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HAZEL MCGREGOR B.Sc., Graduate Diploma Architecture (RIBA Part II) with Distinction

+44 7841 163 199

BACKGROUND I am a Part II qualified Architect. I graduated with Distinction from the University of Westminster (2011), where I was nominated for the Shoaib Rawat Prize for my design work. Recent publications [13/07/2011] include architectural illustration and drawing work in BD (Building Design) online. The expressive articulation of space, innovative use of materials and careful attention to detail are central to my approach to design. I take a dedicated interest in the historic, socio-political and cultural context of the areas in which I work. This study informs the consideration of my design proposals, alongside qualitative aspects of space, derived from light, proportion, texture and materials. I have significant experience in digital modelling and digitally based media, including laser cutting and rapid prototyping. I take a keen interest in developments at the forefront of digital design and I am currently working to develop products which test the material relationship between design and digital manufacture. My Undergraduate degree was completed at the WSA, Cardiff University (2004). The course had a strong focus on tectonic principles and sustainable design. The result being, that I am skilled in construction detailing and the systematic application of technical principles from design phases through to practical completion. I developed the skills that I had learned at the Cardiff University in my time in practice. Working in a small London based studio (51% Studios). I was granted a high degree of autonomy and responsibility which resulted in me gaining in depth experience in client and consultant meetings, drawing production, visualisation and project management. Over a 2 year period, I gained experience with a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial and culturally motivated work within Europe and the UK. This included: design and implementation for the working interior of the White Chapel Art Gallery (2007); designs for a community project in Barcelona and critically acclaimed exhibition, ‘La Mina’ (Forum 2004, Barcelona), in partnership with the Turner Prize nominated Artist, Hannah Collins. For recent works please visit my websit:




Westminster University, Graduate Diploma Architecture (RIBA Part 2) with Distinction [2011]

Hand drawing. Screen printing. Rapid prototyping. Laser cutting. Hand model

BSc hons. Architectural Studies Cardiff University 2.1 [2007]

making. Digital visualisation. Fillm/Animation. Confident in oral and graphic presentation

A Level | Art [A] Biology [A], English Literature & Language [B] GCSE | 10X Grades A* - B

LANGUAGES English, French , Spanish

LEISURE INTERESTS Complimentary to my work within Architecture, I pursue Fine Art, Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration. For leisure, I enjoy surfing, climbing, sailing, andrunning, travel, learning new languages, cooking and reading.

academic references on request

KURSKY VOKZAL|moscow international train station

KURSKY VOKZAL|Section showing main atrium space


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE MARESFIELD GARDENS, London [2.4m A - J ] Demolition and rebuilding of a five storey residential project in Hampstead NW London. I was engaged in this project from the designs conception and was part of its development for the duration of my time at 51%. Responsibilities included: Client presentations and management of client expectations. Material development and research of applicable sustainable strategies. Work with the consultant team to develop technical details and construction strategies including new systems for heating and energy distribution through the home. I was responsible for full visualisation and drawing packages for client and consultant presentations. An extensive consultant team was employed in the project. The combined design work and drawings were coordinated by Cathrine du Toit and myself.

51% STUDIOS [2007-2009] Image|Maresfield Gardens An award winning practice founded by Peter Thomas and Catherine du Toit, 51% studios works across a range of projects, in locations across the world. Critics admire the high quality, material resolution and client satisfaction of projects spanning architecture and landscape, urban strategy and education. The high degree of autonomy I was given within this small practice allowed me to develop extensive skills in oral presentation Key projects in which I was involved include>

WHITE CHAPEL ART GALLERY, London [ 150K A- L ] Restructuring and refurbishment of the gallery’s administrative spaces and gallery offices, including meeting rooms, kitchen and directors offices. I was responsible for: design conception, presentations and design development. Full visualisation and presentation packages for client meetings in which I presented the work alongside the companies director Cathrine du Toit. I was responsible for the preparation and output of the tender package. During the construction phase I attended and advised in site meetings with the appointed contractor. DRAWING ON THE CITY, Barcelona [ 7.1m A - C ] A series of 7 installations throughout the La Mina, Barcelona in association with the Artist Hannah Collins. Projects include pavilions and art installations designed to highlight and commemorate aspects of the local gypsy heritage. Tasks included designs and drawings for a pavilion for the annual Flamenco festival. Model making and visualisations for the opening exhibition at La Caxia forum. professional references on request

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HOLLAND STREET, London [ 2. 2m A - D ] Extensive alterations of a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse within the conservation area of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This included the detailed preparation of a planning application, visualisation, analysis of the rights- to-light, as well as detailed research into material specification. CUT + RUN, New York [ 150K D - F ] Interior fit out for one of the worlds leading post production companies comprising a series of offices, meeting rooms, library, entertainment and catering facilities. Responsibilities included design detailing and preparation for design documentation.

WORK EXPERIENCE LITTLE GREEN COMPANY, London [2009] Prior to commencing my part II, I set up and directed a small landscaping and design company. Employing 3 people, projects included the the inslallation of a monastic garden in the front landscapes of one of London’s Heritage Neo Gothic properties. The work explored the textural qualities of plants, colour and scent in combination with compositional elements of hardlandscaping. RAPTURE CAMPS, Tamaraght, Morocco [2005-2007] Over 3 seasons, I ran a guest house in southern Morocco. As part of a 2 person team I was responsible for up to 20 guests, co-ordinating transport, cultural tours and teaching surfing lessons or acting as a guide for the region for a range of individuals from across the world.

JARDIN MAJORELLE > marrakech, morocco

METROSTATION STATION Kurskaya METRO Kurskaya Курская Курская


Saint Petersburg Московский вокзал


59°55'43.41"N/ 30°21'44.86"E


Word, Excel, Outlook


Kurskaya Курская

Imaging & Presentation | Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Powerpoint


Saint Petersburg Petersburg Saint Московский вокзал вокзал Московский

59°55'43.41"N/ 59°55'43.41"N/ 30°21'44.86"E 30°21'44.86"E


Drawing | AutoCAD, Microstation, Vectorworks 3D modeling | Rhino, Grasshopper. Generative Components, Sketch up

Saint Petersburg Московский вокзал

59°55'43.41"N/ 30°21'44.86"E


Simulation & Scripting | Processing, Real Flow



Rendering | VRay, Maxwell Studio, Artlantis, Radiance



Environmental Analysis | Ecotect CAR 50 50 KMPH KMPH CAR

Курский вокзал Local Trains TRAM 23 KMPH

Tram way


Курский вокзал вокзал Курский Local Trains Trains Local Surface Edge Direction

Differential Parts

STATION Chkalovskaya




Чкаловская ^ The tiered structure of a Muqarna means that the form has a high surface area. In the main mosque of Damascus the Imans sit in front of the muqarna’s of the mosques interiors. Their highly figured surface makes them excellent absorbers of noise and sound.

ROAD ulitsaZemlyanoy Val Садовое Кольцо/ул. Земляной Вал 151M ALTITITUDE

These absorbant properties have far reaching potential both for the interiors of spaces developed and as external ‘buffers’ for noise pollution - deadening the sound of Damascus streets for pedestrians as they pass.

< The highly figured surface of the tructure of a Muqarna means that the light is lost within its depth and a series of complex shadows form on its surface. It enhances your perception of its depth by camputing the light and descinging into a progressive darkness.

Differential Differential Differential Parts Parts Parts

Курский вокзал Local Trains


Чкаловская Чкаловская

Render Render Render


Throughout Islamic architecture light and shadow play off surfaces and forms to enhance the figurative quality of the space. But in no form is it more effective than in the staligtightal struture of the Mocarbe Cupola at Alhambra is Granada.


A Muqarna (‫ )صنرقم‬is a type of corbel used as a decorative device in traditional Islamic and Persian architecture. They take the form of small pointed niches, stacked in tiers projecting beyond those below and can be constructed in brick, stone, stucco or wood. It involves three-dimensional architectural decorations composed of niche-like elements arranged in tiers. The two-dimensional projection of muqarnas vaults consists of a small variety of simple geometrical elements. [Above Muqarna Damascus]

Surface Surface Surface Edge Edge Direction Edge Direction Direction

METRO Koltsevaya Line Кольцевaя лaния

METRO STATION Chkalovskaya Chkalovskaya METRO STATION

DAMASCUS | Geometric deconstruction of the Isalmic muquarna


Tram way way Tram

MOSCOW| study of site transport connections ROAD ulitsaZemlyanoy ulitsaZemlyanoy Val Val ROAD Садовое Кольцо/ул. Кольцо/ул. Земляной Земляной Вал Вал Садовое 30KMPH

METRO Koltsevaya Koltsevaya Line Line METRO Кольцевaя лaния лaния Кольцевaя

Tram way

Tel | +44 7841 163 199

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