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I kept a smile on my face... and thought I had to keep going.

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THE INTERVIEW OF ELLIE-MAY I haven’t really spoken to them if I’m honest, I think we have just had to get away from each other, appreciate the world and our family a bit more. If you know what I mean?

can do what I like! Do you feel that they were stopping your career from taking off? In a way, I think that Social Suicide was just a stepping stone in the career and it’s time to for

Yes we do, is that the reason for the new career change? Because you want to see the world a little differently? Well partly yes, I was going to do it despite Halle’s death. We were going to do it together and leave the band, however now it’s just going to be a bit harder, bit lonelier. So what is the first thing to do now, that you are a single act? I would probably say get my bum to Due to the unfortunate tragic death of Halle Spice; one of the the studio! {giggles} members of the band and childhood friend, Ellie-May has most people think decided that she has wanted to try herself as being a solo act. that when I was And FUSION got the first interview; in the band I just sat around and So Ellie-May I’m so sorry to hear about Halle, how are you didn’t do a lot, but holding up? I actually wrote a Yeah I’m not bad thanks; I just kept a smile on my face because lot of the songs when you lose someone that you’ve been close to since you and did more of the were children you just have to think to keep going. producing side of it because there were We can’t even begin to imagine how you and the other stronger singers in members are feeling. How is Social Suicide coping with the the group. But now death of the other band member? I am on my own, I

me to graduate the music school and go to business!

“I actually write a lot of songs myself”

“I may look sweet, but i have an evil side too!”

We look forward to hearing the new album! I’m sure it will be as great as ever good luck in the future Ellie-May!

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