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SUMMARY About The Book: The Butcher Who Bakes is the quintessential guide to entertaining with grace and is a collection of recipes, handy hints and anecdotes from Perth-based Butcher and Radio Personality, Grace Maiolo.

Target Market: Inexperienced or time poor people looking for easy to make or quick recipes

Potential Angles: A recognised food professional who advocates purchasing pre-made products. A butcher who bakes and teaches how to entertain with style. Ideas for how to lay your table and present food so it has a restaurant feel. Plan, Purchase, Prepare, Present - Grace’s Formula for Entertaining Perfection. How to manage your busy life and still put nutritious and great looking food on the table. Making the most of what’s in your pantry. What are the best knives to use for what jobs in your kitchen. What is the best meat cut to use for which purpose. How non-traditional occupations can open glamorous doorways. The benefits of maintaining a generosity of spirit despite hard economic times. Surviving in business through the decades. How the meat industry has changed through the decades and with it how people’s purchasing habits have changed. Encouraging and mentoring young women to look at non-traditional jobs as a positive career option. Changing the name Butcher to Meat Specialist or Meat Merchant to paint a more positive image of the trade.

NEWS RELEASE “THE BUTCHER WHO BAKES” Quintessential Guide to Entertaining with Grace Book Launch The Creaticians are proud to announce the launch of The Butcher Who Bakes, a quintessential guide to entertaining, by Perth-based butcher and 6PR radio personality, Grace Maiolo. “I have always wanted to do a cookbook and The Butcher Who Bakes was created especially for the time poor or inexperienced cook. I often think of our young people and I want to pass on the secrets to creating great looking, easy to prepare food, that is presented with flair,” shares Grace. The book is bound to raise a few eyebrows, as Grace advocates buying pre-made foods to help you save time and money in the preparation of your meals when starting from scratch is too daunting or you are time limited. “There are plenty of great local pre-packaged and nutritious food options that can save you time. If you can find a product that works for you, why not? When we are all so time stretched, this can really benefit us. After all, the secrets to a successful meal really do lie in the presentation of the food and that is one of the things I am teaching in this book. I’m also keen to give people a cookbook that uses mostly what they will already have in their pantry,” continues Grace. The entertainer’s guide also seeks to educate people about what are the best cuts of meat to buy for different recipes and also what knives to use for what tasks in the kitchen. Grace was one of the first female butchers in her trade, commencing her training at the tender age of 15. With 40 years experience in the industry, she has also been an ambassador for Agri-Foods Skills Australia, representing them at State and National level, and is absolutely passionate about food. “I was surprised by how much I have learned working with Grace on this book,” shares publisher, Hayley Solich from The Creaticians. “The meat in my casseroles are now tender instead of tough as leather; I can prepare a mean warm chicken dip and my friends are raving about it; and how I present food on the plate has become so much more important to me. It really is very different to anything I have seen on the market.” Radio Presenter, Bob Maumill, from 6PR writes the foreword and says, “Grace has turned me from a toast man into a three course roast man who now draws plaudits from the family and friends.” Printed in hard and soft cover, The Butcher Who Bakes is available from and will also be sold from the Meat Pavilion at the Royal Show and various distribution points around the State. You can find out more by visiting the website or calling Hayley on 0402 040 008 or 08 9375 2007. As Grace says, “Just try it…you’ll love it!” Ends Enquiries to:

Hayley Solich Publisher The Creaticians 7 Printer Street, Dianella WA 6059

08 9375 2007 0402 040 008

About Grace Maiolo Born in the South-West of Western Australia in the 50’s, Grace is one of five children from mirgrant parents. Growing up in the South-West of WA, Grace has happy memories of life around the old wood fire, concrete floors, outdoor toilets, no running water or electricity and her mother’s delicious one-pot meals. Although Grace’s family went through difficult times, she always remembers her mother’s ability to keep the family together, and no matter how hard pressed they were there was always food on the table with her mother just whipping something up out of the little they had every day. Commencing her career as a butcher at the tender age of 15, Grace has 40 years of experience in her trade. Although her immediate dreams were to be an air hostess and marry a rich pilot, the agri-food industry has captivated her heart and kept her knives sharp. Grace is a fully qualfied butcher and one of the first females in the trade. Chosen as an Ambassador for Agri-Food Skills Australia, Grace has represented her industry at State and National levels, as well as sharing her story and mentoring young women through the ROSA program, which is no longer running. ROSA stands for Recognition of Skills and Abilities in the Workforce. Over the past decade, Grace has been a guest presenter on both 6PR Radio and Curtin Radio, sharing her cooking secrets with a devoted listening audience through her ‘Cooking with Grace’ program. Grace treated 100 lucky listeners from 6PR Radio to an Offal Afternoon at the South Perth Bowling Club where she bowled them away with her cullinary talents. On another occasion, she hosted a formal dinner with Bob Maumill, at the Heritage Hall in Perth where they had a cook off and fed their guests. Grace has been a guest on Charlie’s Kitchen, on Aurora Community Television on Foxtel. A published author, her recipes appeared in Pearls Women’s Magazines (WA) in 2006-2007, in the Curtin Radio Cookbook and via her own and the 6PR websites. Grace is a regular guest judge at the Royal Show, judging the Apprentices Competition in the Meat Pavilion. She is also a judge and host for the West Australian Sausage Competition, which runs from August to October every year. A regular speaker at Veteran’s Groups and Retirement Villages, Grace has run weekly cooking classes for Kleenmaid. Throughout both her work and personal life, Grace has catered for weddings, funerals, corporate functions and friend’s events, earning her a reputation for her generosity of spirit, efficiency, style and class. On a personal level, Grace has also been a major support for her disabled sister, helping her to set up and run a personal support group for people with disabilities where they gather together and are industrious. A mother of two adult children, full-time carer to an elderly friend, full-time butcher and business woman, Grace is a compassionate and passionate community minded individual. With a deep love of entertaining, she attributes her skills and love of hospitality to the training and example she received from her mother who always managed to have ‘enough to go around’ during Grace’s childhood. A long list of individuals have appreciated her entertaining skills and enjoyed the benefits of her generosity, often leaving the table with a bag of goodies to take home.



1 kilo shelled, de-veined, raw King prawns, tail on 250 gm unsalted butter 6 large cloves of garlic 2 tbsp good olive oil ½ cup Fresh parsley finely chopped Salt and pepper to taste 1 tub of thickened unsweetened cream Paprika


1. In a deep frying pan, place the butter and oil and heat until butter is melted. 2. Finely chop the garlic cloves and add to the pan. 3. Add finely chopped parsley. 4. When butter is sizzling, add the prawns and stir until the prawns have changed colour (the tails should turn orange in colour). Should take about 3-4 mins only. 5. Sprinkle with paprika. 6. Add the tub of cream to the pan, covering all the prawns and stirring to combine with the pan juices to create a sauce.


I choose to mix the oil and butter together so that the butter doesn’t burn. Serve into individual ramekins that have been heated. I like to serve with a wedge of lemon for two reasons…it is a nice colour splash and it also adds a little zest to the flavour. It is important not to overcook the prawns. This is why I choose prawns with tails on, as they act as a visual clue to know when prawns are cooked.

The aroma of sautéed onions or fried garlic will make your kitchen smell wonderful and homely just before your guests arrive.

The Butcher Who Bakes contains: • • • • •

48 of Grace’s favourite recipes 8 table setting ideas and menu plans Special Butcher’s Tips bonus section with knife care and meat cuts Anecdotes from Grace’s 40 years of work as a butcher Snippets about the women who have inspired Grace

You don’t have to be skilled at cooking to be able to follow Grace’s simple to prepare recipes, as they come with step-by-step photos of the method and use products that are found in most pantry cupboards or are easily accessible from your local continental deli. Plus, quick demo videos will be available from the website for the more complex tasks like boning a chicken or leg of lamb. “I can honestly say that Grace turned me from someone unable to make toast, into a cook capable of preparing a 3 course Sunday lunch that drew plaudts from the family,” shares 6PR radio personality, Bob Maumill. “Her book is an ideal guide for inexperienced cooks, busy people looking for easy, nutritious recipes, and people who wish to broaden their cooking knowledge.” At $19.95 plus postage for the soft cover and $29.99 plus postage for the hardcover (gift boxed) the cookbook is both affordable and great value.

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Available from the website, under the Media tab.

Interview Questions 1.

What motivates you?

I have a passion for passing on what I know to others. I am driven by the knowledge that some people just don’t have the opportunity to learn how to cook and may not know how easy it is to prepare a great spread for your family and friends. I want to empower people to embrace the opportunity to entertain with style. When I show people how easy it is I just see them light up and that is my reward. I also realise that life is short. My daughter had a large tumor in her leg when she was a teenager and I thought I would lose her. It gave me a greater appreciation that you just never know how long you have on this earth and that you need to make every day count for something. And if you go to the grave with your knowledge, then that is such a waste when you could be sharing it and helping others.


How do you cope with life as a butcher?

Well there are a lot of hard parts about being a butcher...the anti-social hours take a little bit of getting used to, with early starts, plus being a woman in a non-traditional occupation has always been a challenge but I am one of those dogged determined people and I have earned my place in the butchering community. People may not realise it but most butchers start work in the very early hours of the morning. It’s also a very physical job but that’s been a blessing in disguise as it has kept me fit over the years and I haven’t had to do any other exercise. What I really love about working with meat is the whole retailing aspect. My customers really keep me going. I love the banter we have when they come to buy meat and there is a cheekiness about the butchering community that really suits me. We love to have a joke with our customers.


What does it take to be a successful entertainer?

I use a “4 p’s” approach to cooking and in some ways I have departed from the tradiational recipe with the book. I use the plan, purchase, prepare and present methodology. When you are cooking you need to plan ahead to make sure you have all the ingredients, that you have considered your guests needs and that you have a plan of attack for preparing all the dishes in time. By grouping like tasks you can economise. Then when shopping, because I am time poor, I tend to buy local pre-packaged ingredients where possible and without sacrificing presentation or flavour. The book has a lot of my quick and easy recipes which are perfect for unexpected guests. Everything in the book has been tried and tested over 35 years of entertaining in my home and these are the most commented on and most loved dishes.


You’re obviously a busy person, but what do you do in your spare time?

I have a lot of responsibilities. I am the full-time carer for an elderly friend, so I often clock off my day job and clock on for my afternoon/evening job looking after her as she doesn’t have any relatives and is well into her 90’s. I also support my sister who has a disability and hosts a support group for people with disabilities in her home. She has taught me so much about looking after those who cannot care for themselves in our community. I am also Mum to my two adult children and I have a guest slot on 6PR Radio with Bob Maumill on a Sunday afternoon.


What was the best part about being an Ambassador for Agri-Foods Skills Australia?

I loved my year as an Ambassador for Agri-Food Skills Australia because it gave me the opportunity to get out into schools and the community and to encourage young women to opt for non-traditional careers and also to get their skills recognised. When I am able to share how being a butcher has opened the door for me to appear on radio, host large events, have my recipes published in magazines and appear on Foxtel TV, it demonstrates that non-traditional jobs don’t necessarily have to be non-glamorous. There are rewards if we look for them in whatever industry we choose.


Is there any other part of your history that you have really enjoyed?

I also loved running cooking classes for Kleenmaid. There is something very rewarding to see people’s faces, especially the men in the group, light up when they realise that they can prepare a dish that looks amazing on the plate but is actually really very simple and easy to prepare. To me preparation is really important and a very close second to taste. If something looks good you’ve won your diner already because they will already be thinking it is going to taste great. Plus, presentation says a lot about a person.

7. Having come through four decades in the industry, have you noticed any trends or changes in the buying decisions of your customers and the way that the meat industry functions? From the early years of starting in the meat industry, the greatest change is the pricing of meat. In the early days I recall selling meat for 10 cents a kilo and one of the highest was $5.00 a kilo. Of course now meat prices are so much more expensive and that is because we need to keep up with the changes in the economy and meat industry. Gone is the humble bbq sausage, where you got one “snagger” type only. Now you can get hundreds of varieties of sausages full of taste and flavour to suit. Value adding is the new trend in marketing meat. With a lot of prepared meats now on the market, I find that customers are opting for smaller portions and higher quality these days. People often don’t have the time for slow cooking as opposed to how our parents cooked, so customers are choosing the cuts that are quick and easy to cook. The latest trend seems to be that customers like to buy based on the visual display of the meat and that is why supermarkets have become more popular, as they pack their meat with this in mind. A lot of the younger generation don’t really know what to ask for when going to an independent butcher, however when they do they can actually see the size, thickness and volume that would suit their needs better. Butchers these days need to become chef-like, as this helps their customers as they are able to share recipes and give advice about how to cook the meats.

8. You are a guest presenter on 6PR Radio. What do you present in your show and what do you love most about it? Having the privilege to work with such a high profile gentleman as Bob Maumill means a lot to me as we come from the same philosophy about cooking. Our radio listeners tune in to our show because they find the recipes very simple, everyday fare and economical. We explain how to substitute ingredients. We also share the shortcuts in methods that save time and effort. Our listeners love the simplicity of the recipes and the tips. They also comment on their nostalgia when I share the good old recipes that my mum used to make.

Sample Spreads 09



iu m


premiu m



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bla roa sdte

premiu m





Commonly known as ‘shin beef ’, Gravy Beef comes from the leg and if it is cut on the bone, it is known as ‘osso bucco’. Gravy Beef is best for slow cooking – stews, casseroles, and curries. By cutting the meat in smaller portions, you can guarantee that the meat will be soft and tender. Gravy Beef has a very wholesome flavour and even though it may appear a little gristly looking, it will become tender with slow cooking.


m iu pre


n sh i ef e CUT FOR WHAT MEAL? bWHAT

This is my favourite cut of meat. Oyster blade steak is a very flavoursome and tender cut, so popular with all butchers. The centre of the steak appears gristly. However, when cooked, this disintegrates and becomes soft and tender and produces a beautiful flavour. Perfect for cooking on the barbeque; crumbed and also cubed for curries. Cook this cut as a whole chunk and create a tantalising roast guaranteed to be tender. Perfect cold, served with home made pickles and mustard.



iu m

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oyst bladeer

premiu m

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pr emiu




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iu m


To the older generation this cut is better known as ‘Bolar Blade’. It comes from the forequarter of beef. I recommend this beef cut for roasting, as it is very rich in flavour and guaranteed to be tender. Cooking ‘Bolar Blade’ in a baking dish with a little water keeps the roast tender and moist. No extra oil is required, as there is enough fat in the meat. An alternative that works well is to cook this cut in an oven bag. Just to create that little bit of difference, you can get your butcher to cut a pocket in the roast and add your favourite stuffing. Perfect for cold lunches.

continued >


KNIFE CARE Always remember knives are sharp – KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Hand wash your knives before first use and always hand wash after each use with a little detergent and a soft sponge. To protect your knife blades corroding or staining – rinse immediately after you cut any fruit or vegetables that are acidic eg: lemons, oranges, limes, tomatoes and kiwi fruits. Always dry your knives well after each wash and store in an appropriate place. Keep your knives away from all other kitchen tools. You risk blunting and damaging your knives if they are stored together. Knives aren’t hammers, screwdrivers or can openers. Using them in this manner will not only damage your knives but also increases the possibility of accidents. A simple way to sharpen kitchen knives or scissors…cut a piece of steal wool with your knife or scissors – great if you are in a hurry.

knife magnet

knife block

Cut food on a plastic or wooden chopping board. Do not use glass or bench tops, as this will damage and blunt knives very quickly.

A knife magnet on your kitchen wall is a great way to keep your knives together, away from children and free from other blades. Alternatively, a wood block is another way to store knives safely.

Working with a sharp knife is very important as a blunt knife will damage and alter the appearance of the food. You can sharpen your knives with a butcher’s steel, commonly known as a “master’s dick”.

My favourite accessories in the kitchen are the magic BBQ sheet, which can be used in the oven or in a frying pan. These sheets allow you to cook healthy meals and eliminates the need for oil and can be washed and reused. Most importantly they are non stick. I also recommend having a meat mallet handy in the kitchen - not just for your partner’s head - but fabulous for tenderising meats with the spiky side, then flattening with the flat side.

Most importantly, a sharp knife is safer to use as a blunt knife is more likely to cause injury.

plastic cutting boards

“master’s dick”

My favourite accessories

continued >

Sample Spreads 97


1 pkt green fettuccini pasta 1 pkt white fettuccini pasta Spray on oil 1 tub fresh ricotta 1 pkt fresh baby spinach leaves 6 eggs lightly beaten 4 sliced ripe tomatoes 2 cups grated cheese



250 gm diced bacon 1 cup chopped spring onion


1. In a large deep pot, bring water to the boil. 2. Add a little salt to the water. 3. When the water is rapidly boiling, add fettuccini pasta and cook until al dente (soft but not mushy), approximately 10-15 mins. 4. Remove pasta from the water and drain. Set aside to cool. 5. In a deep glass casserole dish, spray a little oil and lay the pasta in the dish. 6. Spread ricotta evenly over the pasta. 7. Top with fresh spinach leaves. 8. Pour the beaten eggs over the top. 9. Layer sliced tomatoes over the top of the spinach. 10. Combine bacon, cheese and spring onions in a bowl. Sprinkle the mixture over the top of the tomatoes.


Using two different coloured fettuccini gives the finished dish an added visual effect. Very important that you do not overcook the pasta, as it continues cooking when you put it back into the oven. Allowing the dish to stand a little before you serve makes it easier to cut and serve, as the egg sets. This also works well cold. Reheat leftovers in the microwave. This is a low budget, high impact meal and can easily double as a vegetarian dish by removing the bacon. This dish can also be prepared with other forms of pasta…for example, penne, spiral, bow or macaroni.

11. Place in a hot oven, 180°C, for 20 mins. 12. Cut into portions and serve on a warm plate, with a side serve of fresh spinach.


3*"$?#7% 1 jam sponge roll

1 green and 1 red ready made jelly cup 1 tub Brownes thick custard 1 small tub double thick cream 4 strawberries Mascarpone cheese Grated chocolate


1. In two large, deep wine glasses, place two custard scoops and arrange four slices of jam sponge in each glass. 2. Add half the jellies and pour a little cream over the top. Repeat this process until glasses are full, finishing with custard on top. 3. Add two scoops of mascarpone cheese to the top of each trifle. 4. Cut strawberries in half and place on top of mascarpone. 5. Grate a little chocolate on each and place in the fridge until ready to serve.


This dessert is able to be prepared in advance and you may add your favourite liqueur or a little sherry in each layer. If you want to prepare a bowl instead of individual serves, simply double the ingredients and add fruit to the final layer. Any types of cake would work well with this. This is a great way to use up any leftover cakes and it doesn’t have to be the one type of cake but can contain a mixture. Most products are readily available on the shelves of your local supermarket and this is a great and easy dessert when catering for unexpected guests. I have many times opted for trifle when guests have announced their imminent arrival because it is always well received.



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'The Butcher Who Bakes' Press Kit  
'The Butcher Who Bakes' Press Kit  

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