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Multi-Genre Research Project

By Hayley Spence 1R

All About Me By Hayley Spence


My full name is Hayley Elise Spence and I was born in Walnut

Creek, California. I moved to Pleasanton, Kansas after my sister was born and ended up in Saint Joseph eleven years later. I love being outdoors, whether I’m fishing or hunting or just outside. My cowboy boots are my favorite pair of shoes; I even bought a cowboy hat and a belt to match them. I love country music and rock. It’s about all I listen too. It’s always been my dream to go to the University of Kansas and graduate with a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate in medical science. I hope to get a full-ride scholarship there, and after I graduate I want to live far away from the city, maybe in a small town or just somewhere with wide open spaces, surrounded by the countryside, where it’s peaceful.

A Poem Ab!t Me

Hayley Tall, Uncoor#nated, Ca$ng, and Intelli%nt Sibling of Cassidy, Savana, Parker, B$anna, Blaine, and Blake Lover of Cowboy Boots, F'hing, Hunting, and Tenn' Who Fears (e Unkno), Rats, and Failing Who needs To Get Out Of Saint Joseph, A Scholar+ip to Colle%, and Fresh Air Who Gives Advice, Care, and C$tic'm Who W!ld Like To See Italy, France, and Brazil Resident Of Saint Joseph Spence

My Family Tree

Key: Grey Line-Divorced or Separated

Cheryl Poole

Frank Poole

Grey Box-Deceased

Larry Poole Brian Poole

Larry Poole

Jennifer Spence Corey Poole

Queston Poole Quincy Poole Quinton Poole McKinley Poole Reta Spence

Brian Poole Kayla Poole

Sherman Spence Cindy Inman

Craig Spence Janet Poole Ryan Poole

Bryan Inman

Jayden Poole

Cindy Inman

Myndi Inman Baker Inman

Chandler Inman

Jo Jacobsen

Chris Jacobsen

Ashley Jacobsen Steven Jacobsen Corey Poole

Treyton Poole

Dezarae Poole

Taryn Poole

Eric McCowan Robert Turner Anjanette Warner

Eric McCowan

Dylan McCowan

Loren Bogan

Brett Bogan Blake

Jennifer Spence

Craig Spence

Wendy Watson

Rylie McCowan

Robert Turner

Anjanette Warner


Austin Turner Steven Warner

Bogan Blaine Bogan Brianna Bogan Hayley Spence Cassidy SpenceSavana Warner Parker Warner

(e Meaning Of My Name Hayley- de$ved from old Engl'h Elements hēg

“hay” and lēah “wood, clea$ng, or meadow” It can also be de$ved from . Old Norse word haela meaning “hero”.

Spence- Engl'h and Sco/'h it means a

servant working in a great pantry or mona0ery.

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

2 cups of dried elbow macaroni 2 tablespoons of butter 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour A dash of pepper 2 1/2 cups of milk 1 1/2 cups of shredded Velveeta 1 1/2 cups of a shredded italian cheese blend (5-6 cheeses) 1.Cook macaroni in water with a dash of salt for ten minutes or until tender, but still firm. Drain well. 2.Meanwhile, for cheese sauce, in a medium saucepan melt butter then stir in flour and pepper over medium heat. Add milk all at once. Cook and stir until bubbly. Add all cheese until melted. Stir in macaroni and sauce together in large bowl. 3. Bake at 350 degrees in an oven for 25-30 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Let stand 10-15 minutes before serving. Makes 6-8 main dish servings.

From Anjanette Warner

Appetizers: Spinach Dip-­‐  A  war.  dip  made  with  

The Spence Cafe

3esh spinach  and  red  sweet  peppers.    

Beverages: Chocolate-­‐Mint Coffee-­‐  A  steaming  hot   coffee  with  chocolate,  mint,  and  topped  with  

Ser6ed with  celer8  and  car9ots.  $2.99


whipped cream.  $1.99

Mini Pepperoni  Calzones-­‐  Homemade  

Peanut BuQer  Cake-­‐  A  tender,  moist,  

Tea-­‐ Your  choice  of  iced  tea  (sweet  or  un-­‐

mini calzones.    Perfect  for  a  snack.  $3.99

mouth-­‐watering cake.    Made  with  

sweet) or  hot.  $1.00

Shrimp Cocktail-­‐  Fresh  chilled  shrimp  

peanut buQer  and  brown  sugar.  $2.99 Hot  Spiced  Cider-­‐  Hot  apple  cider  spiced  

ser6ed with  cocktail  sauce  made  with  

Lemon Bars-­‐  A  buQer8  past98  crYst  

with cloves,  allspice,  and  cinnamon.    Ser6ed  

g9een onion,  horseradish,  and  

topped with  a  creamy  lemon  filling.  

with cinnamon  sticks.  $2.00

Worcestershire sauce.  $4.99


Fried Ravioli-­‐  Golden,  crispy  ravioli  filled  

Fudge Brownies-­‐  Fudge  brownies  

white hot  chocolate.    Made  with  semisweet  

with cheese.    Ser6ed  with  your  choice  of  

topped with  homemade  fYdge  icing.  

chocolate, cinnamon,  vanilla,  and  almond  

Marinara sauce,  spagheQi  sauce,  or  pizza  


ex[9act.  Ser6ed  with  whipped  cream  and/or  

sauce. $4.99

Chocolate Chip  Cookies-­‐  Melt  in  your  

marshmallows. $2.00

mouth cookies  with  gooey  chocolate  

Lemonade-­‐ Fresh  lemonade  sure  to  quench  

3esh out  of  the  oven.  $2.99

your thirst.    Made  with  3esh  lemons.    

SpagheQi and  meatballs-­‐  SpagheQi  noodles  

Snickerdoodles-­‐ Topped  with  sugar  

Gar_ished with  lemon  slices.  $1.00

with marinara  sauce  and  meatballs.  $4.50

and cinnamon.  $2.99

Coffee-­‐ Your  choice  of  hot  or  iced,  made  

Lasag_a-­‐ Lasag_a  noodles  with  3esh  g9ound  

Cheesecake-­‐ Made  with  cream  cheese  

with 3eshly  g9ound  coffee  beans.    Ser6ed  

beef, tomato  sauce,  and  ricoQa  cheese.    

with a  g9aham  cracker/walnut  crYst.  

with optional  coffee  cake.  $1.99

Topped with  shredded  mozzarella  and  g9ated  


Milk Shakes-­‐  Your  choice  of  vanilla,  

Hot Chocolate-­‐  Your  choice  of  regYlar  or  


chocolate, or  st9awber98.

par.esan cheese.  $4.99 Three-­‐Cheese  StYffed  Shells-­‐  Pasta  shells  filled   Soups and Salads: with  mozzarella,  par.esan,  and  coQage   cheese.    Ser6ed  with  3esh  tomato  sauce.  $3.99 FeQYccine  with  Pesto-­‐  Fresh  pesto  made  3om   basil  leaves,  parsley  sprigs,  and  garlic.    Ser6ed   with  feQYccine  noodles.  $5.99

Taco Salad-­‐  Made  with  lean  g9ound  beef,  dark  red  kidney  beans,  whole  ker_el  cor_,  iceberg  leQYce,   avocado,  and  topped  with  your  choice  of  sour  cream  and/or  taco  sauce.  $5.99 Caesar  Salad-­‐  Topped  with  g9ated  par.esan  cheese,  par.esan  croutons,  and  3eshly  g9ound   pepper.    $4.50 House  Salad-­‐  Leaf8  g9eens,  with  cheese,  croutons,  and  your  choice  of  italian  or  ranch  dressing.     $3.99

Baked Ravioli  with  Meat  Sauce-­‐  Ground  beef   raviolis,  baked  with  a  meat  sauce  and  topped   Chicken  Noodle  Soup-­‐  A  war.  comfor[  food  soup  with  vegetables  and  chicken.    Made  with  egg   with  shredded  mozzarella  cheese.  $4.99 Homemade  Macaroni  and  Cheese-­‐  Made  with   seven  different  cheeses,  sure  to  put  a  new   tcist  on  t9aditional  mac  and  cheese.  $5.50  

noodles. $3.99 Fresh  Tomato  Soup-­‐  Made  with  tomatoes,  onions,  and  celer8.    Topped  with  3esh  cilant9o  and  your   choice  of  hot  sauce.    $3.99 Summer  FrYit  Salad  with  Poppyseed  Dressing-­‐  a  re3eshing  salad  romaine,  kiwi3Yit,  st9awber9ies,   pineapple,  and  cantaloupe.    Drizzled  with  homemade  poppyseed  dressing.  $5.99

Greetings Greetings From From California California Greetings Greetings From from California California

Hope you come and visit us soon! 515 Quail Court

Hope you come and visit us soon! 515 Quail Court

Vacaville, California

Vacaville, California

Hope you can come and visit us soon!

Hope you can come and visit us soon!

515 Quail Court

515 Quail Court

Vacaville, California

Vacaville, California




Italy’s area is 301.225 square kilometers. It has a Mediterranean climate with cold winters. The capital of Italy is Rome. The population of Italy is 60.6 million. The country of Italy has the fifth-highest population density in Europe. Italy’s main religion is Roman Catholic. They have a Democratic Republic government with three branches of government; executive, legislative, and judicial. The natural resources of Italy are fish and natural gas and the agricultural products of Italy are wheat, rice grapes, olives, potatoes, sugar beets, citrus fruits, soybeans, dairy products, and beef. Italy is ranked as the world’s eighthlargest market economy. Italy is also a member of the European Union.


Venice is located in Northeast Italy, on a group of 118 islands that are separated by canals and linked together by bridges. The city of Venice is supported by wooden beams entrenched in the sea bed. The islands were not sturdy enough to support buildings. The Italian city is made up of 118 islands, 170 bell towers, 416 bridges, and 177 canals. Venice holds several festivals every year including The Carnival of Venice, which is held annually in the city; The Venice Film Festival, and The Festa de Redentore, which is a big feast held to give thanks for the end of the plague in 1576. The cuisine in Venice is usually italian seafood with garden products and rice. Transport through the narrow waterways is by Gondolas, symbolic boats of Venice operated by an oarsman called a Gondolier. A famous market in Venice is the Rialto Market. The fish section and the fruit and vegetable section make up the whole market. One key rule in Venice and all of Italy is to never touch the produce. Ask the vendor and he or she will get it for you.

Take a trip to the historical country of Italy, where you will see the Roman Colosseum and many more famous landmarks. The Roman Colosseum stands 159 feet tall, and has eighty entrances. Emperor Vespasian began construction fro the Roman Colosseum in 72 A.D. It was finished in 80 A.D., a year after Emperor Vespasian’s death.



Beaches in Italy are perfect for vacations. They are the most crowded during the months of July and August though, because of tourism. Some of the most famous beaches in Italy are Sicily, Calabria, and the Amalfi Coast. These are the most stunning in all of Italy, with rocky cliffs and sand covering the coast of Calabria, one of the most cleanest beaches in all of Italy. Beaches in Sicily covered with beautiful white sands, and even

The main language spoken in Italy is Italian, with 93% of the population are native Italian speakers. Minority languages spoken in Italy are Ladin, German, Sloven, French, Albanian, Croatian, and Greek. Italians value their family very much. Some Italian families even have extended relatives residing with them. The way you dress in Italy is very important. Your appearance can say many things about you, like your social status, your level of education, and your family’s background. Italians are very fashion conscious. They tend to judge and asses people on their appearance and first impressions. The major religion in Italy is Roman Catholic. Children in Italy are named after patron saints and celebrate their saint’s day like a second birthday to them. There is at least one patron saint associated with every day of the year. Church attendance tends to be very low in Italy, but the church is still a big influence in Italian’s lives. The etiquette for meeting in Italy is friendly but formal. Acquaintances usually shake hands and have direct eye contact between each other. Friends in Italy usually

air kiss on the cheeks, beginning with the left. Italians don’t call each other by a first name unless they are invited to. Calling cards are given to each other at greetings

too. Calling cards are similar to business cards except they state the person’s name, address, title, and their telephone number. When Italians give gifts, they never give red flowers, yellow flowers, or chrysanthemums. Red flowers indicate secrecy, yellow flowers indicate jealousy, and chrysanthemums are used at funerals. Italians also never wrap gifts in purple or black. Black is the color of mourning and the color purple symbolizes bad luck. Gifts given in Italy are usually opened as soon as they are received. The currency used in Italy is the euro. The euro is used in many countries in

Europe, so traveling throughout Europe and Italy is relatively easy.


1. Expect the Unexpected 3. Be Yourself 4. Stay Calm 6. Everything Happens For A Reason

2. Those Who Fall Behind, Get Left Behind 5. Don’t Let Fear Control You Or Your Actions

7. There Are No Such Things As 8. Always Coincidences Trust Yourself (Well, maybe More Than sometimes) Anyone Else 9. Don’t Make The 10. Murphy’s Same Law: What Can Mistake Go Wrong Will Twice Go Wrong

Surprised? I’m not. Expect the unexpected.

Wild Horses Rodeo Road 4:35 AM she’s Country Untouchable By Holly Williams By Jason Aldean By Taylor Swift By Gemma Hayes By Natasha Bedingfield Guinevere Daughters Of Iris Little Miss By Eli Young Band By The Goo Goo Dolls Darkness For You By Sugarland By Halestorm By Staind Say (All I Need) Sooner Or Later By OneRepublic By Michelle Branch Grey Street By Dave Matthews Country Must Be If I Were A Boy Band Country Wide By Beyoncé Send The Pain Below By Brantley Gilbert By Chevelle I Hate This Part Bad Company I Can’t Love You Back By The Pussycat Dolls By Five Finger Not Ready To Make Nice By Easton Corbin By Dixie Chicks Death Punch A Place In This World A Country Boy Can By Taylor Swift Unseen Runaway Survive By Katie Armiger By Love And Theft When It Rains By Hank Williams Jr. By Eli Young Band Say Hello To Goodbye Genie In A Bottle What Hurts The Somebody That I Used By Shontelle By Christina Aguilera Most To Know Dark Days By Rascal Flatts Papercut By Gotye By Punch Brothers Boondocks By Linkin Park Won’t Go Home Best I Ever Had By Little Big Town Without You Russian Roulette By Gary Allan By Maroon 5 Bleed It Out By Rihanna

The Playlist of My Life

Hicktown By Jason Aldean Hurt By Adelitas Way Glass By Thompson Square Simple Man By Charlie Daniels Band So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore By Alan Jackson

Dream By Priscilla Ahn

I Hope You Dance By Lee Ann Womack

By Linkin Park Honkytonk U By Toby Keith

Camouflage By Brad Paisley

Familiar Taste of Poison By Halestorm Good Enough By Adelitas Way

Lies Of The All Around Me Beautiful People By Flyleaf By Sixx: A.M. Something To Believe Love Bites (So Do I) This Is Gonna Hurt By Halestorm In By Sixx: A.M. By Parachute The Collapse More Than A By Adelitas Way Kick It In The Sticks Memory By Brantley Gilbert Hurt By Garth Brooks By Johnny Cash

Bennett Springs By Hayley Spence Bennett Springs. A fisherman’s or woman’s heaven. Multiple areas of fishing loaded with some of the biggest and beautiful trout in the state of Missouri. Canoeing and camping included. There’s even a trout reserve. That’s where the biggest trout are located. No fishing allowed there though; it’s just for looks. Six different camping sites with shower houses and indoor bathrooms. The fourth camping site is the best though; it has the best shower houses and bathrooms. Bennett Springs was the best fishing experience that I’ve had so far.

Not only was Bennett Springs the best fishing experience I’ve ever had, it was also an educational experience. I learned never to step too deep into the water, because it’s not warm. When it seeps into your boots, it’s like spilling a bag of ice onto your feet. I also learned to not be too loud into the late hours of the night. The group I was with stayed up until two o’clock in the morning. We were yelling and talking, trying to be heard over one another, and laughing about the stories told by the campfire. The next day an officer came up to us and told us that there had been complaints about noise, and that if we couldn’t keep it down, we would have to leave.

It was my father, my sister, my step-mother, my aunt Janet, uncle Brian, and cousin Ryan, with my uncle Corey, my aunt Dez, my uncle Larry, Garnett and his wife. We ended up taking up three of the camping sections in campsite two; our group was that big. Everyone arrived there a couple hours before my sister, my dad, and I because my mom had to meet my dad at his work when he got off of his shift. It was a six hour drive, but the time flew by quickly. My step-mom and Dez rode together, while my uncle Corey drove his truck down. By the time we got to Bennett Springs everyone had already set up their tents and campers, and had started a bonfire while they were roasting marshmallows and making smores. My sister and I hurried to put our bags in the tent so we wouldn’t miss out on all the fun.

After putting my bags in the tent I sat in a lawn chair and joined the group around the bonfire. Everyone was telling stories and reminiscing about past trips to Bennett Springs. When I heard the stories, I knew that this was going to be the best fishing trip that I had ever taken. It was around midnight when we were all so stuffed with smores that we decided it was time to go to bed. At least most of us went to bed. My uncle Larry and Garnett decided to stay up until two in the morning, talking and telling each other jokes. It started to rain later that night, and this wasn’t just any storm. We were in a torrential downpour. I woke up in the early hours of the morning with the tent leaking and raindrops hitting me right in the middle of my forehead. The sun hadn’t even come up yet. Our tent wasn’t the worst though. My uncle Larry woke up to his air mattress floating in about a foot of water. Everyone was woke up by the loud splash and yelling from my uncle Larry falling into the water. We all ran to his tent to see what was the matter with him. When we looked inside and him sitting in almost a foot of water and his air mattress floating around the tent, we couldn’t help ourselves; we were laughing to the point where our stomachs hurt. Of course Larry didn’t think it was funny at all considering he woke up by falling off of his air mattress and into the water.

When uncle Larry was all dried off and the rest of us were dressed, we grabbed our fishing poles and headed down to uncle Brian’s and Garnett’s favorite fishing spot. It was my first time purposely fishing for trout so I was pretty excited. I cast my line out and waited, slowly reeling the line back in to try to lure the fish to moving bait. Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything that morning. Everyone started to get pretty hungry so we decided to head back down to the campsite where my aunt Janet and Garnett’s wife were making breakfast for all of us. As soon as I came near our campsite the smell of bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, hash browns, and pancakes hit me. That smell made me ten times hungrier than I already was and I could already taste breakfast. My sister and I started walking ahead of the group, almost in a run, not being able to wait for breakfast. We reached the campsite and there all the food was, just waiting for us. Everyone got in line and began filling their plates. I grabbed a lawn chair and sat in the circle that everyone had made. The guys of our group began talking about how uneventful the morning was, and how none of the fish were biting. Everyone else was either listening to the guys, or caught up in their own conversations with each other.

I was full and feeling like I was going to burst when everyone finished breakfast and began cleaning up. We had decided that we were going to go to a new fishing spot and see how that worked. It turned out be by a bridge that was submerged in water, because of the rain that night. We went as far out as possible on it and cast our lines. Of course we weren’t the only ones there. I ended up meeting a old man named George Jones. He wasn’t the famous George Jones, but I thought it was still pretty cool that he had the same name. George turned out to be real funny, and we found out that he was camping on a site fairly close to us. My stepmom ended up getting a picture of all of the trout my sister and I caught, and George happened to be in the background. Later that day my dad was irritated about his fishing pole, and I told him, “You’re just jealous that you didn’t get a picture with George Jones.” It has been a joke between the family ever since. My uncle Brian and cousin Ryan were down the river from us, and the current happened to be heading toward them. To mess with them, Garnett, Larry, and I took moss that was lying around and sent it downstream toward them, so it would catch on their fishing poles and make it even harder to fish. After we sent the moss down, I ran down to where they were fishing to see if it really would catch on their fishing poles. Sure enough, the moss slowly made it’s way downstream and onto their fishing poles. They were yelling and cursing and I couldn’t help but laugh. Larry and Garnett were laughing too, and that’s when uncle Brian and Ryan realized that they were behind it. It was one of our funnier pranks of the trip.

We ate trout that night for supper. It was a dinner of fried trout and sliced potatoes that were fried. The potatoes still had the skin on them, so we called them dirty potatoes, because they really did look dirty. They sure tastes better than they looked though. That night we all sat around the campfire and made plans for tomorrow. We would have to get up extra early in order to fish because we were packing up and leaving that day. It was bittersweet to leave so early but my sister and I had to get back to our mom’s house and prepare for school the next day.

The next morning we began packing up our tent and everything inside of it, except for our fishing poles. We were going to go fishing one last time before we left. I ate a short

breakfast of pop-tarts and then headed out with everyone to a different fishing spot. It was almost shaped like a pond, but it was smaller and had water running into it and out of it. The water there was cold and looked clear, like all of the other fishing spots in Bennett Springs. Only this one wasn’t as crowded. We fished for about two hours and then packed up and headed back to the campsite for one last time. I made sure that all of the fishing poles and lures were packed tightly into the bed of the truck, alongside the tent. As I was putting our bags into the tool box and into my step-mother’s Jeep, it started to rain again. Not a torrential downpour like before, but it was still pretty heavy. Everyone said their goodbyes and then parted ways. My dad, sister, and I piled into the truck and started driving back towards the city. Another six hour drive was ahead of us, and it was very sad to leave Bennett Springs. The memories we made there were unforgettable and I’m very glad that I got the opportunity to go on that fishing trip with my family and friends. I absolutely can’t wait until the next trip down to Bennett Springs. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be even better than before.

The Final Will and Testament of Hayley Spence I, Hayley Spence, hereby gift the following items to the following people upon my death. I gift my sister, Cassidy Elaina Spence, with the first pick of any of my possessions that she wishes, all of my duck calls, my silver locket, my iPod if she wishes to have it, my Zink Duck Calls sweatshirt, my Benton Girls Tennis sweatshirt, any of my books that she would like to have, and all of my money and savings put into a savings account for her college fund. I also give her the responsibility of caring for our mother and father, and being a caring, understanding, and patient sister to Parker, Brianna, Blaine, and Blake. I gift my mother, Anjanette Warner, with my cowboy boots and my digital camera. I also hold her responsible for Cassidy and her future. I expect her to support Cassidy and her decisions, whatever they may be, and to protect her when she cannot protect herself. I also expect her to be more patient with other, and to be a caring and understanding mother to Cassidy and Parker. I gift my Father, Craig Allen Spence, with my shotgun, even though he already technically owns it. If he wishes to let Cassidy or Blake use it, he may; my duck call necklace that he gave to me on the Christmas of 2010 as something to remember me by, and my iPod if Cassidy does not wish to have it. I also hold him responsible for Cassidy and her future, to support her and her decisions, and to protect he when she cannot protect herself. I gift my brother, Parker Steven-Tike Warner, with any books that he would like, and any board games that he would like. I expect him to be more patient with others, and to learn how to handle problematic situations. I gift my step-mother, Jennifer Dawn Spence, with my John Deere blanket that she made for my on the Christmas of 2011, and the responsibility of being my father’s fishing partner whenever Blake and Cassidy are not able to. I expect her to love and care for him, Brianna, Blaine, Blake, and Cassidy. I gift my step-father, Steven Craig Warner, with the responsibility of taking care of my mother and keeping her safe. I also expect him to be more patient with others, and be a caring and understanding father to Parker. I gift my step-sister, Brianna Cheryl Bogan, with the responsibility of being an older sister to Blaine and Blake. I expect her to support them, and do her best to care for them, protect them, and agree to disagree with them..

I gift my step-brother, Blaine Bogan, with the responsibility of keeping Brianna and Blake out of trouble. I expect him to protect them, and do his best to support them, and agree to disagree to disagree with them. I gift my step-brother, Blake Michael Bogan, with the responsibility of being my fathers hunting and fishing partner whenever he can. I expect him to learn from him, and be there for him whenever Cassidy is not able to. I also hold him responsible for agreeing to disagree with Brianna and Blaine. I gift my nana, Jo Jacobsen, with the University of Kansas blanket that she made me as something to remember my by. I hold her responsible for taking care of Ashley, Steven, Papa-Jake, Eric, Robert, and my mother. I expect her to be a caring and understanding grandmother to her grandchildren and to help my mother see reason in times when she cannot. I gift my grandmother, Rita Mae Spence, with the angel necklace with the color of my birthstone on it, and with the responsibility of taking care of my grandfather, my sister, my father, my aunt and uncle, and my cousins. I gift my grandfather, Sherman Spence, with the responsibility of taking care of my grandmother and my great-aunt Julia, and to have the will to keep on fighting and get stronger. I hope that my requests are honored and that everyone can remember for the good I have done in life, and leave out all the rest. I promise everyone that I will be watching over them and doing my best to look out and protect them. I hope that everyone understands that I have made the decisions I have made for a reason, and to forgive me for the wrong that I have done in life. I expect everyone to go on living life to the fullest, and to keep moving forward even when times get tough. I want everyone to keep me in their memory, and know that I’ll be okay. I also would like everyone to forgive those around them for the mistakes they have made, and to try to be the best person that they can be. My last and final request is that I be cremated, and that my ashes be spread on a duck hunting marsh. If that is not possible I wish to be buried in a cemetery either in or outside of Mound City, Kansas.

Witness’s Signature

Witness’s Signature

Witness’s Signature

Craig Allen Spence

Hayley Elise Spence

Cassidy Elaina Spence

Craig Allen Spence

Hayley Elise Spence Cassidy Elaina Spence

Homemade Macaroni


and Cheese Recipe Anjanette Warner

Travel Brochure

“20 Interesting Facts about Venice, Italy” (2010) 4/30/12 “Colosseum” 4/30/12 colosseo.htm “5 Fun Facts about Venice, Italy” By Allan Dumayas. (11/19/09) 5/1/12 “Background Note: Italy” (1/28/12) 5/3/12 4033.htm “Italian Beaches” 5/6/12 beaches.htm “Italy- Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette” 5/6/12 global-etiquette/italy-countryprofile.html Pictures:

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Personal Essay Pictures:

Meaning Of My Name “Origin of the Name Hayley” (2008) 5/13/12 “Spence Family History” 5/13/12 “Spence Family Crest and Name History” 5/13/12 spence-family-crest Pictures:


Multi-Genre Research Project


Multi-Genre Research Project