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HOMEBuilders Quarterly Magazine Vol 3. No. 1 Winter 2015 HOMEBuilders is a publication of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem Megan Parks Executive Vice President 336.464.8000 efax: 336-550-4890 Bev Hayes Director of Communications & Member Services 336.464.8001 Zach DeWaters Government Affairs Director 336.464.8003 Gisela Lopez Financial Manager 336.464.8002 HOMEBuilders is an online, quarterly magazine. Home Builders Assocition of Winston-Salem 220 Charlois Boulevard Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.768.5942 Follow us on Social Media

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President’s Message Happy New Year! And what a year this has started out to be!

Ron Ricci, MCGP, MAB, CGP, AB, CAPS, BSEE Ricci Builders & Management, Inc. 2015 HBAWS PRESIDENT NCHBA Green Council, Vice Chairman Past Chairman Triad Green Building Council 336-749-3450

At our December Board of Directors Planning retreat you could definitely sense the energy and excitement about the upcoming year. We have welcomed over a hundred new members to our local HBA; a fantastic recruiting effort by our current members and the Spike Club. We have also added many new members to the board and brought back board members who have served before and bring with them a wealth of experience. We set realistic goals for an exciting and eventful year. Popping in on a few of our wonderful committees has also brought me a big smile. It is so good to see our brand new members (and long time members) jumping into the action (and fun!). We have many social and education events planned for the year and we hope you join in on the activities. As we always like to say: “you get out of it what you put into our great organization”. It is up to each of us to make it a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Please feel free to call or email at any time. If I cannot help we have a staff second to none and a slate of officers with a myriad of experience. One final word: as all of my predecessors have said before me, “remember to do business with a member”!



L e a d e r s h i p

2015 EXECUTIVE BOARD PRESIDENT Ron Ricci (B) 1st V-PRES Michael Enscore (B) 2nd V-PRES Karen Holcomb (A) 2015 DIRECTORS (2 YEAR TERM) Aaron Lange (B) Brent Watson (B) John Hersome (B)


Keely Richardson (A)


Nathan Myers (A)

PAST PRESIDENT Chris Thompson (B)

Barry Wilson (A) Erik Anderson(B) Stan Senft (B)

Bob Paust (B) Gary Hennessey (A)

Members serving 2nd year of 2 year term on HBAWS Board of Directors: Steve McSwain (B) Michael Enscore (B) Jodi Tate (A) Brad Fletcher (A) Robin Greenwood (B) Todd Isenhour (B) Amy Linville (A) Sam Morgan (B) Lee Riddle (B) Tracy Morehead (A) Melonie Plotkowski (A) Rich Achor (B)

Lee Riddle (A), President, Remodelers Council Jennifer Kresge (A) President, Professional Women in Building Council Carol Hammond (A), Chairperson, Associate Members Committee




NAHB DIRECTORS: Erik Anderson, Michael Enscore, Chris Thompson ALTERNATE DIRECTORS: Steve McSwain, Nathan Myers, Lee Riddle NAHB LIFE DIRECTORS: Kathy Craven-Snodgrass Herschel Redding


NCHBA DIRECTORS: Chris Thompson, Michael Enscore, Karen Holcomb ALTERNATE DIRECTORS: Erik Anderson, Barry Wilson, Keely Richardson


EVENT DATES February 21, 22, 23, 2015





Triad Home & Garden Show Sponsored by

Bloomday Granite & Marble 336.724.0300

click link below to reserve your booth(s) at the show!


Event Location

Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Education Building 421 West 27th Street Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Volunteer Opportunities Contact Missy Easter

SHOW DATES: February 20, 21, 22, 2015 Three Days! One-stop shopping for home & garden 7

C O U N C I L R E M O D E L E R S 8

Winter 2015 - Meeting Schedule January 13 February 10 March 10 As we close out the 2014 calendar year I think most everyone can say it has been a great year. Each month we meet at our socials and during the month as we run into each other out and about I continue to hear the same thing, “We are covered up”. What a great way to end the year and kick off 2015. I was reviewing the NAHB report from October 2014. The Heading is” Remodeling Market Index Reclaims All-Time High. The report stated that this is the 6th quarter where the RMI reading is above 50 with the latest quarter being at 58. All this points to a very positive year in 2015 and I hope each of us is ready to take on the tasks. The end of the year is also a time of housekeeping, budgeting, planning and generally re grouping for the year ahead. It’s a great time to review the past years projects with a critical eye and decide what we did well and where we could improve. I believe that self-accountability is what makes each of us stronger and better, personally and professionally. As each of us as builders and associates grow and improve so does our Remodelers Council. Our council is ranked 33 nationally as of 2014, however it’s not just about the numbers it’s about the professionalism of those involved and how we conduct our business and that of the Remodelers Council. We are continuing to move forward with our VA Project. I would like to thank those who been involved with the planning and approval process so far, Barry Houck, Steve McSwaim and Bob Vaughn. This has been very tedious process and we hope to gain approval this year and to begin construction soon. This is a way for each of us to give back to our community and help meet the needs of others. We look forward to working with everyone and will continue to give updates as this project moves forward. At our Board Planning retreat Ron Ricci, our 2015 HBA President, discussed one of his goals for the upcoming year was getting our members involved with continuing education and professional certifications. I agree with Ron on this, I feel that as professionals in our fields it is very important to continue to learn and attain theses professional certifications offered in our industry. As we grow and stay on top of the newest trends and methods, the products and services we provide will reflect the effort and time put into that education process this will indeed put us at the top of our fields. So please as we begin to offer classes take advantage of them. I hope to see you there. In closing, I would like to thank Barry for all he has accomplished in 2014 and also all of you in the remodelers’ council. It is a great group, one that has proven to me to be willing to share and help each other out. I look forward to continuing that in 2015.

Lee Riddle, Remodelers President RL Riddle Construction, LLC phone: 336.345.1041 email:


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ASSOCIATE MEMBERS COMMITTEE - GUEST COLUMN Using Design Services in Your Business Jamie L. Whitman, CID, NKBA Stock Building Supply - 336-782-3030

I get asked all the time by builders, what will make my house stand out from the rest? As an interior designer with many years in the business, my answer is: “Quality and Design” We all have budgets to work within to get the house built and turn a profit. We all pick and choose what goes into the quality of the construction in what we build. The finishing touches show the most; including the Flooring, Windows and Doors, the Wall color, Trim, Bath Fixtures and the Cabinetry. All are important aspects of design. You want the interior to be a reflection of the exterior. You want to spend enough to get the job done, but you also want a home that will last. As an Interior Designer, I can help you pull all of this together. Every design must meet 3 criteria: Function, Aesthetics and Budget, to start we can work on the plan. Does the kitchen make sense? Is there a good flow within the work triangle? Is there a prep area? Enough counter top close by the range to use a cutting board or mixing bowl while stirring your pot. Does the clean up area make sense? I like to look at the traffic pattern from the most used dining table to the sink. Is the dishwasher in the way? I like to see a traffic pattern of Dirty dishes set down, passed through the sink then loaded in the dishwasher. Are your cabinets useful, can you reach what you need in the work area? Pull out trays are helpful to quickly get what you need from the bottom shelf. Soft close dovetail drawers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen project. Then we have “The Look” of the kitchen cabinets. Door styles and Cabinet finishes should complement the rest of the interior and exterior finishes. Painted cabinetry is big business today compared to 10 years ago. Simple Door styles are trending today. Granite or Quartz counter tops are the first choice of homeowners with backsplashes to give that pop of color and design element to the project. Cabinets come in a variety of qualities that will fit any budget. It’s all up to you. Computer aided drawing (CAD) can give you an idea of what the design will look like before you purchase. As a home builder, your name and reputation is very important to generate referrals and repeat business. If you are able to give more options in these areas you will have a “Happy Homeowner” in the long run. Our next generation of homebuyers is more sophisticated. They are tech savvy, with more access to the internet and being able quickly to shop for their needs. They are more educated and informed of the building process. Using design services to pull your project together to work with your homebuyer is a smart way to manage your time and get the result your buyer wants. Do you speak cabinetry? Can you take the time to explain options so that the client will understand their choices? Can you give them the best design and layout for their money? A designer can save you time and money overall by guiding your client through the design process, helping you keep the project on time and within budget.

Carol Hammond, STOCK Building Supply, 2015 AMC Chairperson AMC Meetings, 12 - 1pm: January 8 February 12 March 12 11


2015 HBAWS Sponsors’ Club

Pledge Card My company’s pledge to the 2015 HBA Sponsors’ Club is If more than one member company wants to be the Sponsor or Co-sponsor of an event, the HBA President will draw the Sponsor or Co-sponsor from the names of all interested members.

Exclusive Event Title Sponsors

X ($6,000) Triad Home & Garden Show

($6,000) Spring Parade of Homes X ($7,000) Parade of Homes ($5,000) Casino Night

Diamond Event Sponsors ($3,000)

Platinum Event Sponsors ($2,000)

Triad Home & Garden Show Preview Party

Membership Dinner

Fall Parade Kick-Off Party

Spring Parade Breakfast

Fall Parade Golden Home Awards Banquet

Golf Tournament

Food Truck Event

Associate Appreciation Party Fall Parade Breakfast

Gold Sponsor ($1,000)

Sporting Clays Tournament

Food Truck (3)

Silver Sponsor ($500)

Bronze Sponsor ($250)

Kick Ball Beverage Tent (Food Truck or Golf Tournament)

The benefits of these sponsorships are detailed on the Sponsor’s Club Levels & Benefits sheet. If more than one member company wants to be the Sponsor or Co-sponsor of an event, the HBA President will draw the Sponsor or Co-sponsor from the names of all interested members. Submit completed Pledge Form to the HBA office via fax: 336.550.4890 ~ Contact Megan Parks 336.768.5942 with questions



Check enclosed



Bill me now

Card # _________________________________ Exp Date _____/_____

Bill me in January 2015

Please make checks payable to:

Name as it appears on card _______________________________________ Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem Cardholder’s signature ___________________________________________

Please submit completed form to the HBA of Winston-Salem, via mail or fax: Mail to: HBAWS, 220 Charlois Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Fax to: 336.550.4890 13



Growing our Strength through Member Recruitment, Retention and Involvement

“Imagine everyone’s potential as the guy on the ground.” -

Gray Busch, of Busch Insurance Services, Inc. works with all types of construction professionals, offering liability, workers compensation, builders risk, business auto and property insurance solutions. Gray currently serves on the Spike Committee and a liaison for the Associate Members Committee at the State level.

Pete Blaber (The Mission, The Men, and Me)

Pete Blaber is a strong supporter of the guy on the ground having the most up- to-date information available to do a successful job. As a former Delta Force Commander (in the field) Pete recognized and utilized the concept of like minded individuals working towards the goal. This involves rolling up sleeves and getting into the mix. As we move into the New Year, it feels like things are back up and moving. In many areas we see more growth, jobsites, flowing resources and phone lines ringing. Now is a great time to take a look around and ask ourselves and those who we work with, what else can we learn? How can we continue to move forward positively? Blaber’s insights can directly apply to involvement within our HBA. Those who invest themselves into the HBA and a committee may be well rewarded with new friends, business partners and opportunity. Great teamwork and great leadership in SPIKE led to a large increase in new membership in 2014. Those new members were greeted by ambassadors and welcome packages to help them understand the value of being the “guy/gal on the ground.” We will continue this service for our new arrivals in 2015. For anyone who would like to learn more about what SPIKE does, I’m happy to meet you at the association office for a cup of coffee and fill you in on one of the best Home Builders Association committees. Just give me a call at 760-1516 and we’ll set it up. Gray Busch, of Busch Insurance Services, Inc. works with all types of construction professionals, offering liability, workers compensation, builders risk, business auto and property insurance solutions. Gray currently serves on the Spike Committee and a liaison for the Associate Members Committee at the State level.

Gray Busch, Busch Insurance Services, Inc. 2015 Spike Club Chairperson 336-760-1516

Join us! Monthly Meetings, first Wednesday, 11:45am, HBAWS Conf. Room: JAN FEB MAR Planning to attend? please send your RSVP for lunch to:


[ m e m b e rs h i p c o m m i t t e e ]

Call 336.768.5942 TODAY to learn more about 3 for FREE in 2015 15


2015 Meeting Schedule January 6

February 3

March 3

The year 2014 has been a very busy and successful time for the Professional Women in Building Group. We have been involved in our philanthropic work for groups such as New Borns in Need, The Shepherds Center, The Ronald McDonald House, the Educators Warehouse, and Stop Child Abuse Now. We will have our business meeting in February, where we will start planning our philanthropic activities for 2015. We look forward to continuing our charitable role in 2015, for the HBAWS and the local community. As we were winding down the last couple of months of 2014, our group was involved in a fundraiser event, in which we partnered up with Innisbrook Wraps. We sold wrapping paper, bags, and other seasonal items. Thanks to everyone involved, for all your efforts in supporting our fundraiser. At our Christmas Social in December, fun was had by all at the great Lissara Lodge facility. It has become a ritual of great food, close fellowship, and “dirty-santa” gift exchanges. In January, we will have our annual “Kick-Off the Year” painting party at Uncorked Masterpiece in Reynolda Village, where there will be several guests in attendance. Our guests will have the opportunity to come visit with us, and consider joining our group. As always, we invite all women associated with any of our HBAWS members to come and be a part of our dynamic group of women. As we head in to February, everyone will be ramping up for the Triad Home and Garden Show. At the show, The Professional Women in Building will have a booth to sponsor our annual fundraiser for the Lewis & Wanda Wilson Educational Scholarships. This year, we had the privilege of honoring two students attending FTCC with a $500 scholarship, to go towards their educational needs. Our partnership with the VocEd committee is always striving to help kids from the Career Center and Forsyth Tech towards their educational goals in the construction industry. We will be collecting donations for our auction and raffle in the months of January and February. All donations will help assist in our fundraising endeavor, and are very much appreciated. On a final note, a big “Thank You” goes to Karen Holcomb for doing such a fantastic job serving as our 2014 President of the Professional Women in Building. You have been a great mentor, confidant, friend, spokeswoman, and so much more to us all. We wish you much success in your new role as Vice-President of the HBAWS. Jennifer Kresge, 2015 PWB President Murray Supply Company, Kitchen & Bath Showrooms phone: 336.765.9480, email:



Register for International Builders Show 2015! Registration is now open for the industry’s biggest event and there are some exceptional September-only offers! February marked the inaugural co-location of the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) and NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) to create the first ever Design & Construction Week™ and the response was tremendous! We are thrilled to announce that Design & Construction Week™ is back and growing again! Along with IBS and KBIS, Design & Construction Week™ will feature three partner industry events: the International Window Coverings Expo, the Las Vegas Market and The International Surface Event. Your IBS registration will give you access to the exhibit floors of all five shows. 125,000 attendees are expected to attend this mega event, making it the largest annual gathering of residential construction and design professionals in North America. The first 500 IBS full registrants will receive a free bonus ticket, allowing you to attend one KBIS Voices of the Industry education session on Thursday, January 22! Book your room now: Link to Room Search


Continuing Education Lowe’s CE BLITZ Day [Members Only] Location: Date: Time: RSVP:

Lowe’s Home Improvement, Peters Creek parkway January 15, 2015 8am – 5pm Gisela, 336-768-5942

National product vendors teaching about new products and services to members include: Valspar, Dewalt, Kwikset, Pella, and Colonial Materials. CE Blitz Schedule 8 – 8:30am Intro 8:30 – 9:30am Valspar 9:30 – 9:45am Break 9:45 – 10:45am DeWalt 10:45 – 11:45am Kwikset 11:45 – 1:45 Lunch 12:45 – 1:45pm Pella 1:45 – 2:45pm Colonial Materials 2:45 – 3pm Break 3pm – 4:30pm Pro Service Team 4:30 – 5pm Q & A


N C H B A North Carolina Home Builders Association 2015 Schedule of Events January 1 – December 31 NCHBA Membership Drive North Carolina January 20 – 22 - NAHB IBS Annual Convention & Board Meeting Las Vegas, NV January 21 - NCHBA Reception IBS Honoring Rick Judson Las Vegas, NV February 2 – 6 - Regional Meetings Statewide February 17 - NCHBA 1st Quarter Board Meeting Raleigh March 3 – 5 - NC Builder Institute Raleigh March 9-13 - NAHB Bringing Housing Home Legislative Visits Statewide April 16 - NCHBECF, Inc. “Builder Classic” Golf Tournament Greensboro April 21 – 24 - North Carolina Skills USA Competition Greensboro May 5 – 6 NCHBA Legislative Conference & 2nd Qtr Board Meeting Raleigh June 2 – 6 - NAHB Spring Board Meeting & Legislative Conf. Washington, DC July TBD - NC EOC Regional Sessions TBD July 21 – 24 - NAHB Leadership Institute & EOC Seminar Pittsburgh, PA September 15 – 17 21st Century Building Expo & Conf. Charlotte Convention Ctr September 15 - NCHBA 3rd Quarter Board Meeting Charlotte Convention Ctr September 16 - STARS Awards Gala Charlotte Convention Ctr September 26 – 29 NAHB Fall Board Meeting Dallas, TX October 22 - NCDOC Carpentry Apprentice Contest (NC State Fair) Raleigh October 22 – 23 - NCHBA Executive Planning Retreat Pinehurst December 10 NCHBA 4th Quarter Board Meeting & Installation Charlotte


Government Affairs Political Spotlight

Council Member Jeff MacIntosh, Northwest Ward This month’s Political Spotlight article comes from Council Member Jeff MacIntosh. We decided to ask Council Member MacIntosh some personal and professional questions to give you a little more insight into who he is and what has made him the REALTOR/Elected Official he is today!

Zach DeWaters Government Affairs Director 336.464.8003

1. What were your favorite books, movies, movie stars, sports heroes, singers during your childhood? a. Anything by Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov or any other Sci-Fi writer of the era, anything I could get my hands on, really. b. The Who and David Bowie. c. The Philadelphia Flyers (a.k.a. the Broad Street Bullies), Green Bay Packers, NY Yankees. d. Woodstock, A Man Called Horse, Catch-22, Kelly’s Heroes and many more.

2. Where is a favorite place you have traveled to? New Zealand. Without a doubt the most beautiful and inviting country we have been to. Scotland a close second and anywhere in France would be third. 3. What makes you laugh? a. My wife, Susan. For many and varied reasons. 4. What do you think will be the biggest challenges or what do you think will change in the WinstonSalem area over the next few years? a. I believe we are on the cusp of significant growth in Winston Salem. This will be really positive but will also create change and as we know change isn’t universally accepted. The challenge will be how to accommodate growth while respecting property rights and people’s right to quiet enjoyment of their property. All this while providing services at as low a cost as possible to the tax payers. 5. Why did you decide to run for elected office? a. I was in a good place professionally and personally to be able to devote the time I thought it would take to run for office and provide the attention that people in my ward deserve. I think my skill set was a good match for the job; REALTORS® have to know what is affecting the city in order to best represent their clients. To a degree public office is just an extension of that. Also having been involved in neighborhood associations for many, many years introduced me to a large percentage of city staff and elected officials and gave me an outside view of how city government works. It seemed like the right time for me to give back to a city that has been very good to me and my family. 6. a.

What comes easiest to you as a councilman? Listening.

7. What’s the hardest thing for you about being a councilman? How do you address that? a. Giving short answers to complicated questions. My mom, dad, brother and younger sister are, or were, teachers. I know that profession has rubbed off on me. I think a lot of my success in all of my jobs has been my ability to teach people things they aren’t familiar with.

Visit HBAWS.NET for the full interview of Jeff MacIntosh in this month’s Political Spotlight! 21

Support BUILD-PAC. Support our industry As a member of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem, I am asking you to help protect the American dream of homeownership by supporting BUILD-PAC of the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA). Contributing to BUILD-PAC is one of the best ways I know to protect this dream, as well as ensure our industry’s wellbeing and security. BUILD-PAC is the state political action committee. BUILD-PAC pools member contributions to help elect pro-housing candidates to the General Assembly, County Commission, Town Council and the court house. Widely recognized as one of the most influential PACs in the state, BUILD-PAC gives the NCHBA a powerful voice in the state and local governments. Your contributions, combined with thousands of others, give BUILD-PAC the necessary financial clout to make your voice heard in Raleigh and beyond. Your donation allows us to continue our track record of supporting candidates who make housing a state and local priority. We identify and support candidates with a demonstrated committment to: • reducing government regulations; • improving housing affordability and homeownership opportunities; • supporting small business issues; and • working for sound environmental policies. BUILD-PAC is as important to your business today as to your ability to do business tomorrow!


NAME:___________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONNAL ADDRESS/CITY/ZIP:__________________________________________________________________ LOCAL HBA:

Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem

JOB TITLE/PROFESSION/ COMPANY:___________________________________________________________________ KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE ($4,000) VIP LEVEL ($500) CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT: $_____________


CREDIT CARD #__________________________________________


NAME ON CREDIT CARD:_______________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE:______________________________________________________________________

North Carolina law requires political action committees to report the name, mailing addresses, job title or profession and name of employer or employer’s specific field for each individual whose contributions aggregate is in excess of $50 in an election cycle.


COMPLETE FORM AND RETURN WITH CONTRIBUTION (MADE PAYABLE TO - NCHBA BUILD-PAC): HBA of Winston-Salem • 220 Charlois Boulevard • Winston-Salem, NC 27103 • Fax: 336.774.6778

HBAWS Meeting Calendar – 1st Quarter January January 6 – Builder Committee, HBAWS January 6 – Professional Women in Building, Uncorked Masterpiece January 7 – Spike / Membership Club, HBAWS January 8 – Associate Members Commmittee, Ferguson Enterprises January 13 – Remodelers, TBD January 19-23 – NAHB - IBS, Las Vegas January 27 – CE & Membership Meeting, Brookstown Inn February February 3 – Builder Committee, HBAWS February 3 – Professional Women in Building, HBAWS February 4 – Spike / Membership Club, HBAWS February 10 – Remodelers, TBD February 12 – Associate Members Commmittee, Marsh Kitchen & Baths February 20 – THGS Members Only Preview Party February 20-22 Triad Home & Garden Show, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds - Education Bldg. March March 3 – Builder Committee, HBAWS March 3 – Professional Women in Building, HBAWS March 4 – Spike / Membership Club, HBAWS March 10 – Remodelers, TBD March 12 – Associate Members Committee, Mosaic Tile March 24 – Membership Meeting, Brookstown Inn - tentatively Photos and More on Members Only Facebook Group:

2015 TRIAD HOME & GARDEN SHOW: February20, 21,22, W-S Fairgrounds Applications being accepted now: 23


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