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KOLLEKTIV Haze & Glory is an independent unconventional fashion label from Berlin/Germany, designing vintage inspired deconstructed premium garments. Born in 2014 somewhere between the lush rice fields of Bali and the urban jungle of Berlin by a young collective consisting of international male model Andre Hamann and designer duo, surfers and boutique owners Rik and Kim FiddickÊ, the label gained a strong loyal following for it’s distressed rugged products. Haze & Glory chose to set its own agenda, deliberately going for a vertical business model selling straight to its customers exclusively through their online store as well as its own flagship stores. The brand stands for passion, rebellious entrepreneurship and creative self-expression.

Z A H A R A D AV I S by Gutterdust on 35mm // B a l i

VISION Haze & Glory wants to deliver high end vintage inspired premium garments at an affordable price without exploiting people. The brand is re-viving time consuming hand-made artisanal techniques.

B E N I T O VA N L E E U W E N by N a d i a Vo n S c o t t i // C a p e T o w n

Instead of outsourcing its production the label started their own studio/workshop on the tropical island of Bali where 11 specialised sewers are working alongside the designers. This move guarantees radical transparency and secures the ability to produce limited edition and truely hand-made garments while taking care of fair working conditions.

JESSICA LEE BUCHANAN by N a d i a Vo n S c o t t i // C a p e T o w n

VISUAL LANGUAGE Inspired by the beautiful decay of all living things, Haze & Glory products are made from high quality fabrics that are beaten down, distressed, sanded, washed, roughened up, ripped...everything to create a beautiful edgy vintage effect of an old well-worn favourite piece. The colour card is mainly focusing on a sea of blacks, greys, crisp whites, blues and dirty reds.

RAC H E L J OY & A N D R E H A M A N N by Edward Cooke // L o n d o n

T O D AY Within the first 6 months in business Haze & Glory sold to customers in 16 countries and the clothing could be seen on top models, musicians and celebrities such as Jon Kortajarena, Mahogany Lox, Lena Meyer-Landruth, Douggie Poynter, Nina Nesbitt, Danielle Knudson, Nadine Leopold and Jena Goldsack. Opening its first international flagship store on Bali / Indonesia in 2015, Haze & Glory followed its retail success by opening its second mono brand store in 2016 in Berlin Mitte. Over the past 2 years Haze & Glory developed into an underground niche brand with a loyal global following. Unique artisan products and authenticity have developed Haze & Glory into a label catering for different subcultures that embraces all that is fashion, music and design.

CORAL SWINDELS by Gutterdust on 35mm // C a p e T o w n

STORES H&G retail stores give the brand the oportunity to showcase its universe and products in its entirety. By opening its own stores, the brand can transport its values and visual language unfiltered straight to the customer who gets a first-hand glimpse of what Haze & Glory is all about. The Haze & Glory stores take its interior cues from the spaces that inspire its founders: an eclectic mix between European metropolises and the the tropical island of Bali. All fixtures are handmade, hand painted, aged and distressed in the Haze & Glory workshop on Bali. Heavy reclaimed teak wood tables are hand carved, old navy lamps were sourced from Shipwrecks in Sumatra, metal frame mirrors are left rotting in the sun while sprayed with salt water. The stores portrait the feel and mood of the Bali workshop and studio while pairing it with a healthy dose of urban chique.

SCHIRIN FROSCH by Gutterdust on 35mm // C a p e T o w n

SCHIRIN FROSCH & ANDRE HAMANN by A n d y Wa u m a n n // C a p e T o w n

U-NIQUE Born out of the desire to create unique individual products, Haze & Glory stays true to its core and keeps on using artisan finishes on their garments. 2016 sees the launch of Haze & Glory U-Nique, a limited edition line offering one off and custom pieces. U-Nique pieces are printed, embellished, bleached, hand dyed, sanded, distressed, shredded... The U-Nique line will see collaborations with contemporary artists from various fields and backgrounds to create weird, relevant, provoking pieces.

IAN ELKINS by Dustin Genereux // N Y C

VA L E N T I N A B E L L E Z A by Eyecandy Berlin // B e r l i n

FAQ s Haze & Glory was founded by Andre Hamann, Rik and Kim FiddickĂŠ in 2014. Haze & Glory is sold solely online and through their 2 flagship stores on Bali and Berlin. The Haze & Glory HQ is based in Berlin, the design studio, factory and workshop is based on the tropical island of Bali. The name Haze & Glory came up on a 15 hours car drive during a surf trip through East Java. Haze & Glory sold to customers in 16 countries. Currently the main markets for the brand are Germany, the US, Canada and the UK.

What is the Haze & Glory universe? A mix of palm trees, concrete alleys, surfing, working, travelling, shady characters, amazing friends, creative weirdos, more surfing, surreal chaos, more working & the occasional beer. Who do you design for? We design for the person that is tired of the generic meaningless mainstream fast fashion. Fullstop. We don’t really design with a certain person or target group in mind. Our customer base is extremely diverse and cannot be put in a box. What are you most proud of? Up until today we raised and nurtured the brand without borrowing a single cent or getting any investor on board. We are involved in every single step of the brand, from designing, customizing, production, photoshoots, art direction, styling to store renovations and getting our hands dirty. We are a bunch of very diverse characters, building a great team of humans working together with passion on what we love. Why did you decide to start Haze & Glory? We simply felt that there was a huge gap out there in meaningful, hand crafted, distressed garments that were affordable. Where are you based and how to you work together? All three of us travel pretty constantly. Kim and Rik are based on Bali, taking care of design, production and art direction, travelling to Berlin and Cape Town every year. Andre is based in Berlin overseeing all international marketing and running the German store and online shop. We plan photoshoots, projects and campaigns together.

HAZE & GLORY GbR Andre Hamann / Rik Fiddické / Kim Fiddické info@hazeandglory.com www.hazeandglory.com www.instagram.com/hazeandglory www.facebook.com/hazeandglory

W W W . H A Z E A N D G L O R Y. C O M

Profile for Haze & Glory

Haze & Glory Brand Book  

2 years after the birth of the brand it is time to take a look back. www.hazeandglory.com

Haze & Glory Brand Book  

2 years after the birth of the brand it is time to take a look back. www.hazeandglory.com


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