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What’s the Plan for 2012? i terrific neW Products i 2nd annual home Product exPo: january 7th & 8th

the official PuBlication of the home Builders association of louisVille, inc.

Volume 25, no.01 january 2012

Do you know your

2012 ExEcutivE ? committEE Not Pictured: Stan Logan, Jr., Associate Vice-President

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Traditional architecture coupled with today’s product technology is the power behind the New Old House movement. HB&G’s PermaCast columns are architecturally correct, load-bearing

Louisville, KY 4025 Collins Lane & andtocarry a lifetime warranty. environment Combine this with elegance of HB&G’s balustrade system create a maintenance-free that canthe only be described as traditional elegance, 1601 South Floyd St. timeless craftsmanship, and the perfect compliment anybe New Old House. to create a maintenance-free environment that canfor only described as traditional elegance, 502-637-1401 Oldand House HB&G’s Combine PermaCast are architecturally correct, load-bearing carrymovement. a lifetime warranty. thiscolumns with the elegance of HB&G’s balustrade system

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Clarksville, IN 5301 HWY 31 North 812-283-7000 11/18/2008 9:12:40 AM

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vol. 25, no.01 january 2012


association news 12 What’s the Plan for 2012? Branding HBAL and Members’ Businesses 15 2nd Annual Home Product Expo: January 7th & 8th 16 The Future? It’s Here in Some Terrific New Products! 20 A Recipe for Success 22 New Label Helps Builders Show Consumers Tangible Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes 24 Commercial Council Names New Co-charimen


Do you know your 2012 Executive Committee?

HBAL’s Executive Committee is greeting 2012 with confidence and enthusiasm for representing the local industry. They took a few moments to share their thoughts about the coming year and how HBAL will work on behalf of members. They also shared a few unique facts about themselves as well.

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the official PuBlication of the home Builders association of louisVille, inc.

Volume 25, no.01 january 2012

Do you know your

2012 ExEcutivE ? committEE Learn all about them, including some unique facts inside!



The second annual Home Product Expo presented by Window World is Jan. 7th & 8th.

Products every member should know about.

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Cover: 2012 Executive Committee Left to Right: Bob Marrett; Chuck Kavanaugh; Billy Doelker; Perry Lyons; Rob Eberenz, Jr.; Pat Durham; Bob Thieneman, Jr.; Stan Logan, Jr. (not pictured).

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Contractors Equipment Rental

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For more than 40 years, LLH has been providing insurance and financial services to Kentuckiana’s building industry. Today, with ll the challenges your business faces, it’s a good time to talk with us to create a plan that will put your company’s insurance, benefits, and wealth management programs in order. Insurance


Wealth Management


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Your Consumer


“We are in the business to connect members to members and members to consumers” Call the HBAL today to find out how you can get connected

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perspectiveletter Home Builders Association of Louisville, Inc.

1000 North Hurstbourne Parkway Louisville, KY 40223-4012 (502) 429-6000 FAX (502) 429-6036 Email: Web Site: 2012 OFFICERS Rob Eberenz, Jr. President

Looking Forward to an Exciting 2012 by Chuck kavanaugh

Bob Thieneman, Jr. Vice President Perry Lyons Treasurer Pat Durham Secretary Stan Logan, Jr. Associate Vice President Charles J. Kavanaugh Executive Vice President BUILDER DIRECTORS Brandon Bailey Greg Burrus Terry Chynoweth Michael Isaac Don Karem P. R. Lancaster David Lurding Jeremy McGraw George Miller Jason Orthober Chris Osborne Rocco Pigneri Mark Simpson Dave Smith ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Deborah Bilitski Joe Dumstorf Dave French Dale Hellmann Andrew Holden John Hollenbach Stephanie Horne John Lannert David Mikels David Mindel Teresa Morgan Jeff Ratanapool Joe Simms


Clifford Thieneman, Sr.

HONORARY associate DIRECTORs Frank Arnold, Sr. Richard Bean PUBLISHER Charles J. Kavanaugh EDITOR Tara Brinkmoeller Advertising Melissa Mattingly Kimberly Greenwell 502.429.6000 GRAPHIC DESIGN Scott Dudgeon Writers Stacy Smith Rogers HBAL Issues Nancy Miller Product Features HBAL Staff PRINTING United Graphics

I’m excited about the New Year and the opportunities that exist for our Association and our members. Last year wasn’t exactly as good as we had hoped for, but the year seemed to end with some positive momentum. As we approach our “Home Show Season,” first with the Home Product Expo sponsored by Window World in Shepherdsville this month, and then the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show sponsored by the same company in March and with Table Top on February 1st, I’m confident as always that these shows will jump start the planning and purchasing of home improvement items in our community. As the building business returns to a new state of normal, things will be anything but “business as usual” for me this year. In 2012 I will become the President of the Executive Officers Council (EOC) of the NAHB, beginning in February. In my role I will be chairman of the EOC Board of Directors made up of 27 EO’s from across the country. My Senior Team will include the local EO’s from the HBA’s in Atlanta, GA, and Raleigh, NC, as well as the State EO from Oregon. Our mission is to provide the highest level of effective and efficient services to our members and to benefit the industry members of NAHB by enhancing the professionalism of the executive officers of NAHB state and local associations by providing the following: 1) a forum for builder association executives to further their professional development through training and education; 2) networking and interpersonal communication opportunities for builder association executives to share knowledge; and 3) a forum for executive officers to serve as a vital resource to NAHB and its leadership in developing and serving the builder and associate membership. While I will be traveling a bit more nationally than previous years, I will not lose focus on my responsibilities at HBAL. Other HBAL members will also increase their involvement within our Federation this year. Ellery Esposito, Esposito Construction, will serve as the 2012 President of the Home Builders Association of Kentucky. Stan Logan Jr., Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance, will also serve on the state association’s executive committee as the Associates Vice President. Stan Logan Jr. serves in the same capacity for our local association and is well qualified to represent this large and vastly important segment of our collective membership. John Miranda, Pinnacle Properties, will become the

new Secretary of HBAK and serve on the senior officer team at the state, becoming president in 2015. John Miranda will also serve as the Co-Chair of the NAHB Membership Committee, becoming Chairman in June of this year. John has been an extremely involved member of this committee at the National Level for some time. He is excited to lead this committee and has exciting and cutting edge ideas and plans that he hopes to implement to increase National membership and incentivize local membership throughout the country. With as many involved and engaged members as HBAL has throughout the state and country, I am confident that great things will continue to happen for your association. You have probably often heard me say that our association is only as strong as our members. I honestly believe that each of our nearly 2,100 members offers strength, talent, and leadership qualities that help to maintain our local association as the second largest in the nation and one of the most respected in the country. With so many of our members at the helm of committees, advisory groups, and associations at both the state and national levels, as well as local engagement on boards, planning commissions, and on the Metro Council, including my role as EOC President, I’m confident that our notoriety will only grow stronger as we share our passion and work with others. The HBAL staff and I are excited to serve our members in 2012. The 2012 Executive Committee and I have exciting plans to help bring business to our members this year. The plan includes the launch of our new website improvements to our Home, Garden & Remodeling Show sponsored by Window World, and a focused Advertising and PR plan that will promote your membership to the Association, as well as the ability to drive business to your door. We look forward to your involvement on committees, in classes, and at events in 2012. Together I know we can make this a great year.

Charles J. Kavanaugh Executive Vice President Home Builders Association of Louisville january 2012 5

Do you know your

2012 Executive ? Committee

HBAL’s Executive Committee is greeting 2012 with confidence and enthusiasm for representing the local industry. They took a few moments to share their thoughts about the coming year and how HBAL will work on behalf of members. They also shared a few unique facts about themselves as well ... By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

6 louisville builder •

2012 Executive Committee


Rob Eberenz, Jr. Robert L. Eberenz, Jr. Builder, LLC

Rob Eberenz, Jr., brings more than 34 years experience to the Executive Committee. He has been a registered builder for 32 years and has built more than 400 homes in Greater Louisville. He holds a bachelor of science and commerce degree in business management from the University of Louisville and an associate of applied science degree in real estate. He grew up in the housing industry and is a third generation builder. He previously served on the Board of Directors 18 years ago and more recently has served on it the last five. In addition to his many years of involvement with the association, Eberenz has chaired the BICF and Activation & Retention Committees. He has also served on the Registered Builder, HIPAC and Homearama Site Committees. Eberenz has been married to wife Janis for 32 years. She holds a master’s degree in architecture and is working on a second master’s degree in urban planning and design. They have four children: Robert III, Mitchell, Olivia and Whitney. His hobbies include boating with his family, hunting, fishing and tennis. Eberenz cited the budget as a major focus in his role as president. “There’s always been a friendly competition among presidents about who left the association most fiscally sound. So, that’s always a goal for an incoming president,” he said. Eberenz also said he plans to have a widespread presence within committees from his executive level.


Did You Know

Eberenz has organized a men’s Bible study group at HBAL for the last 2.5 years. The group meets on Wednesday mornings from 8-9 a.m. and is open to anyone.


Visit our Facebook page to watch Rob Eberenz, Jr.’s speech at the 2011 HBAL Holiday Party. FACEBOOK

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2012 Executive Committee


Bob Thieneman, Jr. R.J. Thieneman Realty Group

Vice President Bob Thieneman, Jr., has been a residential builder since 1992. With more than 30 years experience in the housing industry, he has built hundreds of homes and developed several communities. He holds a bachelors of business administration degree in real estate from Eastern Kentucky University. Thieneman has served on the Registered Builder Committee, along with the Building Industry Charitable Foundation, the Sales & Marketing Council and the Commercial Council. In addition to serving 19 years on the HBAL Board, he has also chaired the Land Development, Membership and Best New Homes Committees, as well as HIPAC. Bob has been married to wife Beverly for 26 years. They have two children, R.J. Thieneman III, and Chelsey. When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling with family, golf, biking, hiking and reading. Thieneman said that membership will be a major focus for him in the coming year. “We want to continue as the second largest association in the country. My goal is to communicate the value of being a member of HBAL so that members and potential members take advantage of the opportunities to connect with consumers through HBAL and increase their business opportunities,” he said.


Did You Know

Thieneman was previously addicted to Bikram yoga.

8 louisville builder •

2012 Executive Committee



Treasurer Perry Lyons has over 35 years experience building and remodeling homes and has been a member of HBAL since 1974, serving on the Education Committee as an instructor for more than 11 years. He currently serves on the Land Development and Technology Committees and is chair of the Codes and Standards Committee. Perry has been married to his high school sweetheart, Linda, for 39 years. They have two girls, Alyson and Ashley, and five grandchildren, Jordan, Madison, Samuel, Mayson and Mallory. He enjoys golf, gardening and helping his grandkids with science projects. One of the main points of focus for Perry this year will be helping market events. In fact, he writes a blog that’s already promoting next year’s Homearama. “Our events are already popular, but they have the potential to really heighten awareness about the quality of products our members produce. And, when coupled with the opportunities to promote through our new website, I think we’ll be able to go far this year in gaining consumer interest in our events and shows,” he said.


Did You Know

Lyons previously re-built a couple of old airplanes and, as a pilot, performed stunt flying exercises in the 1970’s.

january 2012 9

2012 Executive Committee


PAT DURHAM Pat Durham Builder, Inc.

Secretary Pat Durham has been a member of HBAL since 1988. He has been building homes since 1995. Pat holds a a degree in policy analysis (political science) with a minor in economic from the University of Louisville. Pat’s contributions to HBAL include working closely with the Sales and Marketing Council in recent years. Pat has been married to wife Laurel, who works for Humana’s Medicare Division, for 25 years. They have two sons, Nick and Ethan. Pat enjoys running, exercise, golf and reading. In his role as secretary, Pat said he going to focus heavily on working toward unifying the real estate and building communities. “We’re all in the same business of selling homes, and we share many of the same goals. Thru the SMC, I hope to be able to bring more awareness of how builders and Realtors can help each other in this economy and encourage more buyers to consider the benefits of building a new home,” he said.


Did You Know

Pat was the first Junior Achievement national award winner from Louisville when he was in high school. He took first place in product development at the National Junior Achievement Conference at Indiana University for designing a Kentucky Derby-themed pen holder the same year the Running of the Roses celebrated its 100th anniversary.

10 louisville builder •

2012 Executive Committee

Associate Vice President

Stan Logan, Jr.

Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance & Wealth Management

Stan Logan, Jr., is part owner of Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance & Wealth Management. He has 29 years of experience and is a licensed CIC. He graduated from the University of Kentucky and the College of Insurance. He has also served as the associate vice president for the Home Builders Association of Kentucky. Stan has been a member of HBAL for 21 years, and has chaired the Advertising and PR Committee and has served on the Associates Advisory, Government Affairs and Education Committees. He has been married to wife Judy for 25 years. They have three sons: Graham, Matt and Josh. Stan enjoys family time, boating, golfing and trips to Naples, Fla. Stan is embracing opportunities to promote HBAL to the public this year, with a focus on establishing the association as a resource for consumers. “With the new website and potential advertising campaign, we have new opportunities to drive consumers to member businesses,” he said.


Did You Know

Stan is often referred to as the “lucky guy,” who has cashed in on his share of prizes at HIPAC events and other venues. If there’s a door prize up for grabs, it’s Stan who is the likely winner. He is often requested to rub newly-bought lottery tickets for friends who hope his luck will spread.

january 2012 11

New Website





Enha Hom nced e Sh ow




Ad Campaign Retention

12 louisville builder •

What’s the Plan for 2012? Branding HBAL and Members’ Businesses By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

Every January, the new year ushers in a spirit of renewal – hope for a bright new future. For HBAL members, 2012 offers a cautious optimism, much like that of the symbolic New Year’s baby on the verge of learning to walk. While industry experts are still hesitant to predict just how fast the housing market will find its footing, the association is poised to help it gain balance and confidence in taking the steps necessary to being healthy and stable. With a united voice, determined efforts and a steadfast commitment to help the local construction industry get back on its feet, HBAL leaders and staff have been hard at work determining what direction to lead its members toward a brighter future. The HBAL Executive Board and the association’s planning committee have defined areas of focus for 2012. According to HBAL Executive Vice President Chuck Kavanaugh, the association will continue to maintain an impressive presence nationally, regionally and locally. Here’s how ... Launch of the New and Improved Fresh in design and functionality, the soon to be newly launched hbal. com will make it easier for consumers to navigate and connect with the products and services of members. The new site will simplify and separate the user experience for members and consumers. It will also improve search functionalities and will incorporate video as a valuable resource for both members and consumers. According to Director of Public Affairs and Communications Tara Brinkmoeller, the new website is going to provide new avenues for the association to share information with members and the public. “We are positioning ourselves as an information hub for the local housing industry. The website will be a dynamic venue to promote our members and their services,” she said. Brinkmoeller explained that hbal. com will feature blogs written about industry issues, how-to videos and helpful information for do-it-yourselfers. In addition, the new

website will showcase information about HBAL shows and events. Kavanaugh emphasized that the website will enhance the association’s ability to connect members with both internal and external customers. HBAL President Rob Eberenz, Jr., echoed Kavanaugh’s enthusiasm regarding, “With this new website, potential consumers can easily connect to builders as well as associates. That’s certainly an added benefit of being a member. If someone is looking for a product or supplier, it will be easy to make a connection.” Eberenz explained how the new website will also be used as a recruitment tool. “Now we can offer potential members even more tangible reasons why being a part of HBAL really makes sense. With the new website, members can track how many people have viewed their website link through The analytics can help them better prepare their own marketing efforts to potential customers. It’s a huge plus for members and a great way to demonstrate the credibility of the association,” he explained. Retention and Recruitment One of the ways of ensuring that HBAL remains a strong resource in 2012 is through increased efforts to attract and keep members. Kavanaugh explained that although the association already maintains impressive recruitment and retention rates, the goals for this year include recruiting and retaining even more members than before. “We plan to have an even bigger focus this year on attracting new members and keeping the ones we have. Even though our numbers are good, we realize that keeping members engaged helps us overall as an association and an industry,” he said. He also cited continued efforts to educate members as a strong point of emphasis in the months to come. “We want our members to come away with information that can put to use in their own businesses as we all work toward building a stronger economy,” he said, january 2012 13

What’s the Plan for 2012?

“We want our members to come away with information that can put to use in their own businesses as we all work toward building a stronger economy.” - Chuck Kavanaugh

noting that members can expect to see updated education classes and a strong focus on education in SMC (Sales and Marketing Council) meetings as well as our general membership meetings. HBAL Vice President Bob Thieneman, Jr., chairs the Membership Committee and emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong membership. “It will certainly be a year-long goal. In tough economic times, it’s even more important to have a strong association. We’re working on creative strategies to communicate HBAL as a resource to members and the public. With the new website and branding potential, we’ll have increased opportunities to demonstrate the value of being a member of HBAL.” Year-Long Advertising Campaign in Consideration On the table in 2012 are potential plans to launch a year-long advertising campaign which will heighten public awareness of HBAL and its members. Brinkmoeller explained how such a campaign could benefit members, “We’ve been the second largest HBA in the country for nearly three years now and we are highly regarded within the state and national federation. I don’t think our city leaders or community residents understand what sort of role and impact our association plays on a national level. A dedicated campaign to highlight that could help.” In addition, she emphasized how bringing more awareness of HBAL within the community would offer members additional recognition as well. “If HBAL is better known throughout the community, it will benefit members to promote their involvement with the association. If our association has clout, then our members can share in that clout.” HBAL Associate Vice President Stan Logan, Jr., Logan, Lavelle Hunt Insurance and Wealth Management, explained how the campaign would make an impact. “The annual strategy wouldn’t just focus on our events, but would also address how we drive consumers to make decisions regarding housing. It would better position HBAL as a resource and a way to stay current with what’s going on in the housing industry.” According to Kavanaugh, funding of the campaign was being evaluated at press time. The Home, Garden & Remodeling Show - A Reflection of Consumers’ Wants and Needs in Today’s Economy Plans are in the works to enhance the association’s longest-running public event. The Home, Garden & Remodeling Show has been a staple event in the Louisville community for more than 60 years. The appeal of the annual Show is widespread. While its storied tradition as THE place to be the first weekend in March is shared by many, a few changes are underway to make the event even more consumer-friendly and modernized to meet today’s buyers’ interests. According to HBAL Vice President of Events and Operations Gail Schell, the association is taking on a three-year plan to position it as a destination for consumers each year. “We want the Home Show to evolve into what consumers turn to when looking for information or products for their homes. So, we’re making changes that reflect the wants and needs of the consumers of today,” she said. Schell explained that the idea behind the plan is for consumers to come away with a truly entertaining, educational and helpful experience they’ll want to mark their calendars for again next year. In addition, the goal is to 14 louisville builder •

establish HBAL as a resource for home-related needs, and the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show is one way of doing that. Treasurer Perry Lyons said he sees even more potential to position the Show as an educational tool and a destination for potential consumers. “We want people to view the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show as something they simply need to do if they’re coming to Louisville. In fact, we would like for it to be the reason they’re coming to Louisville in the first place.” Lyons said that he and Schell have discussed adding more emphasis on home gardening, with possibilities of incorporating a farmer’s market. More focus on home gardening is expected to instill an additional sense of pride in homeownership. “Gail (Schell) is even considering incorporating a farm-to-table perspective through which we would take locally grown pumpkins that are baked into pies,” Lyons acknowledged that buying local produce is a popular concept in Greater Louisville and could add a new twist to the show. Continued Efforts to Communicate with Industry Partners HBAL will continue to focus on efforts to communicate with appraisers, bankers and other industry partners in a variety of ways. Lyons elaborated on why this is so important. “It’s vital for our industry to communicate better with appraisers and educate them on some of the issues we’re dealing with. There are many factors that come into play. With Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae changing and the way comps are coming out, it’s important we maintain communication channels with all partners in the building and buying process,” he explained. HBAL Secretary Pat Durham also explained how education will play a key role in efforts to bridge the gap between Realtors and builders in the coming year. “After the NAHB convention, we’ll discuss who really knocked our socks off in regard to speaking and what topics resonated with attendees. By the end of February, we’ll identify which speakers we want to invite to our SMC (Sales & Marketing Council) meetings,” he explained. Durham also said the SMC plans to involve Realtors in Homearama this year with behind-the-scenes, before-and-after tours of sites to better educate them on the building process. “We want them to get their feet a little dusty at the construction site and get them more comfortable with the process of building and understanding who we are and how our products can benefit their clients,” he said. “In the same respect, we want builders to better understand how they can benefit from Realtors. Both parties can benefit from each other in so many ways. In this market, we all need to realize that we need each other,” he said. Durham also explained how education through a three-hour class on new home construction at the Louisville Board of Realtors is expected to help agents think more closely about guiding their clients along the building process. In addition, he also referenced educating agents on remodeling processes as well due the wide variety of historic neighborhoods in Louisville. Kavanaugh emphasized continued focus on government affairs and efforts to represent the industry in various political landscapes. “We’ll continue to maintain productive relationships with government officials and work hard to advocate the association’s interests,” he added.

January 7th & 8th presented by:

The second annual Home Product Expo presented by Window World and partnering with The Courier Journal and WAMZ will take place on January 7th and 8th at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre in Shepherdsville. This year we anticipate an even larger response to the show. “The turnout last year was great for a first-time show, but this year we have increased our advertising budget, and forged partnerships with the Courier Journal and WAMZ that will greatly enhance our audience potential,” said Gail Schell, the Show Director. More than 70 vendors will participate in this event, which offers attendees an intimate opportunity to speak with product providers and builders one on one. “I am very excited for Window World to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Home Product Expo,” said Kim Foster, President of Window World. “Come out and see our energy efficient windows and our Orange County Chopper made for our charitable organization, Window World Cares, which helps us in raising awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Veterans Airlift Command which helps transports wounded veterans and their families to get needed medical treatment. We will also have some of our other products on site that you can learn about including siding, entry doors, gutters, insulation and much more that will help you save on energy and put more money back into your pocket.”

Area residents and members are encouraged to attend this free event, which offers free advice and free parking. This is the first home improvement show of the season and is a great way to spend quality time with local experts who can help you tackle your to-do list this year. Products such as granite countertops, insulation, landscaping, windows and more will be on display throughout the weekend. Attendees can also register to win a variety of prizes at the show including an iPad 2 and a recliner valued at $500 from Schmitt Furniture. Additionally, tickets for the annual Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World will be given away during the weekend. For more information about the Home Product Expo presented by Window World, visit partnering with:

january 2012 15

30� refrigerator with flush panels and a glass door, by GE Monogram

16 louisville builder •

The Future?

It’s Here in Some Terrific New Products! By Nancy Miller

Hundreds of new products in practically every category are being launched as the new year begins. Some reflect “How do they do that technology?” Many are designed to make our lives easier, and some are designed to make our lives more fun. That’s certainly not to say the two are mutually exclusive! A sophisticated delivery of heat and hydromassage combine with energy saving features, such as continuous filtration pumps and an automatic chemical dispensing system, to make Caldera spas one of the top lines of the industry, according to Larry Riddell, president of Covenant Industries. Caldera spas’ lounges are designed so that water circulates up and down the body. The Spa Frog system eliminates many of the headaches of caring for spa water. The user needs only to insert mineral and bromine cartridges into the integrated housing, and the system will continually dose the water with fewer chemicals than traditional systems. Looking at other new products, Riddell thinks the new custom installed InfraSaunas that are able to combine infrared and traditional rocks in the same unit will have enormous appeal to people who want the latest in pampered relaxation. Because paint is one of the simplest ways to transform the look of a room, designers, remodelers and builders always appreciate advances in paint and coatings. “BreakThrough is great because it is designed to bond to substrates such as wood, metal, ce-

ramic tile, concrete, galvanized steel, fiberglass and laminate. You name it and BreakThrough will adhere to it. It dries to a very hard finish in a matter of hours. Available in almost 2,000 colors, and in a satin and a high gloss sheen, it’s very durable,” says Gene Helm, sales rep for PPG Porter Paints. He also points to Glyptex WB as a significant new product that has the performance qualities of former alkyd resin products but also has the water clean-up properties of a latex. It is abrasion resistant and high hiding. Recommended for iron, steel, aluminum, dry wall, plaster, wood and masonry, it is also available in Porter’s full range of colors. As kitchens continue to be the center of many homes, product introductions for kitchens usually have particular newsworthiness. Gidgett Taylor, of Trend Appliances, likes Monogram’s new built in 30” refrigerator. “It has amazing flexibility! Of course, it’s offered in stainless, but there’s also the choice of a truly flush panel,” she says. The unit comes with options such as a glass door and an upper dual zone wine compartment. The middle drawer is a small freezer with a convenient height icemaker. The bottom drawer can be set to refrigerate between 34º - 46º or freeze between -6º to 6º. GE Monogram’s 30” fully integrated glass door refrigerator with convertible drawer is the first HFC-free refrigerator in the U.S. to use a R600 refrigerant which has a lower global

warming impact than ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants commonly used in household refrigerators. Uline is on the move, says Taylor. Its new undercounter refrigerator allows storage of 31 bottles of wine while also providing 3.6 cu. ft. of refrigerator space. It has a digital controlled dual zone convection cooling system. The U-Select Control Integrated OLED display has intuitive user interface controls ergonomically located on top of the door. Wine temperatures can range from 38º - 65º, while the refrigerator side can be set from 34º - 70º. It is offered in stainless or in custom panel models. The unit has a black interior with LED theater lighting, as well as solid beech wood, graphite finished, full extension black vinyl coated wine racks. “For electric cooking, induction is still at the top of my list. It’s precise, safe, easy to clean up, and the price has never been more affordable,” Taylor says. “New 30” induction ranges---freestanding or slide-in---are a good option for people who are remodeling. Space conscience clients may like the singledouble 30” wall oven. It’s a small top oven and a bottom convection oven. There’s nothing else like it.” Taylor admits she isn’t a fan of recirculation hoods but concedes they’re sometimes necessary. The Vent-A-Hood ARS Series is created for kitchens in which venting is not an option. The duct free hood has a four-part january 2012 17

Teriffic New Products

HGTV® Home by Shaw, a line a flooring that has the HGTV® seal of approval.

filtration system that cleans the air before returning it to the room. The Euroline Series can stand alone or can be installed between cabinets. Finishes include painted, stainless steel, brass, copper, or hammered copper. A contemporary wall mounted range hood offers a multi-layered visual effect. It is available in painted or stainless steel finish. Out of the kitchen but still part of the neat new appliance scene are top load laundry sets with high efficiency features. Laundry sets continue to add steam to both units, and have super large tubs and specialty cycles. Taylor says some front load sets also now have a new “foam” feature that allows for less detergent to be used. When asked about new products, Paul Miele, vice president and general sales manager at K-I Lumber and Building Materials, readily discussed a few of his favorites. FastenMaster structural fasteners that have the ability to build things faster, easier and stronger are used for simple deck construction (connecting posts and joists and ledger boards) as well as for built up LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) structural beams. They eliminate ordinary lag bolts and screws and provide stronger code approved connections. FastenMasters include ledger board fasteners, heavy duty wood screws, heavy duty flathead fasteners, screw bolt fastening systems, engineered wood fasteners, and multi-ply girder truss fasteners. Monarch Windows & Doors’s new M18 louisville builder •

Cell is a high performance cellular composite tilt-double hung window that offers the look of traditional wood with low maintenance. It works well in new construction, remodeling, or restoration projects. Since its cellular composite won’t rot, warp, crack, stick or swell, it’s a perfect choice for new construction or remodel projects. It has been approved for developments such as Norton Commons. UV protectors and impact modifiers are incorporated to increase durability. Details such as sloped sill with sill nosing, offer the look and density of real wood. The energy efficient double hung balance allows the top and bottom sashes to tilt for easy cleaning. The tilt operation is available on both the top and bottom sash and includes a locking clutch. The tilt feature maintains options such as casings, glass and grilles. Trex Transcends is the latest generation of the popular Trex decking family. Made of 95% recycled materials, it is fade, stain, scratch and mildew resistant. Decking and railing have real wood grain patterns, low sheen and high traffic technology. Each board is protected on three sides for weather protection. The underside breathes to avoid surface separation. Transcends’ colors (Spiced Rum, Lava Rock, Rope Swing, Tree House, Fire Pit, Vintage Lantern, Gravel Path), are engineered into the boards, and have railing systems to match. Miele also notes that K-I is now offering “Plan Design”, a service that draws blue-

prints for houses, additions, garages and pole barns, among other structures.

“The buzz for 2012 is “budget friendly”, value oriented products. Customers are seriously looking at value versus price so they can get longer life from their coloring rather than turning and flipping,” - Natalie Goodin

“The Andersen 100 Series windows and doors have been popular on the West Coast for about three years and are now available in the Louisville market. They are customizable without carrying the custom price,” says Kevin Passanisi, sales manager at PC Home Center. The windows and doors are made from Fibrex, a material that is composed of 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Andersen reports that Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl and reduces heating and cooling costs by blocking thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum. The Andersen 100 Series products are offered in white, Sandtone, Cocoa Bean, Dark Bronze and Terratone. “The buzz for 2012 is “budget friendly”, value oriented products. Customers are seriously looking at value versus price so they can get longer life from their coloring rather than turning and flipping,” says Natalie

Goodin, store manager at FlooringGallery. Shaw Industries and HGTV have joined to launch HGTV Home, a line of carpet, area rugs, hardwood and laminate. All have the HGTV seal of approval. “What is really unique about the collection is that HGTV helps select the colors, really setting market trends,” she says. The HGTV carpets are made of Anson nylon and have multiple textures, styles and colors. The selection of hardware features cutting edge design colors and textures inspired by HGTV programs. Woods include hickory, maple, red maple, red oak, walnut and white oak. Goodin believes the HGTV colors pair well with natural stones. The laminate products include handscraped, high gloss and textured. Gary Macpherson, security consultant for Mid America Security Systems, attributes an array of new home security products to a new generation of users. “The norm for demographics in the alarm industry used to be individuals aged 45 to 70 years old, and products were designed to meet their needs. Now the younger people, the information generation, are all about being in total control. Everyone has a phone that allows them to control their alarm system, lighting, home temperature setting, and any number of interfaces with appliances that are webenabled. “There are folks who want to be able to see, from a remote location, a package that has been delivered to their front porch. Or they want to look in on their pets, see when their kids get home from school, or see if someone is on their deck. We’re providing a new video solution for all those things. It doesn’t require a video recorder system that is cumbersome and expensive, and really unnecessary. The benefit of the new system to the home owner is that they don’t have to store video on site. An alarm signal is texted to the person’s phone. He or she can see activity on the front porch without being bothered by seeing what’s going on in the street or in the yard. They can see that the kids got home safely, can check on the nanny or see what the dogs are doing,” he says. Macpherson continues by saying that residential security is moving toward totally wireless, adding that it’s a cleaner installation and probably the most reliable. What if the power goes out? The communication divide has a battery backup that powers the alarm, enabling it to function for 6 to 8 hours.

Plans for 2012?



Our Relationships, Community and Building Industry. A Relationship You Can Count On, from Start to Closing. With the strength, independence and flexibility of a privately owned lending institution, Century Mortgage can provide customers with greater flexibility, faster approvals and quick closings because the process is being managed by our professionals from start to finish. We offer long term rate locks and great rates with low closing costs for permanent financing for your homeowners.*



Jeff Ratanapool, President NMLS #35044 Century Mortgage Company and HBAL Board Member

Equal Housing Lender. © 2011 Century Mortgage Company d/b/a Century Lending Company, NMLS #3925. Century Mortgage does not offer construction loans.

Louisville was rated by to have the second-best housing market in the U.S.

Housing - Educat ion - Attractions - Arts - Dining - Parks - Sports Sa - Shopping Museums ve - & more!

co hu up nd on red s in s sid with e!

www.LouisvilleReloca Annual 2011/2

Discover More...

Check out the latest edition of the Greater Louisville Relocation Guide to learn more about your city! Now available for FREE at your local Kroger’s, ValuMarket’s and more!

012, Volume 23

Discover your Community!

Everything newco mers and a long-ti me local needs to community and get to know their discover Greate r Louisville and new Southern Indian a living.

january 2012 19

Brick&Mortar: Recipe for Success

crowd is through sponsorships. Sponsoring member events is a highly effective way to increase and/or maintain top-of-mind awareness. There are a plethora of opportunities throughout the year! Get involved in a committee of your choice. This is an outstanding way to have your voice heard and share your opinions and talents!

As with any delicious dish, a variety of ingredients are added in various amounts, and sometimes even substituted with other ingredients, but regardless of what is used, typically you create a tasty meal that is deemed a success. A successful Marketing Recipe is similar. While the basic recipe is there, ingredients can be substituted and/or added to generate a successful end result. The Home Builders Association is very unique in that it offers many of the ingredients to make your Marketing “pie” successful and complete! Whether your primary focus is reaching members through a business to business effort and/or reaching the buying public, we have the expertise and the products to help you! While we offer a large variety of customized marketing recipes, most of them include the basics.

If your Marketing pie is primarily directed toward homeowners, with a household income of $75,000+ who are looking to purchase a new home, renovate their existing home, or interested in products and services that will enhance their residential lifestyles, we recommend one or more of the following: • Advertising in the publications; Home, Garden & Remodeling Show, Homearama, Tour of Remodeled Homes, & Relocation Guide

If your marketing pie is primarily Business to Business focused, we recommend:

• Being a sponsor: The Home Product Expo; Home, Garden & Remodeling Show, Homearama , or Tour of Remodeled Homes

• Membership Directory

• Advertising on or

• Louisville Builder

Your Marketing Department at the Home Builders Association of Louisville is devoted to helping you grow your bottom line. While we have illustrated some of the ways the products of the HBAL can help you create a successful Marketing Recipe, we are also very knowledgeable about other non HBAL opportunities and want to invite you to contact us to set up an appointment to create your perfect recipe.

• Member event Sponsorships • Committee involvement By advertising in the Membership Directory you will place your company and the product/service it provides at the fingertips of over 2,100 members. With its new look, we have made it even more of a convenient guide. While advertising deadlines for 2012 have passed, it’s not too early to plan for 2013. The Louisville Builder is an award winning publication that is sent out monthly to every member and with its strong pass-along rate, it is one of the most effective ways to reach members, many of whom are the decision makers, on a consistent basis. This publication is live online, promoted by social media, and because only members have the opportunity to advertise in it, it shows your support of the Association. Your advertisement can be big, small or somewhere in between. Or you can showcase your product in our special Products Section! Meet the members in person. One way to stand out amongst the

there’s nothin


g common abo

- Educati

on - Att ractio

ns - Art s - Din ing

ut it

ilding e in Bu The Ris


e And Th

- Parks - Sport s - Shop pin

g - M Sa useums v

mBing | new Plu on you effeCTs

mes | new ho TRends

co e h- u & more! up nd on re s in ds sid wit e! h



uisvilleR elocatio

nGuide.c om Annual


July16-31, 20 ATION



Melissa Mattingly

Senior Account Executive 429-6000, ext. 116



20 louisville builder •






NO .02 UM E 24,

1 FEB 201


012, Vo

Discove Commur your nity!

lume 23

Kimberly Greenwell

Account Executive 429-6000, ext. 117



every member should know about

Gas Fireplaces

Fireplace Distributors has over 15 gas fireplaces on display to meet your needs. Gas direct vent fireplaces offer a very realistic looking fire that allows you to use a remote control to turn the flame off and on. Direct vents use 100% outside air and are heater ratings. To see one for yourself visit Fireplace Distributors at 5810 Fern Valley Road or call 50-964-5996. For more information visit our website;


St. James Lighting provides a stunning line of hand crafted copper gas and electric light fixtures. All lights are manufactured in America by a team of gifted craftsmen. There are many designs to choose from or, custom designs are also available! Available in the following finishes, Natural Copper, Aged Patina medium or dark and black. Natural gas, propane gas, with optional electronic ignition. Electric lights offer a choice of Edison single bulb, dual or triple candelabra bulb. Limited Lifetime Warranty, one years parts. Now available at Brecher’s Lighting: 105 South Hurstbourne Pkwy., 502-426-1520. Distributed by Rjay Distributing: 888-334-4950,,

january 2012 21

New Label Helps Builders Show Consumers Tangible Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes LG&E and KU Offer Incentives for Builders to Help Offset Costs of Building ‘Energy-Saving New Homes’ By Stacy Smith Rogers, Grace Communications, LLC

The term, “energy efficient” is commonplace now, but the levels of energy efficiency are still a little cloudy in the minds of consumers. Skyrocketing home energy costs, however, are prompting many homeowners to investigate just how efficient their homes really are. That’s a good opportunity for builders who are focused on energy efficiency.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, houses built in line with today’s energy code use 30 percent less energy than older homes.  However, many builders are going above and beyond that. Some are constructing homes that use 70 percent less energy. The key for builders is to be able to satisfy the consumer demands for energy efficient homes while still offering their homes at a price buyers can afford.  For regional homebuyers and builders, the process of deciphering just how energy efficient new homes are just got simpler. Recently introduced, the LG&E and KU Energy-Saving New Homes Program enables builders to communicate to consumers how much they can expect to save on energy costs.  In addition, it gives builders a return on their investment in building an energy efficient home.  The new label offers an alternative to the ENERGY STAR® label. According to Bill Cooper, Energy Efficiency Program Manager for LG&E and KU, increased requirements to qualify homes at ENERGY STAR® levels are making it cost prohibitive for many builders.  “The new LG&E and KU Energy-Saving New Home label is a way that builders can still build a home that’s energy efficient, but perhaps not as stringent as the new EPA checklists.  Water management and HVAC quality installation and verification requirements are areas where a lot of cost drivers are coming from in regard to ENERGY STAR®,” he said.

“Builders today now have an option when building energy efficient homes. They can continue on the path of building to ENERGY STAR® requirements or they can choose to build an Energy-Saving New Home.” - Bill Cooper

The label follows the RESNET Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, which is a recognized industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. Cooper explained that certified RESNET Home Energy Raters conduct inspections on the homes to verify their energy performance and determine what improvements can be made to increase it. The Energy-Saving New Home Program offered through LG&E and KU allows builders to promote the energy efficiency aspects of homes to consumers without passing on all the costs associated with building to ENERGY STAR® requirements. “ If builders are pur 22 louisville builder •

HERS® Index

More Energy


Existing Homes

140 130 120

Standard New Home

110 100 90 80

This Home


70 60 50 40Label HERS® 30 20

Zero Energy Home

10 0

Less Energy New HERS® Label example

suing an ENERGY STAR® level and the costs are too much, the builder can let the home fall back into the HERS index program and re-evaluate it to see where it falls in regard to the Energy-Saving New Home program,” Cooper added. “Builders today now have an option when building energy efficient homes.  They can continue on the path of building to ENERGY STAR® requirements or they can choose to build an Energy-Saving New Home. Both options are very attractive, but the new program recognizes those consumers who want to build efficiently without getting too far out of their price range.” Cooper stated.  “Later this fall, Kentucky will adopt the 2009 Energy Code, and with that adoption, the standards for an ENERGY STAR® home in Kentucky will go back to 15 percent more efficient.  Currently those standards for a 2.5/3.0 home are at 30-plus more efficient,” he said. Cooper added, “LG&E and KU are committed to advancing the construction of Energy-Saving New Homes, which includes support for building both ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes and those qualified as Energy-Saving New Homes.”

New Label Helps Builders What Do the Numbers Mean?  The lower a home rates using the HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is.  For example...   A standard code-built new home is awarded a rating of 100.  A home rating of 70 on the HERS Index is 30 percent more efficient than the standard code-built new home, and a rating of 130 is 30 percent less efficient than a standard codebuilt new home. (According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical resale home scores 130 on the HERS Index.) For more information about the RESNET HERS Index, visit home-energy-ratings.   LG&E-KU Offer Incentives to Builders Effective Nov. 15, 2011, LG&E is offering incentives for builders who choose to build energy-efficient homes. The incentives are related to the HERS Index rating of the home in question:   HERS Index Ratings Incentives 85-81 percent =  $440  80-71 percent =  $500 

What are the requirements for the new label? Homes must be new construction or complete gut rehab. One requirement is that the primary heat source must be supplied by LG&E or KU. For electrically heated KU homes, all domestic water heating must be electric. Exceptions are made for homes heated by an air source heat pump (ASHP) with dual fuel (natural gas or propane). In addition, there are participation requirements, including: • Raters and builders must complete LG&E and KU program registration form each calendar year.  • Builders must complete program orientation with a program registered rater or the program manager prior to enrollment of their first site (not required annually).  • Homes must be registered within 30 days of completion of the predrywall inspection Thermal  bypass/enclosure checklist and rebate applications must be received no later than 60 days from the date of Final Inspection. For more information, visit

70-61 percent = $640  60-51 percent =  $900 

50-0 percent =  $1,200  ENERGY STAR® Version 2.5/3 Qualified Home $1200 

Show Sponsor:

March 2-4, 2012 Kentucky Expo Center, South Wing B & C

Members of the Home Builders Association are encouraged to call or e-mail now to be included in the 2012 Home, Garden & Remodeling Show presented by Window World. Booths are on sale now and as a member of the HBAL you do not want to miss out on your opportunity to get booth space in one of the top Home Shows in the country and take advantage of your member discount. What better way to jump start your business for 2012 than the face to face contact with thousands of qualified consumers touring the Show Floor.

Call 502-429-6000 or E-mail Gail Schell at or Jessica Embry at ™

Visit our website for more information.

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Commercial Council names new Co-Chairman for 2012 The Commercial Council has named two new co-chairman in Stephen C. Gault, Stephen C. Gault Company, and Bill Weyland, CITY Properties Group. These men assume their new roles this month. Steve Gault founded the Stephen C. Gault Company in 1991. His full service brokerage company specializes in the sale and leasing of industrial real estate. Stephen C. Gault Company also provides land development and project management services. Some of their developments include the Eastpoint Business Center and the Southpoint Business Center. Gault is active in the real estate community and the community at large. He is an active member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors and a member of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors. Steve is also a Trustee of Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services and the College of Wooster; he serves on the boards of The Morton Center and Louisville Free Public Library Foundation. In 2001 he received the March of Dimes Commercial Real Estate Achievement Award. Bill Weyland is the managing member of CITY Properties Group and is an award-winning architect and real estate broker. CITY Properties Group is a locally-based group of real estate experts, urban planners, preservationists, architects, and asset managers who have developed more than $100 million worth of real estate in Louisville over the past 15 years. Bill is passionate about revitalizing Louisville’s downtown and is responsible for projects such as the Louisville Slugger Museum, the historic Henry Clay, the Arena’s

Wiskey Row Lofts, and he is currently in the process of creating a sustainable mixed-use urban neighborhood that is Liberty Green. Bill is also very involved in the community serving on numerous boards and providing consulting for others in the development industry across the country. In 2009 he received the March of Dimes Commercial Real Estate Achievement Award. “Steve and Bill will be tremendous co-chairman of the Commercial Council,” said Chuck Kavanaugh, executive vice president of the HBAL. “They individually possess strengths and skills that will continue to position the Commercial Council as the leading advocate and voice for the commercial real estate industry in Louisville. Bill’s background as an urban developer and Steve’s with primarily suburban development also brings diversity to our leadership that has not been represented in the past,” he added. Past chairman of the Council have been Jim Dahlem, Dahlem Companies, and Fred Faulkner, Faulkner Real Estate in 2010-2011 and Bob Duane, Duane Realty and Development, and John Hollenbach, Hollenbach-Oakley in 2007-2009. The Commercial Council’s mission is to speak with one voice on behalf of the commercial development community addressing the complex issues affecting the development of commercial and industrial properties throughout Metro Louisville.

Custom Mail Boxes • Street Signs Cluster Box Units • Condos • Multi-Units

DON DUGGINS | GREG DUGGINS 1116 Ulrich Avenue Louisville, KY 40219

24 louisville builder •

502-966-5774 FAX 502-966-5462 email:


membermeetings SHELBY county Council

Left to right: Judge Charles Hickman (Speaker), Dave Mikels, Shelby County Chairman, Joanna Gartman, Equestrian Lakes(Sponsor)

The council met in November with a large group to wrap up the year. Our sponsor was Equestrian Lakes, represented by Joanna Gartman. Walt Wilson from the Shelby County High School gave an update on the Junior Home Builders Group. Torrey Smith of Torrey Smith Realty gave a report on the Shelby County home sales figures, he reported that we have had the same number of sales this year, there are just more homes on the market. Shelby stayed the same in 2011 and beat 7 out of 10 of the 2010 month’s numbers. Our guest speaker was Judge Charles Hickman; he talked to the group about the new courthouse that is being built. He said they learned the dos and don’ts of building courthouses from other counties. Shelby has the second largest number of circuit court filings in the state with 148 open (current) felony cases, 524 civil cases (foreclosures) with a 1,344 case load currently. The current courthouse building was out of date by 25 years. Most importantly, more security was needed. There will be a secure hallway for prisoners, so they will not have any contact with the public, staff or judges like they do currently. The building was planned years out so that there is room to grow in the future with a total of 60,000 square feet. December 12, 2011 was the planned moving day for the staff. They are excited about installation of wireless internet and a new computer program that allows evidence to be scanned in immediately in the courtroom. The council will resume meeting in March. If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining the council for only $35 a year and/or sponsoring a meeting, please contact Nicole Bouchard at 502-429-6000 or

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National Association of Home Builders

Put your membership to work now. Money-saving discounts that benefit your business, your employees, and your family

26 louisville builder •


Left to right: Chuck Kavanaugh, Jim Mims, Pat Dominik, Jim Dahlem, and Fred Faulkner

Commercial Council Host Agency Leaders Breakfast Series On November 1, 2011 the Commercial Council hosted the second breakfast event in its “Agency Leaders Breakfast Series,” sponsored by Sabak, Wilson, & Lingo, Inc. The event was hosted in the Community Room of the Ormsby III building developed by Fred Faulkner, Faulkner Real Estate. Nearly 70 people turned out to hear from Jim Mims, the Director of Codes and Regulations. Mims’ talk included lessons learned from the Planning and Design Services Audit that took place in 2011, as well as strategies that he believes needs to be implemented in order for the planning department to become the best in the country – a directive from the Mayor. Mims said that the following must happen in order for them to achieve this goal: • The Planning Department must be positive. It must be our mission as managers of the agency to encourage our teams to see every new development proposal as an opportunity. We must view the process as one that we can facilitate the skills of developers and design professionals to accomplish the intrinsic and financial objectives of their proposals within the context of our codes and regulations. • As an agency and as a community we have to work together. One of the biggest challenges we face as we move the agency forward is to determine a way that we can evenly facilitate the needs of builders and developers with the expectations of neighborhoods. We have to restore our sense of civility in our public meetings and hearings; we have to restore a sense of even-handiness and trust between disparate parties and seek to find a resolution to minor disagreements and small impasses. • We must find and acknowledge the skills of those we serve. We have to build a culture that appreciates the entrepreneurial skills of developers who have been sort of the gasoline that has fueled a big part of the urban economy. We have to appreciate their vision, and the work that went into that vision and accomplish as much of it as we can. • We as an agency must be willing to change. We have an overly rigid system that penalizes very capable planning professionals who work

in the agency from making relatively simple and minor decisions. The current system disincentives planning professionals from making routine decisions. We have to look for ways to restore a sense of simple elegance to an agency that is supported top down and where decisions are driven top down instead of bubbling up from the base. • We must maintain the development standards that make Louisville Metro a great place to live, work and play. Our job as planners really goes to the heart of making sure Louisville is a great city where people can find a job, a place here people really and truly want to live and raise their families because of its quality of life and sense of place. Whatever changes that come about as we move forward with implementing the recommendations of the audit, I can assure you that it will not result in lowering the standards that we as a community, as a development community, as designers have grown to expect. • We have to strive to measurable improvements. As we move forward, we will be gauged by measurable progress we are making to do the following: improve the culture of the agency to make it a positive place to work and conduct business; resolve conflicts and impasses that result from our processes; we must recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the skills that developers, designers, and attorneys bring to the process; we must be receptive to change; we must maintain high standards; and finally, we must work beyond lofty goals and into measureable operational changes. The Agency Leaders Breakfast Series will continue in 2012. Watch for notices of future events to be advertised in future Louisville Builder articles and in emails. For more information about the series, or the Commercial Council, contact Tara Brinkmoeller or Nicole Bouchard at 429-6000. sponsored by:

To submit your news email Tara Brinkmoeller at january 2012 27

newmembers Abundant Tree Care Service Kevin Bold Type of Business: Tree Care Service Sponsor: Stan Logan, Jr.

Associates Approved 11/11 American Louvered Roofs of Kentuckiana Robert Gregory Type of Business: Louvered Roof Sales Sponsor: Dave Mikels

Applied Audio Video Leslye Arnett Type of Business: Audio Video services Sponsor: Dave Ernst

A Plus Building & Excavating, LLC David Ernspiker Type of Business: Vinyl, Concrete, Grading Sponsor: Rick Allison

Affiliates Approved 11/11

Arcadia Development, LLC Scott James Type of Business: Residential Development & Consulting Sponsor: Steve Church

Ruth Leitner Allgeier Air Sponsor: Rick Allgeier Ronald Neal Allgeier Air Sponsor: Rick Allgeier

Alarm 1 Protective Services, LLC Eric May Type of Business: Residential & Commercial Security Sponsor: Richard Bean

memberspending The following have applied for Registered Builder/Remodelor membership or Associate Builder/Remodeler membership. Members with pertinent information about applicant’s suitability to become a registered member of the Association, particularly credit information, are requested to contact the Registered Builder Committee, c/o the HBAL office at 1000 N. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40223, by mail or you can fax information to Margie at the HBAL office at 429-6036. Pending Associate Builder/Remodeler:

Jeremy Esposito Esposito Construction, Inc. P. O. Box 471 Buckner, KY 40010 243-1030

Dave Ernst Prestige Builders, Inc. 12488 LaGrange Rd. Louisville, KY 40245 241-9179

Sponsors: Ellery Esposito Billy Doelker

Sponsors: Bob Thieneman, Jr. Gary McDonald


Bobcat Equipment, Toro Dingo Equipment Cronkhite Trailers

502-245-1911 1-800-4BOBCAT


28 louisville builder •


As of December 1, 2011

Deville Homes


Dominion Homes

Blacketer Company

Quarry Bluff Estates

Clifford Thieneman Co., LLC Associates: A&G Drywall, Inc Bachman Commercial Sales Bardenwerper, Talbott & Roberts Boland Maloney Lumber Bonnycastle Appliance & TV Boral Bricks Century Mortgage Chenoweth Appliances Corrigan Electric and Home Systems Cunningham Door & Window

The Door Store and Windows Fifth Third Bank Frost Brown Todd, LLC K-I Lumber & Building Materials L & N Federal Credit Union L.E. Hobbs Contruction Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance Louis E. Hobbs Construction Co. Inc. McDonald Marble & Stone Inc. MetLife Home Loans Paragon Management Group

PPG Porter Paints Pro-Build Republic Bank R.J. Thieneman Realty Group Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring Screens of Kentucky Sonne Steel Surburban Steel The Trend Companies of Kentucky Wells Fargo Home Mortgage VanZandt, Emrich, & Cary

A special thanks to all Honor Roll Members! For more information on how you can be listed on the HBAL Honor Roll, please call Melissa or Kimberly at 429-6000.


Congratulations to these Milestone Members: These members have reached a milestone mark in their membership with their renewal in November. 30 Years Porter Paints – Curtis Foote The Trend Companies of Kentucky, Inc. – Joe Dumstorf Music Magic Co – Clifford H. Wepf 15 Years Kruse Allison Construction Inc. – Tom Kruse, Registered Remodeler Jim Klein Lock & Safe – Brian Marlmen Chase Steel, Inc. – Charlie Ernspike 10 Years Al Bennett Builders, Inc. – Al Bennett, Registered Builder Todd Stengel Construction – Todd Stengel, Registered Remodeler

5 Years D & F Electric, Inc. – Deborah Duncan S & K Construction, Inc. – Shawn Beasley Phillips, Parker, Orberson & Arnett, PLC – William Orberson Gayle R. Mayhugh Interior Design – Gayle R. Mayhugh Eastgate Village Development – Paul Fenwick Exteriorscape, Inc. –Mark Cain 1 Year Allstate Mechanical, LLC – Terry Hore Artworks Painting – Paul Mudd


Special thanks to these 2012 HBAL corporate sponsors:

For an up to date Spike Club list please visit HBAL.COM

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Back Alley Ornamental Iron......................... 24


New Year’s Day


HBAL Closed in observance of New Year’s Holiday


Membership Committee Meeting 10:30 a.m., HBAL


Land Development Committee Meeting 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Home Product Expo Paroquet Springs Conference Centre


Registered Builder Committee Meeting 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Sales & Marketing Awards Luncheon 11:30 a.m., Hurstbourne Country Club

25 25

Executive Committee Meeting 1:00 p.m., HBAL

Bobcat Enterprises........................................ 28

Boland Maloney........................................... ibc

Bonnycastle Appliance & TV.........................obc

Century Mortgage........................................ 19

Board of Directors Meeting 3:00 p.m., HBAL

Duggins Co., Inc........................................... 24

DWB Restoration II, Inc............................... 28 Home Product Expo January 7-8

February 1

Table Top Night 4:00 p.m., Mellwood Arts Center


Land Development Meeting 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Remodelors Council Roundtable 11:30 a.m., HBAL


IBS Show Orlando, FL


Valentine’s Day


President’s Day Post Office Closed


Executive Committee 11:30 a.m., HBAL

30 louisville builder •

Table Top Night Wednesday, February 1

Fireplace Distributors, Inc............................. 21

K-I Lumber & Building Materials................ifc

Logan Lavelle................................................. 4

Rajay Distribution....................................... 21

Whayne Supply / The Cat Rental.................... 4

AZEK Trim is the #1 brand of trim

Defines a home without saying a word. Trim says all you need to know about a home’s style. It accents details and highlights architecture in the blink of an eye. And no trim distinguishes a home better than AZEK Trim. Whatever the style, AZEK Trim gives new meaning to craftsmanship and durability. Backed by over 20 years of manufacturing experience, AZEK Building Products is a leader in premium, low maintenance exterior products with AZEK Trim, the #1 brand of trim, AZEK Moulding, AZEK Porch, and AZEK Deck, the #1 brand of stain resistant decking. To see why AZEK Trim is the solid choice for trim, visit the AZEK Dealer listed below.

© 2008 AZEK Building Products All rights reserved.

(877) ASK-AZEK

Boland Maloney Lumber 4010 Collins Lane • Louisville, KY 40245 (502) 426-6121

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Bonnycastle Ap Bonnycastle Appliance & TV has GE Monogram Appliances... Bonnycastle Appliance & TV Brand N has Quality has GE Monogram Appliances...

Up to $2,000 OFF on GE MONOGRAM APPLIANCE PACKAGES thru March 31, 2012 see dealer for details

…And the experience you deserve.

 Louisville’s #1 “High End” Dealer

• Best Selection • Professional Salespeople …and the experience you deserve. …and the experience you deserve. 2460 Bardstown Road • Louisville, Kentucky 40205 …And the experien • Custom Installation …and experience you deserve. 502-454-4891 Louisville’s #1the “High End” Dealer • Best Price Louisville’s #1 “High End” Dealer #1 “High End” Dealer  Louisville’s Mike Isaac @ Isaac Contracting & Design Co., Inc.

Louisville’s #1 “High End” Dealer says “I have been doing business with Bonnycastle

Appliance & TV for 20 years. They always have the newest technology that my customers want and the service to me and my customers is always the best. They go out of their way to work with my delivery and installation schedules. It is true, there is no hassle at Bonnycastle.”

There’s No Hassle at Bonnycastle! 2460 Bardstown Road • Louisville, Kentucky 40205

here’s NoNo Hassle There’s HassleatatBonnycastle! Bonnycastle!

502-454-4891 2460 Bardstown Road • Louisville,Kentucky Kentucky 40205 0 Bardstown Road • Louisville, 40205 502-454-4891 502-454-4891

• Best Selection 502-454-4891 • Best Selection Professional Pr Salespeople •• Best Selection Custom Installation •• Professional Pr Salespeople • Professional Pr Salespeo Best Price •• Custom Installation • Custom Installation 2460 Bardstown Road • Louisville, Kentucky 40205

Louisville Builder January 2012  

The official publication of the HBAL, this monthly magazine has grown tremendously over the years, and is judged by most to be the best loca...

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