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SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS Anything you could think of that has to do with web design, this blogs has! It is elaborate while also user-friendly. - They showcase the best and most helpful tutorials and articles on all things web design based - They have technical and detailed tips for web designers - They utilize numerous tools and services, as well as thoroughly teach them to their users - They provide information about video use for web design

This site shows awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies out there. - They provide a great source of inspiration for both beginners and professionals - Their blog gives insight into various aspects of web design, while providing top notch examples - They give insight into professional work of not only web design, but illustration, culture and design.

WEAKNESSES This site is ranked top design blog by, but I found a few weaknesses compared to other appealing sites. - They dont provide a section for general design outside of just web design - They could improve their own web design to make it more appealing; however the layout is approachable and user-friendly with easy navigation - They do not provide a separate blog section on the site

This site is also a highly ranked design blog, but takes a different approach by showcasing awards and examples. - They are lacking tutorials to provide a hands on user experience to learn web design. - They simply show professional examples of various aspects of good design, but don’t give any explanation as to why it won an award or why it is exceptional - This site doesn’t appeal to beginning designers

OPPORTUNITIES There were not a whole lot of weaknesses I found with this blog, but there is definitely room for opportunity - Since blogs are currently trending and even though this site is a blog in itself, it could incorporate a seperate blog section on the site to give it a leg up on the competition - Since this is such a helpful blog, they should improve their own sites look. They have opportunity to get real creative, and as of now their site is very clean and basic.

Although this site’s blog is well layed out, easy to navigate and is user-friendly, I found opportunities for improvement - DIY sites such a Pinterest are extremely trendy, so there is opportunity in providing tutorials or infographics to teach web design to vistors of the site. Everything can be taught online nowadays with tutorials, so they should provide something to keep up with their competition - They should go into more depth with their examples/awards

THREATS There were not any serious weaknesses that would threaten this blog, but technology and culture can pose as threats - Because there are various technological outlets for web design and general design, this can pose as a threat for viewers who want to learn from this site but cannot. - This site must remain current with competitors and keep up with their tutorials to teach what is popular. - A change in culture threatens this blog to remain up to date

There are few serious weaknesses that may threaten this blog, because it does not provide tutorials or explanations - Most of the other design blogs are threats to this blog because they provide tutorials for insight into the web design world - It has to remain current with which design trends are popular. - Other blogs that break down detailed design to a beginning level pose as threats to this blog because it doesn’t appeal to beginners

SWOT Analysis  

SWOT Analysis of two top notch Design Blogs

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