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Photoshop Skills Development This first screen grabs shows me learning the skills of how to insert an image into photoshop. This image is an original photograph that I took myself for my magazine cover.I didn’t want it to contain the background that was on the original image, so nexti learnt how to use a magnetic lasso tool.

Here I used the lasso tool, then pressed ‘CtrlJ’ to get it to copy onto a new layer. I then deleted the original image so was just left with the girl, on a transparent background. I then inserted a new layer and placed it to the bottom, I filled this background in pink asi thought this would reflect the target audience.

I then used an adjustment tool ‘Hue & Saturation’ to change the shade of colour being used for my cover page. I preferred this to having a pink background so in turn I could have pink detailing on the cover. I went with a decision of no saturation at all, called Greyscale. I chose this so I could use bold, bright colours for the title and cover lines so they would stand out more and be more aesthetically pleasing.

For my title, I chose to use pink as it is aimed at a target audience of girls. I used to find the title design that I wanted. I then used ‘magic wand’ tool to erase all of the white areas that I didn’t want to be visible on my front cover. I chose the shade of pink I wanted to use for my masthead from the swatches available. I then used the paint bucket tool to fill them in as they were originally black.

I then wanted to add a puff to my cover, so it contained stereotypical magazine cover components. It advertises free magazine giveaways, to entice the customers further. I also inserted to cover lines at this stage, each on their own layer. I made one a lot bigger so it stood out more on the screen and the headline was more important, this is also a stereotypical convention of a magazine.

I then addedanother layer and insterted in a barcode, as this is a complusoryitem for a magazine, without this is cannot be sold. I also did this is pink, to follow on with the female target group theme of using pink as the main colour. I then inserted another cover line, also in pink.

I realised that there was a lot of pink in the cover and that this may overdo it slightly, so I chose a colour that contradicted it from the opposite side of the colour wheel. All the colours used are pastel, they are enticing but not too in your face. One more cover line was inserted on this layer, to make all four main cover lines that I wanted to include. I also inserted an image of the free BarryM lip glosses that were available with the magazine. This made it more aesthetically pleasing.

This is the image of the complete and finished cover page. The last finishing touches I put in place was alternating the cover lines colours to match the masthead. I also used the freehand lasso tool to remove the lips on the image. I deleted it once outlined and the original pink colour came through on the image. Overall I am very pleased with my final product.

Screen grabs ofphotoshop skills development  
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