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Take your living space outdoors with clean, reliable energy. From grilling to decorative lighting, fire pits to swimming pool heaters, natural gas makes it possible to enjoy outdoor spaces longer.

Find out all the ways at dteenergy.com/gashouse.

Extend your favorite Michigan season. Nothing says summer like a warm night outside with burgers on the grill, cooking s’mores over a fire and enjoying a swim or a soak in a pool or hot tub at just the right temperature. What you may not realize is that there’s an easy way to make all those things possible using the same fuel that warms your house and cooks your food in the winter: natural gas. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are increasingly popular ways to create a focal point when enjoying a deck or patio, but traditional wood-burning pits and fireplaces generate smoke and ash that require cleaning


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

and constant tending. A natural gas fireplace or fire pit, however, starts and stops at the push of a button and burns just as cleanly as the burners on your stove. Natural gas can also power outdoor lighting for a soft, warm glow to make your outdoor space more inviting. Whether it’s for looks, for light or for toasting marshmallows, natural gas lights, and a fire pit or fireplace makes your outdoor space more inviting. Not only is natural gas perfect to enhance your outdoor living area, it’s also more economical – costing 30 to 50 percent less than other energy sources. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and the cleanest naturally occurring energy source. So make your Michigan summer extend further into fall, and begin sooner in spring with natural gas!

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Welcome to Northern Michigan Homes & Remodeling This is a publication produced by the Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan (HBANM), a 50-year-old nonprofit organization that promotes and supports the building trades industry in our region. The HBANM provides resources, education, and networking opportunities for any business associated with the construction industry. If you are looking for home services, please use our members who sign a code of conduct and are vetted by our organization. HBANM members are listed on pages 25 to 29 in this magazine—you can search our membership by type of business and name at www.HBANM.com.

Christine Cole, President

CONTENTS Should I Wait to Build? ................................... 5 Protect Your Pet .......................................... 7 Building Affordable Homes ........................ 8 Considerations for Kitchen Remodeling ....... 11 Trends in Home Design .............................. 13 4 Points to Consider when Buying Home Insurance ........................................ 15 Organic Landscape .................................... 16 Q and A with Tom Gallagher, Harbor Springs Excavating ................................................... 18 Ramp Up Your Outdoor Living Experience ......20 Docks and Lifts Enhance Lake Life ............... 23 HBANM Member Directory ................... 25-29

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We’re your guiding partner to a smooth custom build

Partner with Preston Feather for a beautifully sleek process with fewer surprises and premium quality. PETOSKEY HARBOR SPRINGS GAYLORD TRAVERSE CITY


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

Why Have Prices Gone Wild? SHOULD I WAIT TO BUILD? By Kirk Jabara At Preston Feather Building Centers and Design Showrooms we have felt the same shock and challenge of adjusting to constantly changing building material prices and availability as everyone else. We get a staggering number of questions -- mostly WHY is this happening and will prices go back down? It’s human nature to want simple answers. Of course, the answers to big issues are more complex. In a baffling new phenomenon, a multitude of factors are pressuring markets at the same time — pandemic responses, changing work habits, investor behavior, commodity shortages, world and domestic politics — and industries across the globe are having to solve problems they’ve never encountered before. Covid put the world on hold and now everything is trying to untangle like a colossal planetary traffic jam. Adding to an already snarled logistical situation is an exploding demand for construction fueled by low interest rates and an economy flooded with incentives. There just aren’t enough mills, factories, workers, trucks, drivers, rail cars, or containers to adequately handle the push. The construction industry, already strained by a skilled labor shortage, is racing to keep up. From our vantage point, we see continued pressure on demand, supply chains and prices in 2021. Predicting or timing a return to less price volatility is still speculation. What we see are customers and builders struggling to stay on budget and many others agonizing over the decision to build or wait. Seeing this is a “what are you going to do” moment, we realized that conventional thinking may not provide the answers. We started searching for new approaches to reduce risk while retaining quality and value.

Home design by Preston Feather and built by Clockwork Homes

How in the world do you build in such an unpredictable situation? How do you move forward? The answer is flexibility. When you’re not flexible, you’re at the mercy of these factors. What can be difficult is to accept the fact that construction WILL cost more in the near future. The trick is to minimize the potential impact of variables that increase costs, while adjusting real-time for price changes and shortages.

Create a Team Approach Get everyone on the same page from square one. You, your architect, builder, supplier — your entire building team — must approach your project with the same strategy, expectations and contingencies. The goal is to value engineer the design, make decisions early, and build in the shortest time frame with the least number of changes and mistakes. Spend more time on planning to get a smooth build. Design creatively with availability and price volatility in mind. Strategize with the Preston Feather team, your architect, designer and builder to design a plan that utilizes readily available materials, styles, and colors. Understand which materials have most price volatility. Stay open to options and unconventional uses of materials or construction methods.

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Budget properly and build in contingencies. What amount should you use as a buffer for “unknowns” in your project budget? Plan a larger percentage to allow for price increases or materials changes. Scale your project scope and increase your contingency allowance. Details, details, details. Does every square foot of your project provide efficient and high functioning space for your lifestyle? Attention to details not only increases function, style and livability, it reduces wasted space and cost exposure. Include the Preston Feather building team to tweak the design and reduce square foot needs. Have an option A and an option B selected for materials. There are many options and quality alternatives in virtually all categories of building materials, from foundation to framing materials, siding, windows, doors, roofing, cabinets, decking, counter tops and more. Availability, lead times and price volatility vary by category. Have a backup option to help you avoid costly delays and rescheduling problems. Lower priced options may be needed if prices rise on your first choice. Be flexible over the course of the build cycle and stay within your budget.

Materials, once perceived as expensive, may now be cost savers. Materials traditionally considered more expensive, such as composite trim, molding, and decking, may now prove to be a significant savings. Choosing composites can eliminate scheduling delays by making installation possible in any weather, and they don’t require painting or finishing, which can significantly reduce labor time and costs while reducing long-term maintenance costs. Consider an insulated concrete forms (ICF) foundation. Entire walls can be concrete instead of wood. Quicker and more efficient, they also contribute to long-term energy savings. More commodity framing materials can be replaced by concrete. Lock in prices on special orders items. Lead times are extended on many larger cost special order items (windows, doors, cabinetry, etc.), but cost increases are less volatile. Prices can also be locked in early with deposits.

Preston Feather has no crystal ball, but we are sharing with builders and customers the key industry information we receive so everyone can make better choices with planning and materials. Our role as part of your building team – helping with coordination, logistics and materials – has never been as vital and beneficial as it is today.

About the Author: Kirk Jabara is president and owner of Preston Feather Building Centers and Design Showrooms with locations in Petoskey, Traverse City, Harbor Springs and Gaylord. www.prestonfeather.org Photos supplied by Preston Feather. Home designed by Preston Feather and built by Clockwork Homes. Select a few options for materials in case of delayed shipments


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

Freedom, Safety and Protection

with Hidden Outdoor & Indoor Fencing

Protect Your Pet

w i t h I n v i s i b l e Fe ncing

By Teri Ostenkowski, Dog Watch by K9 Fencing

While a fenced yard can protect your pet, a wood, chain link or wrought iron fence may not be the best solution. Physical fencing always allows the possibility of gates being left open or your dog jumping over, chewing through or digging under it. A better option may be invisible fencing which is preferred by many homeowners who don’t want the look or maintenance of physical fencing.

office: 231.497.8388 cell: 989.619.1117


2 year Battery Life

FM Safe Link Technology

Lifetime Warranty

User Friendly

Dog Fence Repair

Professional Installation

Serving all of Northern Michigan

With hidden fencing, a “boundary wire” is buried a few inches under the ground around the area where your pet can roam. This boundary wire carries a harmless, low level radio signal from a transmitter installed in your house or garage. Your dog will need to be trained to recognize the boundary area which is marked with flags. Pets wear a special receiver collar that recognizes the radio signal. As they approach the buried wire the receiver emits a warning signal. If your pet gets too close to the wire they will receive a mild but safe “stimulation”, called a correction. With training your pet learns to stop at the warning signal. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that a hidden fence almost always costs much less than traditional fencing. While hidden fencing cannot keep others dogs out, it will keep your pets confined to your yard.

Centor Integrated Doors Walls w/ built-in screen & shade

Over 40 years of providing homes with unique product solutions Visit our showroom downtown Petoskey @ 221 E. Lake Street. 231.489.2170


Sierra Pacific Windows & Doors

nk Floori


Wood Entry Doors






Because the homes come to the job site nearly finished, the turnaround time for building a Habitat home has gone from around 12 months to just 4-5 months. The first three modular style homes we built were delivered in 2021 and placed on foundations that were poured in the Fall of 2020. The first home was placed on our Alanson Timberview job site in January; two other modular homes were placed in February on our Oden lots. Each of these homes will be purchased by a Program Partner upon completion.

Building Affordable Homes in Northern Michigan

By James Dawley There has always been a strong need for affordable housing in Northern Michigan. To help address this need, Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity (NMHH) has been building affordable homes in Emmet and Charlevoix Counties for 30 years, helping more than 58 households own a home. Our program works by combining volunteer workers, donated or discounted materials or services, financial donations and the “sweat equity” (volunteer hours), provided by Program Partners, the people who purchase the Habitat home. Program Partners, who are carefully selected, receive numerous support services from financial education courses to a zero-percent low interest mortgage that has an affordable monthly payment. While the average monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Emmet County is around $1,165, our most recent Habitat 3-bedroom, one bath home in Pellston had a monthly mortgage of $673 (including insurance, taxes, and interest). This frees up about $6000 a year over normal rent payments so the homeowner can then put money


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

towards savings, education, health, and other household needs. Because building expenses and labor costs are taken on by our Program Partners through their mortgage, it is crucial that we do what we can to keep costs low. We utilize in-kind donations of materials, skilled labor, financial contributions, and volunteers. Another way our affiliate has explored creating affordable housing is through the use of modular-style homes. These homes, which are stick-built homes constructed in a controlled warehouse environment, still use the same high-quality materials required by our Habitat affiliate; they also meet our energy efficient standards and help keep building costs low. The modular homes are delivered, placed on foundations, and joined together by General Housing, the Michigan-based construction company that purchases the homes. With the help from volunteers, we are able to complete tasks such as installing flooring, siding or appliances, building porches, and other tasks.

NWMHH also operates a ReStore retail shop in Petoskey that recycles and sells donated building materials, household furniture and furnishings, tools, appliances, antiques, collectibles, and more. Proceeds from the ReStore shop help cover administrative costs and fund our construction projects, which truly makes it the store that builds homes! The Habitat ReStore offers free donation pickup to Emmet and Charlevoix counties. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or donate items to ReStore visit www.nothwestmihabitat.org or call 231-348-6926. About the Author: James Dawley is a project manager with Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity and a board member of the Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan.



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WOLVERINE PETOSKEY 12909 S. Straits Hwy 311 E. Mitchell St. 231.525.8766 231.347.8766

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wolverinecabinet.com WOLVERINE 12909 S. Straits Hwy 231.525.8766

PETOSKEY 311 E. Mitchell St. 231.347.8766

WOLVERINE PETOSKEY 12909 S. Straits Hwy 311 E. Mitchell St. 231.525.8766 231.347.8766

TRAVERSE CITY 444 Cass St. 231.943.1114

TRAVERSE CITY 444 Cass St. 231.943.1114


ROYAL OAK 301 West 4th St. Ste 415 248.397.8932

The Amish Advantage

ROYAL OAK Coming Soon! 231.881.8638

Make Your Home an Oasis Kitchens | Additions Outdoor Living Areas

Start a conversation about your next project: 231-348-2749 or visit mcbrideremodeling.com 10

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

to custom-made cabinets is that the homeowner can get any size needed to fit the design, and there are a huge variety of woods and finishes available. The quality of custom cabinetry is better than off-the-shelf products and the quality of the hardware is more durable. For instance, our company installs cabinet hardware that is “Guaranteed for Life” where most box store cabinetry offers only a 5-year hardware warranty.

Co nsideratio ns for

With the right planning, you will certainly achieve the kitchen you always wanted that will look great for years to come.

By Brian O’Connor Kitchens are the hub of a home where friends and family gather. As a central meeting place, your kitchen design will want to focus on a floor plan that meets your entertaining and food preparation needs. To help hone your preferences, I recommend collecting photos and ideas from decorating magazines and online sources like Pintrest or Houzz. Keep a log of your ideas including what you like and don’t like, such as cabinet styles, colors, appliances, counter tops, flooring, back splashes and layouts. If you plan to rework a space or remove walls, you will need the input of a builder or architect to determine electrical wiring and structural requirements. Measure your appliances carefully for depth and width. An architect, designer or our team can put together your actual design plans. Once the plans are done, a project

Custom cabinets offer more options Custom cabinets also offer more custom features like full, roll-out drawers that have tall sides (so that items stay contained) and built-ins like a wine rack, knife drawer or spice racks. Cabinets that look like furniture are also very popular; most have furniture-like feet at the floor level. Custom cabinets also come with touch-up paint or stain.

budget can be created. If our company is doing the design, we ask for a design deposit which can be applied to the total project cost when the client moves forward. When selecting cabinets, door styles and color take center stage. While there are many selections to be made for the new kitchen, door styles and color take center stage. White or gray painted cabinets are still the most popular and it is common to see two different colored cabinets in one room. We have seen a big increase in the number of homeowners selecting band-sawn textured cabinets since they look rustic, can be painted or stained, and wipe clean easily. The textured look adds eye-appeal to the room as well. There are two main types of cabinets available: custom-made cabinetry and off-the-shelf cabinets. The advantage

Photos from Wolverine Cabinet Company

About the Author: Brian O’Connor is the founder and president of Wolverine Cabinet Company, a company he owns with partner Tarynn Steele. All cabinets today are built by a small Amish-run cabinet factory in Southern Indiana. Over more than 30 years, the company has grown to include four showrooms in Michigan located in Petoskey, Wolverine, Royal Oak and Traverse City. www.WolverineCabinet.com www.hbanm.com


sweet home


P e t o s k e y, M i c h i g a n 12

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022


e d g e w a t e r d e s i g n g r o u p. c o m



Trends in

Home Design

By Stephanie Baldwin


ome designs in Northern Michigan continue to focus on a traditional cottage style of architecture. We are seeing more clients requesting designs that reflect the popular modern farmhouse as well as homes with a modern and contemporary flare. When focusing on a modern design, the use of warm natural materials and colors are important to clients. Homes built on lakes feature vast amounts of glass to take advantage of the spectacular view. The open floor plan concept for main levels remains popular with home designs. Interior layouts still provide a master suite on the main level but now tend to add another master suite to the second level. Owners want to take advantage of their view until they can no longer walk up and down stairs. Of course, some plan for aging-in-place and provide space for an elevator to be added. Exterior balconies off these master suites are wonderful places to escape for an evening cocktail or morning coffee. Home materials that are popular today focus on low maintenance, composite materials. This ranges from composite trims, sidings, and all detail work. Natural wood materials are used primarily as accent pieces. Clients are using cement board siding, vinyl, wood

Photos from Edgewater Design Group

composites and PVC products. A home’s color scheme typically will dictate the type of composite that will be used. Natural stone veneers are also popular due to the low maintenance, ease of application and color variations. Clients are also rethinking the size of their homes due to the rising cost of building materials caused by production slowdowns during the COVID crisis of 2020. Clients are still trying to accommodate the needs of the entire family on a smaller footprint. For instance, building out a lower level is often less expensive than building out the first-floor footprint or finishing above a garage. Interior spaces are being designed to serve a dual role, such as using a guest bedroom also as an office. Or a second floor living space may have a Murphy bed (beds that fold into a wall-storage cabinet) to accommodate

overflow guests, outdoor living spaces: covered porches, screened porches and outdoor kitchen and patio areas remain very popular as we take advantage of the beautiful weather, gardens and the views our area has to offer. More often the screen porch will also have a fireplace so the space can be used during colder days About the Author: Stephanie Baldwin is the president and owner of Edgewater Design Group, an architectural design & structural engineering company in Petoskey, Michigan. www.EdgewaterDesignGroup.com



Serving the insurance needs of businesses and individuals in Northern Michigan. LOCALLY OWNED. LOCALLY MINDED. BUSINESS . HOME . HEALTH . AUTO

You can’t predict the future. BUT WE CAN INSURE IT. 14

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

Greg Burroughs PLCS, CWCS p (231) 384-8702 | f (231) 922-7275 gburroughs@team-pma.com www.petersonmcgregor.com

4 Points to Consider

When Buying Home Owners Insurance

By Raigan Novotny When buying homeowners insurance to protect your new home against fires, theft, and weather-related incidents, there are four main topics to consider. Here are a few terms that are important for understanding how to choose your insurance policy: A deductible is the amount of money that you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in. A premium is the annual or monthly price that you pay for insurance.


Research ratings & reviews of several insurance companies

When deciding which insurance carrier to choose, you may want to compare the rates that different companies offer. A good place to start is by visiting the state of Michigan Department of Insurance website: www.michigan.gov. This site will allow you to find the rating of each insurance company in Michigan to determine the legitimacy and credibility of each company. It will also show the average cost of home insurance by city and county. Another website to visit is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (www.content.naic. org), where you can gain insight into how other buyers felt about their

experience with each company. It is also important to check a company’s claim response time. This will help you gauge how long each insurance company takes to reimburse you after you pay the deductible.


Select a deductible that works for your budget and risk tolerance

When looking at deductibles, choose one that fits your budget if a loss were to occur. Most deductibles range between $250 to $10,000. Sometimes a higher deductible may be a better option since some insurance companies will raise the annual premium if you put in a claim. While a higher deductible usually results in a lower annual premium, you will want to make sure you are able to pay the deductible and take on the additional risk.


Compare pricing offered by several insurance agencies

There are different packages available offered for homeowners insurance. For example, most insurance policies don’t cover events like a flood unless you have flood insurance. Insurance policies may also place limits on the types and number of personal items that are covered. You may need an add-on policy, called a rider, to cover valuable items like expensive jewelry.


Review options with your insurance agent

You will want to look at what aspects can impact the price of your insurance. Usually, an insurance company will look at the “risk” associated with your home to determine your annual premium. Aspects that are taken into consideration for “risk” include the neighborhood, crime rate, and building material of the house. Along with this, insurance companies will look at your past home insurance claims and your credit score. Some simple changes that you can make to decrease the price of insurance include installing a security system or burglar alarm, smoke alarms, or choosing a higher deductible for your homeowners insurance. You can also ask insurance companies about discounts they may offer. For example, if you bundle RV insurance or auto insurance with your home insurance, there is often a nice discount on the policy “bundle”. In summary, review your level of risk when determining your deductible, research the insurance companies reputation and response stats, and look for ways to bundle other insurance policies.

Home built by Boyd Construction Company www.hbanm.com


Con s id eration s fo r

Northern Michigan is going through a huge building boom in 2021 as more people move to their vacation homes either permanently, due to remote working, or they are extending the number of months they spend here. Remote work has also meant that year-round Northern Michiganders are more focused on home and yard improvements. Outdoor spaces are expanding due to more remote working According to Dave Grossi, landscape architect and design director at Drost Landscape, his company has been extremely busy in 2021 with landscaping projects. “Our clients are interested in bringing living spaces outdoors with extensive patios and fire pit areas, as well as outdoor kitchens. The cold Northern Michigan lakes have prompted clients to add pools and spas so they can enjoy water activities more months of the year,” said Grossi. Drost Landscape specializes in designing custom spas and pools that blend with the surrounding landscape. Where 16

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

possible, the design team specifies natural materials that can make a spa or pool look like a water feature within the overall design. Organic and natural materials blend into surroundings Grossi says that homeowners want to be more connected with nature today, opting for natural plantings in a free-flow design versus more formal garden designs where individual plants are strategically placed. Natural materials like rocks, paving stones, and native plants are important elements in these organic designs. “Clients want materials that blend with the natural surroundings to create a relaxed

atmosphere,” said Grossi. “Everything needs to work in harmony. For instance, if an outdoor kitchen is planned, we like to be involved in selecting the counter material so it blends nicely with the boulders or pavers in our plan. Our recent introduction of 3D plan images helps owners visualize plans as well.”

“There is a marriage between the house and the site. We want the home to blend nicely with the natural landscape design,” said Grossi. “For instance, we would design a more structured landscape for a contemporary home as opposed to a waterfront cottage-style home where we might add a massive number of local plants in an area, keeping to a small selection list, and then integrating these into a free-flow design. Our ideas need to integrate natural elements such as wetlands, shorelines and topography to create a harmonious landscape.” Shoreline restoration is a big focus for Drost Lanscape Shoreline restoration has been a big focus for Drost Landscape recently since many waterfront homes had a lot of shoreline destruction from rising lake waters. “We use a combination of strategies to help reclaim the shoreline, from adding back natural plantings that

can anchor the soil to building up the shoreline with large boulders placed in a natural-looking way,” said Grossi. “Many vacation homeowners used to focus on plantings that bloom from Memorial Day to Labor Day,” commented Grossi. He indicated that this has changed with homeowners staying in Northern Michigan longer; they want more color in the spring and fall as well as “eye appeal” in the winter. Grossi says that plant selection is a critical element in any design. “Our nursery manager Marika Wheatley is a master of Northern Michigan plants. She is a great resource —we can let her

know what effect we want, what the sunlight is like in an area, and the homeowner’s vision —then she makes recommendations,” said Grossi. Marika runs the Petoskey Drost Landscape retail nursery and greenhouse that is open to the public. By Janet Chambers

Photos from Drost Landscape




Owner of Harbor Springs Excavating By Janet Chambers


There has been a lot of shoreline erosion in Northern Michigan over the last year. What are some of the solutions?

Shoreline erosion is complicated, but it can be broken down into two basic descriptions for the purpose of discussion: sheltered locations and non-sheltered locations. Locations with the least risk are sheltered locations that often have long, shallow shorelines that help to absorb wave energy. Over time, erosion can occur but with proper planning, these shorelines can be rebuilt with natural restoration efforts involving plantings and some placement of stone. Non-sheltered locations are more exposed sites where wave, ice and boat traffic erosion is prevalent (Great Lakes and larger inland lakes.) These sites usually require placement of an engineered-protective system consisting of various-sized stone to absorb wave and ice impact and minimize the wave energy as the water hits the shoreline and then flows back into the lake.



When excavating a site to build a home, what is your process?

The process with the builder or homeowner begins with a visit to the site to review how the intended use fits the topography of the site. From there a “walk through” to see that the placement of the driveway, septic system or sewer line, water supply or well, and the home itself are all compatible with the owner’s vision. At our company we can take the site from clearing and topsoil removal to a final product that can include a landscape plan and completion of any hardscape the owner would like completed.



If someone has a gravel driveway or road, what yearly maintenance is needed?


Maintenance of a gravel driveway is driven by aesthetics and the shape of the area, such as how steep or flat the area is, whether it is well drained or poorly drained, the quality of gravel, and other issues. Steep drives are the worst to maintain and can easily require not only annual maintenance, but other maintenance if there is damage from heavy rains. If a road owner wants to perform “do it yourself ” work on flatter driveways, we can deliver the road products for


Landscape Architect on Staff • Refresh gravel roads • Sea wall work

• Septic systems • Riding arenas


HOMES & COMMERCIAL SITE WORK 231-347-1191 | HarborSpringsExcavating.net 18

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022


since 1957


the owner to use in repairing potholes or edge repair. For larger driveways, our crew can bring in heavy equipment and re-grade the surface adding stone as needed to keep the driveway in “like new” condition. If the owner wants an upgraded surface, we can add a couple of inches of “Afton Stone” over the existing road gravel for a firmer surface that both looks better and last longer.

About the Author: Tom Gallagher and his wife Jaci have owned and operated Harbor Springs Excavating since 1984; they are now in the process of transferring ownership to their son Greg. The company has grown from four employees to over 30 employees today, many of which have been with the company for 20-30 years. Along with both residential and commercial excavating services, the company provides shoreline protection, retaining wall construction, riding arena and other sporting field construction, and landscape design to compliment earth work projects. www.HarborSpringsExcavating.com



Shoreline restoration project by Harbor Springs Excavating.

Our Countertops Make Your Kitchen Shine! Count on our expertise for all your countertops including Marble, Quartz, Soapstone, and Quartz products. Call or stop in today.

Hastings Mutual offers commercial, farm, and personal insurance products. Contact our independent agents for details.

Broadened Business Coverage

This coverage helps if there’s damage to property used by you or your employees that belongs to someone else.

Builders Risk and Installation Floater -

“Floater” coverage is for anything that floats, or moves from place to place — like your supplies and machinery. It also covers damage to the structures you’re working on, including scaffolding, foundations, and more.

Home and Vehicle Insurance For individuals or businesses.

*The information referred to is not a policy. Refer to your policy for specific coverage.

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limitations such as drainage, existing trees and shrubs or structures. You can add dimension and aesthetics to your project by including interesting shapes, like curved walkways or large boulders, and built-ins like seating areas, fire pits, a pergola, or outdoor kitchen. Paver stones and natural-looking walkway and wall materials are available in many textures, colors, and styles. A landscaper can help you select the best plantings to compliment your new patio area.

Ramp up

Yo ur Out d oor L i v i n g Exper ie n ce By Janet Chambers With more people working at home due to the pandemic, there has been a big shift in the use of outdoor living spaces as an extension of the home. Families not only enjoy entertaining outside, but many have transitioned outdoor areas


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

as places to relax and recharge, as well as work and play. When planning a new or remodeled patio project, start by measuring the available outdoor space and consider

Lighting is an important component of a patio, particularly for safety. Popular lightening trends include lightening that reflects down towards the walkway or is nestled into the trees. The cool summer nights in Northern Michigan make fire pits a popular addition to any yard. “Our showroom in Petoskey has been very busy this year helping clients design functional outdoor living spaces,” said Gary Lewinski of Emmet Brick and Block Company. “Of particular interest

are the addition of outdoor fire pits. A popular option is the portable smokeless fire pit by Breeo. This unit uses a double-wall secondary combustion design that actually re-burns the smoke, making the unit smokeless.” Outdoor kitchens and cooking spaces can be elaborate or minimal, depending on your budget. It’s best to work with a professional installer who can review all the options depending on your wishes. If your home is connected to natural gas or propane, these lines can often be extended to the installed grill. Approved outdoor-use appliances are the best choice for installed refrigerators.

The Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan has many members that specialize in materials or installation for outdoor spaces. Visit www.hbanm.com for a searchable directory.

Surface Sources


Indoor & O &utdoor Design Center

is a unique showroom with ceramic, porcelain, handmade and natural stone tile, including granite, marble and slate.

Nature’s Landscape

featuring concrete and natural stone. Ask about Stainless Steel grills and cabinetry, including fire pits and patio heaters

‘Round the Hearth



Across from the Airport 8737 Hwy M-119 •Petoskey, MI 49770 231-348-5959 •www.emmetbrick.com


Demonstrating the industries finest fireplaces, wood, gas and pellet stoves. Also offering glass doors, hearth, mantels and gas logs.




We carry all the top brands and can help you select flooring, blinds and tile for kitchens or bathroom remodeling projects. Stop in today to view our vast selection. SHOP LOCAL.

Affordable Flooring & More 231-437-3001

6907 Marion Center Rd, Charlevoix, MI 49720 www.affordableflooringandmore.net affordableflooringnmore@gmail.com


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

The Bulmann Dock & Lift crew wears wetsuits when putting docks in the frigid lakes in the Spring.

Review carefully how you plan to use your dock. • Is it a swim platform, a place to gather with friends and family, or just for docking and keeping your boat lift?

DOCKS & LIFTS By Emily Barber

enhance lake life

If you have a home on a lake you may want to invest in a dock — or improve the dock you have now — for more lake enjoyment. There are many options when it comes to dock or boat lift selections, so plan to do a little research in advance. You will want to keep in mind the

shoreline where the dock meets the land, water depths, weather-related lake conditions and the overall design and appearance once installed. Since we live in an area with harsh winters, most docks and lifts will need to be portable so they can be removed in the fall to prevent winter ice damage. Have a plan for where the dock will be stored when not in use.

Factors for dock selection include price, appearance, simplicity of use, installation factors, and added value. Docks and boat lifts not only enhance the homeowners use of the waterfront property, but also allow easy access to the water for swimming or watercraft use. Some homeowners are worried that a dock and/or lift will block their view; a dock builder and design company can plan a dock that is pleasing to view yet functional.

• Will you want to store kayaks on the dock or other water sport equipment? • Do you want stairs off the dock, or will a ladder work fine? • Are you considering adding a boat lift now or in the future? All these factors will come into play when picking the right dock for your lifestyle, even when replacing one you currently own.

About the Author: Emily Barber is the director of marketing for Bulmann Dock and Lift, a manufacturer and installer of docks and lifts in Boyne City, Mi. www.bulmanndock.com



“Your Complete Material Handling Resource”

BELL FORK LIFT, INC. ISO 9001:2015 Registered

SALES • RENTAL • PARTS • SERVICE • TIRES • TRAINING • Gas, LPG, Diesel and Electric Models • New and Used Sales Forklifts - Boom Lifts - Scissor Lifts

• Service and Parts for ALL Brands • Full Maintenance & Fleet Management Plans • Michigan’s Largest Rental Fleet Forklifts - Boom Lifts - Scissor Lifts

• 4 Fully Stocked Mobile Tire Service Trucks • OSHA Compliant Forklift & Aerial Lift Certification Training

Call Toll Free: 888-404-2575 5 Locations to Serve You: Gaylord: 800-878-2355 Clinton Twp: 586-415-5200 Detroit: 313-841-1220

Birch Run: 810-687-7600 Novi: 248-348-7373


Family Owned and Operated since 1972

“Sheren installed a Carrier AC unit for our 4,000 sq ft house in Charlevoix. Their sales person did a great job assessing what we needed and the price was very reasonable. The installers coordinated the electrical work and overcame some installation challenges as Serving clients in Northwest Michigan from the Traverse City area to Mackinaw City.

Traverse City Office 231-943-7916 Petoskey Office 231-347-3900 A proud member of the HBA of Northern Michigan and Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce



HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

well. I felt the service was superb with great communication. I highly recommend Sheren!” — Jim Chambers


Members of the Home Builders Assocaition of Northern Michigan

Searchable directory at www.HBANM.com This is an alphabetical listing of the members of the Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan. Complete details on our members are listed on our website including contact names and email addresses. Go to www.hbanm.com

Barden Lumber 205 S. East Street Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 582-9961 info@bardenlumber.com www.bardenlumber.com

Adelaine Construction, Inc. 8555 Commerce Ct. Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 439-0027 info@adelaineconstruction.com www.adelaineconstruction.com

Bay Area Clean Care, Inc. 1656 Clarion Ave Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-7707 www.bayareacleancare.com

Affordable Flooring and More 6907 Marion Center Road Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 437-3001 affordableflooringNmore@gmail.com www.affordableflooringandmore.net (see ad page 22) All-Phase Electric 919 Charlevoix Avenue Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-1050 customerservice@apepetoskey.com www.allphasepetoskeylighting.com American Waste, Inc. PO Box 1030 Kalkaska, MI 49646 (231) 547-2162 www.americanwaste.com aTomik Solutions 04737 Lakeshore Dr Charlevoix, MI 49720 (810) 252-7855 www.atomikenergysolutions.com Bayko Concrete Service, Inc. PO Box E Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 582-6114 info@baykoconcrete.com www.baykoconcrete.com Ballard’s Plumbing & Heating PO Box E Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 753-2110 www.ballards-ph.com

Bear River Electric 352 Creekside Drive Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-6311 www.briverelectric.com Behan Construction & Woodworking 3140 Leeward Drive Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-1714 Bell Fork Lift, Inc 3650 Eagle Parkway West Gaylord, MI 49735 (800) 878-2355 www.Bellforklift.com (see ad page 24) Bernard Building Center 829 N. Huron Street Cheboygan, MI 49721 (231) 445-9031 Cheboygan@bernardbuilding.com www.bernardbuilding.com (see ad page 31)


Bob Fate Builders 8589 Pickeral Lake Road Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 330-9588 www.bobfatebuilderinc.com Boyd Construction Company 2010 M-119 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 881-9900 office@boydconstructioncompany.com www.boydconstructioncompany.com Boyne Country Propane 1701 M-75 South Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 549-2700 www.boynecountrypropane.com (see ad page 31) Builders FirstSource 1282 US 31 North Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-8784 www.Bldrmichigan.com (see ad page 9) Bulmann Dock & Lift 175 Magnet Drive Boyne City, Michigan 49712 (231) 582-5020 www.bulmanndock.com Capital Granite, Inc. 218 W Mitchell St Suite 1 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-1542 www.capitalgraniteinc.com

Birchwood Construction 8920 Moeller Dr. Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 439-1600 www.bccfamily.com (see page 32)

Charlevoix Ace Hardware 06675 M-66 North Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 547-6232 chxace@chxacehardware.com www.charlevoixacehardware.com

Black Birch Design & Build 913 Water Street East Jordan, MI 49727 (231) 675-3789 info@blackbirchdesignbuild.com www.blackbirchdesignbuild.com

Citizens National Bank 308 State Street. Suite # 1 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 627-8309 www.cnbismybank.com

Continued next page www.hbanm.com



Members of the Home Builders Assocaition of Northern Michigan

Searchable directory at www.HBANM.com

Clayton Eby Construction Services PO Box 1800 Alanson, MI 49706 (231) 548-5269 ebybuilding@yahoo.com www.ebybuilding.com Clockwork Homes, LLC 9160 Innis Road NE Alden, MI 49612 (231) 384-0445 clockworkhomesllc@gmail.com Collie Construction, Inc. 355 Franklin Drive Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-5183 www.collieconstruction.com

Distinctive Glass 943 Lynch Drive Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 938-6080 www.distinctiveshowerdoortc.com Doyle Inc. Roofing 3850 East US 23 Cheboygan, MI 49721 (231) 627-4368 www.doyleroofing.com

Colwell-Wangeman Construction Inc. 401 Old State Road Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 347-8112 www.colwellwangeman.com

Drost Landscape P.O. Box 696, 2010 Cedar Valley Road Petoskey, MI 4770 (231) 348-2624 info@drostlandscape.com www.drostlandscape.com (see ad page 17)

Complete Paint & Supplies, Inc. 1711 Standish Avenue Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-0234 completepaint@hotmail.com www.completepaintandsupplies.com

DTE Energy 700 E. Hammond Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 932-2837 www.dteenergy.com (see ad page 2)

Consumers Energy 821 Hastings Traverse City, MI 49685 (231) 929-6228 www.ConsumersEnergy.com

DWS Builders of Michigan, Inc. 3682 E Mitchell Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 758-0400 www.dwsbuilders.com

Corble Builders Inc. 4926 Lintlong Road Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-5751 www.corblebuilders.com

Eastmark Construction 3380 S Point Ct. Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 675-0286 www.eastmarkconstruction.com

Cosier Roofing, Inc. 5312 Barber Road Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 373-0027 www.cosierroofing.com

Edgewater Design Group LLC 301 E Mitchell St. Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-0497 info@edgewaterdesigngroup.com www.edgewaterdesigngroup.com (see ad page 12)

Cottage Company 131 E. Bay Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-2537 www.cottage-company.com 26

Denoyer Remodeling 5595 Howard Road Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 838-5787

HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

Edward’s Electric Company 3788 Old State Road Brutus, MI 49716 (231) 529-6347 edwardselectric-co@hotmail.com www.edwardselectric-co.com (see ad page 30) Eikenhout, Inc. 8582 Moeller Drive Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 348-2618 www.roofingsidingwindows.com Emmet Brick & Block Co. PO Box 306 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-5959 www.emmetbrick.com (see ad page 21) Evening Star Joinery, Inc. PO Box 38 190 Franklin Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-7861 www.eveningstarjoinery.com Far Hills Construction, LLC P.O. Box 4206 Burt Lake, MI 49717 (231) 548-7471 farhills@CenturyLink.net www.farhills.net Ferguson Enterprises, LLC 1812 US 31 North Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 487-1630 www.ferguson.com Floyd & Todd Wright Builders, Inc. 216 Ray Street Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 582-5050 www.wright-builders.net Freshwater Charch 10963 Boyne City Road Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 881-1470 www.freshwatercharch.com


Gibson Excavating 4921 Gokee Rd Boyne Falls, MI 49713 (231) 347-5195 Glenwood Custom Builders, Inc 226 East Mitchell Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-9103 www.glennwoodcustombuilders.com Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc 1280 Business Park Drive Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 946-9191 www.goslingczubak.com (see ad page 18) Grantham Building and Remodeling, LLC 801 Baxter Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-3151 www.granthambuildremodel.com Granite & Quartz Counter Tops 5050 US 131 South Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 487-0846 www.petoskeygranite.comedwards Great Lakes Energy/Truestream 1323 Boyne Ave. Boyne City, MI 49712 (888) 485-2537 www.gtlakes.com Haggard’s Plumbing & Heating PO Box 35 Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 547-4046 haggardsinc@hotmail.com www.haggardsplumbing.com Harbor/Brenn Agencies 1231 US 31 North Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-8113 www.harborbrenn.com (see ad page 14)

Harbor Springs Excavating, Inc 1084 McBride Park Drive Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 347-1191 www.HSExcavating.net (see ad page 18)

Kleehammer Construction, LLC 106 Wakulat Lane Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 218-9675 www.kleecon.com

HarborView Custom Builders 126 Fulton St. Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-5055 www.harborviewcustombuilders.com

Korthase Flinn Insurance & Financial Services 1150 Boyne Avenue Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 582-6512 www.korthaseflinn.com

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company 404 E Woodlawn Ave Hastings, MI 49058 (269) 254-7353 www.hastingsmutual.com (see ad page 19)

Lake Michigan Credit Union 310 W. Front St. Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 941-6558 www.LMCU.org (see ad page 3)

IMPACT Building and Renovations 1495 Tracy Lane Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 373-7244 www.impactdifference.com

Lakeview Builders 4000 Main Street Bay Harbor, MI 49770 (231) 439-2541 www.bayharbor.com

Ironwood Construction 3250 Woods Way Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-5590 www.ironwood.bz

MacGregor Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 235 Franklin Park Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-9633 www.macgregorplumbing.com

J. Chattaway, Inc. 1575 Quick Rd Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-2768 www.jchattawayinc.com

Madigan/Pingatore Insurance Services 105 W Water St Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 (906) 635-5233 www.madiganpingatore.com

John Pearl Contractor Ltd 10290 Atwood Rd Ellsworth, MI 49729 (231) 675-4579 John Thurman Realtor 420 Howard St. Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-7600

Maple Leaf Millworks, Inc. 221 East Lake Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 489-2170 www.mapleleafmillworks.com (see ad page 7)

Kandahar Building Co. 4444 Westwood Lane Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-8450 www.kandaharbuildingco.com Continued next page www.hbanm.com





Members of the Home Builders Assocaition of Northern Michigan

Searchable directory at www.HBANM.com

Matelski Lumber Co. Inc 02617 M-75 South Boyne Falls, MI 49713 (231) 549-2780 ext. 1 retailaccounts@matelskilumbercompany.com www.matelskilumbercompany.com Matthews Construction 5783 Charlevoix Avenue Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-3661 matthewsconstruction@charter.net www.matthewsconstructiongc.com McBride Remodeling 2125 M 119 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-2749 www.mcbrideremodeling.com (see ad page 10) Mc Cardel Culligan Water Conditioning 1419 Standish Ave Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-2153 www.mccardelculligan.com McLeod Legal Solutions, PLLC c/o Potter, DeAgostino, O’Dea and Clark 2701 Cambridge Court, Ste. 223 Auburn Hills, MI 48326 (248) 930-1292 www.mcleodlegalsolutions.com Michigan Gutters 1616 West South Airport Road Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 933-1244 contact@michigangutters.net www.michigangutters.net Michigan Lake Products, Inc. 5846 S. Straits Hwy. Indian River, MI 49749 (231) 238-4490 www.michiganlakeproducts.com Midwestern Broadcasting (WKLT-NEWSTALK580- WTCM.FM -WJZQ-WCCW-ESPN) 314 E Front Street Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 342-5800 www.Midwesternbroadcasting.com


HOMES & REMODELING • 2021 - 2022

Miller Poineau & Naumes, Inc 06075 M 32 East Jordan, MI 49727 (231) 536-0100 www.mpnbuild.com

Pella Windows 1883 Harbor-Petoskey Rd Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 330-1331 www.pellabyhorne.com

Milliron Construction, LLC 5501 Howard Road Petoskey, MI 49770 (906) 287-1105 millironconstruction@gmail.com www.millironconstruction.biz

Peterson McGregor and Associates 8410 M 119 Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 384-8702 www.petersonmcgregor.com

Mitchell Graphics 2363 Mitchell Park Drive Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-4635 www.mitchellgraphics.com Moeller Builders, Inc 12125 Tihabawassee Road Freeland, MI 48623 (989) 692-1034 www.moellerbuildersinc.com North Central Michigan College 1515 Howard Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-6615 NorthernView Homes & Interiors 151 Ray Street Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 535-6100 www.northernview.com Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity 1840 M 119 Unit 1 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-6926 ext. 106 www.northwestmihabitat.org (see ad page 9) Old Mission Windows 395 Hughes Dr Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 947-2120 www.oldmissionwindows.com Pearsall Construction, Inc 14949 W. Garfield Avenue Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 237-0969 www.pearsallconstruction.com

Preston Feather Building Centers 900 Spring Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 348-2990 www.prestsonfeather.com Rainbow Seamless Systems 2502 US 31 North Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 933-8888 www.rainbowseamless.com Rasmussen, Teller & Caron, PC 555 Michigan St. Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-5555 www.rtccpas.com Renew it Decks & Outdoor Living 6399 US 31 S Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 838-3873 office@renewitgroup.com www.renewitdecks.com (see ad page 20) Servpro of Gaylord & Cheboygan 651 Expressway Court Gaylord, MI 49735 (989) 705-2400 www.Servprogaylordcheboygan.com Sheren Plumbing & Heating 1860 N US Highway 31 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-3900 www.sheren.tc (see ad page 24)


Skip’s Petoskey Glass, Inc. 1890 E. Mitchell Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-7840 skip@skipspetoskeyglass.com www.skipspetoskeyglass.com Shorestone Custom Builders 5831 South Straits Hwy Indian River, MI 49749 (989) 239-0828 www.Shorestonebuilders.com Spire Integrated Systems 3054 Cass Road, Suite E Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 944-6229 www.SpireNorth.net Surfaces (North Wood Finishing) 320 E. Mitchell Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 383-8228 www.surfacesgallery.com Taylor Rental 1888 Mitchell Rd Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-1840 info@taylorrentalpetoskey.com www.taylorrentalpetoskey.com The Painter, LLC 323 Madison Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 939-9993 Thomas and Milliken Millwork, Inc 1840 M-119 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 881-9318 www.Tmmill.com Three D, Inc. - Norm’s Roofing & Siding 4340 Howard Road Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-6978 www.normsroofing.com

TJ Marble and Granite 5951 Charlevoix Avenue Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 439-9406 tjmarblegranite1@yahoo.com www.tjmarblegranite.com (see ad page 19) Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Geothermal Inc. 6150 Conrad Road Mancelona, MI 49659 (231) 350-8052 www.topnotchheatandair.com Trevarrow Inc. (Distributers of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove) 1295 N Opdyke Road Auburn Hills, MI 49326 (800) 482-1948 www.trevarrowinc.com Triumph Custom 4060 M-75, Ste 1 P.O. Box 203 Walloon Lake, MI 49796 (231) 622-5433 www.triumphcustomomes.com WW Fairbairn & Sons Inc. Plumbing & Heating 7529 S US 31 Alanson, MI 49706 (231) 548-2244 www.fairbairn.com WW Fairbairn & Sons Inc. Hardware 7537 S US 31 P.O. Box 100 (231) 548-2245 hardware@wwfairbairn.com www.fairbairnhardware.com Wave Break Media 3858 Lorraine Drive Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 622-3210 www.wavebreakonline.com

Wentworth Builders 350 Franklin Park Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-6377 ad@wentworthbuilders.com www.wentworthbuilders.com White Pines Electric Inc. PO Box 177 Alanson, MI 49706 (231) 548-3873 www.whitepineselectric.com Williams Excavating, Inc. 8196 Milton Rd Alanson, MI 49706-9741 (231) 347-2632 williamsexcavatinginc@aol.com www.williamsexcavatinginc.com Wilson Insurance Agency, LLC. 2073 US 31 North Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 347-4464 www.wilsoninsuranceyouragency.com Wimsatt Building Materials Corporation 7201 M 72 E Williamsburg, MI 49690 (231) 409-3495 www.wimsattdirect.com (see ad page 30) Wolverine Cabinet Company P.O. Box 74 Wolverine, MI 49799 (231) 347-8766 www.wolverinecabinets.com (see ad page 10) Young and Meathe Custom Homes 250 E. Mitchell Street Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 487-1817 www.youngandmeathe.com



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