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You know that you are as keen an entrepreneur as most other people out there, but maybe you keep getting caught in the undertow instead of riding the wave. Realistically, by the time most of us hear about a new opportunity, it is old news to the insiders in any business from real estate to racehorses. Frustrating, isn't it? The waves may be about to break in another direction though, if you seize the moment and investigate the possibilities of becoming a mobile marketer. If you are the successful owner of a brick and mortar business, you may already be presenting your product to dozens of potential buyers every day. The promises of advertising media and the Internet have already started you thinking about marketing to thousands of people. Becoming a mobile marketer can introduce you to billions of sales opportunities world wide. This is not a misprint. We skipped right over millions, and are now talking about more than three billion, with a capital 'B.' That's how many mobile channel handsets are in use world wide. By way of a comparison, there are one billion PCs. This is not to suggest dumping all other forms of brand marketing to become an exclusively mobile marketer; it is intended to make business people aware of a hot new marketing media that can be profitably added to other marketing programs in such a way that they all complement each other. Mobile marketing is here now, today, and this is a heads-up call for the most alert among us. As the old saying goes, "He (she) who hesitates is lost." Mobile is much more than chatting with friends on the phone or playing electronic games while waiting in the dentist's office. Mobile brings television and the Internet to users in all corners of the world including people on the go in the good old USA. Forget about striving to turn your brand into a "household name." Skip a couple of chapters in that dusty old book and strive to turn your brand into a world recognized name instead. Becoming a mobile marketer can land you feet-first in a place that was only ever a dream until now.

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==== ==== Learn How to Mobile Market. ==== ====

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