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From Ridgewood, New Jersey Expected to graduate High Point University Spring of 2014 Major in Interior Design Work great within a group dynamic. Love bouncing ideas off one another to find the best possible solution

Work Experience:  BFI: Located in New Jersey  Capri Furniture  Garnet Interior Designs  Resume Upon Request * Contact Information: 236 Lincoln Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 201 . 543 . 8336

Class Experience In:  Intro to Interior Design  Studio 1  Drawing  Global Issues in the Built Environment  History of Architecture (before 1830)  History of Architecture (since 1830)  Studio II  Art History II  Space Planning  Cad for Interior Design  Studio III  Fundamentals of Furnishings  Residential  Building Technology  Textiles  Materials/Finishes  Lighting Design/Color  Interior Detailing  Contract I  Planning and Merchandising

Table of Contents Residential

Mid Century Modern Renovations Lighting Design


Stair Retrofit and Redesign of Doctors Office Celebrity Pamper Building Cardinal Valley YWCA

Product Design Light Fixture

Sketch Up

Throne Room Perspective Throne Residential Perspective


Plate Design Anthropology Store Centering on Children

MidCentury Modern Renovation



Lighting Design


1st floor is an ice cream shop that is contract

2nd floor is a residential space

Stair Retrofit and Redesign of Doctors Office Kids Area

Waiting area




Steel stringer painted black

Stainless Steel Cross bars Dark espresso stained wood

Celebrity Pamper Building

1st Floor


2nd Floor

To create a space for chosen celebrity: Prince Harry. A retail space, a bar/cafďƒŠ, a spa, and a private apartment space. My concept was to incorporate Harrys English background into the spaces for a feel of a home away from home.

3rd Floor

4th Floor

1st Floor Tray ceiling dropped down to form Britain's flag

Styled after an English Pub

2nd Floor Recessed ceilings in spa treatment rooms for emphasis on the pendent lighting

Already made brand of tea famous in the U.K. Especially because it being the Queens favorite tea. Located on the first floor.

Spa located on the second floor. Reception/waiting area shown

Prince Harrys master bedroom. Located on the third floor.

Cardinal Valley

Home Furnishings As a group, me and my peers had to come up with a retail furniture store and plan that had furniture priced within the low to medium range. Some of the furniture manufacturers we used were Basset, Broyhill, Klaussner, Hammery, Thomasville, and Surya. As a group we split up the project. I came up with the layout of the floor plan and the groupings of furniture seen.

*All perspectives are done by my peers, but we came up with the concepts of the furniture groupings together. As well as the center reception desk seen on the bottom.


Contract YWCA is a building that needs to be brought up to code and have a more open and supportive of the public. Starting in 4 main rooms, the lobby/reception, the teaching kitchen, baby basics room, and the multipurpose room. All while being under a restrained budget because they are a nonprofit organization. With my designs I made use of every space possible and be aesthetically pleasing while staying at a reasonable price line.

YWCA Waiting Area

Kitchen Elevation


Baby Basics: West Wall

Baby Basics: East Wall

Product DesignLight Fixture

Possible types of finishes:


Polished Maple

Modern Hickory

Sketch Up Throne Room Perspective:

Residential Perspective:



Eclectic Plate Design and Board

Boards for the design of a new Anthropology store with different textured material


Childrens Center. Renderings done by me.

Hayley Graham Portfolio  

Expected to graduate from High Point University Spring of 2014 with a major in Interior Design.