

Fall Parade of Homes Association House Builder: Keith Rogers Donations ------------------------------------Audio Video One Ferguson Enterprises Fred E. Byerly, PE Piedmont Protective Piedmont Rent-a-Jon Randall L. Perry Southeastern Title Agency Discounts ----------------------------------84 Lumber Black Sand & Gravel Ferguson Enterprises Lee Ross, Prudential Carolinas PF Plumbing Pine Hall Brick Sealing Agents Stock Building Supply William D. Houck Drafting 9


Mark Diachenko, Paint & Coatings, LTD

Enjoying the Summer or Sealing Your Deck, You Decide June 21 marks the official start of summer. That fun time of the year when we enjoy cookouts with family and friends, outdoor games and activities, and just lounging on our decks. This is also a vivid reminder that we need to make sure we’ve prepared our decks properly for the intense summer UV rays, and rain water that causes them severe damage The problem is most deck sealants are oil based, which repels the water, but also tends to feed algae and mildew which creates those unattractive dark and gray areas on your deck. Fortunately, there is a solution to this age old problem; and there are amazing products on the market to protect your deck. There are sealants available that are 100% Acrylic and they are super premium coatings that are exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly. These type products stand up to household cleaners, the garden hose, pressure washer, and even a bleach and water solution, if used. All this leads to better quality, advanced protection and superior beauty that lasts for years to come. Some specialty deck coatings will last years longer than conventional sealants, which generally last one to three years. In addition, these coatings maintain their attractive color better because of greater UV protection - which extends the life of the deck. This same type sealant is commonly

used on boat docks because of its exceptional protection from water damage. The advanced qualities of this coating are its added resistance to mold and mildew versus conventional sealants and its ability to provide greater wood protection. This lead-free formula is non-toxic when dry; and thus safe around children and animals. There are deck coats which are lifesavers for older, worn decks. The professional process for these older applications includes applying wood fillers to seal old cracks in the wood, followed by a primer coating and finally the deck coating is applied.. The end result is a deck that looks like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. There’s no doubt about it, maintaining your deck is a difficult job. Fortunately, there are products available that can reduce the headache (and backache) for you. The variety of colors available including a clear - even makes choosing your new look a “fun” process. Combine the exceptional protection and color variety, along with advanced coatings providing longer protection, it is easy to see why having your deck professionally treated with a superior coating and sealing agent is the way to go. Now you can enjoy the summer as it was meant to be.

Mark Diachenko Paint & Coatings, LTD 1127 W. Main Street Yadkinville, NC, 27055 336-469-0080 10

Vocational Education Program Recognizes Carpentry Award Winners

Justin Draughn, 2010 Vocational Education Committee Chair, lead the annual awards presentations at the Career Center on May 14th. He praised that our association is the oldest business partner for a secondary school in North Carolina. Anita Mendoza, Director of Marketing and Communications at Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, expressed their appreciation for the long standing partnership with HBAWS Voc Ed program and Habitat. Nineteen habitat homes have been built over several years of work together. Not only has our community benefited by the additional affordable housing, but our industry will have better trained graduates that are potential future trade workers. Rosemary Howell, 2010 Women’s Council President, recognized student, Joseph Albertelli. He was awarded the Lewis R. Wilson Merit Award and Scholarship. This award is a certificate of merit and a $500 letter of credit. The award was made after hearing from the instructor on his accomplishments, attitude and commitment. Rich Achor, HBAWS President, recognized Dylan Gunter, HBA Merit Award winner for outstanding achievements in the Career Center’s Construction Cluster programs. The award consists of a certificate and $250 letter of credit, which may be used for tools and or assistance with course expenses related to future education in the construction industry. Barry Stewart was recognized for his efforts as the carpentry teacher and the program was presented a Passload Angel Finish Nailer courtesy of Smith Phillips Building Supply and Southern Fastening Systems.

Barry Stewart, Joseph Albertilli and Rosemary Howell

Barry Stewart, Dylan Gunter, Rich Achor

Go Green and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! With a Geothermal Heat Pump or Solar Water Heating System In your backyard there is a treasure supply of free and renewable energy Heat up to 80% of your homes water with

yy Heatthe upsun towhile 80%receiving of youra 65% homes water with tax credit! the sun while receiving a 65% tax credit! Tax Credits for Geothermal up to 30%! A

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GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS REPORT Nancy Gould - Joint Governmental Affairs Director

Feeling Helpless? We’re Not! Feel helpless in this recession? Don’t forget that there is something you can, and must do, to help all of us. It is simple - step forward and make sure our elected officials understand how vital housing is to the overall economy and ask them to make the changes needed to get housing rolling again.

the value of the equity in their homes increase in excess of 6.5 percent per year on average. As of the fourth quarter of 2009, Americans held $6.3 trillion of equity in their homes (value of their homes minus mortgage debt they owed on those houses). Home equity is spread more evenly and across a larger share of Americans than any other form of wealth.

I recently found a great article to assist with this task: “State of the Housing Economy,” written by Dr. David Crowe, NAHB Chief Economist. It explains why our leaders on the national, state and local levels need to do all they can to get housing moving again. I suggest you read the entire two page article posted on the WSRAR and HBAWS websites and pass it on to your elected officials with a personal note. Here are a few excerpts directly from the article:

• For some, their housing choice is renting. An adequate supply of all kinds of housing affordable to the cross section of incomes is a necessary component of every local economy and an absolute first priority for economic health.

• A conservative estimate of the impact of housing on the national economy is on the order of 16 percent of GDP.

Link to online article:

• The importance of housing to a local economy is evident from the large ripple effects. Construction workers spend their income locally; building supply companies expand, hire more employees, and pay additional taxes as they sell to home builders; new residents of the homes spend some of their income locally, further stimulating local businesses. In the year of construction, building 100 single-family homes in a typical U.S. metropolitan area creates $21 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and 324 local jobs. These impacts include the direct construction spending as well as the indirect ripple effect from workers and businesses spending their new incomes. Once built, the new residents’ spending and the ripple impact from that spending increase economic activity $3.1 million a year and increases local government taxes and revenues by $743,000 per year. (And some people say new residential development doesn’t pay for itself!) • For many, their housing choice is ownership, which has been a path to increased wealth for many Americans... In the post World War II period, homeowners have seen 12

AND…..if you want to be even more effective, join fellow HBAWS and WSRAR members on our visit with our State Legislators in Raleigh on June 9th. Contact Nancy Gould,, if you can attend.

Thank you for renewing in May!!! MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS years

Logan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. The Phoenix Company Poindexter Pest Control, Inc. BB&T The Dubuisson Company Collins Home Builders, Inc. Robert Nordlander, CPA, PA Peter Davis Builders Nationwide Insurance/Glasgow Agency Winston Shower Door, Inc. Winston-Salem Journal W. Wayne Frye Organization, Inc. Fletcher Brothers Inc. D.L. Martin General Contractor Whitley-Reavis Insurance Agency Johnson Paintin’ Co. Triad Restorations, Inc. Alan Fletcher Construction Co., Inc. Seth’s Gallery of Floors, Inc. Precision Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc Strauss Enterprises Signs Now James River Equipment - Smitherman Insulating, Inc. Michael L. Poe Builders, Inc. Nehemiah Construction, Inc. Keystone Homes Salem Paint & Wallcovering, Inc.

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Danny’s Welding Wishon & Carter Builders, Inc. Bradford Mortgage Company Built Right Custom Homes of NC, LLC June DeLugas Interiors, Inc. Robertson Builders, LLC J.K. Canter Builder, LLC Parksite B Square Builders, Inc. Hodges Triad Electric LLC Coventry Design, LLC Yadkin Valley Stone Allen Tate Realtors Combined Construction Services, Inc./ CCS Retaining Walls & Paver Systems Energy Solutions Orleans Homebuilders Rocha Masonry, LLC Olvera Construction Ultimate Edge, Inc. Matthews Enterprises, LLC Fairway Independent Mortgage M & M Construction Company, Inc. Ladd Electric Company Foam Work Insulators, LLC K & V Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Precision Decorating CV Investments Properties, LLC

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LINK BACK TO HBAWS... We are always very appreciative of webmasters linking back to Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem. To link to us, go to our website and right click on the logo on the top left of the home page, then link it to or email Bev Hayes ( to request a logo. Email us a link to your website to show us the link and as appreciation, we will give you one free year of your logo on our online directory listing of members. If you are currently paying for your logo on this listing, we will add 12 months onto your contract. Thanks for your show of support! 13

Build PAC

Contributions through May 30, 2010

President’s Circle ($1,000 +) Paul Mullican

Million Dollar Club ($100 +) Spring Golf Tournament Mulligan Sale

$1,000 $680

Contributors (< $100) 50/50 Proceeds-January (53 donations) $ 94 Shane Young $ 94 50/50 Proceeds-March (37 donations) $ 71 Bob Vaughn $ 71 Gary R. Schambach $ 50 Chris Smith $ 50 Ricky Seamon $ 50 Steve McSwain $ 50 Mark Diachenko $ 25 Carol Hudson $ 10 TOTAL $2,245

JUNE MEMBERS SOCIAL Replaces Monthly Membership Meeting

HBA’s monthly membership meeting will be a members networking social in June. Join us at Brookberry Farm Pavilion for New Member Orientation at 4:20 pm, followed by a Social with appetizers and beverages from 5 - 6:30 pm. Make reservations by June 18 using the postcard mailer. $10/ per person. Contact Megan, 336-768-5942 for more info.


Join HBA at a Dash Game!

HBAWS Dash Event for members and their families July 22, Home Builders will be hosting a night of family fun at the Blue Rhino Backyard at the WinstonSalem Dash game. The cost per person is $25 which includes a Dash cap, program and all you can eat hamburgers, hotdogs and soft drinks. “There is no better park in all of Winston-Salem to have a picnic than BB&T Ballpark. At the Blue Rhino Backyard, you and your group will sit together in a special section down the first base line, enjoy a 90 minute ballpark cookout, and be treated like celebrities when your group name is displayed on the video board and announced over the PA.” - WS Dash To make your reservation, contact meganp@hbaws. org or call 336-768-5942. Space is limited to the first 200 individuals who RSVP.


TIME TO RENEW ~ June~ BloomDay Granite & Marble Builders PlanSource, Inc. Chavez Carpentry ChemTech Roof & Insulation Systems, Inc Colby Homes DeHart Custom Homes, Inc. Holt House Builders, Inc. J.M. Long Construction Co., Inc. Lambeth Pools Inc. Marshall Stone Nance Homes, LLC Orleans Homebuilders PPG/Porter Paint Quality Oil Company LLC Sidden Homes Sonoma Wine Rooms Tharp Builders, LLC Wingo Enterprises

*Comments pro or con should be made in writing to the HBA office.

Associates 1.

Bryant Simmons Professional Roofing Services, Inc. and Simmons Ventures, LLC PO Box 6010 Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-755-3794 336-755-3797 In business for 5 years Commercial Roofing Contractor Sponsor: Al Hyatt, The Phoenix Company

2.           Trane Heating & Air Conditioning Seth Key 8408 Triad Drive Greensboro, NC 27409 336-978-6394 336-273-6353 HVAC In business for 1 year Sponsor: George Webb, Webb Heating and Air



M.R. Eddleman Construction Micky Eddleman 1042 Verastegu Dr. Yadkinville, NC 27055 336-918-6087 336-961-0020 In business for 10 years Carpentry sub-contractor Sponsor: Thom Fowler, Grandview, Inc.

2.        HMS Concrete Construction Serv., Inc. Larry G. Martin II 201 Chapman Rd Fountain Inn, SC 29644 336-345-0814 336-983-8672 Concrete construction sub-contractor In business for 1 year Sponsor: Ron Schwartz 3.

Dixon Custom Cabinetry, LLC Linda Michael 305 E. Bodenhamer St. Kernersville, NC 27284 336-992-3306 336-992-3309 Custom Cabinetry In business for 1 year Sponsor: Buck Horn, Buck Horn Construction

Builders 1.


Homes By Southern Customs, Inc. Chad Jones PO Box 1865 Kernersville, NC 27284 336-442-3947 336-996-4940 In business for 4 years Custom Builder Sponsor: Brian Champe, B Square Builders

Spike Club & Membership Drive Life Spike Members (25 credits +) Rich Achor Kerry Avant Sandra Blackwelder Gregg Blevins Lindsay Brandon Greg Burton Rick Busch Ken Capron Jim Caudle Bert Coats Benny Copple Nick Dell’Aquila Tom Dubuisson O.T. Fowler, Jr. Jim Glasgow Russel Fox Charles Helsabeck Ray F. Hine Eddie Hubbard Al Hyatt Angela Kalamaras Jerry Kapp Ian Kissinger Mike Lang Jonathan Lee Mitch Lowrey Stephen L. Mabe Life Spike Members (25 credits +) Rik Maxey, Jr. John McPherson, Jr. Jim Morgan Paul W. Mullican Steve Murdock Rob Powell Butch Ray Herschel Redding Robbie Robertson Keith Rogers Zack Rothrock Ron Schwartz Kathy Sexton Barry R. Sidden Virgil Smith Kathy Craven Snodgrass Rick Tozier John Wells Roy Whitley Ron Williams Larry Wilson Sheila Wilson Larry Wise Shane Young Spike Club Members (6-24 credits) Missy Easter Stephen M. Frucht Rosemary Howell Bruce Hubbard Phil Mock Susan Mueller Hank Myers Carolyn Triplett Dennis Crews Jeff Ray

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Event Sponsor Fairway Party on the Green Truliant Closest to Pin Principal Financial Group Longest Drive Premier Construction Services Beverage Cart Sponsors Bimco Pine Hall Brick Hole in One Sponsor Parks Chevrolet Signage - Signs Now Water - Primo

2010-2011 DIRECTORY

E & M Consulting Producing HBA Directory

Changes and updates to the directory were due May 14. If your company still needs to make changes to their listing, please do so today! The form is currently available at: We have extended the date for changes to June 17, 2010. Changes requested after this date will not be included in this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s directory.



Richard Alexander Jeff Canter Andy Collins Rick Easter Chuck Hicks Rosemary Howell Angela Kalamaras

Rich Achor, President Steve Hurst, 1st Vice-President Shane Young, 2nd Vice-President Randall Perry, Secretary Mike Hayes, Treasurer Rick Tozier, Immediate Past President

COMMITTEE/COUNCIL CHAIRS Associate Members Committee Bill Wysor, Chairperson NAHB Remodelers Chuck Hicks, President Women’s Council Rosemary Howell, President

2010 DIRECTORS Steve McSwain Susan Mueller Nathan Myers Sarah Olson Butch Ray Keith Rogers Jennifer Sammons

HBAWS DIRECTORS NCHBA DIRECTORS ALTERNATES: Rich Achor Steve Mabe Steve Hurst Herschel Redding John McPherson, Jr. Shane Young Kathy Craven Snodgrass

Chris Smith Carolyn Triplett Robert Vaughn Shane Wagoner Troy Warner Bill Wysor

NAHB DIRECTORS Rich Achor Steve Hurst Paul Mullican Eric Anderson LIFE DIRECTORS

Kathy Craven-Snodgrass ALTERNATES: Richard Alexander Jonathan Lee Steve Mabe Keith Rogers

• Kitchen and Bath Showroom •

STAFF CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 336.768.5942 • Fax: 336.768.9280

Jerry Herman Executive Vice President Megan Parks Director of Operations/Member Services





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Effex™ Water Heater

Cirrex™ Solar Water Heater

NEXT Hybrid™ Gas

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260 OLIVE STREET • WINSTON-SALEM, NC • 336-765-9480 18

Beverly Hayes Communications Manager Valerie Adams Financial Manager Nancy Gould Joint Governmental Affairs Director WWW.HBAWS.ORG


• June 22, 2010 • Brookberry Farm Pavilion

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION: 4:20 p.m. SOCIAL, appetizers and beverages: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Make your reservation by June18 using the card you receive in the mail,or under the Members Only section at

June 1 Women’s Council 5:30 p.m., Location TBD June 2 Spike Club 11:45 a.m., HBA Office June 7 Executive Board 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room June 8 NAHB Remodelers, 6:00 p.m., Deacon Tower June 9 Legislative Day Raleigh, NC June 10 Associate Members Committee 12:00 p.m. HBA Office June 15 Board of Directors 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room June 17 Lead Certification Class 8:30 – 5:00, HBA Board Room June 18 TH&GS Lottery 8:00 a.m., HBAWS office June 21 Triad Green Builder Council 3:30 p.m., Magnolia Manor

June 22 New Member Orientation 4:20 p.m. Membership Social 5:00 p.m., Brookbery Farm Pavilion June 24 Lead Certification Class 8:30 – 5:00, HBA Board Room Parade of Homes Early Bird Deadline 5:30 p.m., HBA Office July 5 HBA Office Closed July 4th Holiday July 6 Women’s Council 5:30 p.m., Location TBD July 7 Spike Club 11:45 a.m., HBA Office July 8 Associate Members Committee 12:00 p.m. HBA Office July 13 Executive Board 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room NO NAHB Remodelers meeting July 19 Triad Green Builder Council 3:30 p.m., Magnolia Manor July 20 Board of Directors 4:00 p.m., HBA Board Room July 22 Parade of Homes Regular Entry Deadline 5:30 p.m., HBA Office DASH GAME! - $25 - RSVP to Megan July 23 TH&GS Open Registration Begins 19

ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED 220 Charlois Boulevard â&#x20AC;˘ Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 303 Winston-Salem, NC


Parade of Homes

Go Green! email: to receive electronic newsletter vs. printed.


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4575 Hamp ton Rd Clemmons , NC 27012 P: 336.712.9 910 F: 336.766.5 906 www.stock buildingsu

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