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Flatplans and Mock Cover Designs Twiggy Image from google images

As I had created 3 flatplans using photoshop, I decided it would be best to create a mock-up of the magazine front cover. The main image is a medium-close up, which is the shot type I shall be using for my final magazine.

Hayley McCarthy GCE AS Media Studies City College Norwich


Main focus on the masthead. White colour contrasts against black and white image. Pacifico font chosen.

Issue number, Baskerville BT.

Barcode appears to blend with main image

Tagline in unconventional place. Original place on flatplan obscured image, hence placement at the bottom third.

Buzz word inside a puff.


My favourite of the three.

Barcode blended into circle using a clipping mask.

White lines created by using the brush tool in Photoshop, drawn by mouse. Adds to an interesting composition

Circle breaks up composition, may be too bold. Simple nature of plain masthead on design 1 seems to work better

Puff created by duplicating circles, using colours from the main image. Includes buzz word and issue number. Placement flows with the composition at bottom third rather than top third in the flatplan.

Lacking colour, wouldn’t stand out on newsagents shelf

Linear gradient applied to image for enhanced readability of taglines


Circular pattern created by brush tool in overlay mode, changing the transparency regularly.

Taglines moved to bottom third as previous placement on the flatplan obscured image, lessening aesthetic appeal.

Colour compliments image. Something to experiment with, will make the magazine more aesthetically pleasing.

Contrast lowered on image, allowing text to be seen.

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