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The word Hazon means “vision�. Our vision is of a vibrant, healthy Jewish community, in which to be Jewish is necessarily to help create a more sustainable world for all.

We’re in a global environmental crisis. Jewish tradition compels us to respond… As the Jewish lab for sustainability, Hazon is building a national movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all.

Commit to Change Hazon Seal of Sustainability The Hazon Seal of Sustainability guides Jewish organizations and their members to become healthier and more sustainable. Organizations take sustainability audits, design greening initiatives, and receive the Hazon Seal as a testament to their leadership. Over 75 Jewish organizations from coast to coast, and all walks of Jewish life, are currently in the Hazon Seal – including synagogues, day schools, camps, social service agencies, and Hillels. “I am incredibly proud of being part of an organization that puts so much emphasis on sustainability. I love having the Hazon Seals up as a talisman of what we stand for and something to visibly point out to staff, campers, and guests.” – Ramah in the Rockies Community Lab in Detroit Detroit is in the midst of a cultural, Jewish, and economic renaissance which provides fertile ground for exploring new ideas and programs to create long-term change. The Hazon office in Detroit serves as a “lab” that models for other communities how Jewish life can be reinvigorated through a commitment to healthy eating, sustainability, and food justice.

People who participate in our programs deepen their Jewish identities; experience the connection between inherited Jewish wisdom, food, climate, and the natural world; and become linked with others who care about creating a more sustainable Jewish community and world. Hazon develops, networks, and provides resources for those growing into leadership – people changing existing institutions or building new organizations and communities that live the values we cherish and the world needs. These individuals become part of a powerful movement of like-minded people within and outside the Jewish community who take responsibility for fixing what has gone awry in our relationship to the world and for designing a more sustainable future for all.

Immersive Experiences Isabella Freedman Each year, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Hazon’s home in the Berkshires, engages over 6,000 individuals in immersive, pluralistic Jewish retreat experiences that celebrate Jewish life, learning, and leadership. Visit hazon.org/calendar for our full retreat schedule. “Can one’s life change in the course of three days? I think so. I wasn’t really sure what I’d signed up for when I registered for the Hazon Food Conference. But I’m confident that I didn’t expect to have the transformation/awakening I ended up having.” – Daphne Steinberg

Building Leadership JOFEE Fellowship The JOFEE Fellowship invigorates the Jewish educational landscape by seeding Jewish communities with outstanding Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming, and Environmental Educators. The program has graduated over 60 fellows, who have run programs for 75,000+ individuals across the country. “[The JOFEE Fellowship] has been absolutely transformational for my work and personal Jewish identity. I now feel qualified to be an impactful JOFEE educator and really own the Jewish elements that I felt I was lacking.” Teva Since 1994, Teva has engaged over 100,000 Jewish students, day school teachers, and young adults in Jewish environmental education. The program works to fundamentally transform Jewish education through experiential learning that fosters Jewish, ecological, and food sustainability. Each year, Teva engages roughly 1,000 day schoolers and 13 young adults, who receive professional development and serve as trail educators. “Teva helped us learn about Judaism while having fun. I will teach others about nature.” – Benjamin, student

Adamah Jewish Farming Fellowship Adamah is a three-month fellowship that provides space for young adults to explore the intersection of sustainable agriculture with Jewish identity, community building, spirituality, and personal development. An exceptional leadership training experience, the program’s 400+ alumni have gone on to found a wide range of organizations and projects dedicated to agriculture, justice, and Jewish life. “At Adamah, I lived in a warm and intentional Jewish community for the first time, I engaged in regular prayer for the first time, I discussed social and communal and even political issues through a Jewish lens. Through Adamah, I became more solid in and proud of my Jewish identity; it became meaningful and real to me in a new way. I could not have my current Jewish life and home and commitment without that experience.” - Jack Zietman

Everything we do is rooted in seven core principles: 1. Vibrant experiential education that renews Jewish life Using songs, growing, cooking, meditation, retreats, Shabbat celebrations and the arts...

5. A focus on leadership, because leadership amplifies impact Educating, networking, nurturing and empowering leaders across the JOFEE* field...

2. Connections between Jewish tradition and the outdoors, food, farming, and ecology Engaging with texts, ritual, prayer, thought-leadership, and the physical world that sustains us...

6. Healthy and sustainable actions Operating at the highest possible standards in relation to health and environmental sustainability; farming organically; demonstrating meatless meals; serving high-welfare eggs; reducing plastic and sugar...

3. Intellectual excellence and rigor Relating to Jewish tradition with integrity; committing to best practice; learning from expert teachers; and using ongoing evaluation to improve all that we do... 4. Justice, diversity, and inclusion Including in relation to religious expression, gender, identity, race...

7. Investing in our own people Supporting staff and board development as critical to our own long-term success‌ *JOFEE - Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education

Visit us at hazon.org

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Hazon Four Pager Brochure 2019  

Hazon recently completed a strategic plan process. Learn more in this brochure.

Hazon Four Pager Brochure 2019  

Hazon recently completed a strategic plan process. Learn more in this brochure.

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