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Making The Most Out of High School → BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Cover Graphic By Kylie Tamaki (‘17)

EAGLE EYE Hawaii Baptist Academy 2429 Pali Highway Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 Hawaii Baptist Academy’s Eagle Eye is a student-run and studentcentered publication.

We’ve all seen it before: raised voices echoing down the halls, passive aggressive Instagram captions, angry Snapchat stories, spiteful and insulting gossip; eventually it begins to feel as if drama is an inevitable part of our high school career. Whether between friends or “sworn enemies”, high school drama can consume our waking hours with feelings of betrayal, anger, and vindictiveness. However, when put into perspective with the rest of our lives, the weight that we give to these grudges becomes severely misplaced, and we miss countless opportunities to build meaningful relationships with our peers. The average American is expected to live for 79 years. In contrast, high school lasts just four years, a mere five percent of our lives. As teenagers, we are not yet burdened by the responsibilities of adulthood. Our parents have careers to pursue, families to feed and clothe, taxes to pay, and decisions that tend to have higher stakes than the ones we have to make as high schoolers. Taking all this into account, we should treasure our few years in high school as a precious and rapidly passing opportunity to grow socially without the pressures that come with adulthood. When we allow grudges to dominate our high school experience, we often end up emotionally stunted or bruised, as if our emotions and thought processes are stuck in the moment the offense first occurred. When we are hurt by someone and tensions soar, our first response should not be to react in personal offense. Far too often, social media or instant messaging becomes our immediate salve, and we act out in passive aggression through a post or a text, forcing our friends to take sides while allowing resentment and anger fester within us. If we are honest with ourselves, our goal at times like these is not to seek resolution to a conflict but to find vindication and to lash back. The harder (and infinitely more productive) response is to try Continued on back page to resolve your differences directly with the person

Opinions expressed in letters and columns are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hawaii Baptist Academy or the Eagle Eye staff.

EAGLE EYE TEAM CO-EDITORS Kayci Kumashiro (‘17) Joel Lau (‘18) STAFF Jarin Ashimine (‘20) Makenzie Cammack (‘17) Aimee Clark (‘17) Jordyn Hartley (‘17) Ryan Higashi (‘17) Jarred Hee (‘17) Jessie Lin (‘18) Noelle Nakamura (‘17) Kaycee Nakashima (‘20) Paige Oshiro (‘17) Nui Sabas (‘17) Ryan Su (‘17) DJ Sur (‘17) Karly Tom (‘17) Johannah Wilford (‘17) Joyy Young (‘17) Adviser Eunice Sim

“I’m Staying Home For College” → By Paige Oshiro ('17) FEATURE

“What? You want to go to UH?” “Aww. That’s too bad.” “If you stay in Hawaii for college, you might never leave.” “You’re missing out if you stay home.”

For HBA’s class of 2017, cost was the deciding factor in many students’ college decisions. Like many ambitious high school seniors, student council president Judithanne Young dreamed of leaving home to attend a mainland university. However, as Young’s thirteenth year at HBA draws to a close, she prepares to study political science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the fall. “I really wanted to go away, but it ended up This year, over forty percent of HBA’s senior class that the scholarship money that I got from UH has decided to pursue higher education on Oahu, [made] such a significant difference that it was garnering reactions ranging from surprise to really not worth it for me to go away. I decided pity from well-intentioned friends and relatives. to stay because it would save me a lot of money,” In a competitive academic environment like Young said. HBA, students often associate attending a local As she considers the benefits of staying home for college with “settling.” Despite this stigma, college, Young looks forward to a short commute local universities and community colleges boast to school as well as opportunities to engage with established academic programs and valuable her professors and pursue activities geared toward local networking opportunities. Perhaps most her future career. importantly, local colleges are a fraction of the When others question her decision costs of many out-of-state schools. to attend UH, Young remains confident in her choice, having carefully weighed her college options before committing to UH. “In terms of long term career goals or anything in general, I really don’t think I’m at a disadvantage,” said Young. “I’m not willing to pay or get ir o myself into [tens of thousands P a ig e O s h of dollars] of a debt...I’m in a better position staying here,” she added. Young is unsure what specific career she will pursue with her poly-sci degree, According to the National but she has several ideas in mind for her future. Center for Education Statistics, U.S. undergraduate “Going to law school might be an option, but students paid an average of $21,728 to attend I’ve always been also interested in the foreign college in the 2014-2015 school year. As college service, but you never know...We’ll see,” she said. tuition costs continue to rise, student debt also Johannah Wilford, a leader in SOL’s halau and a soars. Forbes contributor Zack Friedman writes, writer for the Eagle Eye, chose to attend Windward “student loan debt is now the second highest Community College instead of a mainland school consumer debt category - behind only mortgage “to save more money realistically.” Like Young, debt - and higher than both credit cards and auto Wilford will begin her journey toward a political loans.” While a college degree is never cheap, science degree during the fall. Although she attending a local college like the University of originally wanted to leave the island to get the Hawaii may only cost half the national average; UH quintessential college experience, Wilford said, resident undergraduate tuition is approximately “I can always move away when I’m older and have $11,000. more money. It’s never too late to travel.”

Wilford looks forward to a flexible college schedule and the opportunity to further explore and enjoy what Oahu has to offer. “Since I know the place, I feel like, yes, it could be boring staying on island, but now that I have more of a free schedule, I can do all the things that I haven’t done like adventuring at new spots,” she said. In addition to recognizing the value of an affordable education, ministry team leader Micah

“I’m not willing to pay or get myself into [tens of thousands of dollars] of a debt...I’m in a better position staying here” Senior Judithanne Young

Abe looks forward to more independence during the school week and to sleeping in when he doesn’t have early morning classes. Abe plans to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at UH Manoa this fall, and he views the university as an opportunity to build the foundations for his future career without incurring inordinate amounts of debt. “I hope to graduate grad school somewhere in the mainland and come back here to work as a physical therapist,” Abe said. While finances are important to consider, there is a plethora of other variables to evaluate when searching for a college that best fits an individual. Student life, climate, proximity to family, internship opportunities, academic programs, and personal career goals are some key points to compare among different schools. Whether a senior has decided to go to college five miles or five thousand miles away from home, they should keep their future goals in mind, make the most of the opportunities their college offers, and spread aloha wherever they may go.

Senior Bequests & Favorite Memories MICAH ABE UH Manoa, HI

I bequeath my duty of caring for the SOL risers to Bryce Sakata; being the butt of all SOL jokes to Conner Lopes; my guitar skills to Peyton Oshiro and Zach Fujita; my wisdom to Dorian Ho and Preston Iha; my camp counseling duty to Sean Hirano; and my senioritis to Cody Sugai. My favorite memory at HBA was Sophomore Camp when we found out about the secret.


Brigham Young University, HI One of my favorite memories at HBA was when I went to Doshisha Kori during the Japan Trip and I got to perform Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai and make new friends.


Seton Hall University, NJ I bequeath struggling with weird harmonies and cruising on the melodies to my beautiful sassy second soprano sisters Alexis and Christi; Thursday Bible studies to Rena, Emily, and Kaimi; My AP Lit book to my fellow book worm Jayla; and my spot in the front row of Mock Trial to my daughters Kristin, Sydney, and Jasci. My favorite memories at HBA were finding out that I had gotten in to SOL, having “Hawaiian snow ball fights” in Eagle Choir, and my first Ministry Team camp.


Seattle University, WA I bequeath my senioritis and my love for Kpop. My favorite memory at HBA was when my classmates convinced

our teacher to not teach us since on stage. I remember seeing the two people out of five were gone. seniors crying as they took their last bow, and now it is our time FINNLEY BARAOIDAN to leave the stage.

Pace University, NY

Sea was really pretty and Kacie and Lauren took a lot of pictures everywhere. I love going to Japan with Sensei and I want to go again with her.

I bequeath my procrastination ESTHER CHANG to the juniors, when I get around Ringling College of Art & Design, EVAN EBESU to it. Probably tomorrow. FL University of Nevada, NV I’ve had too many good memories I bequeath my mediocre shooting to pick a favorite. KIARA CHUN skills to Donovan and Jarin. Take UH Manoa, HI good pictures and shoot straight. I bequeath my royalty to my sister My favorite memories are ordering LAUREN BRESE Mikayla, pump to Katie, my share boba, and samurai Ice cream at Oklahoma Baptist University, OK of the yellings to Morgan and Kyley, grade camps. I bequeath the first soprano my manliness to Kalena and Ally, my section of the SOL to all of my dancing skills to Sasha and Haley, SHALEV ECKERT lovely first sopranos. Sing loud, my awkwardness to Lexi and CC, UH Manoa, HI sing proud, and remember: Always my running skills to Nikki, and my I bequeath my memes to son go up! “post moves” to Kaimi. Nicholas Miwa; the SOL corner to My favorite memory at HBA was Peyton Oshiro.; all things sharp to when I was chosen to be a member DUKE DENHAM Timmy Chang, and his jawline. of SOL in the ninth grade. Seattle University, WA I bequeath the annual rap CHRIS FUJIMOTO MAKENZIE CAMMACK competition and my napkin Kapiolani Community College, HI UH Manoa, HI collection to my brother, Donovan. I bequeath whatever painting I bequeath my minority powers to My favorite memory at HBA was skills I have to Akemi and Blythe Maddy Weaver. Hold your blonde the East Coast Trip. Yeah man, good (make me proud with that mural!); head high amongst the crowds of times. my amazing sense of humor to Lynn black and artificially dyed hair! Ono; my Hawaiian pride to sistah You’re awesome! My love for theatre DAYNA DUMLAO Bree Yap; my car to Maia Kawelo goes to Reese. With fathers like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical (just kidding); and all my bowling Shalev and Patrick I have no doubt University, AZ stuff to Cami, Josh, Ryan, Mark, you will do well on the stage. My I bequeath my Snapchat streak and Evan so they can win States. Catan skills to Preston. I would to Christine Burgess; my love for My favorite memory was when give them to Dorian, but he has Kpop to Jasci Ligsay. I hope you Mr. Fronteira didn’t get off the mastered Catan and Preston needs find a good Korean husband; my train at the right stop in Spain the help. I would bequeath my good fun bus rides and PAC-5 soccer with his group of about 17 kids. looks to Timmy, but he doesn’t experience to Lauryn Liao and Carly The doors closed as they sped off need them. Everything else, to my Nakamura; my long walks to the and he looked out the window at wonderful wife Ayla. Long distance Elementary school to Lauren Chee our group and had sheer terror in is gonna be hard. in the sixth grade. Thank you for his eyes. We had to wait a good 30 My favorite memory at HBA all the rides home from school. minutes for them to make it back was our last show of Seven Brides The Japan trip was my favorite to our stop. When they came off, for Seven Brothers during my memory at HBA. I enjoyed seeing we just started laughing at them. sophomore year. We had all worked the temples and eating all the Also, when we lost Mrs. Hirae in so hard and you could clearly see good food. It was really fun to visit Toledo. That was scary. the passion for this show and for Doshisha Kori High School and theatre in every single person I made new friends. Also Tokyo


scrapbook; and my patience to my fellow Interact Officer Bey I bequeath our Mock Trial winning Thompson. streak to the next group of Mock My favorite memory was during Trial-ers; my chapel set-up duties the Japanese trip when my group to my daughter, Kacie Kaneshiro; traveled around the different wards and my love of being NHS President of Tokyo. to Mr. Zachary Fujita.

Seton Hall University, NJ


I bequeath my sarcasm to Bey Thompson; my Marvel obsession to Courtney Lee; my Spanish pop playlist to Akemi Santiago and Ayla Tago; my snacking-on-the-bus habit to Emma Tamashiro; my seat at Teddy’s Burgers to Kassidy Trang; my french fries craving to Raven Kyoto-Au; my morning Snapchats to Elyse Nakano and Ashlee Masuoka. To Ryan Galolo, I bequeath the snooze button on my alarm clock and my morning coffee as he starts junior year. My favorite memory was when we attacked each other with flourfilled pantyhose at junior camp.



I bequeath the dream of Cross Country greatness to the legends Peyton Oshiro, Michael Johnson, and Micheal Garces. (Garces, you better not break your ankle again); the movement of risers to Conner and Bryce. (Ha, it’s your problem now); the power of the bass section to Peyton and Conner. (May amazing bass live on someday); the Chem room to Brant as you are the only man that travels them parts anymore. My favorite memory was the greatness of the SOL trip to Kauai; nothing beats sailing the seven seas with Admiral Kimata.


Illinois Institute of Technology, IL Windward Community College, HI I bequeath a thousand years of

bad puns and the concrete Arctic wasteland that is the senior area to Sean Yoshishige; three more years of morning announcement cuts to Jarin Ashimine; a sack of potatoes, colored rock, and Okonkwo’s yams to Kela Kaida; my AP Physics 1 textbook to Mr. Duncklee; and my Calculus textbook to Jason Mokan. My favorite memories were during the England Trip. We went to this little Shakespearean inn and the magic toilet wizard told us to push and hold to get the old toilet to flush. Shortly after he left, Nick wasn’t able to flush KYLE HIGA the toilet after 10 minutes so we Lafayette College, PA I bequeath my Cross Country called the guy back. He comes endurance to Brant Yamamoto; my in, flushes the toilet, tells Nick, sympathy to those running cross “Push...and hold,” and left. Also country next year; my photography when we were in a rural village, I skills as Interact Historian to Kaylie was taking a picture with a peace Hayashida; my gratitude to those sign up. Afterwards, the tour guide who help me in creating the Interact told me that the backwards peace For the tennis boys, I bequeath my hair to Tyler Hisanaga; the gainz to Ryan (aka Brody); my straightness to Cam Wong; the ability to charm girls to Ethan Ishimura; darker skin to Cam Brewer; another win against Iolani to Brain Mow; my starting spot to David; Jared’s spinner to Matt Barnes; my dedication to Sean Hirano; and my normalness to Trevor Chang. I also bequeath my purity to Sharon Chan and the D-league to the chosen one.

sign was equivalent to the middle finger in Britain after ten bus loads of people had passed us.


University of San Diego, CA I bequeath walking over the overpass as first bell rings to Liam Hixon; a fun NHS committee to Matt Butay and Haven Won; before school surf sessions to Liam Hixon and Cami Uyeki; and working hard and enjoying high school to all underclassmen! My favorite memories are experiencing great music in Wind Ensemble and having lots of fun during Spirit Week this year.


University of Southern California, CA I bequeath my Captain

editing powers and my Hamilton and Star Wars obsession to Joel; Art Club to Jada, Tess, Joy, Megan, Natasha, Kasandra, Emma, and Christien; and the Senior Citizen Socials committee to Megan and Lauren. Make everything a work of heART. My favorite memories at HBA are the Japan Trip and the Senior Trip. It was so much fun exploring a new country with my friends and trying to fit in with the locals. I also enjoyed Senior Trip because it was nice to get away from the routines of daily life and spend time with my classmates. The trips were jam packed with activities, sightseeing, and endless walking. It was exhausting, but an adventure nonetheless.


L e e . UH Manoa, HI I bequeath my PERFECT A ERIN KANESHIRO RECORD to my Morgan and Anika. University of San Fransisco, CA Morgan, you’re gonna need it; my I bequeath my experiences here freshman speed to baby Gabby at HBA to my sister. and Kwanny; my one good knee My favorite memory was spending to Jazerine and Maddy—fight till Senior Trip with my friends and the death for it; the team to my advisors. baby sophomores (Alexis, Jazzy, Maddy, Jada, Haley, Christi) aka SKYLER KIMURA my freshies because the juniors UH Manoa, HI won’t plan team bondings. LOL. I bequeath the HBA Dank Club to My favorite memory was our Nicholas Miwa. He will eventually water fight after XC practice this make it to Challenger (SneakyW). year. Jazerine spit water at me, I bequeath my energy to Joshua and I grabbed my water and spit Machida, so he won’t be tired all some back. Then we got tons of the time. TAKE MY ENERGY. people involved and got the whole campus wet. YAY. status


Euge n e


I bequeath my amazing personality to everyone and my procrastination skills to Colby Nagano. My favorite memory was when Patrick Delldonne threw a mattress at me at Junior Camp.


I bequeath my newspaper co-


Boston University, MA I bequeath my hard work and determination to my sister, Melanie. Make the most of your high school experience and have fun, but also remember to work hard. My favorite memory was Senior Trip.


UH Manoa, HI I bequeath my bass clarinet skills to Zach Qin and Colby Nagano, my section leader status to Natalie Kwon, my musicality to Natasha Loh, my Ecology knowledge to Cody Sugai, and my rusty tennis skills to Cameron Wong and Cameron Brewer. My favorite memory was sprinting back to the entrance of Tokyo Disney Sea after having ridden Tower of Terror right before closing during the Japan trip.


Chapman University, CA I bequeath my ripped jeans to Kayla Wong; my great peripheral vision to Kara Lum; the NHS music video to Zach Fujita; my roll of blue duct tape to Ayla Tago; my vlogging skills to Courtney Lee; tan lines to Akemi Santiago; Kpop boyfriend to Emma Tamashiro; all my love to Bey Thompson; the survival of the Wayne Train to Ashley Masuoka, Kassy Trang, Elyse Nakano, and Raven Kyoto-Au; the clarinets’ broken tuner to Tani Takushi, Anika Keuning, Carly Nakamura, Jamie Lee, and Natalie Narito. My favorite memories were early release days with the tennis team and running around Tokyo during the Japan trip.

with Mark Pang at camp and NOELLE NAKAMURA she’ll make it the greatest club Senior Trip. California State University at HBA; the D-League to the sophomore ballahs, hopefully Northridge, CA TY MINATOYA I bequeath the Pac-5 Softball they’ll never stop ballin’. University of Oregon, OR team to Camryn Okada, Alexis My favorite memory was when I bequeath my ability to pass Nakabayashi, Haley Sekiguchi, I got to counsel camps and meet to Micah Mitchell; my love for and Mikayla Chun. Good luck all the underclassmen. Taco Bell to Max Wiemken; my with Caroline! Work hard and ability to get shawtys to Adam make the most of the game; CJ RAMOS Kikuta; my love for veggies and you’ll miss it when it’s over. Be San Francisco State University, my closet to Kyley Nakagawa; the a leader Cam :) Have fun! Love CA weight room to Conner Wong; y’all gang gang. I bequeath my 3-point shooting and my English 12 Notes to Nui My favorite memory was skills as well as post moves to Sabas. when I burned my hair off in Sasha Philip; my mental and My favorite memory was in the 8th grade during a science physical toughness to Kaimi kindergarten when Kailey Young’s a fun story now. Duncklee; my strength to Katie did more push ups than me and Nakagawa; my LIT playlists to I was sad. JOSHUA NAKANISHI Morgan Lorenzo; my swag dance moves to Ally Wada; my dabs DePaul University, IL JARED MIYASATO to Lexi Dang; my nativeness University of Portland, OR KERI NANEA LUM to Kyley Nakagawa and Kalena I bequeath my common sense Pacific University, OR Montgomery; my appetite for to Vincent Ogas, my trumpet to My favorite memory was food to CC Ching; my midScott Wong, and my hairdresser hanging out with my friends at range shots to Mikayla Chun; to Ryder Watanabe who needs Senior Trip. my perseverance to Haley Benn; a better haircut. and my gaming skills to Nikki Arakaki. CALEB NOH

MADISON MIZUNO Chapman University, CA

I bequeath my good looks and fine sense of humor to Anika Keuning, Jamie Lee, Carly Nakamura, and Tani Takushi.

Pepperdine University, CA

I give my trait of good looks unto Timothy Chang. My greatest memory is theater because of all the good times I had in acting and fellowship.


University of San Diego, CA

My favorite memory was DJ Sur’s speeches during Spirit California State University, CA Week. I bequeath my sassiness and dancing to Haley Benn; JASMINE OTANI my second soprano part to Creighton University, NE KAYLA LOOK Seattle Pacific University, WA Christianne Young; my funny I bequeath my saltyness My favorite memory was when comments and compliments and grouchyness to Christien we went to Kahua Ranch on our to Emily White and Aiden Burgess; my awesome bottle Kawabata; my afterschool flipping skills to Jasci Ligsay; Senior Trip. snacks and boba to Kylie Sumida my old Pac-5 soccer t-shirts to AARAN MALDONADO and Taylor Eleola. Carly Nakamura and Lauryn Liao. My favorite memory was going UH Manoa, HI I bequeath my school borrowed on the Spain Trip with Señora WILSON PENG clarinet to whomever Shimizu Logan and shopping in Madrid Mercer University, GA with my friends. gives it too. I bequeath my ping pong skills My favorite memory was watching people getting “shanghai-ed” into the bathroom


to Cole Galicinao, maybe one day he’ll be as good as me; the Chinese Club to Sharon Chan as


UH Manoa, HI I bequeath my love for statistics to Cody Sugai; my interest in metaphysics to Jessie Lim; finally and most importantly all photo/video-taking duties for the Eagle Eye and The Light to Kaycee Nakashima and Jarin Ashimine (no pressure). My favorite memory was bonding with my class during our senior trip.


Seattle University, WA I bequeath my Japanese fluency to Cody Sugai, my trumpet virtuosity and perfect pitch to Scott Wong, and my impeccable spare shooting to the bowling team. My favorite memory was band and Japanese class.


Arizona State University, AZ

My favorite memory was going to Japan with some super rad peeps. It was really humid but who cares when you’re there to make memories! I’ll especially miss all the stupid things we did on the trip like the obake run and low budget purikura. It was so awesome being in Sensei’s group with a bunch of super cool people and this trip was honestly a great way to start senior year!

I bequeath my iconic fanny pack trend setting to my son Scott Wong; my pitching skillz to Ryan Moritsugu; the red steps to every sophomore class to come; and lastly, since he won’t be graduating this year, I bequeath my my schoolwork and notes to Kauanui Sabas so he can graduate next year. My favorite memory was when I didn’t get any demerits in... Oh wait, that never happended... DAVID TODA Santa Clara University, CA :( I bequeath the “left seat” of the car to Cameron Brewer and SHAYE SUZUKI Loyola Marymount University, my job in SOL to Peyton Oshiro. My favorite memory was in CA I bequeath my bowling skills kindergarten when I was allowed to Scott Wong, Ryan Moritsugu, to wear my superman cape to Mark Pascual, Joshua Leong, school without it being against Evan Yamashiro, Cami Uyeki, dress code. and Cody Sugai.

KELLEN TAKATSUKA Hawaii Pacific University, HI

I bequeath my tuba section to Eugene Lee; my first team to Davin Rausch; my communication skills to Eric Wong; my health to Jon Kishaba; my hair to “MJ” Johnson; my dominance to Max Weimken; my metrosexuality to Adam Kikuta; my dogs and car to Katie Nakagawa; my free time and vertical to Ally Wada; and the whole school to my sister. My favorite memory was my first “rayjah” with the boys at Nui’s house.


Chapman University, CA I bequeath my super sugoi Japanese knowledge to Christien Burgess; my terrible sense of humor and roasting skills to Tiffany Ibara; my less awesome bottle flipping skills and curry donut recipe to Jasci Ligsay; my incredible luck in AP Studio Art to the amazing artists who sign up for the class.


To the Bee Fam, I bequeath the small percentage of normal I have left, although I guess you don’t really need it. To Akemi, Bey and Ayla, you get the varsity tennis team. Do with it what you will. To the next succession of Environmental Club leaders, I give you the keys to my and the other officers’ pride and joy. Save the earth! To the varsity tennis squad, I bequeath what little patience and endurance I have left to deal with the “rain.” My favorite memory is taking the APES exam; Thanks Mrs. Claire Mitchell.

my High School Musical love to Courtney Lee; my sunscreen to Emma Tamashiro; my KT tape to Elyse Nakano; my cheerful attitude to Ashley Masuoka; and my ability to survive the Wayne train to Raven Kyoto-Au. My favorite memory was when I explored Japan with all my friends during the Japan Trip.


My favorite memory was running cross country for the past 6 years. Through cross country, I got to meet so many other students and athletes from HBA and other schools, and I was able to make so many new friends.


that I would shed here to Bree Yap. Stay strong. My favorite memory was when Duke Denham rejected me for Sadie Hawkins and still went.


Kenyon College, OH I bequeath my eyebrow prowess to Kela; my pew pew rifle skills to Donovan; and my senioritis to my committee members Dru and Bey. Use them wisely. My favorite memory at HBA was going to the Discovery Center with the third grade class and spending thirty minutes with Makenzie afterwards arguing about how to spell the word “because” for our journals.

California Polytechnic State KACIE YOSHIDA University, CA UH Manoa, HI I bequeath the Science I bequeath my band dress and Olympiad Astronomy Event to Michael Ito and Brandon Kamiyama. Good luck next year.


Japanese skills to my sister; my sense of humor to my brother; the NHS committee to Kylee; and my band skills to Jayla and Stella. My favorite memory was the band trip in my junior year, and the Japan trip in my senior year.

I bequeath my intellect to Dorian Ho. My favorite memory was getting to bond with everyone MEGAN YOSHIOKA more at camps and Senior Trip. Seattle Pacific University, WA I bequeath my season batting KHRISTIAN VINCA average to my wonderful softball I bequeath the Sax Section teammates, Camryn, Haley, Leader status to Matteo Butay; Alexis and Mikayla. make sure you don’t rush the My favorite memory was going and of four. to Japan with the Japanese 3 My favorite memory was the and 4 students. second semester of junior year.



Illinois Institute of Technology, Kapiolani Community College, IL Illinois Institute of Technology, HI I bequeath my love for IL I bequeath my brother to Scott mathematics and physics to


I bequeath my role as the older sister to Kassy Trang and my room to Kylie Trang; my part of the triple a batteries to Ayla Tago and Akemi Santiago; my white tennis shoes to Bey Thompson;


the great Zachary Fujita; my academic work ethic to Joshua JOHANNAH WILFORD Fujita and Timmy; my baritone Windward Community College, skills and intonation to Cole HI and Kasen; my boosted bronze I bequeath my daily teardrops mechanics to SeanHBA; and

my running strength and perseverance to Casey Horio. My favorite HBA memory is all the times that I stay in the Library chilling.


I bequeath my Gazellions to all of the Pac-5 Paddlers; all my water bottles to Christi; my Student Council Presidency to Megan Yamauchi; my Ruling Status as Lord over the Seven Realms of MUN to Joel Lau. My favorite memory was when I used to prance around the elementary campus in my ballet leotard.


RYAN FRONTIERA (Vice Principal)

San Diego State University, CA My favorite memory would be in elementary school when Noelle and I would try to catch the falling leaves. We would compete on who could get the most leaves.

“Look for chances to make friends with people that you wouldn’t normally have gotten to know. Some of the best and most lasting relationships I’ve had came from people that I thought I had nothing in common with. Also. call your parents once a week, but not too much. It means the world to them to hear from you, but you need to also cut the umbilical cord.”


I bequeath tenor authority to Bryce and Cody. Isaiah gets a piece of candy. My favorite memory is camp.


“I’m excited for more freedom and the option to pick my classes and not be told what to do. My favoite memory from senior year was the senior trip because it was fun to bond with not only classmates but also teachers outside of a school setting where everyone was relaxed and cool.”


Point Loma Nazarene University, CA

SHARON DARAPIZA (Student Services Secretary)

“No one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care.”


“Make the most of your senior year. Hang out with friends, take it easy.”

KATHERINE MORIYAMA (Social Studies Teacher)

“Don’t live for yourself, live your life for others.” ILLUSTRATIONS By Jordyn Hartley (‘17)

you’re at odds with. This can be a costly response, requiring humility and grace, because you may end up having to apologize, to forgive, or to compromise. But a choice like this builds both your character and the community around you. On average, we spend over thirty five hours a week with our friends in school. With so many ways to share interests (and suffering,) the high school environment is an ideal place to form lasting memories and friendships. So it is of utmost importance that we do everything we can to safeguard these precious relationships from destruction by high school “drama.” Disagreements are an inevitable fact of life for teenagers and adults alike. However, we must take care to not lose our perspective EDITORIAL from Page 2

on these disagreements, allowing them to grow into battles whose magnitudes exceed their actual significance. As we hurtle toward the end of this school year, it is important to pause and reflect upon our relationships before we escape into the summer, especially for those of us who will not be returning to HBA next year. Trapped in our own little storm of crises and unforgiveness, whatever drama currently occupying the foreground will seem to be the greatest and most pressing problem in the world. Yet one step outside of our storm and one moment of honest reflection will yield an important realization: Forgiveness will richen your high school years; resentment will poison it.

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