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What is the What is ...? series?

What are the titles?

The series communicates key issues and concepts to readers in a concise and accessible format, and is continually evolving to keep pace with changes in thinking and hot topics in evidence-based healthcare.

Evidence-based medicine • What is evidence-based medicine? • What is meta-analysis? • What is critical appraisal? • What is a systematic review? • What are PROMs?

The What is ...? series aims to demystify some of the terminology, techniques and practices used to assess and act upon clinical and economic evidence in healthcare.

Who is it for?

The series is for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the topics featured in the What is ...? titles. Readers may include students, professionals in the healthcare industry or anyone looking to learn something new! The titles can also be used as supplementary reading to any training course in evidence-based healthcare.

Who are the authors?

Our authors are experts with working experience in their subject matter. They come from a variety of backgrounds and include research consultants, professors, health economists, research fellows and medical doctors.

How can I access it?

• More information about the What is ...? series can be found on its website • Copies for individual use can be purchased via the Hayward webstore • You can purchase a perpetual institutional access package to make the What is ...? series available to all users at your institution – ideal to support courses and reading lists. To receive a quote, please contact:

Are there any other What is ...? offerings?

• New What is ...? titles can be developed to suit your training requirements – prices start from £9,500 • Face-to-face training workshops can be hosted with sessions led by What is ...? authors – prices start from £12,000 • What is ...? training packages with everything you need to run your own training workshop can be produced by using content from the series – prices start from £9,000 • Hosted webinars on a What is ...? topic of your choice can be provided– prices start from £4,500 • E-learning modules can be built in alignment with the What is ...? titles – prices start from £15,000. For more information about these services and to receive a bespoke quote, please contact:

Statistics • What are confidence intervals and p-values? • What are hazard ratios? • What is Bayesian statistics? • What is a Cox model? • What is sensitivity analysis? • What is indirect comparison? • What is an NNT? NHS and HTA • What are the HTA processes in the UK? • What is health technology assessment? • What is commissioning? • What is payment by results? • Implementing NICE guidance • What is a Delphi process? • What is pricing and reimbursement? Health economics • What is health economics? • What is cost-effectiveness? • What is cost–utility analysis? • What is cost-minimisation analysis? • What is a QALY? • What are health utilities? • What is quality of life? Coming soon • What is an elicitation panel? • What is an epidemiology study? • What is real-world data? • What is translational research?

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The What is ...? series is published by Hayward Medical Communications

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What is media pack v2 ag 131216  

The What is...? series from Hayward Medical Communications - media pack

What is media pack v2 ag 131216  

The What is...? series from Hayward Medical Communications - media pack