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Division 39N Newsletter

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

Patriotism, Celebration, and Lazy Summer Days In this issue! LTG letter ...................... 1

Hi, Division 39N! Happy Fourth of July, Key Club! Other than the Fourth of July holiday, Key Clubbers around the globe are celebrating the International Convention (ICON) in Orlando, Florida! They’re hanging out in Universal Studios and Disney World as well as choosing the new International Board. Attending ICON is a big deal; get ready for next year’s ICON in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I am not attending ICON  I am actually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, studying at Carnegie Mellon for six weeks. I still need to be in contact with you and your clubs while I am gone. I’m always ready to help. I might not be able to answer your texts automatically because of my class schedule, but I’ll answer any texts or emails every night. Another important Key Club event is DIVISIONAL PROJECT!!! Lieutenant Governors choose a divisional project every year which is important to them and hopefully, this one is easy to do as a club. I know it’s hard to stay in contact with all of your club members during the summer. Please start planning back to school projects now or in August. If you plan out your entire year now, you can breeze easily through the year with very few major problems.

Divisional Project ......... 2 Important Dates……....3 Eliminate……………….4

College is fun when you get to have classes in buildings like these. 

Stay hard at work,

Haylee Smith 2012 -2013 Lt. Governor Divison 39N Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District


KEY CLUB Division 39N newsletter

Division 39n Divisional Project Usually, Lieutenant Governors choose a divisional project associated with a certain charity. Instead of choosing a certain charity, I have always believed in a deep sense of community. A community can only become better if its citizens want to make it better. For our divisional project, I want your club to do 1-2 service projects in the community. That can range to working at a soup kitchen, Goodwill, planting trees, picking up trash, etc. If you need help with the project, just ask. Mission Arlington is a great place to volunteer at. The Great American Clean up occurs in the spring in every city. I think the best time to do a community based project is during the holiday season (November and December). Soup kitchens will need food drives. Submit proof (pictures or forms) of your club serving the community and you will have done the 39N DIVISIONAL PROJECT!!! KEY


July 5th through 8th International Convention in Orlando, Florida

Summer Board Meeting – July 13th through 15th

Fall Training Conference (FTC) To be announced! Probably in Sept. Be prepared. (If you cannot attend, I will have to visit your club and officers and “train” your officers.)

Eliminate  1 baby dies every 9 minutes from tetanus  160 babies die each day from tetanus  MNT has been eliminated in 20 countries since 2000  3 doses of tetanus vaccine = immunity from tetanus  Woman + vaccine = protected baby  US$1.80 protects 1 mother and her future children  The Eliminate Project saves & protects millions of moms & babies  Elimination = <1 case of MNT per 1,000 live births

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July Newsletter  

39N in the Texas Oklahoma Key Club District's July Newsletter for 2012