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Having embarked on a ambitious D&T project, 15 year old Epsom College Student Jordan was on-time and in budget, on paper at least!, until the issue of ‘holesawing’ tiles came up. You might only do it once, but we have all probably overlooked a key and costly aspect - in this case, it was tile holesaws, which can be very expensive, especially when 60+ holes are required! When we researched tile holesaws looking for the most efficient and cost effective, we found loads of advice, summarised as follows:Ÿ Dont use pilot bit (arbor) and do use a pilot (!!!) Ÿ Make sure the shank has a hex grip to not necessary Ÿ Lastly, expect ½ dozen holes per holesaw (ouch!!!) So, none the wiser (arghhh!!!), i was however drawn to and very impressed with the website (lots of blurb, guidance and reviews) So I emailed Richard (MD) 9pm on a Sunday asking if him if he could support a student as I was concerned at how many holesaws we might need. He had replied by 11.30pm that evening!! ~ he was so confident that I would only need 2 for 30+ holes, he promised me as many free additional holesaws, as needed (and he also gave me a goodwill discount :) ) We ordered one pack of 2 x 20mm’s ŸWe ‘holed’ through 13 or 14 porcelain tiles, before we started to break a few with too much pressure Ÿused the same ‘worn’ bit to pilot the 16 or so left and also drilled 30 soft tiles (cream ones) with the same bit! ŸWe left the new holesaw for the 16 remaining black porcelain tiles - the new holesaw ate these up easily So, we are over the moon with 365 Drills; a few specifics are below:Ÿ Round shank - no issue as you should be drilling at a low speed! Ÿ Who needs a pilot arbor anymore (why drill 2 holes per tile! - doh!!) Ÿ Bits will be much more effective and last longer if you keep them constantly cooled Ÿ The pilot guide plate is fab, easy and well worthwhile

Tiling Project (Jordan 15yrs) Uses 365 Drills PORSADRILL  

PORSADRILL used by Jordan (15yrs) to complete project with hard porcelain tiles with diamond drills.

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