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Vol.1 Issue 1. December 2014

Fashion forecasting @fashionforecasting

. So what’s your style? Ugh. Are people not done asking me that yet? They (“they” being society) say that you find yourself as you get older in life. You find your style. You find who your friends are. You find out what you want to do with your life. Well, the only thing I’ve found out about myself is that I love to write, I love to design pretty things and I love to try the newest trends. The funny thing is, there’s no consistency there. New trends are constantly new. Sure a personal style is developed there somewhere, but sometimes I lose that in the fun of the risk. This issue is to inspire you to try something old, something new and something inspired from political events. The key to finding out who you are is forecasting what inspires you. Be inspired, loves!

, XO hayli goode

. target Market You. If you are reading this, you are a 20-something woman seeking a personal style. You’re well-versed in current events, as well as current events in the fashion world. As you’re stepping away from the high school trends and into the world of college - combining comfort with appropriate-to-step-out-of-the-house. Your wardrobe is expanding into slight sophistication and you’re beginning to build up your wardrobe for the imminent job. And you want your personality to shine through in these garments. Your wit. Your intelligence. Your charm. You. And as you’re building that wardrobe, your budget is in mind. Regardless of your color, race, background, we all have one thing in common. Our wardrobe defines us 20-somethings with passion and drive.

a little bit of history.

2004 is created + social media

War in

IRaq. what

More than a decade ago, former President Bush ordered troops to Iraq to fight the then leader, Suddam Husein. Although Hussein was found and sentenced to death in 2006, trooops are still there fighing for our country.

why Since 2006, the military/combat look has come into style. In its first year, magazines stated it was support our troops, a trickle accoss theory. The elements of dress, however, has developed into a style instead of a uniform.

2008 Recession What The war in Iraq had much to do with this break in economy. It immensely downgraded. Many lost jobs. Many lost houses. Many were scraping for money. Not only did the attitude change, but for years since, the fashion changed. Why Because of the lack of money, DIY and second-hand stores became popular. Women and men realized they could find cute, comfortable and stylish clothes at stores like Goodwill and other vintage boutique stores. The trickle down theory could be seen here by the innovators leading the change in style into a more affordable and still appealing style.

established fashion designers of the past decade.

Ralph lauren A true American designer, Lauren has always been known for creating a classic, timless look. His style includes basics and known for its comfort. He designs for basics as well as work attire, eveing attire and chidlren. He was also one of the first designers to branch into lifestyle and furnature products. With prices ranging from $20 accessories to $600+ eveningwear, the designer is able to hit all price points and many different markets. After starting at Brooks Borthers, Lauren is now one of the most famous international designers.

georgio armani Known mostly for his clean and detailed menswear, Armani is claimed to be the most successful designer to come from Italy. Now designing for womenswear and eveningwear, Armani has extended his line and his market. Staying in the upper price range, Armani designs for those who can afford his clothes. Mostly seen on the red carpet, on the runway or in magazines, Armani keeps to the upper class market. He has banned models to walk in his show who have a BMI under 18, raising awareness to model malnutrition.

michael kors Kors knows a thing or two about being on both ends of the income spectrum. In the middle of his career as a designer, Kors filed for bankruptcy. A couple years later, the American designer came back with the KORS line during the recession. KORS includes handbags, watches, shoes and clothes. Although he may have once been in poverty, his prices certainly don’t suggest that. He designs for the wealthy and creates classic pieces with his initials somewhere on them. He is also a judge on the TV Show “Project Runway.”

chanel She will never go out of style, but since Karl Lagerfeld has become creative director of the brand, the clothes have continued to stay classic yet kept up with modern time. Chanel started designing affordable suits for working women. Her suits have stayed classic, but have increased in price and detail. They are worn by wealthier women for day wear or working attire. Her line has since increased into basics and eveningwear.

Diane von furstenburg

Diane von Furstenburg first came into the fashion world because of a jersey knit dress. At the time, it was affordable and comfortable for women. More importantly, the dress accentruated every body shape. For those reasons, the dress is still popular today. Not only is the designer known for the dress, but she is also recognizable by her patterns - her most famous being the chained one seen on the bottom right.

new fashion designers of the past decade

christian siriano Siriano was first recognized on season 4 on Project Runway. Since the beginning of the show, many TV Guide critics labeled him the “clear winner.� After the show, Siriano continued his line at all price points. He created a couture line, a wedding line (with the price of a couture line) and a shoe line at Payless Shoes. Siriano is known for his intricate detail and interesting and fun clothes. The wearer of his runway designs would be of high-ego involvement and a member of the higher class. He is also so new to the fashion world, his designs are considered exclusive.

lauren conrad My, has that little girl grown up from her time on the MTV reality TV show, Laguna Beach. Lauren Conrad now has three clothing line - her own for Kohls, Paper Crown and The Little Market. Each line produces for different prices ranges, Kohls being more affordable and Paper Crown being the most expensive. The Little Market uses only fair trade fabric and production, raising awareness for modern day slavery.

adam selman Behind that handlebar mustache is a new American fashion designer. Selman is most famous for being the mastermind behind Rihanna’s absolutely see-through dress she wore to the CFDA awards in in June 2014. He may not have worn an award at the ceremony, but he was certainly a bog topic of conversation. Selman has designed many outrageous clothes and dresses for the singer. He is also known for putting on entertaining runway shows. Those wearing Selman’s designs are of the high ego-involvement. They would have to be very confident about themselves to pull off one of Selman’s original pieces. His fashion is occassionally “acceptable’ to wear in public, but also is occassionally to strange for most to wear in the day. They are generally worn to put on a show.

MSgm Could this be the next Ralph Lauren? Mossimo Giorgetti founded MSGM after he grew tired of his profession as a DJ. He know includes his love for indie music and art in his fashion. Known for his floral prints, MSGM creates practical, “appropriate� clothes for both men and women. His designs would be seen on only those who can afford them, but appropriate for daywear. He is also known for the practicaility of his oversized winter coats, seen on bottom left. An oversized, floral printed coat first got him recognized.

simone rocha Simone Rocha celebrated her first fashion show this year. Her runway show displayed minimilist designs and clean fabrics. Rocha is very young, yet has a dress line and a shoe line, as seen on bottom right. Rocha can be recognized by her white designs and her clean look. Her shoes are noticed for thr clear heel and, again, clean appearance. She enjoys creating things that look like should be there, but are not. If nudity is not showing, her designs could be worn for a nice event during the day or cocktail event at the evening. They would be worn by the uppermiddle class, but have a timeless style that affects all age markets.

Current Fas

shion Trends

a little bit of current events.

environmentalism These images are a little dramatic, but in the past decade, a care for the earth, its residents and its sustainability has become a major concern for many. Daily life actions have been dramatically altered to help sustain the earth longer. Changes in fashion have been altered, such as using organic fabrics, vegan fabrics and most definitely no fur. These items tend to be more expensive, but still affordable for those in the middle class. The wearers can be either passionate about the envrionment to be its protector, or the highego individual who will make you feel terrrible about wearing anything since. Adopting an eco-friendly lifesyle is a complete daily life change.

fair trade

Liz alig $100 + Liz Alig Pants $80

The little market $150+

This past decade, more light has been shown on modern day slavery. Today, there are 27 million slaves in the world who work for little or no wage, or have not chosen their career, but were sold into unpaid bonded labor. A major outlet where slaves work is in textiles and fabric production. To raise awareness for this mjaor social injustice, fair trade clothing, or clothing garaunteed to be not made by slaves, has become popular. These daily household items or clothes tend to be more expensive than non-fair trade clothes and can be worn by individuals passionate about social injustice from any of the class systems.

equality Equality in fashion can be seen in many ways. In the past decade, equality has been seen more in both men and women by many items. Transgender men can now be seen with full makeup out during the day. It is more acceptable, even more popular, for women to get a pixie hair cut. Finally, it is more acceptable for women to wear pants suits (like Ellen does on her show everyday). In the early 1920s, women could not wear a pantsuit out for the day. It was purely a working man’s attire. Boyish silhouettes are also popular. The wearers of clothes for equality tend to be very passionate for equality on all levels. The pixie cut on women, however, could also be cut because it becomes less work for the woman. The men put more into themselves ofr the makeup and hair.

elements of to

Silhouette It’s not only the silhouette for fall, but for the past decade, a larger top and tighter bottom has become the desired silhouette for comfort.

Socially conscious fabrics People have become more aware of how their clothes or daily items are made and have made an extra effort to have a small slavery footprint.

odays fashion

Mismatched patterns Why have just one favorite pattern this season instead of wearing all of your favorite patterns together? This is typical of the thrifty trend.

Neutral Colors Bold colors are few and far between this days. Instead, neutral colors dominate the market and could be seen as an effort to simply blend in.

elements of 1960 Collars. Leopard print. The emergence of tall boots. Patterned fabrics. Short dresses. Full hair. The 1960s marked the emergence of these fashion attributes. And as we all know. history tends to repeat itself. For the Fall 2014 runway shows, we saw many elements of the 1960s come back into fashion. Zooey Deschanel has become the face of this change with her constantly vintage dresses and full hair. This style can be adopted by all social classes. The look is known for being bold, but appropriate to wear during the day.

classic makeup “And I got that red lip, classic, thing that you like,” is more than just a lyric in Taylor Swift’s new song “Style” in her 1989 album. Swift was describing a makeup trend that was around in the 1950s, but has recently made its way back into the fashion scene. Christinia Agiullera is another adopter of the trend. It is a classsic style that can be created inexpensively by any individual. It is a safe look and appropriate for day wear, but mostly at night. Makeup doesn’t have to be “classic.” It is a luxury.

thrifty The movie Goodwill Hunting may have started a trend. Since the recession in 2008, many people have turned to thrift or secondhand stories for shopping. It has brought back many fashions such as high waisted pants, acid wash, polyester everything and bold, printed fabrics. An extension of this could be DIY clothes. Both aspects of affordable fashion exploded on fashion blogs, showing how these clothes can be seen for a day look and evening look. Also how to recreate your own clothes.


Not everyone has to wear a hat, but they are certainly a common, fashionable and can be affordable item. Varying in different types, such as beanie (worn by men and women), wide-brimmed, top hat, fedora and Pharrel’s Arby’s impression, hats can be the finishing touch on any outfit. No longer are they seasonal, but can be worn year round by both genders. Different hats are worn for different aspects of comfort, aesthetic or professional.

boho everything Music festivals + Vanessa Hudgens may have pioneered this style. Woodstock, the three day music festival in 1963 was a sea of bohemian/hippie style. Now we see that trend returning with many summer music festivals marked by celebrities in boho attire. However, the boho style has become a daily trend, worn both day and night. It is marked by look or baggy clothes, luxury makeup addendums, like Hudgens face dots, and accessories such as arm bands, many rings, bandeaus and retro necklaces. The style tends to go more bold for big events, but range to appropriate for daily wear.

declining fashion trends.

aesthetic Brands Less than 10 years ago, you knew you were important when you had a logo on your purse, on your wallet, on your shoes, or even on your rear. It would be like an extra boost of confidence. It was a sign of the high social class. Those days, however, are quickly declining. Over the past couple of years, reporters on E! News and fashion magazines, like VOGUE, have called it “tacky� to wear brands. Coach, Michael Kors and Juicy Couture sweats used to dominate this market, but there is one thing these companies all have in common: They have all gone bankrupt at least once. Owning quality, and typically higher priced items is still a luxury today, however there is no longer a need to show that off my a logo draped across your body, as if you are a part of an exclusive designer club.

khakis The khaki pant is not necessarily declining, rather than evolving. Starting as a casual day pant for moms, turning into an acceptable pant to the office, then a sporting pant for mens and women’s, the traditional khaki pants are no longer seen on women except for in the sport. Instead, they are turning into a more architectural, men’s style, still acceptable for work. They are a necessity, instead of a luxury and are worn by women of all classes. Women of the lower class, however, are more likely to be seen in the traditonal khakis more than members of the higher class.

stiletto boots In the early 2000s, stiletto boots went with everything. They were a necessity for the cold, a quick grab for an evening out and could go perfectly with dresses, mini skirts and pants. Especially because there were so many colors! Much like stiletto heels, they were uncomfortable. Today, tall boots are slowly declining to shorter booties and the heel is no longer seen. Colors of the boots stick to neutral as well and are still great to be paired with skirts, dresses and pants.

incoming trends.

fringe Fringe is a style that has come in and out of popularity more than we can count on one hand. With the emergence of music festivals and the boho look, fringe is back in style again. It can now be seen on more than clothing, however. Fringe is now a luxury detail on bags, shoes and hats. It is an affordable item that can retail from a designer price point to a mass merchant price point. It is an easy way to spruce up a style without much effort for the wearer or designer.

drapery Gone is a figure-embracing silhouette. Fall 2014 runways were clad with baggy, drapping clothing on women and men. Big pants and baggy shirts are not only visually appealing, they are comfortable and are now acceptable for work, if done properly. Dresses have also added draping. Clothing lines like Victoria Secret and DKNY have created draped dresses that can be worn many different ways. This clothing trend is not necessarily a luxury, but it is a necessity to be clothed. There is usually more cloth and fabric for the dollar as well. It can be worn across a variety of price points from designer to mass merchant.

booties Fashion magazines such as Seventeen, VOGUE and Marie Claire have delcared “booties� one of hte must have items this fall. Booties actually range in style from mid length, to short and from chunky heel to wedge. They are predicted to replace the tall boot completely. It is more comfortable and less restricting than the tall boot. It is also a necessity for fall to keep the foot warm, cover from the rain and snow and can be worn with pants, dresse and skirts. Booties can be worn at all price ranges - from designer to mass merchant.

dark makeup Earlier in this magazine, we recognized that the classic red lip, winged eyeliner was revisiting popularity from the 1950s. Since then, lipstick has continued to be used including brighter colors and, most notably, darker maroons. These dark colors have been complimented with a dark cheek and shadow. The makeup item is a luxury but is seen in a higher-end socially popular class, yet can also be inexpensively pulled off. A dark, bold lip can be the center of an outfit or an easy addendum for a woman before she walks out the door. It is seen both in day wear, eveningwear and on the runway.

Jewelry “Candy” Stacking jewelty is definitely a luxury trending in today’s fashion. It is not necessrary to wear multiple bracelets, rings or necklaces, but it is visually appealing and acceptable among hte higher calss for day and eveningwear.

fashion for


Boxy Silhouette

Soon the baggy top + tight bottom look will be replaced with baggy all around. Not only will the clothes get baggier, they will begin to take on the shape of a box. The look will definitely be very comfortable and will blur the lines between what’s appropriate for work and what’s appropriate to wear to bed. It will not be a luxury item, as clothes are necessities and can be worn by both the lower and upper social classes, therefore the clothes will not take on an exclusivity factor. Come one, come all for this impending comfort.


comfortable + blurs line between work and home attire + loose on the body

Aladdin Pants. t e rg 5 a T $2

Ralph Lauren $150

TJ Ma $1 xx 5

Harem Pants. We know them as visually appealing. We love them because we can wear them to work. What is significant about the Harem Pants is that they are actually inspired from Middle Eastern fashion, specifically, and most recognizably, pointed right back to the Disney classic Aladdin. These can be found in all price ranges, from $15 at TJ Maxx to $150 for a Ralph Lauren original. These are leading the way to appropriate wardrobe changes in the workforce as well as more puffier pants to come.


comfortable + visually appealing + appropriate for day & work

Printed Sweaters

Let’s do some math here. Knitted sweater + printed sweatshirt = printed knit sweater. I predict this trend is to come - so much so that I could not find any pictures of what a printed knit sweater! The Apollo spaceship image was as close as I could get. I don’t believe these items would be a luxury item and probably popular by the mass market because both sweatershirts and knitwear is very comfortable. Although it would take a long time to produce a printed, knit sweater, I do believe it will become a trend that won’t stop for a very long time.


comfortable + expresses personality + two favorites combined

Hidden Heel Surprise! In these seemingly 80s-inspired boots, flats and sneakers is a heel. It may not be seen at first glance, but the heel is actually a wedge inside the outer pocket of the shoe. This type of shoe is a luxury item, as it is not needed and probably created to make a womans legs appear on point in every style of shoe. They will still be as comfortable or uncomfortable you find wedges.


accentuates the figure + exclusive to wearer + all types of shoes


Printed Socks, to be Exact. Up until I was in fifth grade, my mom would match my socks to my shirt. And for some reason, I let her. Until I was mocked. Well, now I will mock my mockers. Socks with shoes are back in style, and for good reason. This is definitely a luxury item, as they are not necessary to an outfit (although wearing socks in recommended) but the print does spruce up the outfit. Rolling up the jeans or dress pants to show them is nice as well. It is worn by both men and women and will be a little more high-end than a regular white sock because of the print. Women may wear them to make heels more comfortable and men will wear them to catch that woman’s eye.


Inexpensive + non-exclusive + visually appealing

buh bye.

Profile for Hayli

Fashion Forecasting Report  

This was created for a fashion forecasting class I was taking as a student at Ball State University. The report was my final project.

Fashion Forecasting Report  

This was created for a fashion forecasting class I was taking as a student at Ball State University. The report was my final project.

Profile for hayli5