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KU GlobalAid Global Involvement Seminar

Global Involvement Seminar

We as KU Global Aid Certificate Program are planning to organize a seminar in October 2013, aimed to influence others in social responsibility and showing them the way to involve in changing. We are happy to invite you to our seminar as a speaker to be a part of this experience / We would be very glad if you consider to make a partnership with us, or help us with your sponsorship in this experience.

Firstly, what is KU Global Aid?

KU GlobalAid is an international service-learning certificate program, working to build awareness, international solidarity and support for those in need. The program is under the control of Koc University Office of International Programs, which has been initiated by Koc University students for the mission of organizing international aid projects regularly every year.

For its members, KU GlobalAid builds leadership skills, different perspectives and experiences about variety of cultures. The group has organized various social responsibility projects in domestic and international level since its establishment in all of which the members worked in order to build awareness and international solidarity while improving social skills.

Our vision and aim for this conference is to introduce global involvement activities to high school and university students and to encourage their involvement. We as KU GlobalAid members know that we are on the right track if we have lit up hope in someone’s heart by the end of the day and that puts a smile on our face as well.

Global Involment Seminar Global Involment Seminar is based on three principles: inspiration, involving, network. We are aiming to make this seminar in these three steps. The seminar will start with the inspiration part, where we will have speakers that had significant success in their projects. Then we will have a fair in the involving step. There will be stands of different NGO’s and they will explain their goals, projects and how we as individuals can help them or join. The last part will be about networking, there will be a gala night including executive members of NGO’s, businessman and students, an opportunity for them to meet and share ideas.

Being a speaker in GIS

People that will join in our seminar will be mainly from students and young people. Being a speaker in our seminar will give you the opportunity to connect with those students, explain your goals and projects to them and inspire them to be better individuals. We expect you to make a speech on inspiring young people that is excited on social responsibility and show them that they can actually do what they dreamed of. We believe that having the opportunity to share you passions to young people is priceless.

Being a partner in GIS The student that will join the seminar will be selected from the best universities and high schools around Turkey. Even though our fair will be open to everyone, those students that is particularly interested in social responsibility will also join to the fair. You will get the chance to meet all those people interested in you and share your projects with them. It is a great opportunity to spread your practice and influence others. Your brand will not only have a chance of being a part of this inspiring event but also have a chance of making a difference throughout the world by supporting our project.

Joining GIS

Global Involment Seminar is a great opportunity on youngsters that is interested in social responsibility. It will be a significant event that will inspire the participant, give them the chance of learning how things work, and connect with those people in this area. It will change your perspective; it will push you to be a better person. It is a great opportunity to meet with the leaders, NGO’s and listen to what they say about the world.


•  10:00-12:30= Seminar @SGKM •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

10.00-10.10= Opening speech 10.10-10.20= KU GlobalAid Presentation 10.20-10.45=Speaker 10.45-11.10=Speaker 11.10-11.25=Break 11.25-11.50=Speaker 12.50-12.15=Speaker


•  12:30-13:30 Gala Lunch (Executive Lunch) @KULE •  12:30-13:30 Lunch @Yemekhane

FAIR PLAN •  13:30-16:30= Fair @Semahat Arsel Gymnasium Center

Previous Projects of Ku Global Aid

Left Behind in Bosnia Project KU GlobalAid conducted its first social responsibility project in Bosnia-Herzegovina in spring 2012 with the partnership of International Forum of SolidarityEmmaus. During the two weeks program, attendants, which were composed at students and academicians, stayed in local guesthouses and visited suffering families along the route and contributed to supplying their basic needs. In Doboj they helped to the treatment of the patients in the rehabilitation center through joining various production activities.

Nar Project

The primary objective of this year’s project is to arrange a stand in Sarajevo, which will be open three months long between June10th and September10th for the sale of goods produced by various poor families determined by the project partners from Bosnia-Herzegovina. As a result, the goods produced by these poor families would be able to introduce to numerous tourists coming both from Turkey and rest of the world. As tourists buy some embroidery, handmade material and jam, they would have the chance to leave the country with concrete and meaningful memories while at the same time contribute to the aid program of KU GlobalAid. It is planned to organize a launching event in the night of June 9th in Sarajevo at The Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre in order to present and promote the stand sale.

The Women Entrepreneurs Erzincan Project (WEE)

This project took place in the month of April 2013 in Erzincan. Its aim was support the business capabilities of local women and guide women entrepreneurs in Erzincan so we created microfinance project by not also conducting empowerment seminars and business education system but also building technologic advancement in terms of communication between our team and women entrepreneurs. In order to take attention to our project and create awareness on social responsibility, the attendants start their journey in Istanbul and reached Erzincan after 11 days. Day visited local schools on their way, meet with students, give speeches to them and made some workshops. As a result of this amazing journey, wee project attracted many local and global media firms and it was promoted in many cities.

OUR PARTNERS AND SPONSORS Our projects has been held in partnership of IFS EmmausBosnia, Student Council of Sarajeve University, Municipality of Stari Grad and Turkish Embassy of Sarajevo. Sponsors for our past projects were D&R and Haber Mutfağı.



Responsible for KU Global Aid


Responsible for The Project CAN PÜRÜZSÜZ

Responsible for Partnership and Sponsorship


KU GlobalAid Global Involvement Seminar  
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