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Elegant Entertaining since 1859


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Spanning across two centuries, Hay House has represented the best in gracious living and entertaining. The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation has been working to preserve Hay House since 1977, and you too can play a part in its preservation by hosting your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception or other elegant event here. Escape the ordinary and entertain your guests in the most unique venue in the southeastern United States. Bring them to the “Palace of the South” and provide them the perfect setting for your event. Hay House has also been featured by Hollywood on screen with such films as “The Rose and the Jackal” starring Christopher Reeve, “Mandy and the Forgotten Christmas” and the Lifetime TV show “The Witches of East End”.

F o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n o n s o c i a l e v e n t s a n d w e d d i n g s c o n ta c t :

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Vivian Hay and Halstead Anderson wedding at the Hay House, 1934

Elizabeth Hay and James McCook wedding at the Hay House, 1935

Marble Hall The entrance to the house will impress any guests with its marble floors and original, faux-finished “marble� walls. It creates the perfect first impression and sets the stage for the event ahead.

This room can accommodate a gift table, round ta bl e i n center of h al l and an ap p e ti zer table .

Walnut Hall

& Gr and Stair ca se

The Walnut Hall carved staircase is the perfect spot for brides to descend on their perfect day. The stained glass window, chandelier and soaring ceiling makes this the perfect spot for your grand entrance.

The f o yer c a n a c c om mod at e your b ar / be v er a ge s tat ion for e vents.

Green Parlor (On display only. Cannot accommodate guests.)

The newly restored Green Parlor will show your guests a historic furnished room on the main level of the house. History buffs will enjoy seeing this period room from the Johnston family (circa 1860s) complete with original furnishings.

Living Room & Double Parlor The living room is the perfect setting for your guests to dine during your event. The elegant crystal chandeliers and silk drapery set the tone for any formal event. It also creates a quieter, more intimate area for your guests to converse while enjoying the event. Our selection of tables allows for a number of different seating options.

This room se ats up to 60 g ue sts wh en usi ng 6 of our 60" ro und table s. number vari e s dep ending on table se tup and g ue sts p er tabl e .

Dining Room The dining room welcomes guests to come and enjoy the culinary delights of the event. The original table and sideboard (along with other rental tables) will accommodate any setup that you wish. Need an appetizer or carving station? There is room for that! The beautiful “Seasons of the Vineyard� stained glass window makes the perfect photo-op spot for your wedding cake.

The Di n i ng Room c a n a c c om modate a var i e t y of serving a r r a ngem ents. For sm al l er e ven t s a n d group s t hi s room can al s o seat up to 3 8 gues t s.

Hay House

Music Room

Boasting the largest private ballroom in Middle Georgia and one of the most breathtaking interiors in the South, Hay House has been the scene of some of the most talked about social events of the season since it was constructed in 1859. Since the 1870s, family members have been married here and we have continued this tradition hosting elegant rehearsal dinners, weddings and receptions.

Thi s ro om seat s up to 1 1 5 gue sts for a cere mony an d can be t r a n sfor m ed in to addi tional se ati ng f o r a r e c e p t i on . ( Up t o 6 0 a d d i t i on a l s e at e d at ta bl e s w i t h n o d a n c e f l o or s pa c e ; f e w e r c a n be seated depending on requested dance floor size.) Yo ur e ven t m a n a ger c a n prov i de more de tai ls.

Bridal Suite

Brides booking their wedding and reception at Hay House will also receive private access to one of our beautiful bedrooms the day of the event. This room provides the perfect location for bridal parties to get ready for the big day or to just get away! The bridal suite is located at the top of the Walnut Hall and steps away from making your grand entrance.

One of Georgia’s most historic and distinguished houses, the Johnston-Felton-Hay 934 Georgi a Avenue Macon, Georgia 31201 Hay House Rental & Events Manager


House in Macon was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. Built from 1855 to 1859 in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, the building constituted a marked contrast to the more restrained Greek Revival architecture of the antebellum period. The 18,000-square-foot mansion spans four levels and is crowned by a three-story cupola. Commissioned by imaginative owners and constructed by the most skillful workers of the time, its technological amenities were unsurpassed in the mid-19th century: hot and cold running water, central heat, a speaker-tube system, in-house kitchen, and an elaborate ventilation system. Hay House is constantly undergoing restoration, while remaining open to the public. In addition to regular tours and special events, Hay House is also available for event rental, including weddings, receptions, banquets and other occasions.

Hay House

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Southern Tastes & Sounds Showers ~ Bridal Party Luncheons Rehearsal Dinners ~ Receptions Private Dining Room with Private Patio

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Elegant Music for Special Occasions

Harp, Piano, Voice, Brass and Jazz Ensembles for Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions 478.227.9353



Ask us about hosting yo ur br i d a l sho w er or r e h e a r s a l d i n n e r at

JC DESIGNS Jan Beeland & Collin Holder C r e at i n g m e m o r a b l e f l o r a l a r r a n g e m e n t s f o r weddings and every special occasion.

4 78 - 4 61 - 1913

Congratulations on your engagement!

Southern Hospitality Grand Antebellum Style

• 19 rooms and 4 parlors • 24-hour concierge service • Full American breakfast with morning paper • Evening hors d’oeuvres • Within walking distance of historic homes, Macon’s Museum District and the Ocmulgee Trail

Perfect for wedding guest accomodations, intimate social events and corporate gatherings. Or simply enjoy a relaxing, romantic getaway to discover Macon’s many treasures.

353 College Street • Macon, Georgia 31201 (478) 741-1842 • Fax (478) 741-1842 Reservations (800) 336-1842 Email: |

In the Heart of Macon’s Historic District

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ACCOMPLISH MORE WITH YOUR STAY. Stay on top of your game when you stay at the Macon Marriott City Centre or

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host your event at the Macon Centreplex. Middle Georgia's Only Four Diamond Full Service Hotel.

To reserve your room block, to set up your special corporate rate, or plan your next event visit or call 478-621-5300.

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To reserve your room block, to set up your special corporate rate, or plan your next event visit or call 478-621-5300.

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220 BRILLIANTLY APPOINTED GUEST ROOMS AND SUITES, Vintage Restaurant and Great Room Bar, Attached 180,000 sq. ft. Convention Centreplex and 8,000 seat arena.

Rates are per room, per night, based on availability, Macon Marriott City Center Macon, GA 31217

Also available for Corporate, Holiday, and other special event rentals

93 4 Ge orgi a Av en ue | Macon, Georgia 31201 Hay House Rental & Events Manager : 478.742.8155

Hay House Bridal and Event Book  

This is a digital copy of our bridal and event book.

Hay House Bridal and Event Book  

This is a digital copy of our bridal and event book.