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Hayley Carter Arts University Bournemouth Fashion (BA)

The White Shirt


The Joker

Creative Drawing

Creative Realisation

Digital Fashion

Digital fashion For this unit we chose a brand to represent. our task was to create a t-shirt design for them. I chose Doc Marten. Creating a design with darkness and colour in it allowed me to show how the brand has changed over the years. the boots started off as a symbol of rebel but to this day are fashionable and wore by all kinds of people. The famous boots now come in all colours and a variety of patterns.

Final design


Range plan

Range plan

Final Design


Modaris Modaris is the software used to make patterns. I made mine from starting with basic pattern blocks. The top half of my dress was created from a bodice pattern block. First I measured the length from the top of the mannequin to the waist and shortened the block. The dart on the design was different so I moved it into a French dart. This pattern was still too loose so I brought in each side by 1.5cm. As a placket runs down the front I took the 1cm in front the centre front. Using the parallel tool I made my flat collar by cutting out the shape that the parallel line created and reshaped the neckline. I finished this off by shortening the sleeve block to suit my design.

Both of my skirts were created from the same basic pattern, skirt block. I started with the under skirt, taking out the darts and moving it to the bottom of the skirt; creating an A-line skirt. The last thing I did was take off 1cm from the centre front for the placket. The over lay skirt was made from an adaption of the under skirt. I lengthened it after measuring the mannequin and doubled the width as it was going to be gathered. The last pieces to be made were the placket and waist band; these were both a simple rectangle shape. I measured the length of them and decided on the width for the design.



3D Fit

To start 3d fit I created a variant, through create piece article, of all the pattern pieces I wanted to include. Then I opened this variant in desk of stitches. For 3D fit to work you have to show where all the pieces stitch together and where it goes on the body through slip on points. After this was all complete I closed the window and saved. Next I selected check 3D fitting in Modaris. To get the outfit onto the visual model I selected assemble. My dress didn’t sit right on her at first so I have to edit the mesh or simulate the fabric.

Diamino Diamino is the software that is used to create a marker. It shows you the most efficient lay plan. I started by creating a variant of all the pattern pieces that I want to include then stated the amount I would need for each one, i.e. one pair. Once this is done you can open the variant in Diamino where all the pieces will appear on the top half. To create the best lay plan you can place them yourself to make them fit or use the automatic option. A percentage of efficiency will show above the lay plan. About 80% or above is an efficient amount.

Toile development

Final Garment

Making my toile allowed me to check the fit and shape of my garment before creating the real thing. It helped me a lot in this project as I realised the top of the dress was too loose and I have to adapt it to create the look I wanted. I was able to do this easily on Modaris. The bottom half of my garment, the two skirts, were just how I wanted them and I was happy with the fit.

This with well will

if my finished garment. I am really pleased the outcome. I feel it represents my brand and creates the look I wanted to portray. It fit in well for spring/summer 2015.


During my first year at university we were able to experience each specialism before deciding our chosen one. I have chosen to carry on des...

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