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Dowr Bistian Hayley Orchard

Water is unpredictable in every sense. Regardless of the fact we see so much of it and take it for granted so often we never know what is going to happen from one minute to the next. Some people fear it while some people love it and use it to compete or for business with aims of profiting from such a vast source. The aim of this book is to emphasise this unpredictability yet still be able to capture the underlying beauty we seem to pass by so very often. This book captures droplets as they come into contact with water and how the use of colour can further add to the disturbance of the still water. The simple concept of this book produces a variety of different results some of which are quite surreal.

Dowr Bistian  

Looking into highspeed macro photography and its effect on water droplets. An exploration into capturing the beauty that is so often missed.

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