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(Facing page) High school counseling secretary Kimberly Yamauchi’s house on Namoku Street in Kaneohe is one of many houses that is decorated during Christmas time. (Above left) A glipse of the Christmas light show on Anapau Street in Waikele. (Above right) A train set display in one of the houses on Anapau Street. FACING PAGE PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF ACE PORTRAIT. PHOTOGRAPHS ABOVE & ON BACK COVER BY ZADIE YOUNG (‘22).

Honolulu Hale is not the only place where you can celebrate the Christmas season looking at light displays. There are many communities around the island where neighbors come together to share the Christmas spirit with everyone else on the island. One of these streets is in Waikele while another is in Kaneohe. In Waikele, Anapau Street is where everyone is at. Every year, all of the houses on Anapau Street produce a grand light show. It all started 20 years ago with just a few strands of lights, taking only about 15 minutes to set up. Now, the production has grown to over five miles of electrical wiring and 80,000 lights programmed to music. One house, in particular, is the main attraction, but the whole street is now part of the synchronized light show. The interesting thing about their light show is that it is fully powered by photovoltaic systems. Although this keeps the cost of running the show relatively low, the price of the lights themselves is quite high. For example, just one single light arch costs about $500, and that is one of the cheaper things. The cost of the lights comes out of the pockets of the homeowners, and the lights are hooked up to the rest of the show. They also appeared on

ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight in 2015 and although they did not win, it is notable that they were recognized on a national TV show. The shows began on December 1 and run until December 31 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM nightly. There are two different shows that rotate every other day, featuring different songs, each running 30 minutes. Anapau Street is closed during these times and limited street parking is available. The shows are also live streamed daily and can be viewed at Donations are collected and donated to local charities. In the past, the money has been given to Hawaii Meals on Wheels, Next Stop Shelter, Hawaiian Humane Society, and PATCH. Another decked out street is in Kaneohe on Namoku Street. Although not as elaborate as Anapau street, Namoku Street still spreads the aloha through their light displays. On Namoku Street, nearly every street is decked out with Christmas lights. While some people start decorating as early as the day after Halloween, most residents on the street start decorating around Thanksgiving weekend. Over the years, more and more people on the street have joined in with this tradition and Continued others have grown their displays, adding more on back cover decorations to their yards. Jenny Lee, Namoku

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2018 Dec Eagle Eye Christmas Issue  

2018 Dec Eagle Eye Christmas Issue