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Hazel Lee’s Design Portfolio 2012-2014




Somewhere |Retail shop design|


Toccare |F&B design|


Centro |Office design|


Yau Ma Tei Informational board |Public domain design|


Play with books |E-book library design|


EDUCATION 9/2006-6/2012 S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Form1 – Form6

Name: Hazel, Lee Hiu Hei (李曉熙) Address: Flat 2720, Chung Kwan Hse, Chung On Est, Ma On Shan, Shatin 6297 0583/ 2640 4552

9/2012-6/2014 Caritas Bianchi College of Careers Higher diploma in Design (Interior Architecture) Year 1 - Year 2 CGPA 2.9/ 4


ABOUT ME I am a hard working and self-motivated person that I am willing to learn and try different things. I can work under pressure and have a good time management skill. In addition, I am well organised person who able to deal with differents tasks.

EXPECTED SALARY $10000-$12000

DATE AVAILABLE 1st August 2014

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education English: 4 Chinese: 3 Mathematics: 4 Extended Part(Algebra and Calculus) 3 Physics 4 Liberal Studies 3 Chemistry 3


Part-time sales at Trek Point

Part-time Telebet Services Assistant at Jockey Club 2012 - present Private tutor 2012


Part-time sales at Millies


Microsoft Office ( Word, PowerPoint, Excel )




AutoCAD Illustrator InDesign Sketchup 3D Max

Somewhere 01 Year: 1.2013 - 4.2013 Site: Parklane, Tsim Sha Tsui

This is a retail shop design project for a macaron and chocolate shop - Somewhere which decided to open its first retail shop at Parklane in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Client Info



Mission: Attract people who feel stress to come and relax Vision: Everyone’s soul can be cured by chocolate and enjoy their life. Target group: Tourist, middle class people Selling Point: Colourful package (rainbow colour)

Shoping centre Centre park Hotel Bus stop Minibus stop Mtr exit Sidewalk

Site Info Architecture there can attract more tourists. Family will go there for family day as near Kownloon Park. well facilated transportational network so easy for people to visit people may not walk along the whole Parkline as they may cross the road before visit our shop.

Site Parklane

3D form



Target group 25-40 adults - Office Workers - Middle - High classes people Products Chocolate - milk, dark, nuts, fruity Macaron - classical, fusion Drinks - tea,wine Boxset - chocolate, macaron, chocolate mix macaron

Theme Shelter Concept Shelter Scheme

Objective 當迷失沮喪時,在這柔和的沙 漠綠洲中,讓朱古力為你重新 充電

Inspiration Nature

Master Mind Map

Area Name




Window display 12

Display the model of chocolate and decoration to attrack people

Staff room


For our staff to keep their belongings and do some paper work

Tables, Computesr, Chairs, Cabinets


For our staff change their uniform go to toilet

Cabinet, basic, toilet

Glass Showcase 20

To display differents kinds of products

Showcase, chairs

Cashier & packing 13

To collet money and pack products

Table, shelf

Consulting area

For people who are interested to cooperate with us or don’t know which chocolate suit them


Sharing area Staircase Store room

8 10 9 12


To let people leave a message or photos there For people to go upstair To store the products


1st study model

2nd study model

Concept and mood As chocolate and macaron are desserts which can help people to release their stress in order to put down their burden for a while. Therefore, I use Shelter to be my design concept and gentle be the mood as I hope that the customers will think that the shop is a shelter for them to escape from their bustle life.

Model Photos




2 G/F Floor plan N.T.S.

Elevation 1 N.T.S.

1/F Floor plan N.T.S

Elevation 2 N.T.S.

Display area

Elevation 3 N.T.S.

Shop front

Elevation 4 N.T.S.


Toccare 02 Year: 9.2013 - 11.2013 Site: Brim 28, Wan Chai

This is a project designing a Italian resturant which theme is spritualilty. This resturant named Toccare(Connection in Italian) , a new branch of Maxim’s, is decided to open its store in Brim 28 where are many different types of resturants are located.

Client Info Maxim's Caterers Limited - largest food & beverage corporation and restaurant chain. - more than 590 of branch stores in Hong Kong New branch: Toccare Italian restaurant provide traditional Italian food high privacy as the selling point

Site Info Purple block-> commercial Brown block-> residential Target customers will be office workers and family

Mood board Look up to something have a sense of chasing peaceful

Concept and Mood ‘When angel left this world, she left a feather and gave people hope.’ From this sentense, I thought of connection to be the concept of this resturant. As the theme is setted to be sprirtualilty, I have researched that spirituality is not just about religion but focus on the connection between yourself and your spirit. You cannot touch but feel.

Symbolic elements

Area Specification Area name





Welcome customers, confirm booking, receive payment

Bar area


Provide drinks and


Dining area


Have meal or hold an event there

VIP room


For VIP to have meal



Prepare the food

Store room


To store the food,

Other ( e.g.


staff’s property

corridor, outdoor)

Description I decided to create a narrow pathway for customers and a open dining area for them in order to let them feel that there is hope after darkness. Therefore, I also created more light to split out from different areas so as to guide them go in to the dining area.

Shop front perspective

Floor plan N.T.S

Ceiling plan N.T.S

Dining area perspective

Centro 03 Year: 11.2013 - 1.2014 Site: The Henessy, Wan Chai

This project is about designing the new head quarter office for Centro, the lead player in Hong Kong media production company, at the Henessy which is a grade B office building.

Client Info Found in 1987 (the longest history of media comapany in Hong Kong Won: a Hong Kong Film Award/ a Golden Horse Award in Best Visual Effects / a Satellite Award e.t.c Philosophy: Fast. Flexible. Quality second to none



- Advertsing - very entertaining - Post production - work is elegant, soft Visual Effects for Feature Films - not realistic as the western comany Digital Intermediates - focus on human warmth Rides & Attractions - Communication media installation for museum, expo

Company structure of new office Animation

Animation directior (1) Admin (1)

Creative Director (1)

Post production

Post production director (1) Admin (1)

Servicing Department

Maintenance director (1) Department head (1) Admin (1) corrective maintenance Accountant (1)

Writer (1)

Computer technician (2)

3D Designer (2)

Editor (2)

Advisor (2)

Prop modeler (2)

Sound designer (1)

Receptionist (1)

Environment modeler (2) Character modeler (2)

Colorist (3) Senior Animator (2) Junior Animator (4)

Maintenance department

Mechanics (2)

Electricians (1)

Site Info 17/F- 19/F No.of beam: 2 No. of column: 6 Floor Loading 5KPa + 2KPa partition load Toilet: 2 (total: ~8.0 sq.m) 3 lifts: 1500mmX1300mmX3200mm (L1-L2) 1450mmX1450mmX3200mm (L3) (Total: ~19 sq.m ) Ceiling height: 4800 (true ceiling) 3415 (from beam to finishing) Full height glass wall for 3 sides Fire escape staircases

Summer time sunlight (22/6)

9:00 a.m.

We a

Weakness 1. no parking facilities 2. only one side of the building can get in 3. one side of the view being blocked


Strengths 1. three sides are full height glass window 2. beams and column are around the building 3. well facilities -> shopping, f&b 4. nice visual

g n e Str

17:00 p.m.

12:00 noon

es s

ts a re h T Threats 1. near busy traffic road and construction -> noise 2. open for 24 hours to public -> may got security problems 3. Near habour -> high humidity 4. strong sunlight in winter -> can’t place equipments there


po r

ths Opportunity 1. high ceiling -> place large facilities, feature 2. can volt the building to connect the office 3. many green area in the building-> cooperate with the office

Winter time sunlight (22/12)

9:00 a.m.

12:00 noon

tu nit y 17:00 p.m.

Concept Centro is a company focus on human warmth. Products that she made are warm hearted and elegant. In order to project this key focus, candle is used as the concept of the new office. Candle give people warm and light in the dark. The free flooding property also fit in the Centro, creative and willing to have new try.

17/F floor plan

Supporting for split level and projection screen


Feature for glass showcase platform

18/F floor plan

19/F floor plan

Common area in 18/F Working area in 19/F Feature for partition made by wax


: 1:25 0

Yau Ma Tei Informational Board 04 Year: 11.2013 - 1.2014 Site: Market street, Yau Ma Tei

This is a project related to my graduation project which is renew the public library in Yau Ma Tei. However, less legibility of the site is the challenge for me to do my project. Therefore, I am going to design an informational board to attrack people to walk toward the library.

Site Info Transportation Green area Commerical building Recreation Intitution Residential

Main Pathway Secondary Pathway Tertiary Pathway

Shopping in Nathan Road

The elderly gathers in the park


Go to the Immigration Department

hawkers stay there at night

Community Centre to hold different activities

view of the site is blocked

Basketball court and park.

- people tend to walk alone main street - the pathway to the library is dirty.

Refuse collection Point

Public toilet

Basketball court Community centre Park - well-facilitate there but old facilities

less legibility of site -> less human flow

Function - Information board Chosen location

to check new arrival of books and storage - Seating area - Book Drops - Stage for performancers to use at night - Covered walkway Study models

Generated by CamScanner from

Generated by CamScanner from


Generated by CamScanner from



Generated by CamScanner from


Generated by CamScanner from

As the site is near Temple street, I think the informational board should include the style and icon of Temple street. I have choosen Temple as my design concept and I would use Kau Cim as the design ideas.

Floor plan development




Seat & Stage

Informational board

Book drop

Play With Book 05 Year: 1.2014 - 4.2014

Site: 250 Shanghai street, Yau Ma Tei In Hong Kong, reading culture is not that popular when compare with surrounding city. One of the major reason is that there are not much comfortable reading enviornoment provided for the citizen. Moreover, people think that the books are heavy and inconvince for them to carry all the time. Therefore, providing a E-book library may help.

Aim Promote reading culture To provide a new style public library To convey a message that redevelopment doesn't mean to kill all the original culture there.

Objective Use the signature of local feature to redesign the facilities and feature. Visitors can learn the culture of Hong Kong in this library Mainly provide E-book as it is world-trending

Site: Yau Ma Tei Public Library

Shadow Study Xiazhi - 21st June

9:00 a.m

12:00 noon

17:00 p.m.

Shadow Study Dongzhi - 22st Dec

9:00 a.m

12:00 noon

G/F: Column: 41 G/F (selected area) 3 staircase ceiling height 2900 1 lift about 1000 sq.m

17:00 p.m.

1/F: Column: 35 1/F (selected area) 3 staircase ceiling height 2900 1 lift about 1000 sq.m

Area specification & Matrix diagram

Bubble Diagram

Block Diagrams

Stack Diagrams

People tell story under the tree. Trees tell their story though pattern. Mant stories are related to tree. Yung Shue Tau is the landmark of Yau Ma Tei and which is famous for storytellers gather there. Choosing wood to express the concept.

Design Icon


Pattern of feature wall

Icon of Yau Ma Tei

Concept Kid s book display area

Outlook of bookshelves

Run into the book. As people would feel like they are soaked into a book if they love the books so much, the design of the library should be make people feel like they have escaped from the reality.



G/F floor plan

1/F floor plan Hardcopy book display

Kid s book display

Free seating area

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