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If you own an iPad, or are looking to buy one, I definitely recommend you buy Apple's iWork suite to go with it. With three separate apps, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, you will instantly transform your device into a powerful productivity machine. If you already have a Mac, you may already realize how easy and efficient the desktop versions of the applications are. Bringing the suite to the iPad, however, allows you to take these applications with you anywhere. Creating reports, presentations, newsletters, and documents has never been easier or more convenient than it is with the iPad. Let's take a look at each of the application's features to see how they can help you become more productive in your personal and professional life. Pages The Pages application for iPad is a simple word processor with powerful features. Much like the Mac version, it has a sleek and user-friendly interface that anyone can use. When you first open the app, you're presented with a variety of beautiful, pre-installed templates. Whether you're writing a formal letter, business letter, newsletter, term paper, resume, or creating a brochure, you're sure to find a template that will match exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Of course if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, you can always open a blank document. One of my favorite features of Pages is that you can either work in portrait mode or landscape mode. Landscape mode offers a larger document area and a wider keyboard. This feels more comfortable when typing large amounts of text. If you're writing a report, for example, I recommend you write the content in landscape mode and then turn your iPad to portrait mode when you want to begin formatting. You can also purchase the iPad keyboard which makes it even easier to type. The keyboard serves as a battery charger for your iPad as well. What separates Pages for iPad from other simple word processors out there is the ability to transform your documents using powerful formatting tools. Creating styles, changing fonts, inserting tables and charts, and formatting images has never been easier with Pages on the iPad. You're given just as much control over documents as you are with the Mac version. If you're worried about creating a document in Pages and nobody else being able to open it, worry no more. After you have finished, you can choose to email it. From there, you're given the option of emailing it as a Pages, PDF, or Word document. That means that if you email it as a Word document, all of your co-workers with Microsoft Office will be able to view and make changes to the document. The major thing to get used to in Pages for iPad is the size. It's smaller than what you would use on your desktop or laptop computer and that might be difficult for some to get used to. Extensive

typing will most likely require the keyboard as the multi-touch keyboard built into the iPad may slow you down a bit. Keynote Like Pages, Keynote for iPad is also very similar to the Mac version. It has great potential for those who hold meetings, events, and seminars. You can keep your presentations on your iPad, then connect it using the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, and display them to your audience. If you travel to give your presentations, you'll appreciate the fact that you will no longer have to take your laptop with you anymore. Your iPad will be sufficient for all of your presentation needs (just make sure to find out about the tech requirements at the venue in which you'll be presenting). Many of the formatting capabilities are the same as those in Pages. You can also insert charts, tables, and edit photos. What is most impressive about Keynote for iPad is the transitions and animation effete you can add to your slide elements. It has many of the same effects as the Mac version has, but it seemed even easier to apply them on the iPad. As with the Mac version, you can specify build orders and timing of each animation as well. The template selection was another impressive feature of the Keynote for iPad application. The same templates from the Mac version are included with the iPad app. There are ten preset templates; however, if you can't find what you like, you can always create a blank presentation and customize it exactly how you'd like it to be. Unlike Pages, Keynote can only be used in landscape mode. For the most part this is okay; however, the keyboard dock only supports portrait mode. If you need to type your presentations using a keyboard, it would be best to type out all of your slides on your computer in a text document, email it to yourself, then copy and paste it into Keynote. You can also export your Keynote document into a PDF or Powerpoint to make it more accessible. Numbers Numbers for iPad has become even more user-friendly than it already is on the Mac. This app is a must for anyone that uses spreadsheets on a consistent basis. There are over 250 functions for statistics, engineering, chronological, etc. Whether tracking inventory, managing your budget, comparing data, or creating complex formulas, Numbers has many features you will find to be very helpful. The interface is similar to Pages and Keynote - very simple and easy to use. It looks as though Apple has made the iPad version even simpler than the Mac version by eliminating unnecessary "clutter" from the interface. iWork for iPad is a great step in the right direction for productivity on mobile devices. It's larger than a phone, smaller than a laptop, yet just as powerful. You should definitely purchase some or all of the apps included in the iWork suite. For $30, or $9.99 each, you can have these powerful applications that will help you turn that long list of to-dos into completed tasks.

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