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College Magazine Questionnaire

100 responses

Hayley McCarthy GCE AS Media Studies City College Norwich

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Analysis of results From my research of 100 people, I have found that:

• 65% Female • 37% are 20+ • 59% are Unemployed • 85% own a Computer • 59% read magazines, of this; • 52% read magazines once a month, with; • 88% accessing their magazine from a newsagents • 57% think that Design, Content and Price are the most important factors in a magazine.

The 5 most popular features when grouped into common interests are:

- 62% Money Saving Tips/Offers - 61% Upcoming events/Important Dates/College Calendar - 57% Careers Advice - 48% Technology Reviews - 47% Fashion Because of these results, I plan to aim my magazine at both females and males, as to cater for all of the potential readership. Elements of the magazine will stereotypically appeal to either males (Technology) or females (Fashion).

The magazine’s target audience are around the 14-19 age bracket. This is due to the fact that these age brackets combined create a 58% audience, which covers a wider market.

The magazine should mainly be about the institution, rather than a ‘gossip’ mag. By appealing to the popular majority, a good vocabulary should be maintained, which is free of jargon as to not alienate some of the younger readers. Clearly events in and around the college are of interest to the readers, as are careers and hence the future after college. I plan for this to be the main feature of the magazine. However information from the students union, study plans and interviews from students/experts did not seem popular within the survey, so this shall be kept to a minimum. Considering the time of year, I deem a ‘freshers’ guide quite suitable, and this may be the basis for my magazine. As the majority of the readership are unemployed, therefore my magazine should either be free or sold for a cheaper price. I believe that a free magazine would be more popular, which will be printed on matt paper. Surprisingly, 88% of readers buy their magazine from a newsagents, although considering 85% own a computer and 81% own a smartphone, I believe a digital copy would be useful. This would save on printing costs, whilst allowing interactive features such as videos to be included. For the purpose of this exercise, I deem a physical copy necessary, as well as an online presence.