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Rock Revival ~ Big Star ~ Mek Cult of Individuality ~ Tin Haul Southern Thread Mean Jean’s specialize in premium denim for men and women, western boots, and unique jewelry, tops and dresses at affordable prices. We also offer cowboy boots from Corral Boot Company, Tin Haul, Roper, and Stetson.

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Revi val

Men disco tion this a (sal e unt now d to get thru the or re 12 gula r pri /31/2013 ced jean s)

Mon-Fri 11am-6pm Sat 11am-4pm 209 S. Eagle Road, Eagle, ID 83616 Downtown Eagle just North of Walgreens



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cheryl Yes, it's fall.

Culinary Specialists, Chef Patrick Rolfe and Theresa da Silva, Director of Business Resources & Marketing for Sysco Idaho are on a journey to discover Food, Wine and Scenic Byways of Idaho. The first in a series, this issue covers the great Snake River Canyon Scenic Byway (see page 8 for story). We are working in conjunction with the Idaho Recreation and Tourism Department and the Idaho Wine Commission to bring the beauty of our state to life. There are 31 identified Scenic Byways in Idaho, and we will be covering six of them. We will highlight some fabulous restaurants on each of the byways so you can begin your tour of a byway with breakfast/lunch and end you day with dinner. There is so much this state offers in culinary delights. Exploring the scenic byways with food and wine brings a sense that Idaho is beyond just potatoes! The state is filled with local offerings just waiting for you to discover. Future issues will have a YouTube link to bring the article/ byway to life. Enjoy local living! Theresa da Silva Director of Business Resource & Marketing Sysco Idaho

Always my favorite time of year. I think we are all relieved to feel the cooler weather and the slower pace that fall seems to bring. Hopefully you are taking a relaxing break while you are reading this local magazine. While you peruse the pages, please be mindful of all of the wonderful, locally owned businesses we have here in our area. Support Local, Play Local, Eat Local and Buy Local, is the message of The Urban Liaison Magazine and we are honored to represent so many local businesses in relaying this vital message. I write about the importance of Buy Local each issue and have for five years, and yet the message seems ambitiously received but not implemented. I ask that all of you seriously think about the power we have, in every purchase we make, to support or not support our local economy. So many small local companies are on the verge of losing their dreams and their livelihoods because the Buy Local message is not sinking in. Local citizens are the biggest determining factor in whether our communities thrive or struggle. That's us, guys! The determining factor! Thank you so much for your continued support, your interest in the Urban Liaison Magazine, and especially for Buying Local.

Cover Photographer: Sarah founded Everhart Photography in 2008 after years of shooting and perfecting the art of photography. While she specializes in boudoir photography as well as family and children's portraits, her extensive experience and creative eye makes her Idaho's best choice for all of your photography needs.

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Amy Larson Patti Saunders Mays

Aryonna Richards Christy Hovey

Jessica McAnally


Cheryl Richard FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS, contact (208) 880-0152. All rights to publication of articles in this issue are reserved. Please call or write for permission to print any articles. Contributions — letters, manuscripts, photos, artwork — are welcomed with the understanding that the editor cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. Articles, letters, photos and artwork will be edited and published at the discretion of the editor.

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IBG Garden aGlow Details 2355 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise (208) 343-8649 Open Rain, Shine or Snow Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28 - January 5, 2014, including holidays Imagine delicate snowflakes gently floating, crackling bonfires hotly burning, delicious cocoa warmly soothing, cheerful choirs happily caroling... all in the midst of tiny lights brightly twinkling. This dreamy vision becomes reality each winter at the Idaho Botanical Garden’s “Winter Garden aGlow.” This Treasure Valley holiday tradition began in 1997 with a mere 15,000 lights and drew about 1,300 guests. The display has grown every year and this season, some 56,000 visitors are expected to enjoy the - ready for this - 308,000 lights! That's one LED for each person in Boise, Nampa, Eagle and Star combined! That's a lot of lights twinkling over sixteen acres of garden grounds. Getting the garden ready is a labor of love. It takes six full-time staff and 50-60 volunteers nearly two months to light it up. They start stringing strands the beginning of October for the display that opens Thanksgiving Day. They'll cover nine separate garden areas with colorful lights to create unity in one spectacular aura. Just like each winter snowflake is unique, so is each winter's glowing garden. Planners create a new "WOW" for every season, and this year is no exception. Without giving away the surprise, watch for a unique feature in the Meditation Garden this year. Santa and Prancer have visited children at Garden aGlow for many years, but this year they'll have a brand new Train Station stop. So bring your camera or use their professional photographer's expertise to capture the memories. Speaking of trains, don't miss the Southern Idaho Garden Railway's moving train exhibit in the English garden. Then, grab your kaleidoscope glasses (and other goodies) from the garden gift store before heading up to the brightly lit tree house in the Children's Adventure Garden, from which you'll get a bird's eye view of the entire sparkling show that is certain to put you in the holiday spirit. "My favorite thing is that everyone says Renee White, Director of ing. "It's a magical evening where ful, kind, and cheerful. There's which is why we all really love aGlow." While the event is a wonderful it is also essential to the Garden's year round. As a 501(c)3 organitax or government funding, so a annual budget comes from the Garden is grateful for this year's

(Closed December 3& 4 for private event) 6:00pm - 9:30pm Non-member Adult - $8 Member Adult - $4 Youth 5-12 - $4 Child 4 and younger - Free Military ID - Save $1 Admission includes free parking Carload Mondays - $20 for six passengers Santa & Prancis in a good mood," Events and Marketeveryone is respectsuch a sense of joy, the Winter Garden

holiday celebration, ability to operate zation, it receives no large portion of the Garden aGlow. The presenting sponsorship from Mountain West Bank and the volunteers from Hewlett-Packard who helped string lights. However, there is still a need for volunteers. What a great way to see the display, by giving a few hours of your time during the holiday season. (Contact the Garden's volunteer coordinator, Karen Christenson.) If you love the Garden, chances are you also like gardening - so check out the IBG's on-line auction for some great gift ideas. Starting November 1, you can bid on garden tool collections, Boise State packages, autographed performer posters, spa days and many other items. Visit before the auction ends December 9 - just in time for gift-giving. As beautiful as the blooms are in spring and summer, just as enchanting are the colorful trees and shrubs in fall and winter, with the changing season and glowing lights. Make the Idaho Botanical Garden Winter Garden aGlow a part of your holiday traditions.


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Thoughts become things What you think about you bring about You are the creator of your own • Individual one-on-one coaching

• Retreats

• Corporate Luncheons

• Workshop

• Speaking to teens about self-image and self-esteem

• Seminars

• Empower and pump up sales staff • Guest Speaker

Roxy Feller is a transitional coach and motivational speaker, who assist’s you in shifting your energy so that you can get the results that you want. Roxy’s client base is broad. Ranging from individual coaching to working with corporate business as a keynote speaker and coach. You can hear Roxy twice a week on KIDO’s Idaho’s Money Show. Tune in and begin to unlock your potential and let Roxy show you how you are ready to live and not just exist.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to what we know we could be.

- Emerson | 208.713.2949 |

Holiday Issue 2013



Rewards of Owning a Business “If you live today like no one else will, you will live like no one else can tomorrow.” – Dave Ramsey Written by

Brandon Wright Many people have no idea the freedom and benefits they could enjoy by owning their own business. Benefits like six-figure incomes, beautiful homes, nice vehicles, deluxe vacations, flexible work schedules, time for family activities, and a lifestyle that is more luxurious than one could ever achieve by working for someone else. The freedom to make your own decisions and build your business the way you want it is one of the most gratifying things in life. This is what owning a business is all about. One of the best books on small businesses management that I’ve read is “The EMyth” by Michael Gerber. He makes the


$ 99

very valid point that business owners must get out of the “technician quadrant” and into the “business owner quadrant.” It’s a mindset shift where an owner starts looking at his business as a way to create an exceptional life – a life he never thought possible, rather than working day-by-day to “get the job done.”

Remember – you as the owner of the business assume all the risk and responsibility; you leveraged everything you own to create the capital needed to start the business. Your mind is at work 24/7 even though you may not physically be there. Indeed, business owners deserve the rewards that ownership can provide.

Ask yourself some tough questions: Are your employees getting paid more than you? At the end of each month is your company making a profit, breaking even, or are you feeding it, causing your savings to slowly dwindle? Are you counting down the months you can survive? Transforming oneself into a successful business owner requires a lot more than just thinking. It requires hard work, a willingness to do whatever it takes, and a mindset that refuses to quit, even when things look hopeless.

To take that step and rise above your competitors, focus on improving in the following seven areas: Yourself, Your Leadership, Your Team, Marketing, Sales, Production/Operations, and Numbers. The business owner who masters more of these than his competitor will most definitely win out.

Special for UL Readers: ($5 off) The digital download is only $4.99

So how does the business owner overcome the obstacles and achieve the lifestyle described earlier? Be better than your competitors! Create a business model that is unique. Provide over-the-top service that people rave about. Charge enough to make a profit.

It all starts with you. Develop yourself into the successful owner that you should be. Educate yourself; learn something new every day. Practice leadership in all areas of your life - yourself, your family, your team and your company. Get the right people on your team. Implement a marketing plan that produces adequate leads, enabling your sales team to close enough sales to make a profit. Your production/operations must perform profitably while providing the best personalized service possible. Learn how to effectively manage your company and its finances. Accomplish all seven of these and you will grow yourself and your company to the point that you have the freedom and lifestyle that you deserve. Are you willing to take on the challenge? • (208) 412-6588 8

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Escape Routine

Escape to beautiful North Idaho for world-class golf at Circling Raven, relaxing Spa Ssakwa’q’n treatments, uniquely Northwest dining experiences and a night of luxury accommodations.







*Must be a Rewards member. Based on availability. Package available Sunday through Thursday. Price per person based on double occupancy. All packages incur a 7% Tribal Tax. Expires 10/31/14.




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15 Coach Julie 22 Image from Inside Out 29 How to select a home buidler


5 Coach Julie 12 10 Steps on How to bE Happy 19 Tax time... Let’s Get prepared


3 & 10 Marketing for the New Year

Perfection Proofreading and Editing Patti Saunders Mays, Owner Hello all my favorite Treasure Valley people! Thank you for being so receptive to my new service, “Perfection Proofreading & Editing”! I took on some great new clients last month and had several inquiries, so UL Magazine ads do work, and life is good.

In this issue I want to discuss a problem that is near and dear to my heart because it’s making writers look bad and I aim to shed light on the issue, which is. . . The horrors of spell check. I think I mentioned last issue that not just a few, but most people have difficulty writing. Even highly-educated professionals struggle with their written works and because of that, proofreaders and editors were in great demand before computers became readily available. But along with computers came “the great savior” spell check, and people began depending on it more and more. Now it’s used regularly as a failsafe for any and all writing abilities. And that, dear readers, is a fatal mistake! The thing that many writers don’t realize is that spell check only finds words that are mis-spelled, not words that are mis-used. For example, the word “to” can also be spelled “two” and “too.” Each spelling means something totally different, yet if one were to say “We bought too tickets” instead of “two tickets” spell check would not find that error. Why? Because “two” is not misspelled, it’s just misused. The truth is, spell check doesn’t see any word as incorrect as long as it’s spelled correctly. So if you wrote “we bought TOE tickets, or WINDBLOWN tickets or SMILING tickets – spell check would not see an error because none of those words are misspelled. They’re just misused. Let’s carry this to a ridiculous level so you can see how untrustworthy spell check can be. Let’s say you meant to write: “We went to town and saw a good movie,” but you erroneously wrote: “We want due torn and sawed a Google mood.” What a ludicrous sentence! Yet spell check would not find a single error because every one of those words is spelled correctly. So what if the sentence makes no sense? The spelling is correct and that poor writer comes off looking foolish. Pretty scary, huh? Don’t depend on spell check. It’s a great tool, but it can’t be counted on to find all errors. You need a proofreader. Before closing I’d like to share a review I received last week from a client whose book I recently edited: "I highly recommend Patti's proofreading and editing. She was the editor of my 2nd book and I wish that she had done my first. She is very reasonable, very professional, very good to work with, and as busy as she was, she still managed a good turnaround time. Thanks Patti”

For more information check out or email I’m also on Facebook at

33 E Idaho Ave, Meridian No project is too big or too small! Let’s get started.

Find more information on 10 | The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley our website and facebook.

URBANExpert Written by

Erin Cross



An Old Sioux Legend

In ancient times, the creator wanted to hide something from humans until he felt they were ready to see it. He gathered all the creatures to ask for their advice. The eagle said, “Give it to me and I will take it to the highest mountain in all the land,” but the creator said “No, one day they will conquer the mountain and find it.” The salmon said, “Leave it with me and I will hide it at the very bottom off the ocean,” but the creator said, “No, for humans are explorers at heart and one day they will go there, too.” The buffalo said, “I will take it and bury it in the very heart of the great plains,” but the creator said, “No, for one day even the skin of the earth will be ripped open, and they will find it there.” The creatures were stumped, but then an old blind mole spoke up. “Why don’t you put it inside them - that’s the very last place they’ll look.” The creator said, “It is done.”

Inside of you is the truth. Your well-being and happiness are the essence of who you are. It is not something to acquire or something you need to “do”. It is who you are when you let go of trying to obtain it. It is inside of you. Instead of trying to do more to be happy, start with connecting to your well-being. So, how do you do that? Slow-down! I had a client who came to me with a myriad of problems that she was trying very hard to figure out all at once. Her thoughts were swirling at 100 miles per hour and so was she. And yet, she couldn’t figure any of them out. We slowed down....really slowed down until she had a feeling of calm. At that point, she began to miraculously see new answers and uncover resources that she could not access before. If you are speeding down the highway

at 100mph, you will not see what is on the side of the road that may be the answer to just what you seek. Next time you feel like your thoughts are swirling, take 1 minute to release them and become present and calm. You might be amazed at what you discover. Your happiness and well-being are within you. Look inside; that is where the most precious gift has been hidden. Call out – Coaching is about the future. It’s about creating an amazing future that’s different from a future that would have arrived by default if you had no coach. If you want to explore an amazing future, call t schedule your complimentary Discovery session today.

Erin Cross is the owner and lead coach for Imagine, Dream, Act Coaching (I.D.A. Coaching) and works with organizational teams and leaders to significantly enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity. She also works with individuals and groups to awaken their inner fire and live with purpose, passion, and abundance. Erin is a speaker, a Certified Advanced Transformational Coach, Certified in Hypnosis, and the author of the soon to be released book and online group coaching program, “Ignite Your Life And Shine”. She can be contacted for speaking engagements, corporate training and coaching, or for a free discovery session for group or individual coaching programs. To sign up for our newsletter or view current schedule of workshops, retreats, and new programs, please call 208-412-1165 or visit

New workshops and online programs are starting soon. Please visit to review schedule and reserve your seat. Also, if you would like a 30minute IGNITE session, call me today. Spaces are limited.

Happy Holidays from the Meridian Chamber! There are so many exciting things happening as we move toward 2014. November is celebrated with the Annual Banquet and the transition of the Board. Calvin Barrett with Edward Jones will transition to Immediate Past President. Calvin has been a great asset with his steady financial hand as we’ve had a year of transition and growth. The new Chairman of the Board is Kelly Ryan with Clear Voice. Kelly brings an amazing amount of enthusiasm and energy to the Meridian Chamber. The rest of the Executive Committee is Chair Elect, Rob McCarvel, United Heritage Insurance; Vice Chair, Walt Lindgren, Johnson Architects; and Treasurer, Mick Armstrong, Micro 100 Tool. The Meridian Chamber is so fortunate to have this amazing group of individuals.

Calvin Barrett

Some dates to be sure and add to your calendar are the Table Top Tradeshow on December 3 during the Chamber lunch. This is a great way to share what you do with about 120 area businesses. December 16 is the holiday lunch with music provided by one of our areas schools. Please visit the Meridian Chamber website for details and reservations. Remember through the holidays to shop local especially on November 30, which is Small Business Saturday. Let’s remember to think of our small local business for all of holiday gifts. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from the Meridian Chamber.

Mark Your Calendar Meridian Chamber Lunch:

First and third Tuesdays of the month through June.

Business After Hours:

The second or third Thursday of the month.

First Friday:

Join us at 7:30 a.m. the first Friday of the month for coffee and networking.

Lunch and Learn:

Third Wednesday of each month.

Visit our website at 12

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Kelly Ryan

Bridgetower Chiropractic also offers whole food nutrition through Juice Plus. This is a very simple way to get 23 different vine-ripened fruits and vegetables each day through capsules or chewable gummies. Juice Plus is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market today. The research shows that it reduces inflammation, supports healthy immune systems and is absorbed quickly into the body.

BRIDGETOWER CHIROPRACTIC The Wonderful Gift of Health & Relaxation


ave you ever considered giving the gift of health and relaxation? It’s a perfect present, and Bridgetower

Chiropractic is the ideal place.

Bridgetower Chiropractic, owned and operated by Dr. Scott Gibbons and his wife Debbie, is a state-ofthe-art clinic that utilizes an extremely gentle form of adjustment, called the ProAdjuster machine. And it is so popular with patients! You come in, sit in a comfortable chair and relax while Dr. Gibbons works on your neck, spine and any other areas that may be causing you discomfort. You will hear a tapping noise from the ProAdjuster as Dr. Gibbons adjusts your spine and gives you a gentle massage. Dr. Gibbons is a graduate of the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic School in Iowa, and has been in practice for 7 years. He has developed a reputation for listening closely to

patients so that exactly the right treatments are used and they feel better quickly. With the ProAdjuster there is no twisting, popping or cracking. The gentle technique is especially effective for anyone who has been in an accident because it creates relief without inflicting more pain. Patients never worry about being twisted or “crunched” because Dr. Gibbons simply does not use that methodology. With Bridgetower Chiropractic’s gentle way of adjusting they can help infants, children, adults and seniors - all ages. “We are a small family business with a friendly, comfortable atmosphere,” says Dr. Gibbons. “Getting in to see us is quick and easy, and Debbie schedules so that waiting is minimal. Our patients come on an as-needed basis; we do not endorse high-cost plans that require ongoing visits. We are centrally located on Ten Mile in Meridian - not far from

BENEFITS: • ProAdjuster machine • All insurances accepted • No plans required, come as needed


the freeway, and parking is plentiful and free! Best of all, our rates are extremely affordable and we happily accept all health insurances. If you would like the gift of health for yourself or someone you love, give Debbie a call today, 846-8898. You will always be treated in a friendly manner with respect and complete confidentiality.

Centrally located in the Treasure Valley on Ten Mile in Meridian

3120 W. Belltower Dr., Ste 150 Dr. Scott Gibbons & Holiday Issue 2013 | 13 Meridian Debbie Gibbons

LOCAL IMPACT ZONE (LIZ) Many companies struggle to keep up with the evolving paradigm in business today. It is difficult to know where and how to allocate the marketing budget. Social Networking and social influences have become key factors in growing any company. Local Impact Zone (LIZ) educates and assists companies in increasing their social influence through a Power Network. The LIZ Power Network is a privately owned and operated community development program that assists companies with branding, education, advertising, marketing and social networking, (B.E.A.M.S.) all at no cost. We believe in a culture of “Giving First to Empower the Law of Reciprocity” and “Giving Back to Create Unity in the Community”. LIZ members are very proactive in supporting other LIZ members. We are building a strong community of businesses that know and understand the importance of being supported, and therefore the importance of supporting others. The Power Network is a 12-part system that combines high tech with high touch and an explosive educational program all at no cost. LIZ is free to our members because we have funding partners that contribute monthly to fund the network. Join now and get found in this explosive and growing community called LIZ.

Brett Labit Founder/CEO


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Written By Brett Labit


What Do YOU Want for


World peace? Two front teeth? A new coffee pot? Nothing, because you have everything you need? Seriously - what DO you want? If you could put any size box under the tree, what would be in it?

Christy Stansell has a double major from USC, 14 years experience in television, 8 years in sales, two sessions working in the Idaho Senate, and she's a wife and mother. Christy founded Make A Choice To Have A Voice to raise awareness of Verbal, Mental and Emotional Abuse. Her campaign has evolved to offer personal coaching and professional speaking services customizable for any audience. She is certified as a Dream Builder Coach through the Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute in Los Angeles. Christy's purpose is to help people Discover, Define, Design and Decide for the life of their Dreams.

We all want something, and not just material possessions. Yes, getting that shiny new toy can bring joy, but only short-term. Go deeper: What would you really LOVE in your life? Many people don't know the answer, because life gets so busy (especially during holidays) that we don't take time to sit still and listen to our hearts. We don't give our minds a chance to think about life. Consider the four realms that combined give Voice to our lives: Health, Relationships, Creative Expression and Finances. Each area influences the others. When you get sick (health), you stay home from work (creative expression) and get fewer hours on your paycheck (finances). When money is tight (finances), you and your mate argue about it (relationships), and you're distracted at work (creative expression). When you fall in love (relationships), you have high energy and productivity (creative expression), so you work better and get paid more (finances). They are all intertwined. If you don't have what you want in one area, the others pay the price. However, when you are in harmony with what you would love in each area, life becomes more free-flowing and abundant. So, what do you want - not just for Christmas - but for your life? Let's unwrap the box together.

Christy's Gift to You! "FIND YOUR VOICE" BOOTCAMP ($300 value) Includes FREE 30-minute Strategy Session ($250 value) 4-week in-depth course to create the life you'd love living!

Use this code to register for half price

ONLY $149

(208) 230-3036 •

1. Untie the bow - We like to look like we have it all together, but how often is that bow tied in a knot? Loosen the strings that bind you to unhealthy habits and create new ones in line with your purpose. 2. Tear off the gift wrap - Wrapping paper is used to disguise what's in the box. What are you hiding inside? Tear off that outer layer and be more vulnerable so others can see the true you. 3. Conserve the tape - While tape keeps packages together, too much tape is messy. Connecting with other people is important, but be selective about how much time you spend with whom. Make a Choice to be with those who support you and your efforts. 4. Be generous with tissue paper - When we have a precious or fragile gift, we line it with tissue paper. We all have something special to give. Discover what you have to offer and give it generously. 5. Open the box - We can guess, but we can't know for sure what's in the box until we open it. What's in your box? Something random you don't need? Or something you set your heart on? Whether it's for Christmas, or in life, you get what you ask for. So, what do you want? One thing's for sure: you are your own box. You have gifts inside waiting to be unwrapped, and you may find the contents are just what someone else is wanting! For Christmas this year, give yourself the gift of YOU. Tear apart the gift wrap, sort through all the tissue paper, reach deep inside that box and find what you've been wanting.

Growing Business... Building Community

Sat., February 8, 2014 9:00am – 3:00pm Nampa Civic Center

Cheers to a Healthy YOU…in 2014! 2013/2014 Executive Committee Matt Davison ~ Idaho Press-Tribune Rick Youngblood ~ Syringa Bank Dan Puga ~ Jetmobile Americas Greg Braun ~ Ripley Doorn & Company

Board of Directors

Rhea Allen ~ Peppershock Media Rick Aller ~ JCPenney Eric Erickson ~ Amalgamated Sugar Company Honey Goodman ~ Treasure Valley Hospice Karl Keeler ~ Saint Alphonsus - Nampa Paula Kellerer ~ Northwest Nazarene University Janet Miller ~ St. Luke’s/Saltzer Medical Group Pam White ~ Nampa City Council Len Williams ~ Home Federal

Ex-Officio Tom Dale ~ Nampa Mayor Terry White ~ White-Peterson Debbie Kling ~ President/CEO

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle and be the best you can be then the 2014 HealthFest is the place to be. The HealthFest, a FREE community event, held at the Nampa Civic Center on Feb 8th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm is one you don’t want to miss. There is something for every age group from children to seniors. The HealthFest covers the full spectrum of health-related sectors which includes local hospitals, physicians, nutritional advisors, chiropractic, physical fitness, vision, hearing, dental, mental health, financial health and insurance. This family friendly event has something for everyone. Sessions on living a healthy life style to opportunities to win free prizes will be available throughout the day. And, the kids will love participating in fun, hands on activities while learning how to make healthy food choices. Each year free immunizations and screenings are available for all ages. Screenings include blood glucose, cholesterol, mammograms, osteoporosis, spirometry, body fat analysis, blood pressure, vision, dental, and more. Come join us at the 2014 HealthFest on February 8th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Nampa Civic Center!

Coffee on Us Tues., Jan. 28 Tues., Feb. 25 7:30AM-8:30am Nampa Chamber of Commerce Office

Luncheon Weds., Dec 18 Weds., Jan. 22 Weds., Feb. 19 11:30am-1:00pm Nampa Civic Center

Business & Breakfast

Thurs., Dec. 12 Thurs., Jan. 9 Thurs., Feb. 13 7:30AM-8:30am Hampton Inn & Suites, Nampa

HolidaY OPEN HOUSE Thurs., DEC 19 4:30PM-6PM Chamber Office

Reservations are required to attend chamber events. Dates are subject to change. Visit for details. Nampa Chamber Luncheons and Business & Breakfast will run from September - April.

Harvest Issue 2013

| 17

We Open Doors To Dreams! NMLS #2024

It’s not about files...It’s about families. Nampa Office (208)


3050 12th Ave Road NMLS #36159

Ramona Tripon 208-861-4577

Dennis Harvey 208-409-5626

Chad Campbell 208-250-9957

Leah Marchbanks 208-484-5969

Marc Mitchell 208-409-1186

Leon Baker 208-989-2174

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Iva Deobald 208-867-5907

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Carol Schultz 208-412-6228

David Moberly 208-440-6313

Eileen Zink 208-870-2343

John Spiker 208-794-2333

Sydney Wamer 208-724-5416

Bob Beisly 208-284-2507

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Carolyn Summerton


Justin A. Tripon 208-250-8186 NMLS #804410

Meridian Office (208)


2845 E. Overland Rd Suite 160 NMLS #36390


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

“Where do you work?” “What do you do”? These questions are frequently the ones we ask when meeting someone for the first time. They are the socially engaging questions that open avenues of understanding and communication and often serve as the foundation for ongoing relationships, both in business and on a personal level.


ur answers define us as contributing, productive, wage earning citizens. Our job, and our employer, can be indicators of our political opinions, our educational background, our religious beliefs and other areas of interest to us. They are important questions because many times our answers reflect how we define ourselves; how we want the world to see us. During the most recent period of high unemployment we have all seen how devastating unemployment can be for individuals and their families. Affected individuals not only feel the financial pain, they often suffer the pain of depression and loss of selfesteem. Imagine what it would be like to actively search for employment for years and never find a job? Such has been the fate of many individuals who come to Witco looking for training and assistance in finding work. Witco assists individuals with a wide range of disabilities in achieving their employment dreams. Many of those who contact Witco have previously been employed, but the onset of a disability has necessitated a job change. Joyce, a 55 year old clerk recovering from carpel tunnel surgery, can no longer manage a cash register. Trevor, a wounded warrior, can no longer work in the construction industry. John, a college educated technician, needs work modifications to accommodate his bi-polar disorder. As they engage in community activities and meet new people the “What do you do?” question is inevitably asked. The answer is “I am not working” or “I am looking for work.” Often those answers close doors rather than opening them. Witco is where people with disabilities come to realize goals and passions because they find someone who believes in them. They find the talented and motivated Employment Specialists who help all people of all disabilities achieve employment.

Often that employment may come after the specialist assists the job seeker to pursue the education and training needed to earn good wages and benefits in the career of their choosing. It may come after working on job seeking skills including developing a resume and interviewing techniques. It may come after working with the job applicant to identify area employers in the individual’s field of interest. Sometimes it comes after helping folks find the resources to buy new shoes

and presentable clothing. The tracks to employment are as unique as the unemployed individual. As we approach the holidays, the season of giving, and as we count our many blessings, please remember it takes just one person, just one small act to improve the life of someone who needs your help. If you have a job opening give Nate Dorman at Witco a call at 208-454-3051. You can be the one that gives the job seeker a positive answer to the question “Where do you work?” Additionally if you are looking for that special gift – Shop Witco! Our gourmet popcorn canisters are a special treat and the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list. Corporate accounts are welcome and we will deliver locally. Please call Marlena Iverson at 454-3051 to hear all about POPCORN CITY, a business gifted to Witco by the Crookham family in 1979. Witco is a 501 © 3 not-for-profit organization and donations to Witco are tax deductible from both federal and state taxes. Donations received this season will be used to purchase equipment and develop training programs to assist individuals with on line job searches. At Christmas and always we thank you for the 40 years of support you have given our local not-for-profit and for the thousands of lives you have touched with love and compassion. written by Mary

(M.C.) Niland

3919 E Ustick Road Caldwell, ID 83605 Office: 208-454-3051 Holiday Issue 2013

| 19

410 S. Oregon | Ontario, OR | Downtown Ontario | 541.823.0013 Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm | Sunday: Closed | Visit us at HomeStores are independently owned and operated. Š2013 Ashley HomeStores, Ltd.


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Trinity Mission Health & Rehab of Midland

Having a Planned Surgery? Let us assist you in your recovery

•Private Rehab Suites •Transportation •Experienced Team of Nurses & CNA’s

46 N. Midland Blvd. Nampa, ID 83651

(208)466-7803 Holiday Issue 2013

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Written By

Patti Mays

TREASURE VALLEY HOSPICE When I was about 30 years old, I had a serious discussion with my beloved mother about life and death, and she said do me: “There are a lot worse things than sudden death.” This was a revelation to me and initially I disagreed with her, but in thinking it through I realized she was right. Who would want a long, often painful, day-by-day decline in health and dignity until the end finally came?

I decided right then that the best way to leave this earth would in fact be “sudden death,” a fast final occurrence that would spare me and my loved ones the agony of “drawing it out.” Not that I would have a choice in the matter, of course, but sudden death would be my preference. I have felt that way all these years until last week when I met with Honey Goodman, Director of Business Development at Treasure Valley Hospice, to discuss the muchneeded and often misunderstood service that hospice provides. Ms. Goodman is a dynamic, passionate, intelligent professional dealing with people every single day who have terminal conditions and a specific period of time to live, be that days, months or years. She supports a skilled staff that goes to the homes of terminally ill individuals and helps them not just with pain control, but with emotional issues, family concerns, and so many other crucial matters.

Treasure Valley Hospice doesn’t just treat the individual facing a terminal illness. They assist the entire family in dealing with key issues that need to be addressed before the loved one passes away, like clearing up old misunderstandings, sharing stories, talking through concerns, addressing fears, and yes – having lots of laughs. The leadership team and staff at Treasure Valley Hospice provide care expertise that only decades of experience can enable them to do. They know the importance of treating each person as an individual, respecting and honoring their personal wishes; keeping them physically and emotionally comfortable while guiding the family in making this journey a time of peace and celebration. When the terms “hospice,” “palliative,” or “end-of-life” care come up, who among us gets a happy feeling? I can’t think of a single person. And yet - after having my discussion with Honey Goodman and hearing about Treasure Valley Hospice’s philosophy, my perspective of what hospice is all about has changed. What I thought I knew was quite off-base and now, believe it or not, I do not think of “instant death” as being the ideal exit.

"A big part of Treasure

There were two especially surprising facts I learned in this amazing interview. The first is the answer to the always-asked question: “When should hospice be called in?” My understanding was that hospice should be called about the last week – when medicines and usual pain killers are no longer effective, and the individual just needs help getting through those last days.

Valley Hospice’s job is helping families come to terms with the fact that their loved one is at the end of this life’s journey. Those conversations are some of the most meaningful parts of our work."

“Actually,” says Ms. Goodman, “the ideal time is when a terminal diagnosis is first made and confirmed, which could be several months or even years before death. That way hospice has plenty of time to thoroughly and completely help the person and his or her family,” she says. “We have countless resources available just for the asking, and when a family waits until the last few days; few of those can be utilized. That is a tragic waste, because patients and families struggle through on their own with no guidance or support – often making poor and/or costly decisions.”

My second revelation was that hospice does not cost the patient or his/ her family a thing. Nothing! Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans cover hospice. Very few people realize that if hospice’s services are requested years or months rather than days before a person passes away, there is no additional cost whatsoever.

- Honey Goodman

Honey proudly reports that “A big part of Treasure Valley Hospice’s job is helping families come to terms with the fact that their loved one is at the end of this life’s journey. Those conversations are some of the most meaningful parts of our work. I like setting up home hospice services for individuals facing a terminal illness because I know how the wise guidance and gentle touch of the nurses and aides can soothe and give solace to everyone involved.” Treasure Valley Hospice is a locally owned and operated company serving the Treasure Valley and Elmore County. Call 208-467-7423 or visit the website at

Holiday Issue 2013

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& Soul

This Holiday Season

“Give the Gift of Well-Being” Buy One Gift Certificate at regular price and get a second half off.

Holiday Open House

Sunday, December 1st • 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Meet our staff, receive free mini sessions & enter to win!

Nia is a

total mind, body, spirit celebration. Through movement we find health! Fitness that fuses Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts into a beautiful workout no matter your level of fitness. Classes are offered the 10th Street Dojo 1512 N 10th Street in Boise’s North End Adult classes are Sat & Sun at 10 am. Tue at 5:30 pm & Thurs 6:00 pm • Children’s Nia is Tues at 4:00 pm Contact Jacqueline Kennedy at 208.353.0604

Reiki, Massage, Energy Balancing, Shamanic Healing & More (see our website for details)

The Reiki Energy Healing Center 208.353.0604 • 7235 Potomac Drive • Boise ID 83704

Holiday Stress and Emotional Dragons T

he winter holiday season, which includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year, can be a fun time of the year filled with parties, celebrations, and gatherings with family and friends. Unfortunately, people find themselves feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed because of those traditional “fun filled” Get-togethers. Emotional dragons that have been ignored, suddenly appear when people, places and memories are triggered by the holidays. Too many parties, too many family gatherings, too much food or drinking all have a part in the dragons appearance. Try these suggestions to relieve the stress and to tame the dragons:


Ask yourself the hard questions: “What is it about the holidays that gets me down?” “Why am I doing things that make me miserable?” Make a list of the pros and cons. Challenge the things you assume you “have” to do. If you celebrated the holidays differently this year, what would happen? Could you do it differently by being conscious in what you are doing?

2 Pace yourself and don’t overdo it! Start a new tradition that is all

about moderation. Decide on limits and stick to them. Put your plans on paper. Pick a few favorite activities and really enjoy them. Allow yourself to forego the others.


Give yourself the gift of “down time”. “Down time” helps to bring balance back to life. Breathe deeply, journal, meditate, take a nap, go for a walk, read a book, take a bubble bath, or just sit and listen to the quiet (or the holiday music if that is what you enjoy) for a few minutes.


Learn to “Tap”. Tapping releases the emotional dragons that refuse to be ignored when you have to be around toxic and/or stressful family members, friends and traditions. The winter holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful this year. Make this year the start of a new tradition: A relaxed, fun and enjoyable time for everyone on your list.

By Vicki Hurst, Certified Level 3 ProEFT Practitioner

For more information on Tapping (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) and releasing Emotional Dragons, check out If you are ready for some serious Emotional Dragon releasing, contact Vicki at vicki.feelingfree@ and mention this article for a Free strategy session and a 20% discount on any coaching package.

Special Offer: Mention this article

for a Free strategy session and a 20% discount on any coaching package.



Helping You Find Your Best


State of Mind


ynda Smith of State of Mind Counseling and Wellness Center moved to Eagle with her family seven years ago looking for a place for her family to enjoy a great environment and four seasons. She also saw a need in Eagle for a service she is passionate about, “mental health.” Practicing in the health industry for fifteen years, Lynda, a licensed psychtech, had experience in major state hospitals where she provided nursing and counseling services, but when she moved to Eagle she earned her counseling degree which enabled her to offer a wider array of counseling therapies. While working on her counseling degree, Lynda focused on working with the Terry Reilly organization offering mental health services to uninsured individuals and families. This created a whole new awareness and desire for Lynda to find ways to make a difference in the lives of those who didn’t feel like they had any choice because of lack of insurance and financial aid, prompting her to become a Medicaid provider. Mental health issues are not assigned to any one age group, financial status, or gender, but affect people across the board. Often we think of mental health issues as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorders, but mental health includes everything from learning disorders to family dysfunction and a wide spectrum in between. Without help, many live half-lives, struggling to function, not able to work, and becoming discouraged when typical talk therapies aren’t effective. When typical therapy and counseling fail, Lynda can offer hope. Using techniques that are designed not to relive an experience, but to reprocess it, Lynda helps clients work deeper into the root of their pain, peeling back the layers of their struggles, and with time she has seen remarkable results. One technique is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR targets traumatic memories or events that are causing mental and physical disturbances and teaches the individual to reprocess the event enabling them to self-regulate and allowing them to move through the experience while relieving them of “feeling stuck.”


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Written By

Lynda Smith

An exciting and innovative technique Lynda uses is Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a procedure that helps different parts of your brain connect and communicate more effectively, teaching clients brain regulation. Often used to treat patients suffering from sleep deprivation, mood swings, ADD/ADHD symptoms, stress, fear, and PTSD and trauma, Neurofeedback therapy can offer an alternative to a life of expensive medications. Lynda says Neurofeedback is, “like weightlifting for your brain.” It’s teaches you how to strengthen parts of your brain that may not be naturally functioning as they should. Over time symptoms can lessen and disappear altogether. To read more about Neurofeedback see this month’s ad in The Independent News on page 9. Lynda also offers traditional counseling: individuals, couples, and families. She offers a ten minute complimentary phone consultation, and accepts most insurance, including Medicaid. If you are ready to “work” through the things you feel are holding you back in life and preventing you from meeting your true potential, give Lynda Smith a call at 939-3999. State of Mind is located at 233 W. State St., Eagle. You can learn more about their services at

"When typical therapy and counseling fail, Lynda can offer hope. Using techniques that are designed not to relive an experience, but to reprocess it, Lynda helps clients work deeper into the root of their pain, peeling back the layers of their struggles, and with time she has seen remarkable results."


Bringing Heart to Your Personal Shopping Experience


hink you know Scentsy? Were you aware that this international company is based in the heart of the Treasure Valley? If not, be sure to look next time you drive down Eagle Road for the 167,996-square-foot office tower at the corner of Eagle Road and Pine Street in Meridian where more than 1,110 employees and some 181,108 consultants worldwide are overseen. These consultants contributed to a revenue total of $559 million dollars in 2012 and Scentsy, Inc. was ranked in the 11th spot on the "Idaho Private 75" list of top privately-held companies in the state. When you shop any of the Scentsy Family Lines you’re supporting a local company that directly benefits our community. This year shop with our personal consultant Casie Stevenson to fill the holiday season with products that work to enliven the senses, inspire the soul, and warm the heart.

Host to Save Money this Holiday Season:

Want to save money on gift giving this holiday season? Hosting a party is a great way to earn free and half-price items! If you’re interested in booking a home party, you provide the location and invite friends and Casie Stevenson will take care of the rest! Another option is to host a basket party, the perfect alternative for guests on the go. Casie will provide a beautiful display basket full of Scentsy product samples, order forms, and all the information you need. Then you'll return the basket and completed order forms to her and she’ll take care of the rest. Hosting is an easy way to earn some serious rewards. For example, if your party sales total $250, you’ll receive $25 worth of free Scentsy products plus two half-price items! Get creative! The hostess possibilities are endless. You can even host an online or Facebook party!

Opportunity Meeting with Casie Stevenson - SuperStar Director and Founding Member Have you ever been interested in learning more about joining the Scentsy Family? Starting in December, Casie will be hosting one opportunity per month at the Scentsy Commons, a place where employees or visitors can enjoy delicious meals. These meetings are open to anyone and everyone who’s ever wanted to gain personal insight from someone who’s created a Scentsy team of over 200 members and a group with close to 6,000 members since joining in 2006!

Did you know that Scentsy Family Opportunity isn’t just about wickless candles anymore? Whether you choose to sell only Scentsy Fragrance or expand into multiple brands, you can build a team of Scentsy Family Consultants with each member selling the brands they’re most passionate about. With the new Grace Adele line you can get that career in style that you’ve been looking for. To learn more about this line visit! If you’re passionate about cooking, hosting dinner parties or searching for new recipes, then this is the time to join Velata. For more info on this line visit!

Casie’s Top Five Product Picks Layers Laundry Love Bundle will layer your 1

laundry with scentsational fragrances. This special bundle includes 1 Washer Whiffs Tub, 1 Laundry Liquid, and two boxes of Dryer Disks.

2 The Silver Frost Lampshade

Warmer captures the elegance of snowflakes on a silvery glass vase. With a flick of the switch, the delicate flakes cast a radiant glow.

Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill includes 2 grill 3

tops to give you the perfect surface to cook meats, fish, and the 100% natural granite stone top even works as a pizza stone!

4 Layer’s Holiday Gift Bundle arrives in a stylish gift box with everything pre-packed and ready to give. Who doesn’t want a gift that will spoil them? All of the Layers products come in Luna.

5 The Lampshade Col-

lection casts a dramatic glow. Stunning and colorful featuring hand-blown glass vases that rest on antiqued warmer bases, projecting lustrous patterns and rays.

My Opportunity Meetings will be held on the 2nd Friday of every month with the first one on December 13, 2013. January will be the only exception with the meeting scheduled for January 17, 2014. The meetings will begin at 11:30am and end at 1:00pm. There’s no need to RSVP. If you would like to reach Casie Stevenson with any questions about Scentsy, Grace Adele, or Velata you can call her at 208-841-7872, visit her website or stay connected with her daily updates on Facebook at justawickawayinc.

wards e R s a H er! g to ord Loyalty

nt havin assle of vorite products sehile h e th fa w r l, u Skip o o tr y

on to have y at you c Sign up rough m edule th h th s sc n a o ti n p e o ri th u sc o y b y jo u S to u en rewards! m let yo r favorite ra g ro earning P y you er Loyalt having Custom f always ile also earning o e c n ie e , wh conven on hand oints that can b p products s rd s! a r rew e item custome ed for half-pric n. m e e d re formatio r more in fo ie s a tC Contac Written By

Aryonna Richard

Casie Stevenson, Superstar Director •


Make it an Idaho Christmas for family and friends this holiday season!

Look for the Buy Idaho logo and shop Idaho for the holidays

When we Buy Idaho, We Build Idaho


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a L i r g han



It is my opinion that Shangri-La is real. I like to think so, but I also believe it is a state of mind. Shangri-La is here and there. When we named our teahouse Shangri-La we set the stage for people seeking that far off tranquility. All you need is your imagination and to look out of our windows with the mountains bathed in the pink of the setting sun, soft music and the perfect pot of


ne question that often comes up at our teahouse is “What does Shangri-La mean?” The definition is not complicated. It is a place, maybe, but more a state of mind – a mystical, harmonious, permanently happy place. It is considered to be an isolated place tucked away from the outside world. Is it imaginary or a real place hidden far away between mountains in the Himalayas? Or is it closer Tea Tasting at Shangri-La than we think? The people livTearoom every 1st and 3rd ing in Shangri-La are said to be Saturday morning 10am to 11am almost immortal, living healthy lives years beyond the normal Reservations 208-424-0273 lifespan with minimal signs of aging. They are said to live in harmony with fellow beings at a slow peaceful pace, holding life sacred in a state of refuge and joy.

Look for Divine Lotus Tea at these locations: Boise Co-op | Goldy’s Corner Huckleberry’s inside Rosaur’s Café De Parie | District Coffee Pizzelchicks | Whole Foods

Written By Toni


tea. One of our staff or I will come to your table, light a little candle for your tea and lovingly explain our vegetarian menu. Although not everyone who frequents our establishment is vegetarian, we attempt to meet the needs of the many who come here because they know we can meet the growing food intolerance issues, such as sensitivity to GMOs, gluten issues, dairy, and so on. At present we are the only truly vegetarian/ vegan restaurant in the Boise area. Best of all - the food is delicious!



This is what a teahouse is. A place to forget about the hustle and bustle of the modern world and be more in tune with nature. Tea and natural foods have those elements, especially tea. Long ago the ancient cloud wanderers of the mountains would bring their medicinal herbs to the villages in search of the elements of fire, water, leaf, earth and sustenance, which were all comprised in the spirit of the teahouse. Being fond of tea but usually short of funds, they would trade their herbs, songs, poetry and their ability to perform with simple musical instruments, for tea and food. The village dwellers also found teahouses to be beautiful and appropriate refuge. This is the foundation on which our little Shangri-La is built. We have musicians performing a few days a week, and we feed them, pour them tea and sometimes offer somewhat stronger libations such as micro beers and fine wines. In return, they entertain us and our patrons. If you have health concerns, more than likely we have an herbal tisane (tea) that is right for you as well. I have been practicing herbalism for more than 30 years. We have created a ceremony out of simple ingredients and call it a teahouse.


Mon-Thurs 11am – 8pm Fri- Sat 11am – 9pm 1800 W. Overland Rd., Boise 208-424-0273 Holiday Issue 2013

| 29


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c i m s o C r u o F y b o Tw

What to Do When the Universe Hits You with a Written By Mary

Pritchard, PhD, HHC


y friend and mentor Linda Joy has a phrase for when something unexpected happens: she calls it being hit by a cosmic two-byfour. In the past year, I’ve been hit by several of those: experienced a soul awakening and realized I was living somebody else’s life, broke my heel (twice!), started a health and life coaching business, got a divorce, and moved. And for all of those I am grateful. Why? Because it got me to wake up. It got me to own my truth. By coming ‘clean’ about my own cosmic two by fours, it made me realize that I was not the only person going through this.

• Take one step toward your ideal life every day. Always wanted to learn to tango? Spend 5 minutes Googling Tango Boise today and see what pops up. Tomorrow call a studio and inquire about their classes. The next day, pick a class to take. And so on….

I talk to women nearly every day who feel disconnected from their lives, unsettled, unfulfilled. But they don’t know what to do about it. They’ve come to accept that life is just like that, that we’re not meant to live the life we always dreamt we could have, that it’s okay to put your dreams, your life, your needs behind everyone else’s.

• Engage in positive self-talk. It takes 5 positive statements/thoughts to overcome the impact of one negative thought. So you’d better surround yourself with positive people and messages.

But let me tell you something. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to live another way. You can awaken to your potential and live the life you were meant to live. Sound too good to be true? Here’s the key: Start small. Start today. Take one step toward your ideal life every day. And – this is the most important part – take care of YOU. No one else will. You’ve got to learn to put your needs first. I know, I know. You’re the caretaker, the giver, the one who gets things done. But there is no giving without receiving, and you need balance in your life. So how do you do that? • Start your day with your favorite mantra or affirmation – the minute you wake up, tell yourself, “I am enough,” “I walk the path of the Divine” or something that lifts you up and makes your soul sing. • Create an environment that honors you – you deserve to surround yourself with people and things that lift you up and support you. This could be anything from saying ‘no’ to having lunch with a coworker who drains your energy to putting inspirational sayings on your cubicle walls. • Do something for you every day – this doesn’t have to be anything big (although it can be) nor does it have to take long (5 minutes minimum, though), but do something for you every day.

• Honor your body. Eat foods that are nourishing, do some sort of movement each day and take frequent breaks to reconnect with yourself. I set reminders to go off on my iPhone that say things like, “How is this helping me heal?” or “How is this helping me achieve my dreams?”

• End your day in gratitude. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for years. In it, I write down 10 things I am grateful for each day. There is no better way for me to touch in with myself than to remind myself of what I love about my life every day. Will doing these things cure all ills and end all of your problems? No, but they will take you one step closer to living a life that you truly enjoy. A life that is balanced and more in line with yourself and who you want to be. And it may just help you avoid another of those cosmic two by fours! Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Boise State University as well as a Holistic Health Counselor specializing in serving women, virtually and in-person, at and Her holistic health practice is dedicated to empowering women in healing their hormonal health naturally and reclaiming their Feminine Power. Mary’s own awakening led to the creation of the Awakening the Goddess Within community and she just completed her book, Awakening Your Inner Goddess: How to Recharge, Reignite, and Refocus to Transform Your Life. She has two more underway Hungry? It’s Your Hormones: Why Diets Fail and What to Do about It and Honoring Your Inner Goddess: Filling Your Plate to Fuel Your Desires.

Holiday Issue 2013

| 31

Giving Guide

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

‘Tis the season to shop local, and have we got some deals for you! From glamour to music to wardrobe to pampering yourself after Christmas shopping (or before), you are going to love what the UL has ‘in store’. Early birds or last minute mavens, whether you’re looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers or the blow-their-minds ‘wow’ factor, our Holiday Shoppers’ Guide and the businesses you’ll find below have totally got this.

Canyon West Guitars will be celebrating the holiday season with a bigger selection, and better deals than ever! Not only is the Downtown Nampa shop extending their hours, but they’ll be celebrating Black Friday again this year with giveaways and special deals starting early on November 29th and lasting all day. The sales will continue through the Christmas season, including the year-round 10-BEFORE-10 program; everything is 10% off before 10 AM! With inventory ranging from brand new to vintage, Canyon West will help you find just the right thing for the rocker on your list, and all with personal service that you'll appreciate as well!

1224 1st Street South, Ste. #202, Nampa 208-615-4725 Renewed Expressions makes it easy to rev up your wardrobe this Christmas season, with 30% off any single item the day before Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving, too. Urban Liaison readers get 15% off, if they mention to Kathy and her associates that they saw Renewed Expressions in the UL ad. Shop in over 4,000 feet of their spacious store and get the ‘look’ so many Renewed Expressions customers have. Ann Taylor, Banana Republic… ‘tis the season to reinvent and get excited about your clothing again! Discover wardrobe renewal at one of the best consignment boutiques in the Treasure Valley.

2100 East Fairview, Ste. #8, Meridian 208-8552800


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Mary Kay with Meg Moore. This season, it’s your turn to be seen as smokin’ hot, and here’s how: Register on Meg’s Mary Kay website at megmoore and get a fun, free lip gloss from the Marvelous Meg. If you register and “like” Meg Moore’s Mary Kay Facebook page at mkmegmoore , you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate, (only to those without a current Mary Kay consultant are eligible). Meg also has festive and fabulous holiday stocking stuffers starting at ten dollars each.

V3 Hair Studio has been named one of the top hair salons in the Northwest. This is where you’ll find holiday hair chemistry at its finest. Love your style when you get a sassy new look, whether it’s soft highlights, a sombre, ombre tone, or rich red locks to match the glitter of the season. If you’re looking for a big change, a different angle, or just ready to kick your glamour level up a notch, switch it up at V3. Experience the difference. Tell them you saw this ad in the UL and receive a complimentary haircut when you schedule a hair color appointment with one of their highly trained stylists.

1756 W. Cherry Lane #140 Meridian 208-870-7648

Wholistic Beauty From your head to your toes and the tip of your nose, meet your sugarplum dreams Jewelry that sparkles, lotions, oils, nourishing creams

Aromatherapy to purify, relax, and to cleanse While candles of Bees Wax create beautiful scents Hair products and chocolate, massage, energy healing, and even chakras Lips dewy with sweetgrass, vanilla and honey, skincare infused with glycolics andVitamin C

Mae’s Avon shows you how to welcome the holidays in grand tradition with the Avon Store in Nampa. This season, Mae Adams-Garrett and the Avon store will be offering grab bag gifts with purchase, in $30, $60 and $100 increments. To the Urban Liaison readers only, Mae is offering 50% off Avon Genics Night and Eye creams. There are stocking stuffers galore, from $.99 to $5. Lovely and festive Avon boxed gift sets can be ordered until Dec. 11 for Christmas delivery. Order at either youravon. com/mae for home delivery, or call and let Mae order for you at 208-4657575 . You can pick your orders up right at the friendly Nampa store.

1106 13th Avenue South, Nampa 208-465-7575

Wholistic Beauty Boutique is where you need to be Make a purchase right now, get a $15 voucher Noontime till 5pm… so don’t be a sloucher! Holiday Issue 2013

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Grow Lo



Whole Chiropractic Health Written By Patti


When I interviewed Dr. Erika L. Putnam, owner and physician at the beautiful office of Whole Health Chiropractic and newly opened Yoga 430 yoga studio in Nampa, I wasn’t expecting a profound turnaround in my personal views. But that is exactly what happened! I came away with a totally different perspective on what whole health really means and I can now admit to having had an incorrect stereotype of “those places” that I believed tend to impose a difficult-to-reach standard that makes us feel guilty for not exercising enough, eating the right foods, and finding our “inner peace.”

happens. We sit too much, have accidents, carry things too heavy for us, fall down, gain and lose weight, have babies, work too hard and play too hard. When the spine is not aligned we’re not comfortable, even if the discomfort is subtle. When we’re uncomfortable we don’t move around as much which leads to more joint/muscle stiffness and even less activity. So we sit more, eat more, sleep more, take pain meds, and our health continues to degenerate, along with our lifestyle.

Oh boy. Was I off base on every count! First off, Dr. Putnam explained why we need chiropractic in the first place and that’s because by the time we reach 30-ish, most of us have spines that are aging, injured and out of alignment. Why? Because life

The doctors at Whole Health Chiropractic evaluate and treat the whole person; physical, mental, emotional. And that’s just the beginning! The philosophy at WHC is to help identify and improve all things that

"The philosophy at WHC is to help identify and improve all things that affect a person’s ability to live a long, active, pain-free life."

affect a person’s ability to live a long, active, pain-free life. This expands then, to include nutrition, lifestyle, environment problems - things we may not even be aware of that are keeping us from living the kind of life we want to live. That’s how the new YOGA 430 studio evolved from the original chiropractic clinic, and I have to tell you – it is one gorgeous facility. The chiropractic side is beautiful yet smoothly professional, with its comfortable furniture and tasteful décor. The yoga side offers a quiet, nature-inspired environment covering a roomy 1800 square feet, yet the

feeling is warm and welcoming. No “gymnasium” feel here, with its warm wood floors and sparkling windows overlooking private green gardens. With the goal being spinal management and wellness, Dr. Putnam is merging chiropractic with yoga to improve not only her clients’ strength, flexibility and stability, (key components for optimum physical health and quality of life), but anyone in the community. The Yoga studio is available for everyone’s use and enjoyment! Patients who regularly combine chiropractic and yoga ultimately enjoy pain-free, stress-free, comfortable lifestyles that most thought was available only to young, thin “athletic type” people. Not so! I was surprised to learn that everyone can do yoga, and it is only as physically demanding as you want it to be! People of any age or physical condition can do it, and, contrary to popular opinion, yoga is not based on any religion or culture. So! What if you have chiropractic issues and prefer to concentrate on that side only? No problem! How about if you’d like to try yoga without committing to chiropractic? Of course! As Dr. Putnam explains, the two work beautifully together but both have always been and continue to be beneficial independently. The choice is yours, and at Whole Health Chiropractic there is never pressure to do one or the other. Dr. Putnam is as down-to-earth and approachable as they come. A Caldwell native, she became a chiropractor because of her keen interest in health. In her earlier years she was an aerobics instructor which led to a passion for fitness. She loves the out-ofdoors and is active with her family and community as well as her thriving practice. Having recently completed her 200-hour yoga certification, Dr. Putnam and her staff of six other yoga instructors make classes available to accommodate most schedules. Dr. Putnam is joined by two other Chiropractic physicians – Drs. Nate Berrett and Jared Pierson are on staff full time to assist with your health issues and injuries or answer any questions about chiropractic care, yoga, and the Whole Health approach to pain-free, healthy living.

NOV 29 - DEC 3 PUBLIC VIEWING HOURS FRI, NOV 29, 1:00pm-7:00pm SAT, NOV 30, 10:00am-6:00pm SUN, DEC 1, 11:00am-5:00pm MON, DEC 2, 11:00am-7:00pm TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR: $4 ADULT, $3 SENIORS (62+), $2 CHILD $12 FAMILY (UP TO 6) $2 EACH (GROUPS OF 10+)

Special Events pictures with santa

FRI, NOV 29, 3:00pm-7:00pm SAT, NOV 30, 12:00pm-4:00pm SUN, DEC 1, 12:00pm-4:00pm

gala dinner & auction TUES, DECEMBER 3, 5:00pm Social & 6:30pm Dinner


Call 250-4019 or 850-2361 for tickets.

letters to santa Stop by our Macy’s Mail Box and write a letter to Santa!

Your Life Whole Health Chiropractic and Yoga 430 are located at 430 Iowa Avenue, Nampa ID, 83686. Please visit the website,, or call for a chiropractic appointment at 208-442-1123. For information about yoga, visit or call 208-442-9430.

craft fair Our Holiday Craft Fair will be openFriday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and purchase a special homemade gift.

yes, virginia the musical Bring in your Yes, Virginia The Musical ticket for $1.00 off of admission to the festival.

live entertainment Enjoy local entertainment throughout the festival.

at the

Nampa Civic Center www


Rejuvenate Your Heart without Traditional Medicine Non-Invasive Heart & Vascular Screening

$49 Regular Price $150

(Use Code 1274981WF)

Great Candidates for Cardio Screenings are people with any of the following risk factors: • High Blood Pressure • Diabetes • Obesity • High Cholesterol • Smoking • Family History of Vascular Disease

Get tested at the Cardio Test Center: Call for an appointment:

Cardio Test Center at (208) 795-5121 Visit us at:

940 Carol Street Meridian, Idaho 83646 40

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A Heartfelt Testimonial:

"To appreciate the impact of what Synergy has done for me, I must give you a little background of what brought me to needing this wonderful product. Just having turned 70, I made the decision to take off the weight that was starting to affect my health and mobility. Without my doctor’s supervision, I mistakenly chose a self-injected hormone to begin my journey. Over the next year on a regimen that kept me going up and down in weight, I realized that it was not the answer. In October 2011, I was introduced to alkaline water and natural supplements and that was the beginning of my healthy lifestyle journey. Over the next 6 months I lost the balance of 85 pounds that I had “packed” on over the years, bringing my weight to 145. I decided to make a trip to the blood bank and donate blood and six weeks later received a letter from them that brought me to my knees. I had Hepatitis C. At that point I couldn’t imagine where I had contracted it, but after researching, I found that we all have it, and it can lay dormant for years. Consulting a specialist, I was told that it was most likely brought on by the hormone diet I had chosen. He said it was in the beginning stage and he would not prescribe the medicine as it was worse. My next doctor’s appointment showed I would have no long term issues with the diagnosis, thank goodness! Fast forwarding to one month ago, I met a Synergy consultant who shared the product information at a networking event and I was interested in learning more since I had gone through all this transformation was interested in knowing how my heart had fared. I took the non-invasive test and learned that I had the heart of a 120+ year old person and had some blockage in one area. My letter score was an F-, which I knew wasn’t good. I immediately went on the Synergy protocol and was retested in two weeks and had brought my letter score to a C. Over joyed does not describe it. One month later, two days ago, I retested and now test, having the heart of an 85 year old. Of course that still isn’t great and not near what I want to be. I am setting a goal of 35. If I can’t be there in reality at least my heart can." - Paula Heath "I met with Wayne Faw a few months after he came on board as an advertising client. I had been putting off getting the test because, to be honest, I was afraid of what he might find. I had been having some trouble with circulation in my legs and it had finally become bad enough that I had to do something to help out my poor aching body. I was so relieved to see that the test was not the least bit painful. I had conjured up an unrealistic negative image in my mind but the test was pain-free and actually quite pleasant. And I was beyond relieved when I got the results! As it turns out, my heart and veins are working at a 40-year-old's level… not too shabby, since I am 44! My advice to you is, don’t be afraid of the test and don’t tell yourself the test is a fraud. I have been taking the recommended Synergy ProAgrri-9 + for just over a month now and I feel great, have much more energy and have to say that even the taste is great! I’m looking forward to having the test again to see how I am progressing." - Cheryl Richard





For more information or to see if you qualify, call ADVANCED CLINICAL RESEARCH at 208.377.8653, ext. 102, 104 or 121 or visit us online at


t u o b sk A


Adult Day Care!

Assisted Living & Memory Care

208.467.3308 524 3rd St. South • Nampa, ID 83651


(5023 E. Victory Road) 463-4941

• Shipping • Large Document Printing • Graphic Design • Computer Rentals • Cutting • Laminating • Binding • Mail Box Rentals • Copying • And Much More Holiday Issue 2013

| 41


Written by Victoria

Savage RN

Make the Holidays Brighter for Your Aging Loved One As you gather with friends and family for the holidays be mindful of small changes you may see in your aging loved ones. Are you wondering how long they will be able to live on their own? If you notice that they are less steady on their feet, or they seem to be a bit slower in their thought processes, have increased confusion, or maybe they seem more withdrawn, it’s time to take action to help them stay independent as long as possible. The reasons for these declines are often reversible if addressed early on. Small changes can make a huge difference as to how an elderly person’s future plays out. Nurse Savage will partner with you and your loved one to help identify areas

ft i g a hem t e v i use The Best G y l l a tu c a n . a they c iday season Christmas l Gift Ever! this ho

(physical, mental, environmental and social,) that may be placing them at risk for losing their independence. With this information at hand, together you will develop a plan to address those risks and then implement the plan - moving forward with better quality of life for your loved one. You may also want to talk with Nurse Savage about a scheduled visit package which keeps loved ones encouraged and excited about the plan to keep them independent. This is important, because sometimes plans fall by the wayside if they are not kept as a priority.

Victoria Savage RN

“Nurse Savage” on your side. Owner of Care for Living, LLC.

(208) 473-8254 42

| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

The Gift of Continued Independence and Great Quality of Life Schedule a private consultation with Nurse Savage this Holiday season. It is the best gift you can give your aging loved one. Remember – they supported you throughout your life, now it’s time to honor and support them. Don’t delay! Small things can become big things very quickly with the aging population. Call 208-473-8254 to schedule your Successful Aging in Place Consultation. Give them something they can actually use this year. Give them their best Christmas gift ever!



COPD’s Impact

COPD; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breath and gets worse over time. The symptoms of COPD are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, chest discomfort and mucus production. (National Heart Lung & Blood) The leading cause for COPD is cigarette smoking. Other related causes of COPD are long term exposure to other lung irritants such as pollution, chemical exposures, and dust. In the USA, the term COPD includes two main conditions, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema is damaged lung tissue between the alveoli, (small air sacs in the lungs that transfer oxygen to the blood and carbon dioxide out of the lungs).This damage to the tissue can destroy the air sacs leaving voids or large pockets in the lungs where the small air sacs should be, decreasing the ability of the lung tissue to transfer oxygen into the blood and carbon dioxide out of the lungs. Chronic bronchitis is an irritation that causes the airways to be constantly inflamed. This inflammation causes a mucus production in the airways making it hard to breath and decreasing the lumen size of the airway slowing down airflow into and out of the lungs. Frequently, people who have COPD have both of these conditions at the same time making the term COPD more accurate. There is no cure for COPD yet, however life style changes and treatments can improve your quality of life and slow the progress of the disease. COPD is a leading cause of disability and death worldwide. COPD is considered preventable and treatable, but is still substantially under diagnosed and under treated. Patients undiagnosed in early stages of COPD will progress to a more severe form of COPD which will decrease quality of life and increase health care costs. It is necessary to identify early stage patients which will require heightened COPD awareness among both patients and physicians. (International Journal of COPD) The internationally recognized GOLD GUIDELINES were developed to increase awareness of COPD and provide up-to-date information on management approaches. Using effective and evidence based options, including smoking cessation, exercise, education, vaccination, pulmonary rehabilitation and management of co morbidities should be considered and tailored to each individual. (International Journal of COPD) With proper disease management, COPD patients can live longer and happier lives. For the next 19 years, approximately 10,000 people will turn 65 every day, the baby boomers. ( Many of these retiree’s will be diagnosed with COPD and this will weigh heavy on the financial resources available for healthcare. By acting now, those resources will be better used if diagnosis and treatment begin on COPD patients before they reach a severe stage. See your healthcare provider for resources available for COPD.

For more information, visit

Written by

C. Rizzo, RRT/RPFT/AE-c

Visit us online (208) 463-3000

‘Expect More from Medicine’ Holiday Issue 2013

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After more than 18 years in the fitness industry it still amazes me how quickly people put off starting a fitness program until “next year.” Before you consider shutting it down over the holidays, consider the following fact: Americans gain an average of five to ten pounds during the holiday season and…keep it! To put it into a larger perspective, over a five years period holiday indulgence alone could result in as much as fifty pounds of weight gain. Yikes! Now before you chime in with, “But Jason, the holidays are so busy with work parties, family engagements, and not to mention all of the temptations, etc.” Look, I completely understand and I agree that you should be able to indulge, but within reason. With the stress that the holidays bring there’s even more reason to start or continue with a fitness program. Look at it this way. Worst case scenario, you gain no weight and have positive momentum going into the New Year. Best case scenario, you actually lose weight, finish the year strong, and are even more driven come January.

With that being said, here are my top five tips for surviving the holiday season and starting the New Year now!





Shorten your workouts: If you are

feeling the holiday time crunch, remember that some is always better than none. If you don’t have time to work out for an hour, shorten your workout to 20 or 30 minutes. Exercise doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Doing circuit training with weights or running intervals on the treadmill are fast and effective ways to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Success Story: Elisha Watkins

Combine strength and cardio into one workout: This goes hand-in-hand

with my first tip. Alternating a strength exercise with a cardio exercise is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Perform 3 sets of this sample circuit 1 minute each, taking only minimal rest between exercises: 1. Pushups 2. Jump rope 3. Cable rows 4. Jumping jacks 5. Body weight lunges 6. Rowing machine Find a workout partner: Using the buddy system works wonders for staying consistent. It creates a sense of accountability by both parties and has a tendency to make each one push a little harder. Just make sure you find a partner who is reliable!

Party: There will always be guilty plea-

Jason’s Experience & Credentials: • M.S. Exercise Science & Health Promotion, California University • B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, University of Utah • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer • 18 Years of experience in the health and fitness industry

sures 24/7 around the holiday season. Filling up on healthy food and water prior to social engagements will lead to less calorie consumption once you arrive at the party. Plus, you’ll be able to savor the treats you do indulge in.

only to mild fullness: We’ve all 5 Eat experienced it, eating our holiday feast

to the point where we feel like the stuffed turkey. This year, try eating smaller portions instead of piling as much food as possible onto your plate. There will always be plenty of leftovers for later. The goal is to stop at 80% fullness. Your waistline and digestive system will thank you for it. With just a little bit of effort, you can enjoy the tastes of the season, stay healthy and be ready for the New Year

Champion Fitness Training 1535 W Franklin Rd. Suite A Meridian, ID 83642 208-407-3160 Holiday Issue 2013

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Get your color fix.

Imagine your world awash with color - rich, gorgeous shades that’ll make you look twice. I’m talking sheer mineral makeup that glides on and stays on. And fearless looks that are ready to wear anywhere. Ask me about ideas that’ll awaken your inner makeup artist!

Meg Moore

Independent Sales Director (208) 866-2797


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

Glam Guide


Holiday Ah – the “little black dress.” Always appropriate, always on par for the holiday party scene, isn’t it? But who says dressing up has to be so cut and dried – especially when I have a list of holiday fashion inspirations especially meant for those destined to gear things up this season! With a little creativity, stepping into the holiday party circuit will be a whole lot more interesting. It’s all here in my Holiday Glam Guide - the perfect way to let loose and find your inner fashionista! White Hot: Take a cue from model Chanel Iman, who, in the “2013 Glamour Women of the Year Awards,” dared to be bold in a white Dolce & Gabbana dress. Go ahead - style yourself in head-to-toe white this holiday season. Pick up feminine elements like a delicate white shift dress, white diamonds, white spiked pumps and white lingerie - just pretty enough to peek through the very top of your dress. Statement Waists: The peplum is the new black this season, and an easy way to add volume and style to any basic silhouette. Be bold and rock a power color combination! Color-blocking is the perfect way to stand out at any holiday party.

Written by

Aryonna Richard To Start AVON visit and use code “maeadams”

Liquid Assets: I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not referring to cash, bills, or coins. This winter if you want to go glam in the biggest possible way you have to indulge in sequins. You can try a top, skirt, or dress - just be sure to wear sequins with neutral colors or black. Avoid looking like a Christmas garland by choosing shiny pieces in a modern midnight blue color, silver, or gold. Retro Throwback: This holiday season proves that old-fashioned is anything but outdated in waisthighlighting silhouettes! Retro is highlighted on the Dolce & Gabbana runways and making a big comeback. Try this figure-flattering '50s silhouette with a full skirt and bright silk blouse

Your glam holiday look wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touches. This season when it comes to embodying glamour, start with the eyes. The portal into someone’s soul is also the perfect way to stun. Let your eyes linger with a highlight of creamy, dreamy shadow. I love Avon’s Cosmic Eye Shadow in new shades of Blackened Sky, Celestial Taupe, and Jaded Moon, colors that make eyes as captivating as the cosmos. If drawing on the cosmic isn’t for you, try highlighting eyes with a sheer wash of color that feels lighter and brightens lids with a cool hue. Avon’s Cream Eye Shadow is buildable, easy-to-blend and smudge proof. For liner that lasts late into the night try Avon’s Extra Lasting Eye Shadow Pencil with its silky formula that glides on smoothly and wears for hours. Finally the 5-Star rated Totally Kissable Lipstick will give you full-coverage color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils for lips that are visibly fuller, softer and smoother. Now that you’ve captured a little inspiration get out there and switch things up this Holiday Party Season.

Holiday Issue 2013

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Kiss those frown lines good-bye!

Ask How You Can Get 20 Units of FREE Botox速 when you schedule your Venus Freeze treatment

Venus Freeze Before


350 in gift certificates

Purchase $

and receive $50 for yourself

80 or more in gift cards

Purchase $

and receive $10 for yourself

1618 S. Millennium Way | Meridian | Ste. 101 | 208.884.3800


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Renewed Expressions Ad

UL//DINING GUIDE ////////////////////

Reminiscent of “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching our cares drift away,” the Southern & Island Fusion Diner offers fine soul foods made from scratch. Owner Shanaz has a Samoan heritage and a Mississippi upbringing, and she and her husband have over 40 years of restaurant experience. The diner offers such delectables as seafood gumbo, red beans & rice, Louisiana hot links, okra, Andouille sausage, local catfish and seasonal crawfish. Other unique dishes are the Jammin’ Korean Pork Tacos, Fried Mac-n-Cheese Balls and Ain’t Yo Mama’s Hash. Come dine in or take out some of this fabulous soul food. They’re open for brunch, lunch, and dinner and even offer patio dining.

520 S. Main St. Ste. 96 Meridian Marketplace Center (Across from Meridian Speedway) (208) 922-6433 |


Rice just opened near Eagle Road and State Street and serves up Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes with flair. They feature Northwest Double R Ranch beef and a jumbo selection of seafood as well as vegetarian and gluten free menu items. Average price for meals is $12.99. They also do catering for any size party and food delivery, including lunch boxes, is available within a five-mile radius. Boba smoothies and Thai teas are always available, along with a full bar with beer on tap, wine and sake. Food and Handcrafted-Cocktail Happy Hour is 4 to 7 daily, and on Thursday nights happy hour runs to closing time and features live jazz | The Liaison Magazine Treasure Valley music on their covered 54 patio, andUrban hard alcohol is “buy one- get one free” from 6 to 9. Rice is very nice!

228 E Plaza Street, Ste Q | Eagle (208) 939-2595 |


Café de Coco The nostalgic Nampa Building creates the perfect setting for Café’ de Coco. Catch up with friends and relax to the music of Ella Fitzgerald while Café de Coco’s attentive staff spoils you rotten. Offering “best in the world” sandwiches, a selection of savory homemade quiche, delicious soups, and salads make for tough choices. Skip dessert? Not happening. Mouthwatering cinnamon rolls, chocolate cherry fudge cake, huckleberry scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd, and strawberry-topped cheesecake make for happy patrons. On your way out, peruse gift shop jewelry, scarves, and keepsakes from one of Nampa’s favorite cafes.

(208) 465-6428 117 13th Avenue S. | Nampa |


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley


Contemporary Asian A Modern Multicultural Experience Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine has already made its mark on the culinary culture in the Treasure Valley since their opening in February 2013. The fusion restaurant serves a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese foods, prepared unlike any other local venue. Not only is the faire noteworthy, but also it is paired with a unique atmosphere and modern décor with Asian influences. Patrons often photograph the lanterns and chandeliers. People repeatedly comment on the friendliness of the staff, which brings the restaurant to life. The chefs at Rice are continually educating themselves and improving their skills in order to provide the freshest and most authentic dishes. Rice uses local produce and partners with local farms and ranches to ensure their food is of the highest quality. Since all foods are prepared fresh to order, menu items can be made more or less spicy according to guest preferences. The majority of Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine’s dishes also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, providing a delectable alternative to suit every taste. One particular specialty is Korean Bulgogi Beef, which is a sliced rib eye steak from local Double R Ranch, which is marinated before being stir-fried without oil. It is then served on a hot plate with rice, kim chi, carrots and daikon pickle, along with Korean chili paste and romaine lettuce. This luscious entrée cannot be found at any other restaurant in the Treasure Valley. The delectable food is not the only reason to visit Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine. The drinks and exceptional bar are reasons worth visiting on their own, not to mention the value. Rice has Happy Hour from 4-7; drink and appetizer specials, and even discounts during Boise State football games. They offer every feature you might want for a night out or place to watch the big game. One especially unique thing about Rice is their Thirsty Thursday, with live music from 6-9 and their “buy one, get one free” drinks. This is different from offers at other locales in that Rice includes all alcoholic drinks - even bottles of wine in this promotion. Continuing with their focus on offering local; Rice carries a variety of locally brewed beers, and wines from surrounding area vineyards. Just a few of their local offerings include Payette Brewing, Sockeye Brewing, and Grand Teton. Wines include bottles from boutique wineries such as Cinder and 616 Cellar. Getting a great deal on beverages has excellent appeal, but according to the Boise Weekly’s “Best of Boise” awards, that is just the beginning. Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine and one of their bartenders, Major Ludewig, took two of the coveted awards this year. Their specialty Lemon Basil Martini won Best Martini, while Ludewig took home the prize for Boise’s Best Bartender. Rice also placed third in the category for Best Happy Hour. From a new take on General Chicken to Thai curries, Rice is sure to impress, and continues to leave diners excitedly planning their next visits. Rice will cater any size party and will also host large events.

Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine is located at 228 East Plaza Street in Suite Q in Eagle. The can be reached at 208.939.2595 or on their website at Written By

Jessica McAnally


| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley

UL//URBAN DIVERSION iri sincla e l y l / ir .com nation /lyle.sincla b r e v m re www. a f . www d to listene ed him so d n a t ir rthwes . It insp rs. the No remember school yea in y it n c is a ll h o c a t isc vsm ou he rough here, Lyle d n in a ng as r h t o lo b s y s a d r b Lyle a et stu usic jo clair w try music fo ea of y. Whil r m in v S t a s a r r le fi N jo n y L e u e a orm nal co ic was his m he joined th lf to play. Th ld and perf io it d a u r s t u o se so s he c ht him that m untry, much serve his co ar and taug n as much a r it llen first gu ated to lea eed to zell. A iz r ong n bought his iv F r t t s o n e a m felt he d” – for All asure hen he n money, so was “hooke guitar nd ple rever. w d a e a y g it le e n a e ll portu laying sed fo ed co his hands th after that h or of p had the op dvice I’ve u y best ly start n d n e o r n o h a a e , b e s r a im d er th yle He ha had more t military yea time L e me some ive it your v from e had t h a e h r t e is v g e h h during come he ga nt, so rnia w ered h was during Califo id Frizzell, so stated, and that mome u sing, let it ing Lefty . d o t e le d d ib n la oss move d Dav star at hen yo ord follow ndous void ,” Lyle n as p ty, Lyle ous Lefty an be around you are the and soul. W u d nd w as ofte eme y r d, ilita art n to fam note a there is a tr w e m u in f h h o r is r c e d c h u a h n t o er of real a ce the ulfilling orms e with y ealize After f unger broth ty was very age and fa Lyle “Write d perf the more I r n a s e f t o it t s , . r e onies is the y ing Lefty. “L you are on advised tha , and he w nd perform fill that void . All m muni3 6 # e t a t f n s o l e com W po bout li fty also here t I trave of me n, whe cal VF ed troops to y was born. id “So yourself.” Le rue stories a “The more music. I am lo a s is h y t t f y lo Le ys, is a oda try gs t be e grat nabling dep we know t lways day Lyle sin is all. Lyle sa itional coun e a r f d ic n a h d To Band rds, e d mus also.” e of giving it esire for tra playe ne ca Lyle Sinclair o le h d there y p L ic e , v d g aq he Alex an ’s ad a hu t into Ir se phones effort, and T Brodt, r n Frizzell usic world; e le y w T s a m d the luding n the scene purch . troop in the LE! inc en U.S the VFW to sicians joine d A ko h H w W 3 to nd re bac ear you. Fin en mu 200 l a a f d a b o e e t c s e h s u lo n v h c n t r ib r e s r o a t e e e R d n h u d M t n e o In ven ad e, a t ma re c s es. O o W a e t u n h d o w in o t n h s r d d d r soun eier a Powe earne h their love embe enre The m Jesse Wiedm heir massive e Crux, The hing their g ew it w e t a t s , Th c u ring n Wargo rce, bringing e Neurolux, selves on p ok to b lo h m o f T s e y t ll h a t u a in f nts alw ing rn Gia ty. Prid Giants Northe house par f Northern ns o nken al dru ted musicia t clasn io s a c n c the oc ries, the tale songs. Expe ck, ir ro a e d n h r n t e o bou ste int p, and mod that is as by a t ic t s d o Written styli s, p oun s e f lu o b o ll , e Urban H lton a k usic in th it has been Chris m l sic roc expect a w iar. ca lo and ing il o e pubeen cover ears now but als r as it is fam I have b agazine for 2 y l of thanks to th or to ia on ea M h d il Liaison I owe a great It is an unfam ichard. a blicity. g! R u in l p m z y e a r g er o m h a l ial@ c ia e UL, C cal musicians m don’t have fi c th f f fi o o f . s er e o t O n o lish st d lo tw ers r talente body tha mode om/Modest northerngia bring ou to inform every aveling perform / c . r m is tr e o l t n a d to c o . go ee ey n k y n twit ll o o M a m o e a lot of run. W pporting the aceb to spend ur money and by su www.f ke o ghbors,




that ta nd nei friends a issue. help our hlight in each band I ig h I s “like”the band nd and book at fi ce to a e F m ke the ti Find it on in a band Please ta lled Grindsole. re e at ca . If you a manage, please contact m 847. , oo b -2 ed 1 ce rt 6 a a .f -8 st w 8 20 ww ting by phone, d help get and nee or n to ol chris.h

Holiday Issue 2013

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Holiday Issue 2013

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| The Urban Liaison Magazine - Treasure Valley


November 27, 2013 FLAT-OUT ELECTRIFYING!” - Boston Globe

the groundbreaking BROADWAY musical

December 2, 2013

December 14 - 15, 2013



March 4 - 6, 2014

April 16 - May 4, 2014


Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Jan 4, 2014 • 2PM

with the

Jan 11, 2014 • 7PM

Jan 28, 2014 • 7:30PM • 208-426-1110 • MC Box Office

Camille man


Entire proof 1  
Entire proof 1