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Road Tripping -----------------------------------------------

From Nebraska to Kansas and back again. We rode tripped our way around the Midwest. Just in time for Thanksgiving weather. We checked for rain or snow. Brought our hoodies and long coats in case then checked for gas stations. Our first stop brought us to Hiawatha, Kansas. The small town features the historic “clock tower” built in 1892. The landmark built by Harvey Ellis a New York Architect that settled in the town to design the Roman crafted building featured on this month’s cover. Next we took a stroll through the district to find what's new with KState’s Brown’s County Research dept. Deb’s Images storefront is a wicker chair vibe as we felt the farmland welcoming. The brick streets and maple trees felt inviting as our 2 days of adventure sent us coming and going through Kansas.

We headed down the highway and stopped in Auburn, Nebraska. The Nemaha County Veteran’s Memorial was a beautiful reminder of those who we honor during this national holiday month. Thanksgiving is just

around the corner.These cities are fun for families experience together.

------------------------Road Tripping

Our sightseeing continued as we made our way to Council Bluffs, Iowa. The much needed Walmart stop took us to a sculpture at Robert’s Park. The creative mind of Michael Beitz brought the city a 3,000 pound visual of youthful gander. “ The boy” place at the park’s entrance entered us into imagination as we sat in wonder of its meaning.

Our last stop sent us ticket searching as we ended up in the old Union Train Station centered in Omaha's Durham Museum.

The catwalk is purfect to strut these shimmering lace outfits. The textures are magnificent and effortless. They were made to hug curves. Our elevator ride is over for this season of Fenty with one more stop as Cindy Crawford pushes all of our buttons.

Family Thanksgiving

Page14 Ahh, November is here and preparing for a three plate night of goodness is once again upon us. First thing on everyone's mind is what's on the menu? Will there be gravy this year (Great Auntie burned it three times in a row) and how not to wait until the last minute to grab the remote control before your stuff tussling with a toddler to watch football. Let's count down tips for what to eat, wear, and watch.

Tip 1 Eat all your favorite things first. Grab a large dinner plate so you can pile on everything at once just in case. List of favorites: Mash potatoes, Turnip greens, Green beans, Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Rolls, Stuffing, Cheesy potatoes, and last but not least pie. Every kind you can think of. Tip 2 What to wear? Save that tight fitted dress for Christmas, go loose with all waistlines. It's the one day that nobody counts calories and there's no need to mess with tradition. No belts or buckles sir, you won't want to stop gravity when another round of that cheesy deliciousness is offered at the fifth house you've visited on thanksgiving day shows up. Tip 3 Of course everyone will not want to watch the same thing on TV. That's why you wake up early set your TV to Macy's Parade and get your fill of musical show tunes. Afternoon is for the kiddos How the grinch stole Christmas and night time is for football fans. Hopefully there one that one TV for everyone, but if not grab that cellphone and sneak a peek at Peacock for a Thursday night lineup that will keep you giggling.

One Stop Mall Shop It's the last minute shoppers lifeline to oohs and ahhs on Christmas Day. There's normally a crowd of people in the weeks leading into the holiday. Pushing and pulling. Crying because the last one is gone until next year, so start early. December 5th is the deadline for early birds anytime after is bring a helmet day so be prepared for holiday season no look shopping. Okay, we're joking but seriously the mall has it all so drive over and get those deals that make the family and friends take you off the naughty list.

December 25th the clock is ticking and bringing in Christmas cheer. You jump out of bed to your perfectly made cup of coco and add 15 mini marshmallows. Time to pick out your holiday favorites and binge watch those new classics. Cozy up to your single and loving it playlist on Spotify or YouTube and start dancing in those slippers. Prepare you the foods you love and eat yourself to happiness, because hey there’s no one watching. Get a head start on those after Christmas sales and take those returns and put them in a pile.

As the night wears down get all fancy for house hopping or that officeparty. Stay at least two hours or grab a drink at the nearest shop of your choice. I choose wine, but I’m not everyone and cider is just as tasty. Give yourself enough time to come home get in those footed pajamas and grab that book you've been saying you were gonna read for three years. Call a friend a or family member just to catch up or even invite the girls over for a night to remember.

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