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VOLUME 26, NO.05 MAY 2013

Home, Garden & Remodeling Show

Sprouts a Springtime Renewal of Interest in Home Improvements





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with mike Sloggat

maSter your craft If you believe in quality craftsman


frame to finish

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Tuesday, June 18

Tuesday, Water Mill Building Supply,February with support 5 from Hube Engineered Woods, is proud to offer one day of hands 7:30am-2:30pm on building clinics with Mike Sloggatt, remodeling Communityauthor House & teacher specialist andBridgehampton a nationally recognized with mike Sloggatt Tuesday, February 5 4025 Collins Lane Montauk Hwy & School St 7:30am-2:30pm These clinics will offer tips KY on increasing jobsite productivity Louisville, 40245 Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Tuesday, February 5 Bridgehampton


Tuesday, February 5 7:30am-2:30pm frame to finish conquering new energy codes, and improving your bottom line 7:30am-2:30pm Carpentry Tuesday, February 5from Community House CliniC Attendees will alsoBridgehampton have the chance February to meet with vendors with mike Sloggatt Tuesday, 5 Tuesday, February 5 Montauk Hwy & School across the industry and win great prizes! 7:30am-2:30pm maSter your craft If you believe in quality craftsmanship, don’t miss this FREE event! St CliniC 7:30am-2:30pm 7:30am-2:30pm Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Bridgehampton Community House

Carpentry Carpentry CliniCs Carpentry CliniCs CliniCs CliniCs with mike Sloggatt

with mike Sloggatt

Community House Montauk Hwy & School St. Bridgehampton Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Community House

Montauk Hwy & School St. Bridgehampton, NY 11932

mike SloggattBridgehampton Community By invitation only. RSVP required.House You’re Invited! RSVP required. with mikewith Sloggatt Montauk Hwy & School St RSVP To seat you must must RSVP rsVp To guarantee guarantee aa seat, you to:to: Bridgehampton Community House Montauk Hwy & School with mike Sloggatt preSented by: 7:30am-8:30am coffee & daniSheS Bridgehampton, NY 11932 St SeSSion 1 window and flaShing detailS today!Montauk Hwy & NY School St maSter your craft Ifwindow yousystem believe quality don’t miss this FREE event! 11932 vs. the in barrier system craftsmanship,Bridgehampton, SeSSionThe 1 drainage and flaShing detailS 8:30am maSter Take advantage of thisBridgehampton, NY 11932 Self-adhesive flashing & sealants Theyour drainage system vs. barrier system Paul Miele craft If the you believe in quality craftsmanship, don’t miss this FREE event! – until – FREE opportunity. 8:30am Jack bryant Self-adhesive flashing & sealants Side-walls & wall penetrations (502) 635-0541 or BREAKFAST coffee & daniSheS


9:30am Housewrap vs. Zip System Wall will be served. maSter your craft IfHousewrap you believe inWall quality craftsmanship, don’t miss this FREE event! 9:30am vs. Zip System preSented by: SeSSion 2 hi-performance floor in SyStemS preSented by:craftsmanship, don’t miss this FREE event! maSter your craft Ifhi-performance you believe quality SeSSion 2 floor SyStemS – until –

Side-walls & wall penetrations

Breakfast & Lunch

(631) 704-3806

Water Mill Building Supply, Moisture content with support from Huber Moisture content mike sloggatt 10:00am increaSe your productivity | improve your bottom line Structure & insulation: improving the floor assembly 10:00am Engineered Woods, is proud to offer one day of handsStructure & insulation: improving the floor assembly – until – & flooring: remodels vs. vs. new construction – until – Sheathing preSented by: Sheathing & flooring: remodels new construction on building clinics with Mikeputting Sloggatt, remodeling 11:00am Practical applications: it all together 11:00am Practical applications: putting it all together preSented by: mike Sloggatt iS a frequent specialist and a nationally recognized author & teacher. 11:00am-12:00pm lunch 11:00am-12:00pm lunch contributor to the Journal of Light Water Mill Building Supply, with support from Huber

Water These Mill

SeSSion 3 perfect wall Strategy SeSSion 3 Engineered perfect wall Strategy Woods, is proud jobsite to offer productivity, one day of handsclinics will offer tips on increasing

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sloggatt Constructionmike magazine and writes for

Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Building Supply, with support from Huber Moisture Engineered– until Woods, is proud offer one day of handsForum. Mike teaches – until – specialist andzones ato nationally recognized author & teacher. Rough Carpentry & the wall cavity – to the Journal of Light Attendees will alsoClimate haveClimate the meet with vendors from zoneschance & the wallto cavity seminarscontributor and clinics in all aspects 1:00pm Validating Construction magazine and writes for on building clinics with Mike Sloggatt, remodeling 1:00pm of carpentry and remodeling and is Validating These clinics will offer tips on increasing jobsite productivity, Water across Mill the Building Supply, with support from Huber Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the industry and win great prizes! a regular presenter at JLC Live, The SeSSion 4 hi-performance roof SyStemS mike Sloggatt iS a frequent mike sloggatt Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC new energy codes, and improving your bottom line. specialist a nationally recognized author & teacher. Water Milland Building Supply, with support from Huber SeSSion 4 conquering hi-performance roof SyStemS Remodeling Show, and the International Rough Carpentry Forum. Mike Using framing squares, speed squares, & calculators Engineered Woods, is proud to offer one day of handscontributor to the Journalteaches of Light mike sloggatt Attendees will also have the chance meet with vendors from Builders’seminars andtakes clinicseducation in all aspects 1:30pm Show. He framing speed squares,to & calculators Making a squares, rafter template Construction magazine and writes for Engineered Woods, isUsing proud to offer one day of handsBy invitation only. RSVP required. ofespecially carpentry and remodeling and is 1:30pm – untilacross – Making seriously, for the construction on building clinics with Mike Sloggatt, remodeling aon rafterincreasing template the industry andproduction win greatroof prizes! Hi-performance sheathing These clinics will offer tips jobsite productivity, a regular presenter at JLC Live, The Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the rsVp To guarantee aSloggatt, seat,roof you must RSVP to: – until – industry, and appears frequently at 2:30pm Roof cavities: conditioned & non-conditioned attic space Hi-performance production sheathing on building clinics with Mike remodeling mike Sloggatt iS a frequent Remodeling Show, and the International Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC specialist and nationally recognized author teacher. association meetings,He including NARI conquering2:30pm newaenergy codes, and improving your & bottom Builders’ Show. takes education Roof cavities: conditioned & non-conditioned attic spaceline. contributor to the Journal of Light mike Sloggatt iS a frequent today! By invitation only. RSVP required. Rough Carpentry Forum. Mike teaches and other regional builder and specialist and a nationally recognized author & teacher. seriously, especially for thematerial construction Construction magazine andofwrites contributor to the Journal Lightfor

Moisture building clinics with Mikeyour Sloggatt, mike sloggatt Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC 12:00pm conquering new on energy codes, and improving bottomremodeling line. Air movement 12:00pm Air movement mike Sloggatt iS a frequent

rsVp guarantee a seat,vendors you must RSVP to: Attendees will also have the chance toTomeet with from These clinics will offer Take advantage of this tips on increasing jobsite productivity, today! across the industry and win great prizes! FREE opportunity. These clinics will offer tips onand increasing productivity, Jack bryant conquering new energy codes, improvingjobsite your bottom line. Breakfast & Lunch

Take advantage of this (631)and 704-3806 conquering new energy codes, improving your bottom line. will be served. FREEthe opportunity. Attendees will also have chance toJack meet bryantwith vendors from Breakfast & Lunch CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS & CERTIFICATION ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL EVENTS. 704-3806 invitation only.(631) RSVP required. Attendees will also have the chance willBy be served. across the industry and win great prizes!to meet with vendors from

groups and lumber Mike hasaspects industry, and yards. appears frequently at seminars and clinics in all

association meetings, including Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the more thirty years ofremodeling experience. Construction magazine andNARI writes ofthan carpentry and and isfor and other regional builder and material He Trade, specializes in high-end, challenging in addition to moderating the Fine Homebuilding and Tools the JLC a regular presenter at Mike JLC Live,ofThe groups and lumber yards. has remodels near his home on Long Island. Rough Carpentry Forum. Mike teaches

Trade, addition toand the JLC morein than thirty years ofmoderating experience. Remodeling Show, the International He specializes in high-end, challenging seminars and clinics in all aspects Rough Carpentry Forum. Mike teaches Builders’ Show. He takes education remodels near his home on Long Island. of carpentry and remodeling and is seminars and clinics in all seriously, especially for theaspects construction ConTinuing EduCaTion CREdiTS & CERTiFiCaTion aRE aVaiLaBLE FoR aLL EVEnTS. a regular presenter at JLC Live, The of carpentry remodeling and is To guarantee a seat, you must RSVP to: industry, andand appears frequently at across the industry and prizes! For more information, or towin book agreat show, contact or visit Remodeling Show, and the International aassociation regular presenter at JLC Live, The meetings, including NARI increaSeEduCaTion your productivity | improve your bottom line | hone your SkillS | ConTinuing CREdiTS & CERTiFiCaTion aRE aVaiLaBLE FoR aLL EVEnTS. Builders’ Show. He takes education Remodeling Show, and the International and other regional builder and material your productivity | improve your bottom line | hone your SkillS | invitation only. RSVP required. For more information, or to bookincreaSe aBy show, contact or visit seriously, especially for the construction Builders’ Show. He takes education groups and lumber yards. Mike has 2 louisville builder • Byguarantee invitation only. RSVP To a seat, you required. must RSVP to: industry, and appears frequently at seriously, especially for the construction Take advantage of this more than thirty years of experience.

rsVp today! rsVp

vol. 26, no.05 may 2013



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Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World, Sprouts a Springtime Renewal of Interest in Home Improvements

The Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World, in March offered more than 350 participating businesses a perfect venue to connect with customers, many of whom were eager to finally start their home improvement project after a few years of waiting. page 6

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VOLUME 26, NO.05 MAY 2013

Home, Garden & Remodeling Show

Sprouts a Springtime Renewal of Interest in Home Improvements



Mark your calendars for Homearama 2013 at Locust Creek and Rock Springs – July 13-28

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Fireplaces & Custom Staircases

Products every member should know about.

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Cover: 2013 Home Garden & Remodeling Show Sponsors: Todd Steward, Belgard Hardscapes; Kim & Barry Foster, Window World; Davis Boland, Boland Maloney Lumber; Lourie Keene & Melody Hulse-Shuler, LG&E; Stan Logan, Logan Lavelle Hunt (not pictured); Joe Dumstorf, Trend Companies of KY (not pictured) FACEBOOK

may 2013 3

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Having trouble locating an insurance agent that really understands the needs of the building industry?

We focus on the insurance and financial needs of the building industry and have for more than 40 years. We are proud of our reputation serving clients in Kentuckiana. Today, with all the challenges your business faces, it’s a good time to talk with us about creating a plan that will put your company’s insurance, benefits, and wealth management programs in order.

Kentucky (502) 499-6880 Indiana (812) 949-7444 Endorsed by

4 louisville builder •

perspectiveletter Home Builders Association of Louisville, Inc.

1000 North Hurstbourne Parkway Louisville, KY 40223-4012 (502) 429-6000 FAX (502) 429-6036 Email: Web Site: 2013 OFFICERS Bob Thieneman, Jr. President

Board of Directors Consider Name Change by Chuck kavanaugh

Perry Lyons Vice President Pat Durham Treasurer Don Karem Secretary Tom Raver Associate Vice President Charles J. Kavanaugh Executive Vice President BUILDER DIRECTORS Brandon Bailey Brandon Buttorff Terry Chynoweth Mike Effinger Dave Ernst Jeremy Esposito Michael Isaac David Lurding George Miller Jason Orthober Chris Osborne Rocco Pigneri Mark Simpson Leo Thieneman, Jr. ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Deborah Bilitski Davis Boland Mira Farmer Dave French Greg Gentry Larry Hobson Andrew Holden John Hollenbach Paul Miele David Mindel Derek Smothers Ron Wibbels Bryan Wiegandt


Clifford Thieneman, Sr.

HONORARY associate DIRECTORs Frank Arnold, Sr. Richard Bean PUBLISHER Charles J. Kavanaugh EDITOR Tara Brinkmoeller Advertising Melissa Mattingly Kimberly Greenwell 502.429.6000 GRAPHIC DESIGN Scott Dudgeon Writers Stacy Smith Rogers HBAL Issues Nancy Miller Product Features HBAL Staff PRINTING United Graphics

Last month we announced to the membership that the Board of Directors and leadership of the Association have been considering a name change for the organization. The idea of a name change is one that has been given much thought and that has been prompted by the philosophical evolution of the Association over the past several years. Our association has evolved tremendously since our beginning in 1946, as has the industry. Some of the most significant changes have occurred within the last decade. Our association business philosophy has transformed into one that strives to achieve four main functions for all members: • Connect members to customers internally and externally • Connect members to affordable insurance • Connect members to education, training and internal networking • Maintain the highest level of advocacy possible As our philosophy has evolved, so has our membership makeup. Today our membership is made up of residential builders and remodelers, developers, commercial developers and contractors, and our largest segment is made up of Associate members. Needless to say, our membership is quite a bit more diverse than our present name suggests. One reason for considering this name change is so that our name reflects and is inclusive of the various industries already represented within our membership. Of course, while a new name may better reflect our present members, the Board and leadership have discussed this change as an opportunity for us to “cast a wider net” and create growth within our association. This membership growth would benefit all members because of your opportunity to network and conduct business within the membership. In addition to having a greater ability to connect members to customers, we will also strengthen

The only component that will change is the name and slight updating to the logo.

our advocacy voice in Greater Louisville. We presently advocate on behalf of both the residential and commercial building and development industries; however, it is not easily recognized by local and state elected officials that we legitimately represent both industries’ interests. A simple name change can help clearly establish the breadth of our membership and representation of the building industry. While your leadership is considering a name change, I want to make it clear that the only component of the association that we are suggesting be changed at this time is the name, along with a slight updating and modification of our oval, orange logo. We will continue our branded programs of Registered Builder and Registered Remodelor, as well as produce Homearama, the Tour of Remodeled Homes, the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show, and Home Product Expo. We will also continue to offer insurance plans that can save you money and education and training. I hope that you took advantage of completing the survey emailed to you last month. If you did not, but would like to be involved in small group meetings to discuss the name change, please contact the office at 429-6000 before May 13, 2013. We value your opinions and want to be sure we are headed in the right direction into the future. E




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may 2013 5

2013 Home, Garden & Remodeling Show ribbon cutting

Beautiful garden areas 6 louisville builder •

Connecting local businesses to consumers

Selling hot tubs

New for 2013 was the “Buy Local” area

Presenting Sponsor:

Sponsored by:

Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World Sprouts a Springtime Renewal of Interest in Home Improvements By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

Photos by: Barry Westerman, Louisville Real Estate Photography

The Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World in March offered more than 350 participating businesses a perfect venue to connect with customers, many of whom were eager to finally start their home improvement project after a few years of waiting. Participating vendors came away from the event with leads that they are continuing to cultivate. As many experienced participants know, the event can help establish critical connections that lead to sales and long-standing relationships with customers who value doing their research and working with people they can trust. Education is Key to Cultivating and Following Up with Leads Although preparation is important before and during the show, it’s also just as important after the show in regard to following up with leads. Educating the consumer is a big part of that entire process. Kim Foster, Window World (the presenting sponsor), said the staff’s main object is to do their best to set up appointments at the show. “If we aren’t able to do that, we get their information and call them back on Monday following the show,” she explained. Foster emphasized the need to educate the show attendees beyond the general sales pitch. “We understand the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show is a very important event, so when we show up, we are there to work and educate the consumer. You can’t expect to get anything from it if you are not in your booth and engaging the consumer.” Foster said

Large crowds form outside of the entrance just before the show opened on Saturday. may 2013 7

Kim and Barry Foster of Window World with race car driver John Andretti.

“We understand the Home, Garden & Remodeling show is a very important event, so when we show up, we are there to work and educate the consumer. You can’t expect to get anything from it if you are not in your booth and engaging the consumer.” - Kim Foster the quality of the leads was very good for Window World this year. “Everyone we talked to seemed to be pleased with the show and its variety,” she added. LG&E continued its support of the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show this year and views the event as a good venue to educate the public. “We are pleased to continue our sponsorship because of our long-time partnership with HBAL and the fact that it is a great environment to help educate our customers about our business,” said Chris Whelan, vice president of communications for LG&E.  “As we’ve done for the past few years, this year’s booth highlighted LG&E’s and KU’s energy efficiency programs  available to our residential and commercial customers.  We also commemorated our Centennial and the strides we’ve made during the last 100 years.” Educating the consumer is also key for Tom Raver, Fireplace Distributors, who believes the show is a valuable way to reinforce the value of his product, but he takes a different approach when it comes to leads. “I do not track leads for the Home Show. We have never passed out cards to fill out so we can follow up with them. I do the show for longevity and to be a soft cell. I realize that a fireplace is something that people do not rush into buying, therefore there is no sense to be giving them a call the following week,” he explained. “This approach has worked well for us, but we have been doing the show for many years. We get numerous people every year saying that they were at the Home Show years ago and kept our card when they were ready to buy.” Raver acknowledged that this is a different approach than many other vendors, but said his continued presence at the show is an important part of building awareness for his particular product and the role of Fireplace Distributors within the community. 8 louisville builder •

LG&E educating the public about its services

Belgard Hardscapes Mobile Showroom

2013 Home, Garden & Remodeling Show Recap Unique entertainment and educational attractions contribute to energy of the event HBAL Executive Vice President of Events and Operations Gail Schell and Manager of Shows and Events Jessica Embry noted that adding more entertainment options for the public made this show an attractive family outing. Making a return to the event this year was the Logan Lavelle Disc-Connected K-9 World Famous Frisbee Dog Show, which was very popular with attendees. Other interesting features included the LOUISVILLE! Destination Showcase booth staffed by the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau where a replica of Babe Ruth’s bat from the Louisville Slugger Museum & Bat Factory and Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves from the Muhammad Ali Center were on display, along with a mini paddlewheel steamboat showcased by The Belle of Louisville and jockey apparel presented by the Kentucky Derby Museum. Another fun aspect was the Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium, part of U of L’s Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium, which was sponsored at the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show by Boland Maloney Lumber. Throughout the weekend, the mobile planetarium offered a “Live Tour of the Universe” that allowed attendees to experience a state-of-the-art digital planetarium that enveloped the audience and invites the exploration of the universe.

Disc-Connected K-9 World Famous Frisbee Dog Show sponsored by Logan Lavelle

Louisville! Destination Showcase

Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium sponsored by Boland Maloney may 2013 9

2013 Home, Garden & Remodeling Show Recap The seminar stage was sponsored by Trend Companies, and they brought back some cooking seminars to the Home Show. Additional popular educational seminars were Container Gardening & Fairy Gardening by Wallitsch Nursery, Growing Vegetables and Energy Efficient Landscaping by Boone Gardiner and Good Bugs, Bad Bugs by Blair Leano-Helvey. The Belgard Hardscapes Outdoor Living Pavilion also welcomed visitors to tour some impressive displays for making the most of outdoor living. Buying local foods was a focus this year with a designated local food and produce garden area that offered information on how to grow and buy healthy foods. According to Schell, continued plans to educate consumers in unique and entertaining ways are in the works for next year’s event to be held February 28-March 2, 2014. For more information about the show, visit or call the HBAL office at 429-6000.

Cooking demonstration at the Trend Companies of Kentucky Seminar Stage

Impressive displays at the Belgard Outdoor Living Pavilion

A special thank you to our sponsors: Presenting Sponsor:

World Famous Frisbee Dog Stage Sponsor:

10 louisville builder •

Show Sponsor:

Portable Planetarium & Photo Booth Sponsor:

Outdoor Living Pavilion Sponsor:

Seminar Stage Sponsor:

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Spotlight Shines on Remodeling in May What are some of the latest local trends? By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

May is National Remodeling Month, and after a long, cold winter, consumers are eager to embrace warmer weather and plans for home remodeling projects. HBAL members are poised and ready to assist homeowners in creating environments that are up-to-date with technology, energy efficiency, modern designs and more functional living spaces. Participants in the upcoming Tour of Remodeled Homes set for August 10-11 are hard at work on getting their projects ready to be showcased. What are some of the latest trends in remodeling that are expected to be on display? Three participating remodelers (Karen McKechnie, Stonehenge Construction, LLC; Ron Wolford, Wolford Building & Remodeling; and Joe French, Louisville Handyman, Inc. shared their insights ... What are some popular requests for current home remodeling projects? McKechnie: 1. Outside screened porches with fireplaces and glass and removable panels for a more all-weather room 2. Kitchens with new appliances – instead of adding the kitchen onto the house, homeowners are expanding into areas that aren’t being used. 3. Master bathrooms with larger showers and small tubs or removing tubs for a larger shower

Wolford: 1. Sanctuary/spa master retreats, fixtures with clean lines and soft colors 2. Organic and natural products are key as well as utilitarian, recycled furnishings 3. Organization is a top priority with home designs including multiple laundry spaces per home and laundry rooms coupled with coat nooks/ robe nooks and mud rooms with shoe stacks. Large master closets with TV’s and lounging areas are also popular. French: 1. In kitchens – lots of drawers, pantries and islands with seating 2. In bathrooms – removing tubs/garden tubs/installing custom showers, grab bars, vanity cabinets with extras such as linen cabinets and stacked center cabinets between sinks; heated floors   French’s tour project will feature a new master bathroom with a custom shower and bench seat and a new kitchen that will include a pantry, pan drawers and a new island with plenty of seating. Wolford is including a sand stone master tub and matching sinks for an upscale master bath retreat in one of his tour projects. The other project focuses heavily on recycled furnishings, featuring second-hand products brought back and rejuvenated by the homeowner. McKechnie said her clients are looking for quality and are not enlarging their homes. Her Tour of Remodeled Homes project will be a kitchen and master bathroom remodel. may 2013 13

Commercial Energy-Efficiency Programs Help Businesses Save Money by Going Green By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

In recent years, there’s been a huge growth in awareness among homeowners who realize that energy efficient products and services can offer big savings on home expenses. In Louisville, that’s been demonstrated in the last several Homearamas, in which every home on display has focused on energy efficiency as a selling point. Now, there’s a strong push to get down to business (literally) in energy efficiency on the commercial side of building, and there’s a wealth of resources to help business owners and organizations do just that. On the national level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s program, ENERGY STAR, is widely recognized for promoting programs and services that help save money on energy costs. Locally, the Louisville Energy Alliance (LEA) serves as an ENERGY STAR partner in helping educate consumers and businesses on ways to reduce energy consumption. According to Chris Cieminski, general property manager at Hines, who works closely with LEA, that process begins with benchmarking. Cieminski referenced the ENERGY STAR website as a valuable resource, most specifically ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager Tool, which is free and provides a basis to compare a property’s performance with other similar buildings. It evaluates a property’s current efficiency and tracks the improvement progress. Cieminski said that any type of commercial building can benchmark, however there are different categories of buildings that can receive certification. ENERGY STAR offers webinars and information that’s helpful when starting the benchmarking process. In addition, LEA offers trending classes, assistance and support, including hands-on training programs that educate on how to input data. According to Cieminski, ENERGY STAR is in the process of completing a major overhaul of its website in May. “Once that new website is rolled out, companies can set up some training programs if they are interested in benchmarking their programs,” he said. Louisville Metro Government has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2007. In addition to its partnership, other primary initiatives have included the LEA Commercial Energy Efficiency Expo, which helps businesses learn more about the practices and products that are available to help improve energy efficiency. (For more information about about LEA, visit According to Maria Koetter, director of the Office of Sustainability for Louisville Metro, one of the initiatives in the new city sustainability plan, Sustain Louisville, is to increase the number of commercial energy star certified buildings. Koetter encourages people to visit the website ( to learn about ways 14 louisville builder •

for businesses and individuals to take an active role in Sustain Louisville. She also noted additional efforts, such as the Green Triangle, which measures sustainability efforts in Louisville’s 9th district, as an invaluable resource for the community. Green Triangle offers a local, supportive network that connects people to ways to be more environmentally sustainable. (For more information, visit Kilowatt Crackdown Motivates Local Businesses to Go Green Administered by LEA, the Kilowatt Crackdown is an annual competition between building owners and operators that promotes energy efficiency awareness and rewards businesses that have the greatest energy improvements. Using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as an online benchmarking tool, the competition tracks energy use. Winners are identified in three categories: • Greatest Improvement in Efficiency • Most Efficient Building

• The Kilowatt Cup, which recognizes superior achievement in energy management, overcoming unique obstacles and emphasizing energy efficiency through no-and-low-cost practices. The 161 buildings that completed the 2011 contest saved over 28 million kilowatt hours (KWh) as compared to their energy use in 2010. That is the equivalent to more than 19,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 3,500 passenger vehicles. How do you participate? •  Benchmark your facility’s energy use with Portfolio Manager (for buildings) or Energy Tracking Tool (for industrial plants). • Make improvements over the contest period.

• Submit your final benchmarking score. According to LEA, top honors will go to the most efficient buildings and the buildings making the greatest energy improvements, but all buildings will be recognized for participating and for striving to improve Louisville’s environment. To sign up for the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge, visit

Why participate? LEA offers these reasons ....

• Improve your bottom line: Increased energy efficiency in commercial real estate can reduce operating expenses and increase property asset value. For example, a 10% decrease in energy use can lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income. Further, an increase in energy efficiency contributes to increased employee productivity and health, and enhances the comfort of the tenants. • Do your part to protect the climate: In 2006, commercial buildings and industrial facilities generated 41% of Louisville Metro’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

• Be recognized for your achievements: Your building/ business will receive free promotion and recognition of your participation in the challenge. • Receive special recognition: Receive special recognition from Mayor Greg Fischer and Governor Steve Beshear if your building earns the ENERGY STAR Label.

What’s Involved in Working Toward an Energy Efficient Workplace? The following steps for energy management can assist organizations in improving energy and financial performance. Based on the successful practices of ENERGY STAR partners, they include:

STEP 1: Make a commitment STEP 2: Assess performance STEP 3: Set goals STEP 4: Create Action Plan

• Free Technical Assistance and Resource Sessions

STEP 5: Implement Action Plan

Energy use will be tracked for 24 consecutive months. All participants must benchmark their building’s energy use in Portfolio Manager, ENERGY STAR’s free software monitoring tool, which can be found at For questions about building eligibility, email

STEP 6: Evaluate Progress STEP 7: Recognize Achievement

Real Wood for Real Builders At Ethington Building Supply we know what a contractor needs and how to get it to you for the best possible cost. With our strategic location in Shelby County we can service all of the home builders association costumers. Big enough to serve your needs yet small enough to be a business partner and not just a supplier. Join our family of builders, remodelers, and professionals with the integrity to keep the Louisville area a great place.


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New Fall Home Show Set for October 19-20 Home & Design Show to Offer Consumers a One-Stop Shopping, Free Venue with Fresh Ideas By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

Mark your calendars for another unique HBAL event that is designed to connect members with potential customers. The recently announced Home & Design Show set for October 19-20 at the Ramada Plaza off Hurstbourne Lane, boasts free parking and free admission, along with innovative home improvement and design products and services. Just in time for the holidays, the new event will offer consumers a resource for planning home updates, upgrades and design ideas. The event is also a great venue to get the ideas flowing on future home projects and to introduce consumers to experts who can help them achieve their design dreams. The Home & Design Show builds upon the success of the popular Home Product Expo held in January, which also offers free admission and parking. It’s also a great, timely way to reinforce HBAL as a home design, remodeling and building resource for people who are already familiar with the traditional HBAL events. Designed as a one-stop shopping experience, the two-day event is planned to specifically showcase ideas for home improvement projects as people are sprucing up their houses to host holiday parties and


Show Hours: Saturday, October 19 – 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday, October 20 – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Location: Ramada Plaza, Louisville, 9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY Public Admission Price: FREE Booth Space: $425 per 8’ x 10’ space (all spaces are the same size - double booths will be limited.) For more information on booth spaces, contact Gail Schell at or Jessica Embry at or contact the HBAL office at 429-6000. Visit for more details. Sponsored by:

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visiting relatives. “One big advantage for members who participate in the fall Home & Design Show is that they will have an opportunity to capture the interest of consumers who are looking to update their homes prior to the coming holiday season. It’s another way we are going to connect our members with customers,” HBAL Vice President of Events and Operations Gail Schell said. As a complement to the show, HBAL is publishing a home and design lifestyle magazine that will be distributed on-site. According to HBAL Advertising Account Executive Melissa Mattingly, ads are currently being sold for the 10,000-circulation magazine. “When people read the publication and see an advertiser’s product and/or service, they will be actively thinking about their home and how they could benefit,” Mattingly explained. (To purchase an ad, contact Mattingly at or Kimberly Greenwell at, or contact the HBAL office at 429-6000.)

What are the advantages of the event for participants? As with any new event, HBAL is making an extra effort to communicate the value of attending. The Home & Design Show will be cross-promoted at already popular events such as Homearama and the Tour of Remodeled Homes. In addition, the show has several other advantages, including: Good crowds anticipated – With a great location, free parking and free admission, the show is expected to generate good crowds. Low, out-of-pocket advertising investment – Low-cost booth rates and advertising opportunities allow participants to reach targeted customers who are actively seeking ideas, products and services to use for renovating and/or decorating their current residence just in time for the holidays. Companion publication – The articles in the companion publication will be focused on lifestyle and design, specifically targeted to potential customers looking for direction on home renovation and design ideas.

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The Many


of Green: You May Be in for Some Surprises about Green Living By Nancy Miller

Has there been an explosion in green building and green living or is greening who you ask. So Louisville Builder set out to talk to several experts in their fields to ferret out their views on the subject. What we learned reflects the complexities of green living and may be an eye opener for you. “We’re all becoming greener, but I don’t think the word is out strong enough yet. Although customers occasionally mention it, I don’t get a big push from them about living green other than their interest in Energy Star ratings,” says Kevin Pollard, President of Architectural Window & Door. He points to Andersen Windows and Doors as having the first window, door and skylight manufacturer with a Green Seal product line. He considers their new A Series, a composite product that contains 40% reclaimed wood from their 200 Series and 400 Series, to be a significant entry into the green market. He candidly says the A Series is beautiful but pricey, and describes it as an architect’s dream, coming in 11 exterior colors, three interior wood options, six stains and three painted interior options. And it never needs to be repainted. Andersen’s Fibrex trim line goes around the exterior of the window rather than a wood surround. It’s available in a range of styles. “There’s no doubt that it’s the window of the future!” says Pollard. Paul Miele, Vice President and General Sales Manager of K-I Lumber & Building Materials, has a different take on green building. He believes the concept of green has become mainstream and isn’t so much of a buzz word and says door and window systems have all become increasingly energy efficient, a development that is partly attributable to code requirements. “The meaning of green can vary a 18 louisville builder •

lot among consumers. But so much of what we do in homes today is inherently green. All the engineered products, from I-joists for floor systems to OSB for sheathing, are green since they use highly renewable resources and get a better yield out of the actual log than does conventional solid lumber. And we locally produce things such as roof trusses and prebuilt wall panels so there are less emissions during delivery,” he says. According to Miele, fiber cement siding is an excellent green product because it’s made out of naturally occurring wood fiber and Portland cement and doesn’t contain a lot of resins and glues that can adversely affect the environment. Ecos Materials and Services president Chris Zitelli agrees with Miele about the impact of code changes. Although the 2009 energy code has been enforced since October of 2012, he reports that there still exists considerable confusion about how it’s being enforced. A tangible example he offers concerns language about duct leakage. “There’s an exception to the Kentucky code that allows for visual inspection to verify that a duct has been sealed. Some areas are allowing the visual inspection, but some are not. As a rater, I have a hard time accepting that will be sufficient if you’re really trying to eliminate duct leakage,” he says. “HBAL is actively having conversations about code enforcement and compliance. Hopefully it will get straightened out and there will be continuity in the homes. Everyone just wants some clarity. What’s interesting is that homes are being built like the old Energy Star homes. Energy Star has updated its program to stay ahead of code. Code now has language about air sealage, air barriers and duct

The Many Shades of Green sealing, which I think is good. In the end, it’s about protecting the consumer at the end of the day. But it’s always an uphill battle to convince people to spend more money. When the results are positive, it makes more sense,” he continues. Zitelli notes that the code is beginning to significantly increase the level of energy performance in homes across the board which drives up programs such as Energy Star and NAHB Green Building Standards. “My average home is 20% more efficient than five years ago. We used to do a lot of homes that had a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score in the 80s; now the average is in the 60s. That has been an interesting shift in the market,” he observes. Zitelli says that as large neighborhoods are pushing the envelope on sustainability, the number of homes being certified under various green programs has increased dramatically and that such green building is now less of an outlier and is more of a common occurrence. He admits that there’s still a challenge in monetizing sustainable homes and laments the fact that builders are not necessarily getting appraised for the investment. Green building’s impact on the commercial market is striking. “Initially in Kentucky, the folks who were adopting green building practices were governments, universities and select building owner/users. The owner could realize all the intangible benefits a green building could provide-energy and water savings and productivity benefits. But very recently it is coming through the real estate market to traditional office buildings. I have yet to hear a credible argument for waste,” says Clifford Ashburner, partner with Wyatt Tarrant and Combs. Ashburner says Louisville has positive incentives that allow for increased building intensity, allowing for the addition of an extra floor to a commercial building or, perhaps, additional parking, if certain green

building practices are established. Ashburner believes the Energy Star logo has a near 80% market penetration due to the public having seen it in the media or on appliances or electronic fixtures, but he doesn’t think most people are aware of it as a building energy performance indicator. “There are people who think if they pack their home with Energy Star appliances that the home will be an Energy Star home. In reality, most of a home’s energy comes front heating and air. The systems in a home have to work together. The relationship of a building to the site and to its purpose must be considered. Within the building, it has to be thought of as an entire system, not a bunch of separate units,” he says. Energy efficiency and green building naturally go together in many people’s minds, but Jerry Ostertag of Closet Factory encompasses water efficiency, indoor air quality and material use into his concept of green building. “We use products that offer recycled sustainable woods in their core, glues and adhesives that have no added urea formaldehyde, and coatings that have low or no VOCs. We also do our finishing offsite. Coatings and adhesives don’t cure in the home, which improves the inside air quality. While such odors may indicate that something is new, they are actually a reflection of offgasing,” he says. Jeff Speedy, vice president and general manager of Closets by Design, also stresses the reduction in the use of formaldehyde. “Melamine is the basis throughout the closet industry. The negative has been that adhesive used to seal the recycled particles was formaldehyde, but it is now very minimal compared to years ago. We can offer items that are completely free from formaldehyde. However, I don’t see much interest in them because the cost can be as much as two times the price of regular Melamine. Ostertag’s reference to material use refers to things such as a carbon

HERS Rating in a 2012 Homearama home. may 2013 19

The Many Shades of Green

Spray Foam Insulation

footprint. The distance products have to travel to reach a home may influence the home’s being certified as green. Local or regional sourcing of materials reduces travel, thereby contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. Ostertag cautions that some products which are usually regarded as green are not as green as might be expected. For example, for bamboo to be considered green it must be specified to contain a low amount of urea formaldehyde.

“Green can be a very efficient way to build, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In most cases, the labor component is exactly the same. Sometimes a green product may cost a few dollars more, but if transpiration is factored in, the cost may not be greater. - Jerry Ostertag “Green can be a very efficient way to build, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In most cases, the labor component is exactly the same. Sometimes a green product may cost a few dollars more, but if transpiration is factored in, the cost may not be greater. The goals of green building and green living are to decrease costs to the homeowner, increase the long term value of the home, reduce waste that has to be sent to a landfill, conserve energy and water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in the end, have a home that is healthier and safer for the people who live there,” says Ostertag. Kim Foster, owner of Window World, says many of her customers are surprised at the enormous difference vinyl windows can make in their desire to liver greener. “Vinyl can be reprocessed and recycled re20 louisville builder •

peatedly, so scrap from the manufacturing process can be used in other vinyl products. The durability of uPVC also creates an environmental advantage. The longer a window lasts, the less energy must be utilized to make replacement products. In addition, the warm-edge spacer systems we use are more energy efficient than standard metal spacers,” says an enthusiastic Foster. Roofing is yet another category of green initiatives. Foster is impressed with Hometown Roofing’s IKO shingles that qualify for the Energy Star rating - super White Cambridge AR and marathon Ultra AR. Their light-colored granules are largely responsible for the shingles’ reflectant properties. They can be especially beneficial in Louisville where summer temperatures can be extreme and humidity can be a critical issue. “PureStyle cabinets from Royal Kitchen and Bath Designs are a terrific green product,” says Foster. Their substrates are medium density fiberboard that’s made from wood harvested from forests with eco-sustainable systems. Their wrap is a cellulose-based product that is environmentally safe. They meet all Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association requirements such as detergent, and water and chemical resistance as well as requirements concerning heat resistance, accelerated aging and environmental conditions. All Pella Windows and Doors products are Energy Star rated. We asked Brad Wissing, trade sales representative for Pella to elaborate. “The level of energy efficiency can be altered by what the customer chooses. If the idea is to reduce the cost of a project, gas can be removed from the window,” he says. For 53% to 74% more energy efficiency, and for the ability to block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays, he suggests the company’s Designer Series, which has the ability to offer three panes of glass and blinds or shades between the glass which provide an extra barrier to heat and cold. “I have a customer who is replacing windows over a year and a half or two year period. With only some of the windows replaced, the heating bill is already lowered by 30%,” he says. He goes on to say that Pella’s 350 Series, introduced last July, has a frame that’s more rigid than the previous vinyl line, and boasts 83% more energy efficiency than other vinyl windows. The series is also offered in triple pane glass. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air infiltration can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs. Spray foam insulation can be a major contributing factor to reducing air infiltration. Eric Jones of Louisville Spray Foam Insulation prefers products from three manufacturers. He says Demelic’s spray foam has the higher R value per inch than any other foam on the market. The company’s soy based foam, as well as the Sealection 500 and Agribalance, are especially green due to their makeup of recycled plastics. He considers Quadrant’s foam ideal for existing homes because of its less ammoniac odor. One of the advantages he sees for Gaco Western’s product is that it doesn’t need to be applied in a second coat, making a quicker and less expensive application. “Green does influence buying decisions. The decisions are often difficult because there are so many choices facing the consumer. The Energy Star rating is often an important consideration for buyers, particularly in refrigeration. They have responded positively to the hybrid hot water heater by GE ,” says David Lynch, Pro Services Specialist at Lowe’s of Northeast Louisville. Lynch has seen decking as one category that has experienced tremendous green growth. Manufacturers such as Trex andChoiceDek have a range of products that integrate a combination of wood fiber and PVC.

The Many Shades of Green Lynch discussed several categories of green products and focused on specific items that have been particularly interesting to his customers who voice a preference for green or are looking to become better informed about what’s available in the market: • Boral’s TruExterior trim consists of more than 70% recycled or rapidly renewable materials. • Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation products combine energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality. • CertainTeed and James Hardie fiber cement siding have an array of products with distinctive green building features. • Roxul stone wool, which combines the strength of rock with the characteristics of typical insulation, provides excellent insulation and may save 12 times as much energy per pound in its first year in place as the energy used to produce it. • Mohawk’s Green Living carpet line offers eco friendly features without sacrificing aesthetics. • Eco countertops by Cosentino is manufactured from 75% of recycled materials including mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. Even 94% of the water used in its manufacturing process is reused. • Clorox Greenworks cleaning supplies use no harsh chemical fumes and leave no residue.

• One of the benefits of Scott’s lawn and garden products and bug and rodent control products is their eco-friendly nature. • Gardentech garden products include Sevin and Over ‘n Out for insect control and Root Boost rooting hormone. • Jobes Organic All Purpose fertilizer spikes help transition to organic gardening and produces no leaching or water polluting run off. • Ecosmart Ready-to-Use Garden Insect Killer for fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. • Espoma Organic Plant Tone is an all natural, all purpose premium plant food that has no sludges, fillers or toxic ingredients. • Black & Decker has several products that are popular with greencentric customers - the 36-volt Straight Cordless Electric String Trimmer, the 18-volt Cordless Electric Cultivator, the 18-volt Cordless Electric Blower and the 36-Volt Sweeper. • Valspar’s and Olympic’s low VOC paint lines have been very popular among consumers who are knowledgeable about or learn about newer environmentally friendly paints. • Lynch also likes the Raven Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower, the Greenworks 40-volt Cordless electric Push Lawn Mower and the Greenworks 40-volt 10” Cordless Electric Cultivator.

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Homearama construction at Locust Creek

22 louisville builder •

Presented by:

July 13-28, 2013 •

Official Sponsors:

Mark Your Calendars for Homearama 2013 at Locust Creek and Rock Springs – July 13-28 By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

Excitement is already under way for this year’s Homearama to be held at Locust Creek and Rock Springs July 13-28. With eighteen homes on display in two locations and an improving housing market, the 2013 event is sure to attract crowds of consumers who want to see how today’s dream homes can fit their lifestyles and budgets. Bob Marrett, CMB Development, commented on how this year’s Homearama in Locust Creek will be different from the last times the event was held there (2002, 2003, 2004, 2008). “The biggest change for Homearama homes this year in Locust Creek is that they will be priced in keeping with the current most popular upscale range of about $395,000 to $500,000 or so.”  According to Marrett, six out of the eight homes to be featured this year have already sold for prices ranging from the low $400,000’s to approximately $600,000. (In the four previous Homearamas held in Locust Creek, at least one of the featured homes was priced over $1,000,000.) Marrett said that seven of the eight homes will feature walkout lower levels. “Our cul-de-sac lots are priced from the mid-$70’s to the upper $80’s, which is a necessity for builders to construct new homes under $500,000,” Marrett explained. Rock Springs made its debut in Homearama last year. HBAL President Bob Thieneman, Jr., R.J. Thieneman Co., explained what people can expect to see this year in Rock Springs. “The hot buttons are energy efficiency, outdoor living and flex spaces so families can grow in place.” Thieneman said that among some of the interesting head-turning features are third floor playrooms and home theaters, along with turrets, front porches and unique cubbie entries. Finished lower levels, niches and open floor plans will also prevail. “It will be a spectacular show this year. I think builders are more optimistic about the future of the market. Buyers are starting to see appreciation from their current homes, and consequently demand is up. I think it’s a pent-up demand. The recession has forced people to stay in their current homes longer than they would have liked. With interest rates still down as low as ever, this combination has allowed builders to finally start building again. So the timing for buying a new home could not be better.” Don’t Miss the Preview Parties Set for July 12 HBAL’s annual Preview Parties will be held the Friday night before the event is open to the public. This is a great opportunity for members to get a sneak peek and a behind-the-scenes perspective of these innovative homes and the talented builders, designers and experts who created them. The Homearama Preview Parties will be held 6:00-8:30 p.m. at each location. They’re open to HBAL members and special guests. Tickets

are $50 and include admission to both locations. They are available at the HBAL office by calling 429-6000 or emailing Jessica Embry at Tickets must be purchased prior to the party because PREVIEW PARTY TICKETS CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT THE EVENT. Early ticket purchases are encouraged.

For more information about Homearama, visit

Help Spread the Word Homearama Tickets Admission is $10 per person, per visit. Dual-site tickets can be purchased for $15, which allows access to visit the other site anytime during the 16-day event. Cash or checks only. Homearama Times Weekdays: 5:00 -9:30 p.m. Saturdays: 10:00 a.m.- 9:30 p.m. Sundays: 1:00 - 6:00 p.m. (Ticket gates close an hour and a half prior to listed closing times.) Homearama Builders Locust Creek Richard Miles, Dogwood Homes of Kentucky/Landmark Homes Jason Orthober, Orthober Custom Homes Chris Osborne, Deville Homes, Inc. Jim French, Jim French Builder Rob Eberenz, Jr., Rob Eberenz Jr. Builder, LLC Don Karem, Karem Built Homes, Inc. Rock Springs Clifford Thieneman & Pete Thieneman, Clifford Thieneman Co., LLC Daryl Hardy, Hardy Builders, LLC Chris Osborne, Deville Homes, Inc. Jim Ernst, Dave Ernst & Mark Ernst, Prestige Builders Inc. Joe Kroll, MasterCraft Homes, LLC Leo Thieneman, Sr. & Leo Thieneman, Jr., Leo Thieneman & Sons, LLC Scott Yates, Paragon Homes, Inc. Pat Seitz, Thieneman Seitz Construction, Inc. may 2013 23

Keep Membership on Your Mind As spring and summer approaches, construction season is in full force. As you are working with other companies, don’t forget to keep membership and recruitment on your mind. HBAL has made it a priority to keep membership at the forefront of everything it does. We try to get the message to all of our 2,000 members that it is good business to “Do Business with a Member.” Membership has changed over the years at HBAL. It is no secret that the ratio of builders to associate members has shifted since the recession. Views amongst the members used to be based on face time with the builders. Although that is still the case somewhat, we have now embraced the stance that everyone is a possible customer. Most

people can either use or refer to others the services and products of their fellow associate members. We offer many ways to grow business not only within the association members but also with the consumers. HBAL also offers lucrative insurance programs and the member advantage program which offers discounts through NAHB. Later in the summer, the Associates Committee will be calling upon the builders to apply for the BEAM award. It is an award recognizing builders who use a high number of subcontractors that are members. If you are interested in this award, you can start now in recruiting the companies that are not yet members.


The Spike Club is a group of people that recruit and help to retain members. Once you hit 6 credits, you become a member of this exclusive club. The spike list will be published in the magazine on a quarterly basis. We will always have an updated list monthly at We would also like to recognize the members who have moved up a level in the ranks. Jeremy Esposito....................................................150 Larry Link............................................................. 26 24 louisville builder •

James French......................................................... 25



every member should know about

DID YOU KNOW? Fireplace Distributors can install a fireplace that goes on the inside and outside of your home. You can enjoy the beauty of a fireplace from the family room to the outdoor deck. You can see this fireplace and many more at Fireplace Distributors Designer Showroom at 5810 Fern Valley Road. Our showroom is open Monday through Friday 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to noon.

Custom Staircases Make the staircase in your or your customer’s home something to remember! We take pride in personally creating the iron work in our staircases to truly give you and/or your customer a functional work of art! Have an idea? Bring it to us, and we will make your idea a reality! Contact Back Alley Ornamental Iron at 502-636-0404 or visit our website at for more information!

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membermeetings Sales & Marketing Council

Bullitt county Council

Anthony Roberts (Pella Windows), Chuck Kavanaugh, Brad Wissing (Pella Windows), David Turner (Carpet Specialists), Katie Golden (Century Mortgage), Leah Alexander (Century Mortgage), Dave Ernst (Chairman), Greg Morris (Royal Kitchen & Bath Design)

Montrell Bross (Century Mortgage), George Miller (Chairman), Heather French Henry & Steve Henry (Guest Speakers)

March 21, 2013 There was a great turnout for the council meeting with around 75 people in attendance. We would like to thank our four year-long sponsors:

March 28, 2013 The Bullitt County Council met at Kettle Creek in Mt. Washington on March 28 and welcomed speakers Steve and Heather French Henry. Century Mortgage Company sponsored the meeting, represented by Montrell Bross. Bross updated the group on the improving housing market and optimistic changes to loan products. Council Chairman George Miller introduced several local officials that attended the meeting including Melanie Roberts, Bullitt County Judge Executive; Joetta Calhoun, Mayor of Mt. Washington; and Bob Hunt, Bullitt County Magistrate District 2. Steve Henry, an orthopedic surgeon and former Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, is one of the cofounders of the Future Fund Land Trust, established with the goal of obtaining 10,000 acres to dedicate to conservation such as parks throughout Louisville and surrounding counties. It is currently the largest urban park project in America. While some of the biggest draws for this type of conservation include residents’ desire to live near a park and preservation of clean air and water, the organization’s leadership also hopes to include leisure activities such as horse trails, zip lines and other recreation. Steve’s wife Heather was also present to discuss the goal of having a living tree memorial for veterans in the conservation area. Aside from serving as a way to honor our veterans, the memorial will be helpful in creating a sense of community amongst residents and in generating cross-generational communication.

Carpet Specialists- represented by David Turner Century Mortgage Company- represented by Leah Alexander Pella Windows- represented by Bradley Wissing Royal Kitchen & Bath Design-represented by Greg Morris Chuck Kavanaugh was the speaker; he is the Executive Officer for the Home Builders Association of Louisville. His presentation was Home Building & Buying Trends, which is available to view on the SMC page of Kavanaugh gave statistics on housing starts and permits along with some information from NAHB on a survey that was conducted on amenities and home features that buyers would like in their homes.

Our next meeting will be held May 15th.






Get news & events specific to your committee or council at the new

26 louisville builder •

membernews HBAK Winter Board Meeting Report Ellery Esposito, Esposito Construction, passed the gavel to 2013 HBAK President Jim Cutter during the winter board meeting in Lexington recently. Congratulations and thank you for your service at HBAK, Ellery. Congratulations and expression of gratitude for service should also be offered to Perry Lyons, P.L. Lyons Company who served in 2012 as Area Builder and Chuck Kavanaugh, EVP of HBAL and Stan Logan Jr., Logan Lavelle Hunt who served as committee chairman last year. Congratulations to John Miranda, Pinnacle Properties and vice president/treasurer at HBAK, for being awarded General Elmus S. Ussery Award from HBAK for his extraordinary leadership on behalf of the state association and the industry. Habitat ReStore is a Win, Win, Win for Louisville Area Builders and Remodelers Many area builders and remodelers, including Vince Kimbel of Kimbel Homes, LLC often donate to Habitat ReStore before sending items to the dumpster. “When meeting with a client who wants to renovate their house, I always mention the opportunity to donate to Habitat ReStore, and they are intrigued with the idea of keeping the items that can be repurposed out of the landfill,” says Kimbel. Kimbel also appreciates the fact that he or his client can take a tax deduction for their donations. “As a remodeler, having Habitat ReStore as a partner has been very beneficial both to our clients and my business,” he says. Each year, money raised from Habitat ReStore goes directly to the Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville, allowing the nonprofit organization to build more than 25 homes each year for qualified partner families. Partner families, who are required to donate more than 400 hours of “sweat equity” often work in Habitat ReStore outlets to achieve these hours. “It is really a win, win, win for all involved,” says Dale Douthat, Director of the Habitat ReStore program. “We thoroughly enjoy working with and are incredibly thankful for our Louisville area builders and remodelers because they help us ensure that homeowners know that the Habitat ReStore donation option is available for items that may have been thrown away.” More information about Habitat ReStore is available at To submit your news, email Tara Brinkmoeller at

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corner Premier Associate The purpose of the Premier Associate designation is to encourage Associate Members’ participation in the Home Builders Association of Louisville (HBAL), to provide those Associates with an avenue by which they can learn more about our industry and to give them approprate recognition for achieving this higher level of understanding. If you see any of the Premier Associates, feel free to contact them to get more engaged. Richard Bean Retired -BB&T

Paul Miele K-I Lumber

Davis Boland Boland Maloney Lumber

Dave Mikels Graber Insealators

Steve Church Logan Lavelle Hunt

P.J. Moore L & N. Credit Union

Dave French LG&E

Teresa Morgan Semonin Realtors

Joe Dumstorf Trend Companies of Kentucky

Tom Raver Fireplace Distributors

Dale Hellmann Prudential Heating and Cooling

Marie Resch Screens of Kentucky

Larry Link Bonnycastle Appliance & TV

Derek Smothers Steel Design Inc.

Stan Logan Logan Lavelle Hunt If you are interested in becoming a Premier Associate, contact Nicole Bouchard for an application. 502-429-6000 or

DWB Restoration II, Inc. Fire-Water-Wind-Storm 24hr Emergency Service

DON DUGGINS | GREG DUGGINS 1116 Ulrich Avenue Louisville, KY 40219

502-966-5774 FAX 502-966-5462 email:

Mailing Address: 3107 Pinoak Dr. LaGrange, KY 40031

(502) 241-6990 office (502) 241-6992 fax

may 2013 27

newmembers Associates Approved 3/13 RSVP Jeff Vice Type of Business: Direct Mail Marketing Sponsor: Tom Raver GAF John Vorhees Type of Business: Roofing Materials Sponsor: John Thomas Rose Allen, LLC Allen Peavler Type of Business: Remodeling Rental Properties Sponsor: John Miranda The Carpenter’s Son, LLC Steve Thomas Type of Business: Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Tile Sponsor: Jeremy Esposito Hall Contracting Roscoe Willis Type of Business: Asphalt Paving Sponsor: Rocco Pigneri

Kentucky Tree, LLC Kenny Jones Type of Business: Tree Service Sponsor: Jeremy Esposito Interior Tailoring CP Moore Type of Business: Interior Design Sponsor: Jeremy Esposito Cumberland Iron, LLC Mark Jenne Type of Business: Metals/Ornamental Iron Sponsor: Derek Smothers Shelby Construction, LLC Leonard Nash Type of Business: Masonry Sponsor: Dan Smith Affiliates Approved 3/13 Kris Wissing Envoy Mortgage Sponsor: Todd Johnson Luana Oiler Prudential Parks & Weisberg Sponsor: Dave Parks


Congratulations to these Milestone Members. These members have reached a milestone mark in their membership with their renewal in March. 30 Years William Michael Robey – Registered Builder 20 Years Stickler & Associates Agency, Inc. – Greg Stickler Rush Construction, Inc. – Joseph Rush 15 Years Buda Masonry, Inc. – Brack Hutchinson Allied Aluminum – David U. Wilmes C.H. Buckler Painting – Clarence H. Buckler All-Country Realty – Jack Porter Glenn Evans Mercke – Registered Builder and Remodelor Ronald Metts – Registered Remodelor 10 Years Ace Lawn Services, Inc. – Michael Boyle Pro-Tech Electrical Services, Inc. – Mark Potts David Weis – Registered Builder Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc. – John B. Nelson Montgomery Realty Co. – Guy Montgomery Pool Man Inc. – Lisa Kane James Ernst – Registered Builder and Remodelor Gould Electric, LLC – Chris Gould

5 Years Stanley Concrete, LLC – David Stanley Custom Door & Window Pro Installation – Bill Ditsch Bill Meadows – Associated Builder Remodeler Phil Packler – Registered Builder and Remodelor Integral Structures, Inc. – Tom Eckert Dulworth Group – Jack B. Dulworth Hollebach-Oakley, LLC – Gregory Oakley Stephen C. Gault Co. – Steve Gault Dahlem Realty Company, Inc. – James Dahlem 1 Year Raindrop Gutter Guard System – Steve Nitch Economy Maintenance Inc. – Stephen Thomas Buena Vista Group, LLC – Marcos Mendoza Miles Fence Co. LLC – Donald Miles Limestone Farm Lawn Worksite – Ryan English Montgomery Plumbing Co., LLC., - Sam Montgomery III Reflections of You, by Amy, LLC – Amy Wagner Construction Dispute Resolution – James Bornstein Cross Country Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. – Joshua Humphrey Bob Greenrose, Inc. – Jason Hampton





For an up-to-date Spike Club list please visit HBAL.COM

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Deville Homes

Blacketer Company

Dominion Homes

Clifford Thieneman Co., LLC

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Associates: 1st Choice Insulation A&G Drywall, Inc. Bachman Commercial Sales Bardenwerper, Talbott & Roberts BB&T Boland Maloney Lumber Bonnycastle Appliance & TV Boral Bricks Century Mortgage Company Cunningham Door & Window Ditsler Insurance, Inc. The Door Store and Windows

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A special thanks to all Honor Roll Members! For more information on how you can be listed on the HBAL Honor Roll, please call Melissa or Kimberly at 429-6000.

memberspending The following have applied for Registered Builder/Remodelor membership or Associate Builder/Remodeler membership. Members with pertinent information about applicant’s suitability to become a registered member of the Association, particularly credit information, are requested to contact the Registered Builder Committee, c/o the HBAL office at 1000 N. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40223 by mail or you can fax information to Margie at the HBAL office at 429-6036. Pending Associate Builder/Remodeler:

Adam Gallagher Signature Contracting & Remodeling P. O. Box 6013 Louisville, KY 40206 338-9545 Sponsors: Perry Lyons Bob Thieneman, Jr.

corporatesponsors Special thanks to these 2013 HBAL corporate sponsors:

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May 1

HBAL Day at the Downs Churchill Downs, Skye Terrace


Oaks Day, HBAL Office Closed


Membership Committee Meeting 10:30 a.m., HBAL


Land Development 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Affiliate Membership Drive 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., HBAL


Commercial Council Breakfast Meeting 8:30 a.m., Community Room, Ormsby II


SMC Meeting 8:30 a.m., Rock Springs


Bullitt County Council Meeting 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., TBD


Associates Committee Meeting 3:00 p.m., HBAL


Codes & Standards 11:00 a.m., HBAL


Registered Builder Meeting 10:00 a.m., HBAL


HBAK Summer Board Meeting, Embassy Suites Hotel Cincinnati-Rivercenter, Covington, KY


Memorial Day, HBALOffice Closed


Executive Committee 1:00 p.m., HBAL


Board of Directors 3:00 p.m., HBAL


Membership Meeting 10:30 a.m., HBAL


Shelby County Council Meeting 11:30 a.m., Claudia Sanders Dinner House


NAHB Spring Board Meeting Washington DC


Land Development 10:00 a.m., HBAL


SMC Meeting 8:30 a.m., Locust Creek


HIPAC Meeting 11:00 a.m., HBAL


Commercial Council Meeting 8:30 a.m., HBAL


General Membership Meeting 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., The Olmsted


Registered Builder Meeting 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Executive Committee Meeting 1:00 p.m., HBAL


Board of Directors 3:00 p.m., HBAL


Oldham County Council Meeting 11:30 a.m., John W. Black Community Center


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advertiserindex Back Alley Ornamental Iron......................... 25

Bobcat Enterprises........................................ 17

Boland Maloney Lumber.............................. ibc

Bonnycastle Appliance & TV......................... 12

BTM Engineering.......................................... 4

Century Entertainment & Furnishings......... 12

Duggins Co., Inc........................................... 27

DWB Restoration II, Inc............................... 27

Envoy Mortgage........................................... 21

Fireplace Distributors, Inc............................. 25

K-I Lumber & Building Materials................ifc

Kentucky Concrete, Inc.................................. 11

L&N Federal Credit Union.......................... 11

Landscape Lighting...................................... 15

Logan Lavelle Hunt....................................... 4

Louisville Realty Photography....................... 17

PPG Porter Paints........................................ 11

Torino Collection

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