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DrAdam Greenfield Stanmore Chiropractic Clinic 74 Uxbridge Road Hanow Middlesex HA3 6DL

2 April2010

DearAdam Thanks again for the treatment yesterday. l'm delighted with the prqress with my back since the disc problem I experienced a couple of years ago, and am sure that your treatment programme has been the primary reason for the progress made. As promised, I enclose a copy of my business card with my professional contact details. Just to clarify, the two areas in which I specialise are:

1. Providing

HR advice, guidance & support to small and medium sized businesses - most of my clients employ less than 10 people.


Executive Coaching for small business owners'to provide a sounding board in relation to both overall business strategy and many of the day-to{ay management issues that need to be addressed.

lf, after talking with your Partner, you feel it would be helpful ld be very happy to meet up with you both for an informal chat to talk more about the HR related services I can provide. Either way I look fonrard to my next treatment session in early October. Kind regards



Yours sincerely

naa,S&' *<


Malcolm Austin



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