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VGC 1.2- Video Greeting Card.

Today we can send video greeting cards to our friends and family during festivals and other occasions like birthday and marriage anniversary this is nothing but transcendence of human nature that we have come to this age. VGC 1.2 is a unique iPhone application which allows you to send a Video Greeting Card to your Loved Ones. An Application which allows you to send a Greeting Card integrated with your video. It’s a very user er friendly application which can hit the right string of your emotions. In this pdf we are going to explain you how this beautiful and unique application works.

Once the application is downloaded your iphone screen will have an icon of VGC VGC- Video Greeting ng Card as depicted below

ion starts it opens with the logo of VGC-Video VGC Once the application Greeting Card.

Third screen takes you to the list of categories we have in Video Greeting Card.

Third screen will give you an option to select a specific card from the list of templates .

Once you have selected the card you will be routed to the screem which will give you an option to upload your video. You can capture your video from the front end iphone camera or else you van upload it through the camera roll.

You can also putt your personal message on the Video Greeting Card.

Preview your card.

And last but not the least you are ready to send your Video Greeting Card.

Video Greeting Cards are Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Trust me those you still love sending cards to your friends and family one’s this is the best application for you. For further information you can also visit the Links mentioned below. So get started don’t let the distance hamper your ocassions,friendhip and Love. 8&ls=1#

VGC 1.2- Video Greeting Card.  

You can now send video greeting cards to you family and friends by downloading simple applications from itunes store. You get the applicatio...