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“We’re all strangers but we’re all in this together.” Copyright 2013 Hayley Orchard All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Cacophony Hayley Orchard

Foreword The South West metal ‘scene’ can be viewed as a microcosm of the heavy metal community worldwide. With water almost surrounding us our musical evolution has been left rather largely to our own devices, only involving the outside world with our discretion – bands seldom make it further South than Plymouth leaving outside influences under our stewardship to bring in rather than it being thrust upon us. A music scene is obviously made up of more than simply bands and never before have I been to (lived in, been a part of) a community who know this so well and respect this to an almost religious extent as the South West. We have dedicated promoters putting on shows for everyone from the new local talent right through to the well-known bands we admire. We have radio DJs playing and promoting home-grown talent. We have reviewers ensuring news of our bands reaches further afield. We have producers recording and editing the albums which invariably end up on our mp3 players and in our cars. We have photographers, like Hayley, whose artwork not only

serves as beautiful reminders of what happened, but somehow shares the ethos and emotions of the subjects to a wider audience. Of course we also have the bands; bands of every subgenre, bands with albums, bands with EPs, bands just starting out and band’s already signed, being whisked off to foreign lands and studios to record. Add to this the fans whose numbers are greater than I can count, whose support and loyalty is the reason for the ‘scene’ to exist at all and who brave every eventuality to repeatedly step up and show why all the work is worthwhile. The trick is to understand and respect the symbiosis at work. If any one of these roles was to disappear then the ‘scene’ would be damaged to the point of non-function. It is because of the symbiotic relationship between all of these people involved that we are a self-contained yet beautifully welcoming heavy metal ecosystem, microcosmic of the heavy metal community at large. Jordan Jackson Founder of Redbeard’s Ship O’Metal

Preface I have chosen to create this book as a collection of the metal ‘scene’ in Cornwall over the past few years and hopefully continuing for years to come. Music and photography go hand in hand for me as I am passionate about both therefore to be able to listen to great music with friends whilst capturing key moments and memories is a great opportunity. Photography enables me to see what can be missed during the shows. Although passion is shown through lyrics and composition photography enables us to see what is missed. The facial expressions and body language give off an erray of emotions such as pride and also the want to entertain the crowd and put across their message. I have been photographing gigs for years now. Starting out with a compact camera and high hopes at seventeen I have since progressed onto bigger, better equipment and have built up relationships with a number of bands who are willing to ask me to photograph for them as they have viewed my portfolio and have enjoyed my work. I have been told many times that there isn’t much money in gig

photography at this particular level but I’m okay with that. I’m sure that in time as my ability progresses and reach widens I will be able to one day get photo passes for major festivals and properly put my foot upon the ladder. For the moment I am very happy with supporting the local ‘scene’ and going from there. By supporting local bands and having them support me I able to build a working relationship with groups enabling future work and word of mouth spread of my business. Bands use my work to promote their work which hopefully will get more work for me. It’s a cycle really. I’m not ready to stop photographing gigs just yet. I just hope my work has enabled a band if not more than one band to get their image out there and hope the best to all the bands I have worked with in the years to come. Hayley Orchard

Xenosis Xenosis started three years ago as friends just looking to play some metal and have some fun. There is a large amount of talent in the South West which is on the one hand really inspiring, and on the other quite sad that our local scene is so far away from the larger audiences of big cities like London. We will continue writing songs and playing shows where we can, nothing beats the buzz of a good gig!

Members Bass & Vocals - Ryan Denning Guitars - Dean Slaney Guitars - Jules Maas-Palmer Drums - Ross Mitchell

Kaideka Kaideka started out five years ago through a Cornwall run musician site called Amplifeye. We would like to think we are heading somewhere good but it is a fickle business so we will see. Living in Cornwall makes it extremely difficult to get anywhere really but we just work as hard as we can to play as many shows as we can wherever we can and hopefully go from there.

Members Dax Partridge - Vocals Jamie Gill - Drums/ backing vox Tom Healan - Bass Curt Nash - Guitar Lewis Allen - Guitar

Transhuman Hailing straight from southwest England. The first installment of our ‘triptych’ album “The Fall Of Man” was released online in early 2012 and a physical CD is now available. The second segment “[Re]creation” has been recorded and will soon be ready for release. We are now entering the studio for the third installment.

Members Adam Chinner - Vocals Ollie Wild - Guitar & Backing Vocals Josh Hawke - Drums & Backing Vocals Rhys Jackson - Bass


A small insight into the metal scene in Cornwall, UK through the means of photography.