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8 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley


cover By Amy Larson


Cover and cover story photos taken at The Orangery at Ball Manor

ur cover models for this issue are some of my favorite UL Advertiser and

Supporters. These men are true “Go-Givers” in every sense of the word. During the past five years I’ve spent running this magazine, I have met the cream of the crop of business professionals in the Treasure Valley and these men are at the top of my list! They are wonderful businessmen with the mission to help as many customers, clients, and business professionals as they possibly can. I hope you enjoy reading about my cover models. My hope is their story will resonate with you and that the positive energy of these men will touch us all! Ultimately, I hope they can help all of us be more loving, caring, sharing and kind.

Winter Issue 2013 |


Perren Baker

Wright On We asked Brandon Wright, of Ultra Clean Pro and Huddleshare.com, about his definition of success. He responded, “It’s your legacy. It’s who you are. I want to be a man of integrity that serves God first, then family, then business, employees, and community.”

Brandon Wright

“There is a time to re-evaluate success, meaning anything from making lots of money to just surviving. Ultimate success comes from what we’ve accomplished with spouses, children, and community. Setting goals is the way to see if we are achieving what we’ve set out to do.” When interviewing employees, Brandon asks: “Do you want to make a name for yourself, make money, or make a difference?” He says there is the ability to have all three, but number one is making a difference, leaving a valuable legacy. “Money can’t give you that. Each morning, I get on my knees and humble myself, starting my day in the right direction. Once you work through your own stuff, you can focus on other people.” Brandon quotes Zig Ziglar, who said, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” The benefits from living this way are many. “My marriage is stronger, my children have grown up with values I want them to have. When families and businesses are falling apart, we’ve held it together.” With the ambition to succeed, and motivation to do ‘whatever it takes’, Brandon educates himself through daily reading and evaluation. He learns from a mentor and a successful coach. Brandon encourages others to discover their higher calling. “I believe mine is helping the small business community. That tough world requires motivation, ambition, and perseverance. You’ve got to be on top of your game to succeed. Having the ability to influence and help others is more inspiring than making money or going on vacation. It creates an incredible high.” Scott Sparrell

Casey Eells

Brandon offers further advice: “Without a dream, you don’t have a purpose. If life isn’t the way you want it, change it. The best thing in life is helping someone; if I can do that every day, this world is a better place. There’s a great feeling.” Brandon has recently authored ReDesign-Experience the Freedom to Build Your Business Your Way, writing on what he’s learned about business. Available at www.brandonjwright.com.

www.ultracleanpro.com www.huddleshare.com

10 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Leading By Example

Faith-Believing Man

“I help people play their A game every hour, every day,” says Perren Baker of Fitness 4 Champions.

When Casey Eells was asked to tell us about himself, he gave this reply: "What I say about myself doesn't matter, ask someone else about me."

Growing up athletic, Perren’s interest in nutrition began before age ten. His orthopedic surgeon father understood what it took to help sons compete athletically through nutrition and training. Perren also learned that corrective exercise is critical.

Getting to know Casey Eells is as easy as asking the people around him. Personable, thoughtful and a stickler for details are some of the answers you'd get. Ninth out of ten children, Casey is outgoing, fun-loving, and fairly analytical. Interested in psychology, his observations of human behavior were helpful to him when going into business. The co-owner of Summit Auto Glass, Casey uses what he’s learned in marketing and business relationships.

“I progressively move my clients through proper stages of training without injuries or down time,” he explains, “I assess injury history, medical conditions, and know their starting point. I’ve worked with every shape, size, and condition.”

“I’m intrigued by people and business,” says the innovative entrepreneur, “I study how others market, sell, and interact. I also constantly seek ways to better myself personally and professionally, realizing at a young age that if people don’t like you, what you’re about, or what you’re doing, you won’t excel.”

“When it comes to success,” Perren says, “The trophy is in the eye of the beholder. Optimal health means that person feels great about themselves morning, noon, and night. It has nothing to do with whether they look like a model or bodybuilder, but everything to do with how they look, feel, perform, and how they operate in their realm as a person, mother, father ---champion athlete or not.” The 60-year-old athlete walks the talk. Competing in the Scottish Highland Games, he won the state championship in the Masters Division at the Boise Celtic Festival and Highland Games in September. He’ll compete at the Master’s National Championship in Albuquerque, New Mexico in May. “You have to lead by example.” With a history of proper nutrition, top training from experts, and as a certified Russian kettlebell instructor, something else distinguishes Perren as trainer and coach, first and foremost. “I truly care. If you don’t connect with clients, you shouldn’t train. I get to see long-term benefits in people who’ve had their overall lives and quality of living affected.” In 2013, Perren’s introducing the 24 Day Challenge, a unique new training that turbo-charges result. This program focuses on dietary intake and exercise for any fitness level, with exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, for the rest of your life. There’s one word you won’t hear around Perren Baker, who keeps ‘a very, very positive mindset.’ Says the highly effective trainer, “It’s either ‘I can’ or ‘I will. He encourages the removal of CAN’T from vocabularies. For training that drives results, you want a trainer like Perren Baker.

www.fitness4champions.com (208) 949-9499 perren@advocaresport.com

Casey expresses gratitude for some terrific examples in his life. A major influence was his kind, gentle, and always-positive grandmother. With a father that grew up on a farm and was in the construction trade, great work ethics were taught. “He was the one that kept us going,” shares Casey, “He sacrificed everything to make sure we turned out well.” Understanding what it means to be part of a family, Casey has a lifetime bond. This attitude of connectedness carried over into his business practices. “You just can’t have enough good people around you,” the Summit Auto Glass co-owner says, “And this valley is full of phenomenal, good people.” He also believes in helping whoever he can, that giving is far better than getting. Casey feels that being all about ourselves won’t take us very far. His tip for staying focused on being a giver? “I’m a faith-believing man. If you don’t have some center, something you have faith in, it’s hard to keep grounded and settled. If you can find your center, that helps.” The Eagle business owner sums up what has proven to be a successful personal and professional philosophy: “I want to know I’ve made a difference to somebody, somewhere, at some time.”

www.summitautoglassllc.com (208) 287-4252


Homeowner’s Hero Former Marine Scott Sparrell learned about integrity, keeping promises, and what it means to be a quality person. He incorporates that knowledge into his business, Veterans Plumbing. Now he’s a homefront hero, taking faulty plumbing and making it ten times better. While some homeowners know what they want, others aren’t so sure. On any given day, Sparrell makes hand drawings until his customer feels they’re on the same page. “There’s a lot of satisfaction in that,” says Sparrell, “I enjoy being part of the construction trade, helping people get exactly what’s wanted. If the customer doesn’t feel they’ve had input, they’re not going to be happy. I make sure they’re thrilled with what I’ve done.” It’s no wonder Veterans Plumbing has done multiple repeat jobs, plus additional jobs for his customers’ family and friends. “I make certain they’re a raving customer,” he tells us, “The referrals of customers are really important to me. It’s how I’ve built my business.” Fully licensed, bonded and insured, master plumber Sparrell has been at it for twenty years. He keeps current on the latest in plumbing, so he is the one with answers to the questions. Functioning exclusively in the service and remodel sector, Veterans Plumbing appreciates the niche of working with homeowners. “You take what you do well and stick with it. No business can be pulled many different directions and do well. Pick out your strong points and excel at those points.” Making new friends each day, when Sparrell arrives on the scene, sometimes what he finds isn’t always pretty. “Plumbing can be frustrating for people. You can do it yourself, but you might have to visit the supply house many times to get the job done. With the inventory on my truck, I can stay on the job until completion, minimizing inconvenience and saving my customers a whole lot of stress.” He aims to grow his business enough to hire fellow veterans, and to become known as the shop in town that people think of first, and rely upon. Exactly why Scott Sparrell is a hero in anyone’s book.

Veterans-plumbing.com (208) 250-2525 veteransplumbing@gmail.com Winter Issue 2013 |


12 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Idaho Bridal


Breaking the mold for bachelor and bachelorette parties

8 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Save The Date PowerHouse Event & Wedding Show February 16th & 17th www.PowerHouseEventCenter.com


Honeymoons... Familymoons... Weddingmoons... Photo Credit by Geoff Hadfield

A note from the Editor... When I first set out on my quest to publish a new Wedding & Events Lifestyle Magazine for Idaho I had no idea it would manifest as early as January 2013. The official launch date for the Idaho Bridal Magazine was set for the Fall of 2013, but thankfully Cheryl with the Urban Liaison Magazine offered me an opportunity to partner with her and bring it to life sooner.


I’m so excited to announce that you will find us here, in the centerfold section of every issue of the Urban Liaison Magazine. This first issue is just a small glimpse at what you can expect and with your help it will grow into something beautiful! I want to hear from each of you so please email me at gigirena@idahobridalmagazine.com with your ideas, stories and engagement or wedding announcements. ena GiGi R

Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers, especially roses and orchids, are very expensive. They will take up a huge chunk of your wedding budget, especially if you want a perfectly dreamy, romantic-looking wedding ceremony and reception. Here’s some suggestions to help save you money. 1. Use silk flowers for the nonessential parts of your wedding. You can also use silk flowers on non-strategic areas like the corners of the church pews or ceremony seating and the altar arrangements. Limit the expensive fresh flowers to your wedding bouquet and for the important people in your wedding entourage. 2. Use more candles or decorations in place of fresh cut flowers. You will save a lot without sacrificing the ambience. Alternating between candles or decorations and flowers when you arrange the table centerpieces for your wedding reception can cut costs as well. 3. Go easy on the flowers. This is the most practical way to cut corners on your

14 |IdahoBridalMagazine.com IdahoBridalMagazine.com

by GiGi Rena - la Bella Vita, Inc

wedding budget. Don’t waste money on towering piles of fresh flowers everywhere. An elegant suggestion is to have your bridesmaids clutch one rose each remember simplicity or less is more. 4. When you choose the flowers that you want for your wedding theme, select the varieties that are in season. It is also wise to use blossoms that are available in your area. Don’t break the bank on exotic flower arrangements. 5. Use local florists. Chances are, you already know them and you can get a deal. You can even ask to rent plants from your florist. 6. If you’ve planned your wedding months in advance, you might want to grow flowers in your own backyard and use them for your big day. 7. Use branches for large centerpieces. Intricately shaped branches look modern and breathtaking when arranged in a vase with a few stalks of flowers. 8. Buy bundles of cut flowers straight from the flower market. You can find several ideas online or on Pinterest for floral arrangements. Plan it ahead - Practice makes perfect! If you’re unsure of the

look you want or that you can do the arrangements yourself, ask friends and family for suggestions or help. The key is creativity. It’s your big day, after all. You can go wild and dazzle with clever and elegant arrangements—but without spending big bucks.


by Cruisy Susie Conger

Honeymoon Packages Your honeymoon should be a time to celebrate, admire and dream of your new life together. A time to celebrate that the anxiety, stress of the little details and all of your hard work for your wedding day is finally over. It is time to relax and relish in each other’s love; do things like take long walks on a sandy beach, get a soothing couples massage, sleep in late and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re looking to escape to an exotic retreat for your honeymoon, we can help you plan the perfect romantic getaway...if you can dream it, we can get you there! Best of all, almost every resort has a honeymoon vacation package that can provide you with special perks like candlelight dinners, rose petals in your room, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne - just to name a few! Wedding-moons The romantic lure of the ocean has long been a favorite for lovers. Imagine sharing your wedding day nuptials and toasting to your future on the white sands of a tropical island or the bow of an elegant cruise-ship sailing into the sunset. Did you know that destination weddings are less expensive than traditional weddings? Many resorts offer Bride and Groom Wedding-moon specials; if you stay for more than six nights, the resort may offer a complimentary wedding package, complete with a cake, flowers, reception site, officiate, champagne and more! Every wedding-moon package is customizable to suit your personal wishes and tastes. Weddings At Sea can allow for adventurous nuptials atop a glacier in Alaska, on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast or while snorkeling underwater in the tropics! Wedding-moons also allow you to relax at home and communicate with your own dedicated wedding coordinator as often as you like, so once you reach your desired destination, you can enjoy every moment of your special day. Upon comparing the costs of land based weddings to that of a premium wedding package at an all-inclusive resort or extended wedding onboard a cruise ship, you will be delightfully surprised…and the honeymoon is included! Family-moons A Family-moon Cruise is a perfect wedding celebration for those that are combining families with children. Familymoons provide a unique opportunity for some “get to know each other” time, yet still allow for some private time if needed. Cruise ship Weddings and Family-moons offer families a place to spend quality time together while having age appropriate activities fitting of multiple generations, all while providing enough private time to relish in that “newlywed bliss”.

The staff at 3 Girls will create your unique, original vision with seamless style & grace, professional service & handmade food always prepared to order. Whether serving a corporate lunch for 20 at your office or a wedding reception for 300 guests at the Powerhouse, our food always reflects the same quality that 3 Girls Catering is known for.

3 Girls


...because it's not a party without 3 girls!

www.3GirlsCatering.com 208.949.6620 | events@3girlscatering.com IdahoBridalMagazine.com IdahoBridalMagazine.com|


by GiGi Rena - la Bella Vita, Inc

for themselves-who knows, you might even pick up a great idea for a wedding gift. With your new goodies, head to a cooking class where you can all learn how to make, and then enjoy, a great meal. Finish off the night with specialty cocktails or locally produced beers at a bar known for their mixologists.

When you hear the term “bachelor(ette) party” today, your mind automatically conjures up images of bars, clubs, and destinations known for partying like Las Vegas, a la “The Hangover.” In fact, this idea has become so ingrained that it’s become the standard formula for bachelor(ette) parties. Nightclub + party destination = woohoo, right? But what if the bride or groom you’re throwing the party for doesn’t fit into a standard formula? What if they’d rather be drinking beers by a quiet campfire than Cristal in a loud nightclub? Or if their version of a party includes 4 wheelers, fondue pots, or museums? Well then my friend, you have got to break the standard bachelor(ette) party mold. Parties, especially parties intended to celebrate a huge life-changing event for one person, should be catered to that person’s interest. When it’s over, they should remember it not because it cost a lot, or was in someplace exotic, but because it was the kind of party they always wished someone would throw for them. A party full of events and activities that capture the essence of who they are, thrown by the people who love them. But planning a party outside the traditional box

16 |IdahoBridalMagazine.com IdahoBridalMagazine.com

can be hard. Never fear though, we wouldn’t leave you hanging. Here are just a few ideas to get your mind working towards the perfect memorable party for your memorable friend. And the best part, each and every one of these can be done right here in Idaho. For the Foodie: Who says parties can only be at night? Why not start out with a nice brunch at one of their favorite restaurants, or one they’ve been dying to try, and then go for a mini-shopping spree. If the weather is good and the season is right, head to a local farmer’s market and pick up some great fresh ingredients. If the weather is less than ideal, head indoors to a specialty kitchen supply or ingredients store. Chances are there is an item that your foodie friend has been coveting, but unwilling to buy

Places to Try: Red Feather Lounge for their brunches and specialty cocktails; Capitol City Market; Williams Sonoma; Fuel for the Soul cooking classes; The Basque Market offers twice monthly cooking/wine tasting classes; the Taphouse Pub and Eatery has 44 different beers on tap, including many regional and local brews. For the Outdoors Adventurer: If an adrenaline rush or the rush of whitewater is more their speed, you are in luck because Idaho sports some of the best and most beautiful places for outdoor activities in the nation. If you want to kick back and relax for the weekend, why not check out one of the local “glamping,” or glam camping, options. Most provide luxury, canvas-walled tents with full size beds, amenities, and activities. All the fun of being in the outdoors without the pesky sleeping on the ground. Or if something a little bit more fast-paced is what your bachelor(ette) would want, there are plenty of options there too. Choose between zip lining, outdoor survival classes, paint balling, horseback riding tours, or even scuba diving lessons.

Places to Try: Tamarack Canopy Zipline Tours; Zip Line Idaho in Horseshoe Bend; Storm Creek Outfitter in Bitterroot Wilderness offer all- inclusive glamping amenities with optional spa services; River Dance Lodge for glamping and horseback riding trips. For the Vintage Lover: What vintage lover doesn’t want to take a trip back in time and live it up like “The Rat Pack”, if only for a night? First, you have to start

with a great outfit, so how about a vintage store crawl? (Like a bar crawl but with more memories and fewer headaches.) Try to map out the guest of honor’s favorite stores, and maybe some they’ve never even heard of. Once you’ve hit your vintage quota, head out on the town. You can hit a fancy restaurant for the classic martini, or head over to a bar serving vintage drinks. And, if you get really lucky, you might even be able to find a movie theater playing a classic featuring Bogart, Sinatra, or Dean Martin. Places to Try: Chandler’s in Boise is reported to serve one of the best martinis- the “ten minute martini”; Red Feather Lounge in Boise serves up vintage cocktails like the storied father of the margarita: the sidecar; the Egyptian Theater and Boise Classic Movies team up to show different classic movies every month.

Honeymoons continued... Whatever you choose, it is sure to be the perfect culmination to all your wedding dreams. However,it is essential to have an experienced Travel Professional on your team. Your Agent will guide you through your options and coordinate the best, honeymoon, destination wedding or family-moon you could ever imagine. Conger Cruise and Travel extends an invitation to all couples to meet for a complimentary 90 minute planning session with Travel Professional Cruisy Susie and Destination Wedding Coordinator Julie Alexander. For more information on Honeymooner’s Cruise Night or personal wedding and honeymoon planning consultations, visit us online at www.CongerCruiseandTravel.com.

IdahoBridalMagazine.com | IdahoBridalMagazine.com


Photography TwoUrban Birds Photography 18 |byThe Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

20 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley




It’s a New Year, and that can also mean a whole New You!

2013 is a year of change, and one of the best ways to alter your attitude from the inside is by looking good on the outside. Clothing can make or break the person, true, but costly apparel can break the bank. There’s no need to go broke to look amazing, so start this year right by revamping your wardrobe for less at three of the Valley’s most popular consignment and boutique businesses.

New (to you) Clothes Story & Company

in Caldwell has its own walking advertisement in the form its owner, Ruth Story. People are constantly asking her where she gets her incredible outfits, which leads to the now well-used phrase, “Well, there’s this little shop in Caldwell…” Ruth’s style is no accident; she’s a constant student of current fashion, studying the Neiman Marcus catalogues and recreating that look. She studies her clients, too, learning what they look good in, and what colors are right for them. 90% of what she sets aside for her clients gets excitedly purchased by them. Customers love being around Ruth and assistant manager Jennifer, and often visit, even when they’re not shopping. Story & Company carries all sizes, with some of the elite clothing coming from the high-end Bloomingdales. Understanding the professional wardrobe world, Ruth advises those going back into the workforce. One of her tips? “Have a scarf that matches everything, and that necklace and earrings you can always throw on.”

Story & Company

724 Arthur St., Caldwell (208) 454-6515


glam By Amy Larson


in Meridian is hard to miss, especially when the sun goes down. People driving by make a quick turn into the parking lot, seeing the metallic silver walls, turquoise lacquer accents, open beams and silver and purple fabric draped ceiling. Once inside, customers find affordable designer labels, racks full of new and recycled boutique-style clothing, and sixty whole feet of belts. Shannon, a long-time hairdresser, now serves her former clients in her upscale store that’s filled with labels like Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Escada, Brighton and more, all at unbelievably low prices. Racked’s inventory comes from all over, with looks that are hard to find in the Treasure Valley. Shannon has a talent for styling her customers, and tells them, “Resale or retail, who can tell the difference? Only your pocketbook!” Racked also offers special event and cocktail dress rentals, and after-hours private shopping for individuals and small groups.


2498 E. Fairview Ave, Meridian (208) 895-8079

Renewed Expressions

in Meridian is a spacious 4,000 square feet, with friendly colors, great lighting and a clever layout. They started out as a consignment furniture store, but: “Clothing is much more fun!” says the fashionable owner, Kathy, who not only follows, but creates trends. A former homeschooling mom, Kathy educated herself well on name brands, mall labels, and all things designer. She knows exactly how to help her customers achieve ‘the look’, continually scoping out for those items that shoppers love, and always thinking at least one season ahead. Ann Taylor and Banana Republic are the top brands in stock. While Ann Taylor sells for between $14-$19, the average price on the racks is around $10.99. Renewed Expressions’ buyer Danielle scopes out trendy new items, while Kathy keeps her eye on ‘gotta have it’ consignment items. Renewed Expressions has a continual stream of customers, there are happy and friendly assistants, ‘I want that outfit’ displays, uplifting music and cheerful banter.

Renewed Expressions

2100 E. Fairview Avenue, Ste 8, Meridian (208) 855-2800 Winter Issue 2013 |



glam By Aryonna Richard

Styling into the


Did you know fashion is a lot like time travel? We’re always borrowing from the past and living for what is trendy now! That’s why this winter I’m forecasting trends for 2013 that will allow you to build your wardrobe with style staples that will last throughout the year, instead of with fads that fade faster than snow in the Treasure Valley! With that in mind, let’s find out which of these three trends will help you create a wardrobe with staying power!

Global Traveler Global patterns can create an inspiring wardrobe with a keen sense of adventure and a renewed dedication to the great outdoors. This lifestyle trend combines modern functionality with globallydiverse patterns. To wear this trend, look for colors like: slate grey, tawny brown, midnight blue, fennel green, warm rustic red, and crystal in addition to these prints: florals in earthy colors, graphic prints that take their cues from mountain landscapes and alpine animals. Throw on a colorful belt or a bold printed scarf to complete your world-traveler persona.


unusual combinations of colors like vivid violet-blue and bright yellow or peony and emerald green. Master this trend with painterly prints and patterns, haphazard brushstrokes, and color blocking. This can be done easily with patterned tights in purple, a floral paired with a long sleeved, floral print mini-dress, and finished with a bold watch to keep your expression on time!

Balancing Act If your style is a mix modern trends and traditional Eastern prints this section can help you elevate your personal style

If you believe fashion can be used to express creative freedom within an urban environment, this 2013 fashion trend could be for you! Turn each new trendy piece into a form of self-expression. Then each new bag, belt, or headband becomes an artistic venture--fostering social change with an expressive and humorous slant! This can be done with

No look would be complete without beautiful, healthy, radiant skin!

Avon’s making clear skin easier than ever with the Solutions Total Radiance Day and Night Duo! The light, oil-free lotion contains a unique light-activated delivery system that releases a cosmetic ingredient as the exposure to light increases. It enhances skin radiance and improves texture, tone and clarity. It leaves skin that looks beautifully healthier and radiant. You’ll also receive the replenishing cream, formulated with Ulex Europea Flower Extract, which boosts skin's hydration and enhances its ability to lock in moisture! Now you can highlight your true self with these 2013 winter trends and skincare tips!

Buy it here!

24 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

with trends for Winter 2013. Create a contemporary yet quirky wardrobe that acts as a balance between east and west by incorporating these tips! Take inspiration from Eastern cultures easily with branded sportswear, printed shirts and dresses, or fun accessories that will definitely keep you warm on blustery cold days. Look for bright accents against muted tones like black, cream, or white. Bright gold and intense turquoise work fantastic with bright, folk-inspired florals that encompass a tough edge! Finish your look with a fury winter hat, black leather belt, or a beaded necklace to master your balancing act!

Winter Issue 2013 |


Community V3 Service URBAN glam 3 Blessing V3 Kindness V3 Love V3 Compassion V3 HeartgivesV3 Laughter back to the community 3Community V3 Service 3 Blessing V3 Kindness V3 Love V3 Compassion V3 Heart V3 Laughter 3Community V3 Service 3 Blessing V3 Kindness V3 Love V3 Compassion V3 Heart V3 Laughter Ken Corder

Left to Right: Makenzie Baird, Dakota Seal, Kendall Swainston, Caleb Knapp, Paige Carstensen




Beauty may only be skin deep. But when you look good you feel good. No one knows that better than the stylists who work at V3 Hair Studio.







26 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley


Mayor Tammy De Weerd

V3 V3



When You Purchase a Color & Cut and Schedule a Friend ... (who is a new client to V3)

They will get:

• complimentary haircut OR • $10 off a haircut OR • $20 off a color & cut

Of f you think their job is just cutting and coloring hair, you are missing the biggest part of what this hair studio does. V3 is committed to helping their clients build confidence and develop a positive image of themselves.

Throughout the year, V3 teaches image classes for teens and adults. Danae Valle, the owner of V3, says the classes are a chance for people to embrace what they love about their look and minimize what they don’t. “I feel like these classes are the beginning of people having more self-confidence and self-worth,” said Valle. Everyone deserves to feel good about the way they look and get a little pampering along the way. Recently, V3 invited Mayor Tammy De Weerd and the Executive Council Officers of the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in for a day of relaxation. V3 cut, colored and styled Mayor Tammy’s and the ambitious teen leaders’ hair.

see people their age struggling with nicotine addiction and know it can only take one time for addiction to start. By raising awareness MYAC is giving teens the information they need so they will never start smoking or chewing tobacco,” said Mayor De Weerd. Members of MYAC also find time to have fun. In the spring, they are hosting a prom for their parents. At this dance, they will be the chaperones, party planners and they’ll be in charge of it all. The dance will raise money for Ben’s Bells, a non-profit that spreads kindness to communities across the country. “We know how hard the Mayor and members of MYAC work and we see the meaningful work they do for our community,” said Valle. “V3 invited them in for a day of pampering because we know how hard they work. By supporting MYAC we are supporting our community.”

The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) is made up of Meridian high school students who are dedicated to serving their community. The teenagers involved in MYAC are committed to making their community an even better place to live by advocating for issues they are passionate about, regular service projects and monthly teen events. “The students involved in Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council think big,” said Mayor Tammy de Weerd. “They are involved in several issues and are working to making a positive impact in the community.” This fall, Idaho re-launched its Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline. Members of MYAC have been putting together a public service campaign to help educate teens in Meridian so they know there is a place to turn if they need help. MYAC and the American Lung Association have also teamed up to educate teens about the dangers of nicotine use. “The teens

Inte The M rested in j ayor's o Youth ining Advis Counc ory Membe il? rship a

#140, . n L y r r . Ched W 6 ian 5 17 Meri .com o i d u t s v3hair . w w w .7648 0 7 8 . 8 20

pplicat ions are t: www availab .meridia le ncity.or g/MYA C Or Pick up an app lication Office d from th uring re e Mayo gular b r’s usiness City Ha h ll (33 E. o u r s at Merid Broadw ian ay Ave . in For mor M e ridian). e inform ation c all Ken Corder at 489-0 535 online a

Looking to invest?

Get your color fix.

Imagine your world awash with color - rich, gorgeous shades that’ll make you look twice. I’m talking sheer mineral makeup that glides on and stays on. And fearless looks that are ready to wear anywhere. Ask me about ideas that’ll awaken your inner makeup artist!

Meg Moore

Independent Sales Director MaryKay.com/MegMoore (208) 866-2797

All Wrapped Up Gifts & Boutique

Give Your Gifts in a Basket! This Boutique has every thing from Gift Baskets & Crafts to Unique Furniture & a few Antiques!




28 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

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Winter Issue 2013 |




By Claudia Weathermon Tester

How to Fend off a


Pusher I’m trying to eat right, but…

If you made a resolution to lose weight as the calendar turned to 2013, chances are you’ve already quit your diet plan. That’s according to a study published in 2007 that showed the average person sticks to a weight loss plan just 19 days.


There are as many reasons (excuses) as there are colors in a box of crayons. A big box. But I’d like to give you some practical advice if you’re still trying to struggle through a diet and find ‘food pushers’ to be a problem. Those are the folk who often try to tempt you because they’re jealous. Don’t let your healthy eating plan keep you from socializing to avoid these people. Your first line of defense is always a firm but polite, “No thank you.” Never feel obligated to take a second helping or dessert. You don’t need to explain why. But if they persist, try these responses that allude to a health related reason for your refusal:

“I’m trying something different with my eating.”

“I’m on a plan approved by my doctor.”

“I’m trying not to eat (insert ingredient here: fats, sugar—etc) they make me feel sluggish.”

“It looks wonderful, but my heart burn has been acting up.”

“I know it’s a holiday, but if I eat healthier, I’ll live to see more holidays.”

Diversion is another great tactic:

“Could I have another diet soda instead?” then make overtures to serve yourself.

“I’m so full, perhaps I could take some home?” Then, of course, don’t.

And finally the little white lie:

“I’m just really not that hungry”

“Smells good, I may try some in a bit”

"I am heading to another event."


Finally, if the cat’s out of the bag, tell the truth:

“I’m making some food choices that are better for me now.”

“I’ve change my eating to prepare for….” a wedding, a marathon, whatever!

It’s always better to share your time with people who support your decision to get healthy.


One place to get support is weekly “Habits of Health” meetings Tuesdays at 6pm. These are free to the public at the Health Coach Training Center, 3715 E. Overland, Suite 200.

Claudia Weathermon Tester

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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

Kristyn Schelhaas, D.O.

I had been going to a chiropractor for 20 years for an injury I received in a car accident, but upon meeting Dr. Kristyn Schelhaas I was inspired to try something different, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT).

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but was hopeful for positive results, and was thrilled to find, unlike chiropractic care, it was covered by my insurance. The first thing Dr. Schelhaas did was pull my feet to be sure my body was straight. She then felt my neck and spine to feel where I was carrying my tension. It only took her a moment to discover all of my tension was in my shoulders. This was followed by lying on my stomach so that she could work on my upper back. Then I rolled over and this is when I realized this treatment was very different from any chiropractic treatment I had ever received. She stretched my muscles and used resistance from the muscles in my neck and shoulders to “straighten me out.” My neck and spine aligned naturally because of the work she had done on my muscles. When she was finished I felt better than I had felt in years. She sent me home with daily stretches that were appropriate for my condition, and when I do them regularly I feel great! Just like chiropractic, this is not a one-time fix. There is a need to make return visits for on-going relief. Those time frames are different for each individual. I normally go six to eight weeks between sessions.

Kristyn Schelhaas, D.O. is a Family Practice physician. She practices primary care from Pediatrics to Geriatrics, including Obstetrics. As a D.O. she is a licensed physician that is able to provide a full spectrum of medical services. So, you may ask, what is the difference between a D.O. and an M.D.? Here is the answer, in some ways very little, in other ways there is an obvious difference.

themselves but there are often conversations regarding lifestyle, stress, nutrition and other possible causes. Of course D.O.s utilize the most current medical diagnostic equipment available, such as lab and imaging services to diagnose a disease or injury. However, when there is no explanation for pain or illness, OMT can often offer relief. It has been known to relieve asthma, sinus conditions, migraines and many other physical ailments.

Both M.D.s and D.O.s complete four years of basic medical education and after medical school complete internships and residencies. When searching for a physician that best This training typically lasts three to six years fits your needs consider what a D.O. has and prepares D.O.s and M.D.s to practice a to offer. If you have ongoing chronic pain specific specialty such as family practice, OB/ that cannot be explained, consider visiting GYN, surgery or pediatrics. Of the 67,000 a D.O. for an OMT (Osteopathic ManipuD.O.s currently practiclative Treatment). Most ing in the United States, D.O.s will allow you to 64% practice as primary When talking to Dr. make an appointment for care physicians. Schelhaas she explained OMT even if you have Licensing examinations that every patient’s treat- a different primary care for both M.D. and D.O. physician. Trust me, if ment is different. She are comparable and both you have ongoing pain, practice in fully accredsays that depending on this treatment may proited and licensed health vide you with the relief their pain, prior injucare facilities. you have been looking for. So, there are the similarities, what about the differences? D.O.s are trained to treat “the whole person.” They learn that all systems interact and influence each other with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system.

ries and where they carry their tension she can personalize their plan to maximize each individual’s relief.

They also believe that the body is often capable of healing itself and often look for the underlying cause of injury or disease. OMT is one way of assisting our bodies to heal

For more information, visit SaltzerMed.com

Kristyn Schelhaas, D.O. is a Family Practice physician at Saltzer Medical Group in Nampa. To schedule an appointment, please call 468-5910.

Visit us online SaltzerMed.com

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is pleased to announce our name change to

Same People, Same Great Service, New Name! OUR SERVICES •

Skilled Nursing

Speech Therapy

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Medical Social Work

Occupational Therapy

Home Health Aide

p 800.568.2806 f 877.388.3821

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Engaging consistently in socialization improves a person's lifespan and quality of life, slows cognitive decline and stabilizes mood.” This was what my friend was referring to when she said she felt lighter.

By: Victoria Savage RN, “Nurse Savage” on your side. Owner of Care for Living, LLC..

(208) 473-8254 www.care-forliving.com


ecently after a visit with a client who is pretty much homebound, she said to me, “I just feel so much lighter after your visits.” It wasn’t a workrelated visit that day, I had just stopped in to say hello. We hadn’t done anything special except share a cup of tea and some conversation. According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “socialization is of great benefit for seniors--even those suffering from conditions like Alzheimer's.

A few years ago on Christmas, I walked up the street to visit an old neighbor of ours who’d lost his wife earlier in the year. (As a side note, he had in fact been born in the house we now lived in). I handed him a small plate of goodies and gave him a hug. I received a big bear hug in return and he said with great sincerity, “Oh that feels so good. I haven’t hugged anyone in so long.” My heart ached for him and I felt remiss for not being a better neighbor. Our need for interaction and physical touch is well-documented in studies beginning in the early 1940’s when Dr. Rene Spitz began to realize that babies in an orphanage were dying in spite of receiving proper nutrition and living in a very clean environment. This realization later gave birth to the understanding that touch is vital to our survival and not just in the very young. At every stage in our life, human touch is necessary for our sense of wellbeing. It doesn’t take much to stop by an elderly neighbor’s home and make their day or pop in and check on your aging aunt


once or twice a week. Even a phone call can lighten their mood if you’re unable to drop by. 30 minutes from you, and a brief hug might not seem to be significant to you, but it could make a world of difference to your senior friend. If you have questions or concerns about yourself, a friend or a loved one and don’t know where to turn for help, Contact Victoria Savage with Care for Living either by phone at 208-473-8254 or by email at victorias@care-forliving.com and ask for our FREE report called “5 Ways to Help Keep Your Senior Loved One at Home Longer.”

(Victoria Savage is an RN with 15 years of experience specializing in Elder care and a passion for seniors that started in early childhood when her best friend was 82 year old Evelyn. She brings passion, knowledge and love to her practice and is fierce in her advocacy of the senior population.)

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Now I Am

Jacqueline Kennedy

is a Grand Reiki Master/Teacher and Owner of the Reiki Energy Healing Center and Nia White Belt instructor.


STRONG toned relaxed GROUNDED

ia has brought me so many gifts of body, mind and spirit. It continually amazes me in the healing it offers. My intention last year when taking my first Nia class was to move my body, become more present and aware of my body and free my spirit that felt captured in the body I didn't pay much attention to.

Through Nia I opened and healed many aspects of my life, including a shocking end to my marriage and the life I knew. My curiosity about the bigger picture of this beautiful expression began with taking a few workshops with Britta and Michele. Still, I knew there was much more and that led me to the White Belt Training. At that time, I thought I was going for deeper knowledge of this unique fitness program. My intention was to bring movement into my personal and professional healing practice. I saw myself incorporating movement in my Reiki classes to move chi and connect with the hara. Now having completed my White Belt Training, my path has opened to teach Nia classes to as many as I can, including children. Nia is a beautiful practice I welcome deeper and deeper daily. In a nutshell Nia is a fusion fitness that blends Marital Arts, Healing Arts and Dance together to create a total body work that unifies your body, mind and spirit. Nia promotes "The Body's Way" designed to help you find the perfect workout for you. Guided by the idea that fitness could feel better, be fun and cater to "wholeness," creators Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas began opening the path to Nia in 1982.

How Does Nia work? Nia draws from Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, jazz dance, modern dance, Duncan dance, yoga, and Alexander Technique and Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: the base, core and upper extremities. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels. Consecutive trainings collectively explore 52 principles for personal enrichment and professional development.

Where Can You Find Nia? Our Nia base camp is the 10th Street Dojo 1512 North 10th Street, Boise Ophidia Dance Studio 4464 Chinden, Garden City Y Downtown 10th and State, Boise

Contact Jacqueline?

208.353.0604 www.nianow.com/jacqueline http://www.reikienergyhealingcenter.com/NIA___Fusion_Fitness.html

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health By Amy Larson

Matters of the


n your day-to-day life, you might not contemplate things like the condition of your arterial pulse wave, but you should. Your heart is about the size of your clinched fist. Compared to the rest of your body, it’s not that big. Yet this little muscle pumps 2000 gallons of blood per day, 100,000 times per day, through 100,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries. Impressed yet? Though our hearts keep us going, we often don’t seriously consider their overall health. Think of your arteries. Most of us have no idea of their status, and aren't usually concerned, but should you have a spasm in your coronary artery, even for a nanosecond, it can cause it to close off, causing pain. If that artery stays contracted, it’s angina, but in some ways, that’s a good thing because it’s a symptom. Your body is letting you know something’s amiss. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t get symptoms. Their first ‘symptom’ is sudden death from a heart attack. If your coronary artery closes off for even seconds, it can cause serious damage to that miraculous little pump. If it closes off for too long, we could lose you. Understandably, not many of us would willingly volunteer for a random angiogram to see where our heart health lies. What if you learned of an easier, gentler way to test the condition of your heart and arteries? One that was simple, painless, and inexpensive? Introducing the Cardio Pulse Wave analysis (CPW). It can ascertain the functionality and viability of your heart muscle, company technicians say, within 99.17% of the equivalent of cardio catheterization. It’s non-invasive, and catching on in medical, chiropractic, and wellness practices world-


wide for the early detection of hardened or inflamed arteries and heart disease. Approved just four and a half years ago, the medical device and software are still considered somewhat new, yet practitioners everywhere are seeing the beauty of a painless, simple, non-invasive alternative.

The best part is this: While other, more

complicated tests can cost thousands, the Cardio Test costs around $49. You could get the health of your vascular tree tested now, while you’re well and able, or get other testing done down the road involuntarily, when you’re not so able. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and knowing how your friends the arteries are doing is a smart and conscious choice.

awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine back in 1998 for the discovery of the importance of nitric oxide to the cardiovascular system. Dr.Joseph Prendergast has used L-Arginine therapy for over 20 years on more than 7,000 of his patients, with less than 1% experiencing strokes or heart attacks while on L-Arginine protocol. The Cardio Test Center can test you, answer your questions, and offer solutions that can assist in improving your heart and vascular health.

February is Heart Month

There’s a little more science to add into the mix.

Take Care of Your Heart and Call us TODAY!

When doing a pulse wave analysis, this is what is measured: The heart pumps, pushing out blood. When pumping, it generates a wave along the arterial tree. The speed of the reflective wave that’s on the way back to the heart, is all-important. If the oncoming wave is too strong, your heart is fighting it, and it takes it some time to recover from the force. If your arteries are hardened, the waves are even more harsh, causing the heart to spend up to two-thirds of its time overcoming and recovering from that wave. If you've got a set-up like this, the body is more likely to have a stroke or experience heart failure.

Now for the good news. If you test and

you don’t like the results, a solution came to light by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro who was

Get you questions answered:

CardioTestCenter.com Call for an appointment:

Cardio Test Center at (208) 795-5121 Visit us at:

2484 N. Stokesberry Place, Ste 100 Meridian, Idaho 83646-6083 Winter Issue 2013 |


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URBAN expert


veryone has GIANTS! They come in all shapes and sizes. Some real, some imagined. They can range from slightly intimidating to absolutely paralyzing. Most of the giants we face aren’t the kind who physically stand before us and threaten to attack. Instead, they quietly whisper into our heart and mind destructive messages of: discouragement, temptation, inferiority, loneliness, doubt, worry, guilt, anger, resentment, jealousy, failure or fear. These invisible, yet powerful giants completely cripple us if allowed, keeping us from breaking through to the empowered and successful life we know we can and should be living. “The Chinese pianist Liu Chi Kung was imprisoned for seven years during the Cultural Revolution, during which time he had no access to a piano. When he returned to giving concerts again after he was released, his playing was better than ever. Asked how this was possible since he had not practiced for seven years, he replied: I did practice, every day. I rehearsed every piece I had ever played, note by note, in my mind.” (Bernie Zilbergeld) The 2011 movie, Soul Surfer shares the true story of Bethany Hamilton, who at age 13 was brutally attacked by a shark, while surfing and miraculously survived. This horrible incident left her with only one arm and the devastating realization, which her future would no longer include her childhood dream of becoming a professional surfer…or would it? Less than a month later, with surf board in hand, Bethany reentered the ocean and began relearning how to surf with her new unbalanced body. At age 21 Bethany said, “I realized that telling my story could change people’s perspectives on hard times they’re going through.” She has now published at least five nonfiction books, which share her faith in God – which is exactly where she credits her determination, strength, courage and ability to overcome. Just as the young teenage Bethany faced a giant in the form of a shark, the young teenage boy David also faced a literal giant whose name was Goliath. Not only was that bad boy Goliath quite large, he was fully equipped with a sword, spear and shield and wore a full suit of protective armor. Records indicate Goliath

measured over nine feet tall, as he stood before David on the battle field. In this Biblical account, David was a simple shepherd boy who embraced his faith in God and used skills and abilities he had developed over the years, while protecting his flocks of sheep from wild animals. Grabbing his sling and 5 stones, he relied on God’s help to slay the giant and thus defeat the entire Philistine army. Since most of the giants we will slay are on the battlefield of our mind, it’s important to know that our mind processes 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts, images and pieces of information daily! One of the greatest things about this miraculous creation is that it’s unable to contain two competing thoughts simultaneously. Test for yourself: In your mind, count backward from ten to one AND at the same time, say your name aloud. (Seriously, try it…now try again.) No, it’s not just you, it’s not possible. Those who study the brain say it’s impossible for it to contain two thoughts at once. Isn’t that great? That means there’s no room for the Fear Giant to bully its way in if your mind is currently occupied by faith or courage. With our three courageous examples of Liu, Bethany and David in mind, it’s obvious we cannot change our past, the inevitable or things that others say or do. However, we do get to choose our response – always!

From years of personal giant-slaying experience, interviews, research, and client feedback, the most effective tools for success are based on very simple, yet timeless truths.

Joan’s 5 Steps (n’ Stones) to: “A David Mentality in a Goliath World”© #1 “I Get To!”® take 100% responsibility for my life. #2 “I Get To!”® choose my attitude & perspective – always. #3 “I Get To!”® replace fear with faith. #4 “I Get To!”® take courageous action, regardless of feelings. #5 “I Get To!”® let go of that. (That = anything I cannot fix, change or control.)

Take Action:

1) Identify your giants! 2) Respond accordingly. 3) Enjoy being free - living courageously! Award-Winning Speaker and Giant-Slaying Coach Joan Endicott works with individuals and organizations frustrated with the GIANTS standing in their way of performance, productivity and profit increases. If you are ready to move from ruts and routines into inspired action, need a world-class speaker for your next event, or want to order empowering “I Get To!”® Resources, contact us today! www.JoanEndicott.com or (208) 453-8056

Ready for 2013 to be YOUR BEST YEAR EVER? Joan’s 2013 Global Coaching Program!

“A David Mentality in a Goliath World”© • Sick n’ tired of living in the land of the same ugly GIANTS? • KNOW what to do – just not doing it consistently? • Ready to find FREEDOM from fear to live the life you’re meant to?

Contact us TODAY for YOUR complimentary Giant-Slaying session with Joan!!! (208) 453-8056 • joan@joanendicott.com

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Was it Something I Said? Patti Saunders Mays, Author


ello all you terrific UL readers! It’s me again and I’m over-the-moon excited because of the terrific feedback, inquiries and book purchases that have occurred since I joined forces with Urban Liaison Magazine. THANK YOU ALL so very much for welcoming me and my book, “Was It Something I Said?” with such enthusiasm. In looking over the reader responses, I have identified two of the most common questions asked about my book: The first is “What prompted you to write a book on this subject?” and the second is “Can a simple selfhelp book really help me identify and correct my own social blunders?” To answer the first question – why did I write this book - here is a quote that I believe is so relevant to the book’s subject that I posted it on the introductory page. . .

“People can be so obnoxious and pitiful in their everyday actions that they can cause themselves to be lonely and friendless without ever realizing why.”

(From Kyle Y) “Talk about helpful! This book is full of real world advice and easy-to-apply rules for all social interactions. I think it should be required reading for anyone belonging to the human race. The author writes in a relaxed, easy-to-relate-to manner and conveys situations and advice in a way that we can all understand (and chuckle about at the same time). While reading this book, I was not only absorbed by the content, but realized afterward that I had a smile on my face the entire time. I absolutely love it! (From J.J.) “If I used just two words to describe "Was it Something I Said? “they would be: totally awesome. This book is not only fun to read but it is so relatable; every 'character' is someone you either know or have come in contact with sometime in your life. I have always enjoyed analyzing what people say and this book really gives me guidelines to understand what they really mean--making daily interactions more fun :). The only thing I would change is the length, I could have read a thousand more pages on the topic! Thank you Patti Mays!”

My educational and professional background is all about social interactions and once I realized what a great need there is out there, I got to work on the book. The second question – can this book really help me identify and correct my own social blunders?” The answer is an emphatic YES! I get constant feedback about how the book has helped people. . . here are a few of the most recent:

You can read about and/or order my book for $4.99 at

www.WasItSomethingISaidBlog.com or, feel free to visit my Facebook Page

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Come and relax and enjoy the best coffee in the valley! Located across from the Idaho Center 5687

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By Brandon Wright


Personalized ServiCe The Rarity in Today’s Business World


ow many times have you heard someone talk about another business? Is it ever about the product? Probably not. It’s usually about the service or the person giving the so called “customer service”. Have you ever stop to think what is it that successful businesses are doing to always stay busy? What is it that you really like about doing business with them? If it’s not about price--then it normally boils down to the service! Is there someone who works there that you really like--ultimately something about shopping there that makes you feel special? My favorite businesses take the time to help me and make me feel like I’ve made their day just by coming in. What qualities is it that you like about your favorite businesses? Do you enjoy businesses whose employees maintain eye contact, smile naturally when talking to you, have a warm personality, and who are just likable to be around? Every business I’ve owned is service based and sells a service to a customer. I’ve always had competition and to some--point price is a factor. But I’ve found that you can only win someone’s purchasing decision by the service they perceive they are about to receive. It all begins with how they first see you or hear about you. If it’s a referral (we do very little advertising so it’s normally word of mouth) then what is it that your cheerleader is saying about you that makes that person call you? I want to hear they were nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and followed up. That tells me, my team has made it personalized, they were professional, did what the client asked for, and they followed up which showed that they care. How do you find these people to come work for you? You can’t run an employment ad, this type of person is already working somewhere else. When you experience amazing service from an individual at a place of business take the time to talk to them. Ask them if they are happy where they are at. Find out what is important to them, some of those could be health benefits, time off, flexible schedule, or other things that you may not think of. By finding out what is important to that amazing employee, you are opening up the possibility that they will come work for you. The people that do a great job of building relationships with their clients are very few compared to those that just do their job and nothing more. Tell them that you appreciate their service and what it is specifically that you liked about them. People that give great service are what drives companies to be great. They are the reason why people keep coming back and why they stay in business. I always say we are in the people business, people serving people.

brandon@huddleshare.com 208-412-6588

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expert By Julie Larson

To Sell, or Not to Sell…

That is the Question!

Consultant & Business Coach, Julie Larson


common statement heard around the entrepreneurial community when the sales topic comes up is, “I’m not a sales person”. Why is it that business owners

whose financial success depends upon selling products, goods or services would not consider themselves salespeople? I recently had a business professional (who earns a living based on commission) say to me, “I’m an Account Executive, not a salesperson”. Have you ever encountered someone who called you on the phone (interrupting your dinner), or showed up on your door“Every good step, rattling off lists of features and benefits that left your head spinning and you wanting to quickly run the opentrepreneur is a posite direction? Does the image of a fast-walking, salesperson, they’re smooth-talking, hand-shaking, business-card-slinging individual come to mind when you hear the word wired the same way.” ‘sales’ as part of their title? There is no doubt that some people conduct business where their primary objective is to take your money. From my perspective, Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul & however, I don’t consider these individuals sales people, ‘Shark Tank’ Investor nor sales professionals. They are, at best, well-intentioned yet poorly-trained people desperate to earn a living, and, at worst, con-artists and swindlers exploiting the confidence of their victims.



10804 W Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83713 Like us on facebook for yummy weekly specials.

Is it possible that the word SELL in and of itself creates a mental block for some people? Looking at the etymology of the word ‘sell’, which comes from the Old English word ‘sellan’, the root meaning is ‘To Give’. Bob Burg, co-author of the international bestselling book series “The Go-Giver”, “Go-Givers Sell More” and “It’s Not About You” says that “Shifting one’s focus from getting to giving, in this case meaning consistently and continuously adding value to others, is not only a nice way to live life, but a financially profitable way as well.” Remember that selling it isn’t about you and your needs; it’s about others and their needs. So if you don’t already, consider incorporating these five principles into your sales philosophy: 1. Give more in value than you ask for in payment. 2. Serve as many people as you can, as well as you can. 3. Place other people’s interests first. 4. Be authentic, for the greatest gift you have to offer is yourself. 5. Stay open to receiving.

Why do this? Because all things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust. Being a sincere and genu-

ine giver of value (whether through the value of your product or service, advice, resources, referrals or anything else) is the most effective way of developing those feelings toward you by others.

Gourmet cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, espresso & so much more.

As a licensed Consultant and certified Business Coach, Julie serves her clients by providing business-building strategies, systems, tools and professional coaching resources. With the New Year in full gear, helping companies achieve their goals through Non-traditional Sales Training is her primary goal. This focused direction is based on the growing need for businesses to increase their revenue through increasing their sales. For more information on upcoming group training and coaching sessions, or individual consulting services please call 208.602.5129 or email: julielarson@gogivercoach.com *Visit the Meridian Entrepreneur Think-Tank Co-Operative at 33 East Idaho Ave., Meridian, ID 83642 • 208.391.3385

Thoughts become things What you think about you bring about You are the creator of your own reality • Individual one-on-one coaching • Corporate Luncheons • Retreats

• Workshop • Seminars

• Guest Speaker

• Speaking to teens about self-image and self-esteem • Empower and pump up sales staff

Roxy Eddy is a transitional coach and motivational speaker, who assist’s you in shifting your energy so that you can get the results that you want. Roxy’s client base is broad. Ranging from individual coaching to working with corporate business as a keynote speaker and coach. You can hear Roxy twice a week on KIDO’s Idaho’s Money Show. Tune in and begin to unlock your potential and let Roxy show you how you are ready to live and not just exist.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to what we know we could be.

An Extraordinary Place - Entrepreneurs working together to help each other grow our businesses... Come CREATE, COLLABORATE, & CO-Operate with us! 33 E. Idaho Ave in Downtown Meridian


- Emerson

www.RoxyEddy.com | 208.713.2949 | roxy0202@msn.com

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The Little Magazine


“You learn from mistakes, then move forward.”

‘That’s crazy,’ thought Richard, who believed in advertising for survival. Cheryl created a small and artistic publication for downtown Nampa businesses. She had no magazine experience, only history in radio. “I did everything wrong, and got little support from downtown organizations,” she says. She enlarged that magazine, encompassing the entire city. This happily married mother of three started at the beginning of a recession, in an Idaho town she was not originally from, as a non-member of either dominant religion in the area, and was, adds Richard, a woman. “No one thought I’d make it, that’s why I’m still here. I’ve always proved doubters wrong.” When asked about mistakes along the way, the blue-eyed blond laughed. “Spellcheck!”, she replied, then shared about a business owner whose last name was printed incorrectly. That owner chose not to advertise.

“It’s been ridiculed as amateur,” says Richard, “I work to make sure it’s not, but you know what? We’re also a small business. My team of subcontractors work from home. Amazingly, we’re able to pull it all together through emails.” Historically, Richard, often in management, had ‘superiors to blame’. Owning a magazine left her answering to herself.“It is lonely at the top, but I’ve also learned I’m a leader.”


Richard says there’s no such thing as using the ‘shop local’ phrase too loosely. Local is her niche. Four and a half years later, the glossy, full-color magazine is among the largest in the state at 80 pages, with around 150 advertisers. Remarkable, since MagazinePublisher.com states the new title success rate is only 10-20%.

“It’s not really cheap!” Richard replied, “The UL costs thousands to produce, the power of words works!” He signed on. ‘Miracles’ occurred, in the form of people that helped with the magazine. “I have a really, really good team. I’ve helped many with their careers, while they help me. Many successful writers got started with the UL.”

In 2013, Richard plans to sell her first business license to the target state of Utah for a Provo or Salt Lake City UL. They’ll gather stories, Cheryl created the UL sell ads and support local businesses, and Networking Meeting, the UL team will do one of the area’s largest everything else, with Cheryl’s expertise on and friendliest venues. loan while starting out.

"Like" Us on Facebook to find out about the next meeting!

“I thought if I could get the magazine through this economic downturn, it would do well.” The Urban Liaison is different, showcasing happy stories with positive words. Recently, Richard brought her positive magazine into Boise. The publisher states happily, “It’s been well-received.”

48 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

One businessman grudgingly said he’d advertise with Richard if it was ‘really cheap’.



anting to market more than just one industry, Cheryl Richard started Outside the Box Marketing, helping small businesses. When trying to get TV time for a client, she was told that for $500, they could put them on their website.

At first, media designers laughed over slight distortions or pixelation. Journalists and random citizens found content flaws.


Richard offers entrepreneurial advice:

“With perseverance, you can go a long way. Never give up, be tough! You have to have a thick skin. If you’re good at what you do, an artist, people will try to tear you apart. You can’t please them. Let them go. Be smart, work hard, be driven, set goals and don’t stop until you meet them.”

By Amy Larson




Coaching Sleepwalkers to

Do you wake up with joy and passion for a new day? Do you have clarity about how you want your life to look and feel?


ne of the first questions I ask my clients is what do they love or have a passion for. A large percentage answer that they do not know. They have lost their dreams, their desires, and their passions. They are alive but asleep to the miracles that are in front of them everyday. I understand, as I used to be a sleepwalker too. I spent 17 years in the corporate world working for the next promotion, always unsure if I even wanted it. It was what I was “supposed” to do, to be successful until I could retire. According to Forbes magazine, 70% of people do not like or hate their jobs. These are the hundreds of thousands of people who are living lives of quiet desperation. They are sleepwalking through life. Our days are routine filled with work, television and mindless chatter about the weather and homework until Friday when we get a bit of relief as we look forward to weekend time for ourselves and family. Then Sunday evening the tension headache begins to appear again and we get ready to do it all over again. We work long hours so we can buy things we don’t even want. So many of us are asleep until it takes a crisis to wake us up. Do not wait for the “mid-life crisis” to hit, to make the small and immediate changes that can significantly impact the quality of how you live today. If you are ready to ignite your inner fire and stop sleepwalking, I have three simple but effective practices you can begin to implement today. 1) Acknowledge how you really feel about your life and whether you are sleepwalking through it. Once you really acknowledge it and step into the understanding that this is where you are, you can then change it. By acknowledging it, you move from a feeling of being stuck to a space of recognizing that change can really happen. You begin to notice opportunities to feel more connected with others, to laugh freely, and to share more of who you really are with those around you.

2) Be present and grateful. Notice the miracles that surround you and feel gratitude for all you have today. Focus on what you are doing, thinking, and feeling in the moment. Most of our time is spent living in either the past or the future, rather than in the present. Instead of rushing past this moment on the way to somewhere in the future, slow down and enjoy it.

Erin Cross is the owner and lead coach for Imagine, Dream, Act Coaching (I.D.A. Coaching) and works with organizational teams and leaders to significantly enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity. She also works with individuals and groups to awaken their inner fire and live with purpose, passion, and abundance. Erin is a speaker, a Certified Advanced Transformational Coach, Certified in Hypnosis, and the author of the soon to be released book and online group coaching program, “Ignite Your Life And Shine”. She can be contacted for speaking engagements, corporate training and coaching, or for a free discovery session for group or individual coaching programs. To sign up for our newsletter or view current schedule of workshops, retreats, and new programs, please call

3) Connect with others and build real relationships. Due to technology, some believe we are more connected than ever. We have facebook and now can share what we had for dinner with someone we haven’t seen in 20 years. We sit in our cubicles and send emails to someone that sits 20 feet away instead of getting up and walking over to talk. We are connected by technology but we are more disconnected from each other than ever before. We are behind the computer not out in our community. We watch television instead of calling a friend. And we hide who we really are from our colleagues because it is easier and safer to talk about the weather and the last episode of “American Idol” than to be real with each other. Take the time to really connect with your spouse, your children, your friends, and colleagues.

208-412-1165 or visit www.idacoaching.com

Winter Issue 2013 |


50 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley



Winter Issue 2013 |


The Meridian Chamber of Commerce wishes YOU a Happy New Year! It’s our hope that your holidays were nothing less than joyous. For the Meridian Chamber, 2012 was a time of development, change and growth. As we ring in the New Year of 2013, our mission remains the same. We’re here to “serve, strengthen and promote the Meridian Business Community.” Each member of our Chamber is appreciated for the time and talents they add to our organization and its activities. We’re really excited about the events that are planned during the first part of 2013, and want to share them with you: • Meridian Chamber Lunch: First and third Tuesdays of each month. Exciting guest speakers and invaluable networking opportunities. • Business After Hours: The Second or third Thursday of each month. Locations to be announced. • Up 2 Speed: A fast-paced networking venue where you can make anywhere from 40-60 new contacts. • KIDO Broadcast: At the end of each month, we’ll be broadcasting from a different Meridian Business.

For more Meridian Chamber activities, keep an eye on our calendar at www.meridianchamber.org



living the dream at

BridgeTower Chiropractic


n 1865 magnetic healer Daniel Palmer met custodian Harvey Lillard, who asked Palmer to take a look at his neck. Palmer discovered a displaced bone. Palmer pushed on that bone, popping it into place. The next day Harvey Lillard said hearing had been restored in his ear that hadn’t worked since birth. Palmer made the connection between bone and nerve, did extensive research, and chiropractics was born. Palmer taught others, including son B.J. Palmer, who taught J.C. Peterson. As a boy, Dr. Scott Gibbons’ mother took him to Dr. J.C. Peterson (in Preston) who practiced until he was over 92 years old. When Scott wrecked his three-wheeler and couldn’t move his neck, having ‘his ear pasted to his shoulder’, Dr. Peterson fixed him up. He rode his ATV that evening. This left a huge impression on Scott Gibbons, who considered becoming a chiropractor. Later, he witnessed another chiropractor help his aunt who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. He uncurled her arthritic fingers, saving her from a proposed tendon-cutting operation. “It released so much tension, she started crying from relief,” Dr. Gibbons says. That was thirty years ago. That aunt went on to have three more children and has traveled the world. Scott Gibbons still wanted to be a chiropractor, but time was getting away from him. Several people told him to put away that dream and get on with life. Then he met Debbie, who became his spouse. She told him, “If you want to go to school, go! What’s the point in doing a job you don’t love? I want you to be happy!” One concern was the manual manipulation of traditional chiropractics. Doctors’ bodies take a toll from the strain of their work. This was answered by Dr. Gibbons’ discovery of the ProAdjuster ® System, a computerized analysis and treatment instrument that provides Chiropractic care. The ProAdjuster ® effectively and gently adjusts the spine, without wearing out the chiropractor. This is the machine Dr. Gibbons uses in his office. BridgeTower Chiropractic is a positive place to be, by design. Dr. Gibbons’ easygoing personality and sense of humor makes patients comfortable. At the front desk, Debbie Gib-

bons greets patients with a smile every time. If you talk to her on the phone, you can hear her positive energy through the line. “I always want people to feel the happy,” she says, “We do our best to help our patients feel relaxed and comfortable. When patients come in with difficult situations and don’t heal as quickly as we would like them to, we pray for them.”

“I have been searching for a new chiropractor since mine retired. I had the pleasure of going to BridgeTower Chiropractic yesterday. A great establishment and office. I have never tried the ProAdjuster ® before. No cracking, and I feel awesome today!” -Sherri

“I have never gone to a chiropractor in such pain and walked out with such relief. It was really kind of a miracle. Thanks so much, Dr. Scott!” -Cheryl Richard

“Thank you, Dr. Scott, for fixing my numb hands. I slept all night without my hands falling asleep.” -Brandie

“I just had Dr. Scott adjust my jaw. It went out the other night while I slept. He did a great job, and I can now open and close my mouth like I should without the pain. Dr. Scott is an amazing chiropractor.”

Patients give glowing testimonials, thankful they can walk out of the office after sometimes crawling in. While their patients appreciate BridgeTower, the Gibbons are also appreciative of the Meridian Chamber. “The Meridian Chamber has been wonderful for us, very supportive, especially the employees at the Chamber office. Scott’s been a Meridian Chamber Ambassador for six years, completing their leadership program last year.” That helped him get to know even more people in the Chamber, quite a few Chamber members are patients of theirs. BridgeTower’s non-cracking, painless ProAdjuster method is effective, enjoyable, and relaxing. Dr. Scott and Debbie Gibbons say, “You don’t have to live with pain. We can help!”

chiropractormeridian.com 208-846-8898

-A BridgeTower Patient

By Amy Larson

Scan this code to visit our mobile website


Mention you saw it in the UL when you call and your first visit is No Twisting, No Popping, No Cracking with the Pro-Adjuster Machine Centrally located in the Treasure Valley on Ten Mile in Meridian

Dr. Scott Gibbons & Debbie Gibbons

Excellent Customer Service



3120 W. Belltower Dr., Ste 150 Meridian, Idaho




Holiday Issue 2012 |


We Can Help Y

our phone rings, so naturally you answer it. Oh, it is a debt collector and you try to be civil and explain your situation, but money is tight and everything costs so much more today. The debt collector does not care and in fact rudely exclaims, “…if you just paid your bills…” By the time you hang up, you have been belittled, berated, embarrassed, harassed, and humiliated; you are left to feel distraught with no idea what to do or how to do it. The bill collectors keep hounding you, calling, sending threatening letters, and you are left thinking to yourself, “when is this going to end?” You have no extra money because of inflation, job loss, medical bills, or some other reason, but you are a good, honorable person, who tries to comply with your commitments. At some point in our lives, we have all been in this situation, struggling with overwhelming financial pressures. There is hope, you have rights. Over the years, our government has recognized the common abuses the collection industry has heaped on debtors for years and has enacted laws to protect consumers from these abuses. This is where Earl & Earl, PLLC comes in to help you; we have your back. No, actually it is more than that, we can


take over for you, and since we know the law, we can ensure the collectors are not violating the law! When you hire Earl & Earl, PLLC, we put the abusive debt collector in their place; debt collectors beware! How would it be if the harassing debt collector not only quit harassing you, but actually wrote YOU a check? While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we can guarantee ignoring them will not make creditors (debt collectors) go away. We put the force of the law on your side, and we are delighted to stand in your corner and fight for your rights. Whether you are dealing with debt collectors, trying to correct errors on your credit report, or simply need a fresh start through bankruptcy, we are on your side. Here at Earl & Earl, PLLC, we are a different kind of law firm. We do not judge your situation. We offer the help and information consumers today need. Whether you have debt problems, suffer with errors on your credit report, or have been a victim of identity theft and left with the frustration of attempting to repair the damage. Give us a call; it is time for them to squirm under the pressure from Earl & Earl, PLLC.


We try to provide as much information, support, and legal advice so our clients can keep his or her hard earned money. We wish to have more than a simple attorney client relationship: we hope to be your legal partner for life.

(208) 890-0355 www.earlandearllegal.com

212 10th Ave So., Nampa, Idaho 54 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Chamber Luncheon

Weds., 11:30am - 1:00pm Nampa Civic Center February 20, 2013 March 13, 2013 April 17, 2013 *(11:15am)

Business & Breakfast

Thurs., 7:30 - 8:30am Hampton Inn & Suites February 14, 2013 March 7, 2013 April 11, 2013

Professional Development Speaker Series Weds., 11:30am - 1:00pm Location TBD February 6, 2013 March 6, 2013 April 3, 2013

Coffee on Us

Tues., 7:30am – 8:30am

Nampa Chamber of Commerce Office February 26, 2013 March 26, 2013 April 30, 2013


Sat., March 16, 2013 9:00am - 3:00pm Nampa Civic Center

Annual Celebration Tues., May 14, 2013 5:00pm - 8:00pm Nampa Civic Center

Reservations are required to attend chamber events. Dates are subject to change. Visit www.nampa.com/events for details Nampa Chamber Luncheons and Business & Breakfast will run from September - April


www.nampa.com for your Chamber and Community Events.

Sat, March 16th 9am - 3pm Nampa Civic Center

The 9th Annual HealthFest... a FREE, family friendly, community event has something for everyone. The HealthFest, with approximately 80 exhibitors, focuses on all aspects of health. Exhibitors range from health care professionals to community organizations.

‘Growing Business and Building Community’

56 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Harvest Issue 2012 | PAGE 56

Free Screenings • Children’s Activities • Fun Give-A-Ways Health screenings will be available for all ages. Interactive children’s activities, games, and prizes will be available at the booths along with educational sessions available throughout the day.


www.nampa.com for your Chamber and Community Events.

Winter Issue 2013 |


Nampa Chamber of Commerce


Make Some New Year’s (Financial)

nce again, it’s time to make some New Years resolutions. This year, in addition to promising yourself that you’ll hit the gym more often, learn a new language or take up a musical instrumentall worthy goals of course,- why not set some financial resolutions? Consider these suggestions:

Boost your retirement account contributions.

If your income will rise this year, consider putting more money into your employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as 401(k), 403 (b), and, 457 (b). You typically contribute pre-tax dollars to your plan, so the more you put in, the lower your taxable income. Plus, your retirement plan has tax-deferred growth potential.

Don’t overreact to the headlines.

Lately, you’ve heard a lot about the “fiscal cliff,” political paralysis, the debt ceiling and other Really Scary Topics. These issues are not insignificant- but should they keep you from investing? After all, in any given year, you won’t have to look hard to find warnings and negative news events-and many people do use these ominous-sounding headlines as a reason to head to the investment “sidelines” for a while. But if you’re not investing, you’re unquestionably missing out on opportunities to make progress toward your financial goals. So, instead of focusing on

58 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

the news of the day, make your investment decisions based on the fundamentals of those investments you may be considering, along with your goals, risk, tolerance and time horizon.

Keep wilting away your debt.

Over the past few years, Americans have done a good job of lowering their debt burdens. Of course, the economy is still tough, and it can be challenging to avoid taking on new debt. But the less debt you have, the more you can invest for your retirement and other important objectives.

Rebalance your portfolio to accommodate your risk tolerance.

If you spend too much time worrying about the ups and downs of your investments, then your portfolio’s potential for volatility may be too great for your individual risk tolerance. On the other hand, if you continually see little growth in your holdings, even

‘Growing Business and Building Community’

Resolutions for 2013 when the finical markets are going strong, you may be investing to conservatively-especially if you are will to take on some calculated risk to potentially boost your return. So review your portfolio at least once in 2013 to see if it needs to be “rebalanced” to fit your risk tolerance.

Get some help. Navigating the investment world by yourself is not easy. For one thing, there is a lot to know; different types of investments, changing tax laws, the effects of inflation, interest rates movement and much more. Furthermore, when you are making investment decisions on your own, you may have a hard time being objective-so you might end up investing with your heart, and not your head. The need for knowledge and objectivity points to the advantages of working with an experienced financial professional-someone who understands both the financial markets and your individual needs and goals.


These aren’t the only financial resolutions you can make for 2013 But if you follow through on them, you may well need to make fewer ones when 2014 rolls around. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisors: Darren Collom, Rodney Emery, Jeff Erekson, Andy Dodson

524 3rd St. South • Nampa, ID 83651 copies@copiesplus.com • www.copiesplus.com

Winter Issue 2013 |


60 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley



Winter Issue 2013 |


uide Pizza Guy 337 Caldwell Boulevard, Nampa | (208) 466-4540 Mike Barnett and his wife Bekah spent 3 years in New York City while she attended graduate school at NYU. It was an incredible experience. Mike had never lived anywhere but Texas and Bekah had been living in Seattle before they were married in the summer of 2000. They drove a U-Haul across the country and piled into a 500 square foot apartment in Queens. They lived through 9/11 and the blackout of '03. They also developed a love of New York style pizza. There are thousands of small shops all over the city selling pizza by-the-slice. They rely on heavy foot traffic and fast service. As far back as 2001, Mike got the idea to take that same business model and add a drive-thru. Everybody loves pizza. Most people like the convenience of drive-thru service. Why not combine the two? Thus the concept for Pizza Guy was born. Eleven years later, Pizza Guy is finally a reality. The first of what will eventually be many locations is right here in Nampa, Idaho. Go to Pizza Guy today and enjoy authentic New York style pizza that is fast, fresh, and affordable. The pizza wizards at Pizza Guy have over 32 years combined experience. They make their top secret dough every day. They use only the freshest ingredients. Each pizza is handcrafted to perfection. Pizza Guy offers 9 different pizzas by the slice, or you can order your own personal combination. In addition, they have a dozen unique Specialty Pizzas. Be sure to try the Jalapeno Popper pizza, it is the talk of the town! Pizza Guy also offers great salads and an Italian sub that is to-die-for. They also have two big flat screen TVs so join them for the next Broncos game, Monday Night Football, or other televised sporting events. Pizza Guy offers dine-in, drive-thru, and carry-out service. Visit Pizza Guy today!

Café de Coco (208) 465-6428 | 117 13th Avenue S. Nampa www.cafedecoconampa.com Anyone wanting to share a memory with someone they care about needs to visit the ever-charming Café de Coco. Operated in a nostalgic downtown Nampa building, with their captivating gift shop, whimsically mismatched tables and chairs, you can’t help but fall in love with the place. It’s the perfect intimate venue in which to catch up with friends, or for that special parent-child lunch. Sit back, let out a long sigh and relax to the soft music as you’re absolutely spoiled by Café de Coco’s warm, attentive staff. Café de Coco’s Turkey Focaccia has been called ‘the best sandwich in the world’. Their savory homemade quiche creates cravings you can do nothing about, other than to answer the call. There are delicious soups, salads and sandwiches to choose from; and choosing is often a tough choice. Not to worry, you can return again and again for a chance to try something else that’s tempted you. Skip dessert? Not on your life: Mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, chocolate cherry fudge cake, huckleberry scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd, cheesecake topped with strawberries, and multiple flavors of creamy gelato are all the rage of Café de Coco’s happy patrons. On your way out, peruse the gift shop for jewelry, a scarf, or a keepsake to take home as a souvenir of the time you’ve spent with friends or family.

62 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

THe REEF (208) 287-9200 | 105 Sixth St. S. Boise | www.reefboise.com "Vacation" is the one word that comes to mind when Head Chef Drew Leger describes the Reef. You will find delectable quality Polynesian style faire in a "relax and have fun feel" atmosphere. Reef serves Pacific Rim, Thai, Hawaiian, Mexican and Japanese food just to name a few. The tropical food is all cooked to order and produced as fast as possible since the exotic restaurant serves as a nightclub venue as well. Almost all items are made from scratch including soups, stocks and sauces like coconut, mango, teriyaki and srirachi. Fish is hand-fileted and steak is hand cut 100% certified Angus beef. This paradise also has a banquet room that seats 20-40 people and boasts a roof-top patio with Tiki torches. Open M-F 11-10 for food and Sat. 4-11. Surf's up diners.

Island Kine Grinds (208) 389-8475 | 3116 Garrity Blvd #4, Nampa Think of the Islands for the holidays! Missing the authentic Island food of Hawaii, Ludi and Renus Domingo bring the Aloha to Nampa with Island Kine Grinds’ Hawaiian comfort food and plate lunches. Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, they have it all. Ludi is Queen of Cuisine and Renus is the host with the most, making you feel like IKG is your second home. Since ‘grinds’ means roughly ‘get your grub on’, that’s what you’ll do, and you’ll be so glad you did. Now IKG is giving us even more reasons to love the Aloha, since they’re offering catering and party packs for the holidays. They’ve also added Shoyu Chicken to their menu, answering the many requests from Polynesian friends in Idaho. That’s not all…They’ll rent out IKG for that holiday party or family gathering. And the absolute kicker? Check out their new Aloha Friday Buffet, giving us one more great reason to live it up on Fridays. If you haven’t been to Island Kine Grinds, you’ve missed the boat!

SHAKE 'N TAKE (208) 898-5858 • 710 West Ustick Rd, Meridian www.shakentakemeridian.com Do you remember when the “good old hamburger joints” served homemade fries? Where the beef was fresh and never frozen? Where you were treated like family with each and every order? Where the homemade milk shakes rocked your world? Well, you can step back in time, at Shake n Take Burgers in Meridian. Dee and Greg Holsted invite you to stop on in and try one of their famous burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, hand-cut fresh fries and handmade shakes today. The menu is simple.. but everything is fresh, made to order and simply delicious … just the way you remember. Don’t be in a rush---there is no drive-through at Shake n Take-- but you will find a warm and friendly dining area and a staff that welcomes you.

Honey Baked Ham and CafÉ (208) 377-8664 6103 | Fairview in Boise, Idaho www.boisehoneybakedham.com Giving a whole new meaning to ‘B&B’, Honey Baked Ham and Café has scrumptious sandwiches, chips, potato salad, coleslaw and cookies all in one ‘hammy’ box lunch, but don’t forget the other ‘b’, because they have the bottles, too, bringing the Treasure Valley a mouth-watering selection of spirits from all over the globe to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Small batch Pinot Noir from Williamette Valley to authentic old-world Bavarian Hefeweissen, you’re sure to pick up something you love. Enjoy house wines by the glass, or browse the selection of over 100 beers to mix and match your own custom six pack! Enjoy Brownstone Pinot Grigio with its aromas of ripe peach, pear, lychee and honeysuckle, blended with a hint of vanilla and toasted oak. The creamy texture and bright, fruity flavor and aroma pair excellently with grilled chicken or roasted halibut. Don’t forget to stop by their wine tastings on first and third Wednesdays, too! Purchase your ‘B&B’s (boxes and bottles) at Honey Baked Ham and Café today.

Winter Issue 2013 |




Real Estate


answered by a

Q: Is it still a buyer's market?

"Yes and no," says Liz Alexander with John L. Scott Real Estate, "based on supply and demand, right now it's a seller's market in nearly every price range in the Treasure Valley. However based on interest rates for mortgage loans, it's still a buyer's market."

Q: Is there still a lot of

shadow inventory waiting to hit the market?

"Shadow inventory is generally referred to as properties which are foreclosed/ bank owned but being withheld from the market. Liz Alexander says, "I do not believe there is a huge amount of shadow inventory but even if there is, we have fewer homes on the market today than we've had in the past 5 years. We could actually use some more inventory."

Q: What's the first step

in the process of buying a house?

"Good question, the first step is to get pre-approved through a lender, I always recommend someone local with in-house underwriting. Why? 'In house underwriting' means there is less risk the loan will fall apart the day before closing."

Top Producer Liz Alexander

and start to prepare the home to sell by deep cleaning, de-cluttering and neutralizing the home of bold/bright paint and very personalized decor."

Most Wanted Realtor 208-703-3831 MostWantedRealtor@gmail.com

Q : What are the current

Jim Purvis

interest rates?

Real Estate Consultant 208-602-8598 MostServedClient@gmail.com

"My last buyer closed on her house with a 3.25% 30 year fixed rate. I see a lot in the 3.5% range right now. It's just amazing! Anyone who is considering buying a house should talk with a lender before the interest rates go up."

Q : How much do REALTORs

charge in commission fees?

"6% is John L. Scott's brokerage fee which we ask the seller to pay. This covers 3% for the buyer's agent and 3% for the seller's agent. This also includes a free home warranty for the seller while the home is listed for sale. Rarely are my buyers responsible for any  commission fees." 

Coming Soon

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath 500 Business Cards $8.50 Order Custom Printed Business Cards 100% Satisfaction Living Room/Family Room. The QR codes for Businesses Promote your Business with QR Codes & Mobile Pages in Islands Subdivision.

Apps on Google Play Get your favorite Android apps from your phone, tablet or we



Q : Can I refinance even

if my house won't appraise for what I owe?

"It is possible, call your mortgage servicer and ask them if you qualify for any of their current programs. Every lender is   unique but there are programs available so it's worth checking out."


 

Q: What's the first step

Search the MLS Like Image an Agent: Size JimAndLiz.ListingBook.com

  Your QR Code




in the process of selling a house?

    

"Get a market analysis completed by an experienced agent (you may consider getting a couple opinions)

Free Net Sheet Calculator: PioneerTitleCo.com

66 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

  



Save QR Code as a PNG image

Do more stu

Make Zazzle clothes, m and mor


Get back to living— find out if Karcher is right for you…

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Winter Issue 2013 |


“They say it’s amazing. They say ‘I was on one of your job sites and I just couldn’t believe it,’” says Amy Harder, co-owner of Miracle Method of Boise, “It’s a fantastic product, we’re very proud to be doing it. Our customers are telling people, they’re not keeping it to themselves. I like that.”


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Word is getting around about Miracle Method, the inexpensive, economical way to refinish bathrooms and kitchens. It can restore a tub without removing it. It can repair tile, countertops, Corian, concrete, laminate, fiberglass. It can repair any surface that’s man-made. Miracle Method can add corner round to your sharp edges, changing into a more modern bullnose style. It can fill in and seal grout, creating a solid, easier-to-clean surface. They can match hundreds of custom colors (they’ve even done a tub in Boise State blue and orange), plus they have granite and marble colors, something called Natural Accents.

How do they do it? There’s some science behind it. For 33 years, the company has constantly improved their product through their extensive research and development department. The product is a spray-on coating with a two-step cleaner. The difference is basic. Miracle Method is a chemical bond, not a mechanical bond. Mechanical bonds use acid to etch the surface and attach the spray-on, while Miracle Method uses an agent that creates a chemical bond, allowing things like tub surfaces to expand and contract when it’s cold or warm. This eliminates the ability for chips to occur down the road. Something Miracle Method customers love is that their older tubs and showers look like new again. Whereas the former surface was once a huge chore to clean, the new and shining Miracle Method finish makes cleaning a snap. Plus, refinishing can extend the life of bath and kitchen fixtures for as many as fifteen years or more. It’s an intelligent option versus the purchase of a brand new tub or shower, and when Miracle Method is done, you’d never know the difference. Tile and bathroom countertops can change from dark and dreary to light and lovely, and kitchen counters can become transformed, turning the least favorite room in the house into the most favorite room in the house. Miracle Method of Boise is a family-owned franchise; Amy Harder, her husband David and brother-in-law, Terry, have been running

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By Amy Larson

the business since 2009. They get a lot of calls from upper-scale residences, contractors, hospitals and landlords that want to save money. Their jobs are located all over the state. People are catching on to the affordability and ease of Miracle Method. In addition, Miracle Method of Boise’s customer service level is above and beyond. “What our customers think about our work means everything to us!” say the Harders. The practical reasons to use Miracle Method are endless. Customers save thousands, and don’t have to wait for days or weeks, putting up with the typical irritation and chaos of a home remodel and demolition. “Why replace the whole thing when you don’t need to?” Amy says, “we can repair the smallest or largest of areas, and we make everything seamless. You wouldn’t know it had been repaired. It truly is seamless. We just come in and make it look like new. You could technically save about 75% by using Miracle Method. We’ve received great responses from Angie’s List and Facebook, we’re aces with the Better Business Bureau, and we stand behind our product.” Experience a miracle in your own home for 2013 by calling Miracle Method today.

*Each Miracle Method franchise is independently owned and operated.

Phone: 208-369-4655 Toll-Free: 888-271-7690 Fax: 208-904-3898 www.miraclemethod.com/bathtub-refinishing-boise.php

What their Customers are Saying... “At least half the cost, and very timely. Our 35-year-old bathrooms look new, which is really quite amazing. Dave runs his company in such a caring and friendly manner, customers really do come first. They worked diligently and never minded all the questions I had. This is definitely a company I would recommend and call back for any other services they offer. Thanks.”--Jennifer “We had one of our bathroom vanity countertops painted. Our technician was great, very gracious and wanting to do a good job. We were very pleased, it turned out nice. Would use again.” -Miracle Method customer

“I had the tile in my shower and bathroom countertops resurfaced by Miracle Method. I am very pleased with the results. David took the time to explain the process, dealing with any concerns or questions we had. My old dark, shabby-looking bathroom has been transformed into a bright, beautiful room I am proud to show my guests. I would highly recommend this service.” -Gail “I had my kitchen counters refinished by David and Terry. I am so impressed with the results, what a difference. They were professional and it was a great deal!” -Rachel

Winter Issue 2013 |



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Urban Liaison Winter Issue  

A magazine devoted to the importance of local living

Urban Liaison Winter Issue  

A magazine devoted to the importance of local living

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