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Issue 54 February 2009

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FASHION 6 - 7 Party Fashion Get in with this seasons trends and check out high street fashion in our party outfit feature

12 Romantic Confessions

Boys confess their romantic side in the run up to Valentines

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6 - 7 Evening outfits you can’t resist

LIFESTYLE 10 - 11 Be job-wise Character profile. Using your degree to find the perfect job

FITNESS 4 - 5 Credit crunch fitness: Pilates

8 - 9 Hangover cures: Fact and fiction Separating the myths and legends of hangover cures from things that actually work Beat those gym costs and get fit at home. We show you some basic pilates move that will enable you to create your own home workout routine

So, it’s February, and we have a jampacked issue of Life & Style for you this month. I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling a little guilty after eating a bit too much of, well, everything over Christmas and New Year, so what’s better than a credit crunching, guilt busting Pilates fitness routine to ease us back into exercise? We have advice on using your degree to get that perfect job and, believe it or not, the absolute facts on hangover cures (we tried them out- for your benefit of course.) The boys confess the most romantic things they have ever done, to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, so if love is in the air for you this February, we have a countdown of the most romantic occurrences, and if not, we have some gorgeous fashion for you to indulge yourself in- so all is not lost. Get the girls around and open a bottle of wine and celebrate getting fit this February. Enjoy!

Hayley Morrey, Editor Life & Style



Gymbusting fitness

H C N U R C CREDIT Stretches

As part of Life & Style’s 12 month credit crunch fitness plan, we bring you the second instalment of our home workout feature. This month: be your own personal trainer and teach yourself how to improve your posture, beat stress and increase your strength with... Pilates is designed to help improve your posture and to naturally re-shape the body by stretching and toning

Above: The over head stretch works to elongate the body. Sit cross-legged on the floor, place one arm at a 90 degree angle and stretch the other arm over the head

Legs The saw will work on your inner thighs and shoulders. Sit with your legs apart and your back a 90 degree angle from the floor. Swing one arm to the opposite foot while allowing the other arm to swing behind. Repeat 1015 tmes, with 3 repetitions Double leg stretch: This focuses on the thighs. The legs should be at a 90 degree angle but you can go to 45 degrees if it is difficult to start. Alternate bringing one leg down to the floor then back up to the double leg stretch. Make sure to keep the legs straight and your back flat to the floor. Do this 1015 times, with 3 repetitions on a routine 4 Life & Style

The single leg stretch works your thighs and stomach. Lie flat on the mat with your arms behind your head with your legs at a 45 degree angle. Bring one knee in and touch it with the opposite elbow. You should feel this working your tummy




Recently acquiring the celebrity status that surrounded yoga a few years ago, Pilates is a series of muscle strengthening exercises that are designed to elongate and strengthen the body, without building muscle. It has become hugely popular with celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz and is a great, fun way to shift those few extra pounds that we put on over the past few months. It’s been cold and dark and we have fallen out of our ‘I’m-definitelygoing-to-the-gym-at-least-3-nights-a-week’ routine as easily as it was for us to not resist that third glass of wine last night. So, what better than a short exercise routine that we can complete in our living room? Life & Style explains a few Pilates exercises that can get us started…

Bruce Thomson from All other images: Hayley Morrey

Bums and Tums

Lie flat on your side on the mat with your left arm stretched out above your head. Put your right arm on the floor in front of your chest and your right leg over your left, bent at a 90 degree angle. Start this exercise by lifting your left leg up to as much as a 45 degree angle, then back down to the mat. This works the whole body. Keep your belly tucked in tight and your back straight. Keep your legs as tight as you can and point your toes when lifting. Do this 10 times then swap legs. Can be repeated in routine

Ask the expert

Bruce Thomson is a General Fitness Trainer and Pilates Instructor. He says: “Whatever your age and interests, there is something here for you. You don’t have to have the slightest interest in athleticism! All you need is a willingness to overcome your problems!” For more information on Bruce and his Pilates training, visit:

The double leg stretch: Begin by lying flat on the mat with both knees to the chest. Roll the shoulder blades back to above the head and lift the arms above the head. Move the legs to a 45 degree angle off the floor with the legs straight and toes pointed. Exhale and slowly bend the knees back in, bringing the arms around Life & Style 5 in a swooping movement down past the head


Party Life & Style’s High street fashion special

A small chain is a good way to break up the bareness from a strapless dress

Shimmer colours flatter an hourglass shape and are everywhere at the moment

This dress style flatters a pear shape and makes your legs look longer

s d n e r t s ’ n o s a e s s i Th t fashion never High stree ood! g o s d e k o lo


Get the look

Dress, £50 , Asos; Shoes, £30, New Look; Ring, £10, Accessorize


Dress, £50 , Oasis; Shoes, £35, Dorothy Perkins; Bangles, £15, Miss Selfridges; Necklace, £7, Warehouse; Earrings, £4, Peacocks


Fashion How to wear it: Less is more


Dress, £35 , Warehouse; Shoes, £20, New Look; Bangles, £15, Accessorize; Bag, £15, Topshop; Tights, £2, Primark

Gladiator wedges are a must have in this season’s fashions

Disco ball: Google Images All other photography: Hayley Morrey

Wear this dress with jeans in the day


Dress, £60 , Topshop; Shoes, £35, Asos; Bangles, £5, Claires Accessories; Necklace, £8, Newlook Life & Style



Hangover Hangovers are horrible. Fact. But we at Life & Style have found some sure fire ways to beat the morning hangover blues. Just follow our step by step breakdown of the myths and mysteries to get the scientifically proven hangover cures (you won’t believe some of them)

Get a kebab!



Drink lots of water End of the night: Hangovers are caused from dehydration so try to drink at least a glass of water before you go to bed. Vitamin C will help to speed up how fast the liver processes the alcohol, so try a glass of orange juice too. Morning after: Water combats dehydration so if you’re still feeling a little delicate in the morning, drinking plenty of water should get rid of that headache.

Take painkillers

Energy drinks

Your liver is already over working itself to breakdown the alcohol from last night so taking painkillers is only giving it more work. It’s best to avoid them if possible.



Energy drinks boost your blood sugar level and replace all the salts you sweated out with the alcohol- nice. They also give you a well needed energy boost making you feel a lot more human and less 50 per cent alcohol!


Life & Style

Painkiller photo and main captioned photograph by Hayley Morrey All other images: Google Images.

At the start of the night though! Eating a fatty meal before you go out is a good idea, as fat lines the stomach and is digested slowly. This slows down the effects that the alcohol has on your body but doesn’t then mean that you can drink more. The trick is to pace yourself.



Sorting the


from the



That horrible morning hangover headache is bad enough, don’t let the possible cures add to it...

Have a fry-up! In fact, almost any food with get rid of that horribly wobbly feeling- it is the lack of sugar in your body which the food replaces. All the fat in a fry up gives you an energy boost and will increase your blood sugar levels.


Have some Upset stomach tablets caffeine Your dehydrated body welcomes the tea, coffee or coke for a while, but caffeine actually causes dehydration so you will be back where you started in no time.


Believe it or not, tablets you get for upset stomach will work wonders on that headache. They work the same as energy drinks by replacing the salts in your body that have sweated out in the night with the alcohol, but won’t re hydrate you, so drink plenty of water with them. Plenty of people swear by this method, just make sure you read what it says on the packet.

T C A F Life & Style



Success after University? By HAYLEY MORREY

Using your degree to get that perfect job. With the UK in a state of recession and the increase in tuition fees, University applications are set to drop again this year. Gareth Trufitt is a recent graduate and talks frankly to Life & Style about applying for jobs, work stress and the benefit of having a degree when job hunting. it was more my self learning and reading around the subject that got me into the industry than

“I needed a degree to get my job but they were looking at my experience and willingness to learn more so it was more my self learning and reading around the subject that got me into the industry than my actual degree”

Did your degree play a part in you getting your job as a web developer? I didn’t learn that much directly from my degree to be honest, but I did try and do as much self learning as I could. I enjoyed the web projects of my degree the most and always found myself putting in a lot more time and effort into these and pushing my own personal knowledge to try and get the best marks possible. I needed a degree to get my job but they were looking at my experience and willingness to learn more so


Life & Style

Fact File

Name: Gareth Trufitt Age: 21 Degree: Multimedia technologies and TV production BA (Hons) 2:1 Profession: Web developer Company: Graduate Prospects Annual Salary: £20k my actual degree.

Was it difficult to search for jobs and what kind of jobs did you apply for? It was more time consuming than difficult applying for jobs as I had to apply for so many. I used lots of web sites, looked in

newspapers, signed up to multiple general and specialist IT recruitment agencies and applied for every web related job that I could find, even if the skills that they were asking for were above my own. It was tempting, at times, to apply for jobs that were not related to what I wanted to ultimately be doing but I stuck to it and eventually got 3 interviews from applying for around 100 jobs, and was offered 2 of the jobs and an alternative job at the 3rd interview and decided to go for the one that I felt would give me the most experience and money.

“Spend a few hours each day looking for jobs, it seems like a lot, but it will pay off in the end – you always get out what you put in”

Photography: Hayley Morrey

How quickly did you start your job after finishing your degree? I finished all of my studies by the end of April and got my job by the end of May. I started at the end of June, before I even moved out of university halls, so pretty quickly.

What job hunting tips do you have for someone who is leaving university this year? Apply for everything that you are interested in and passionate about but don’t apply for things that you won’t enjoy because that will show through in the interview. Spend a few hours each day looking for jobs, it seems like a lot, but it will pay off in the end- you always get out what you put in. Before

always worked 9 to 5 jobs during the holidays but it was a shock to the system the lack of free time going from a university lifestyle to a work lifestyle. It makes the weekend a lot more important. It really helps to enjoy what you do at work because it makes Monday mornings


“In the 6 months that I have been working at Graduate Prospects I have learnt more from the people and doing the work than I did in my whole 3 years at university” any interviews ensure that you read up on the company and think about some of the questions they may ask you. Don’t get depressed or downhearted if there are no replies to your applications or you do not pass interviews, there will always be another job out there and every interview is experience to help you with your future ones. How difficult was it to adapt to a working environment? Adapting to a working environ-

that much more bearable.

Is your current job the one you wanted? For my level of experience within the industry the job is perfect for me, I am gaining so much expe- Graduating with a 2:1 degree rience and knowledge in a few extra thousand pounds from it and in the 6 months that I have been working at Graduate a year and adds to my experiProspects I ence and knowledge. have probably learnt Where do you see yourself in more from 10 years? the people In ten years time I want to be and from working full time in freelance actually web developing and consulting, doing the possibly starting my own web work than agency. I hope to have several I did in successful web sites and be a my whole thought leader in my industry. 3 years at university. What was your best experiI am also ence from University? really My whole university time was enjoying my best experience; the sofreelance cial life was great and I met work in so many amazing people that web dehave become some of my best veloping “Freelance work in web developing brings in as well as friends. I would definitely recommend university to anya few extra thousand pounds a year” some one. consulting and marketing work that brings ment was quite easy as I had Life & Style



“It was going dark so I took my girlfriend outside to show her the romantic dinner I had cooked and laid out in the garden. I’d brought floating candles and everything.“

Lee, 22, Football Coach “I left my girlfriend a treasure hunt, with a trail of candles and clues to lead her to where I was stood in the hall, waiting to take her out for dinner“

Life & Style asked men in Manchester what is the most romantic thing they have done on Valentines Day...

Ewan, 27, Student

“A couple of years ago I sent my girlfriend a dozen red roses with one white one in the middle“


James, 20, DIY assistant “I wrote a song about my girlfriend and got my mate to sing it with his band and dedicate it to her at their gig”


Most romantic occurrences and who said romance is dead?

Candle trail

Romantic treasure hunts were the most popular in the boys’ confessions


Life & Style


Self-penned love poems were a close second in the things men do for Valentines day

Ben, 18, Student

“I sat and watched the sunset by the cliffs with my girlfriend last year“

Paul, 24, Computer Analysist

“I told my girlfriend to pack a weekend bag, and when she got in from work I had a taxi waiting to take us to the airport and I took her to Dublin“


Romantic dinner

The ever popular romantic dinner was among the most romantic occurrences

Flower, heart and dinner: Google images All other photography: Hayley Morrey

Adam, 29, Driver

Life & Style  

Min. 8 page magazine to be produced for 3rd year Journalism module. I used InDesign to create this magazine.

Life & Style  

Min. 8 page magazine to be produced for 3rd year Journalism module. I used InDesign to create this magazine.