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English per.1&2 Greek Myth

Hailey Conklin Feb.15, 2012

Thanks to Zeus and Poseidon Once in 1800 b.c. Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, wanted power so she could stand up to Hades, the god of the underworld, and say she doesn’t wanna go back down. So she went to Mount Olympus and demanded power. Zeus and Poseidon said “NO”. Later on she went home in a golden chariot to tell her daughter, Persephone. When she got home and told Persephone, both of them started to cry! After that Demeter kept going back over and over and over again, but all they said was “NO”. Then Zeus, Poseidon, and . . . . . . HADES all came over. Zeus and Poseidon had talked to Hades for her to stay up on Earth. Hades said she can stay , but , she has to go down will him for only a quarter of the year. Then her daughter and her rode of in a golden chariot and left for her to stay with her daughter for her part of the year. When they got back Hades was waiting for Demeter. When Demeter and Hades went to the underworld

Hades had brightened it up to look like Earth just for Demeter. He also made a garden for Demeter to harvest. When she saw everything that he had done she wasn’t that sad to go down there anymore if it stays like that. Hades and Demeter went and made the underworld even better than Earth. After that part of the year Demeter told Persephone what Hades had done for her. Her daughter was happy he was trying to make it a good place for Demeter. Later on Demeter invited Hades over for dinner with Persephone and her. He said “yes”. After the dinner Demeter thought about something, then, asked Hades “Do you like the underworld”? Hades said “No not that much”. A couple months later, Demeter was talking to her daughter and said “Hades is coming to move in with us he doesn’t like the underworld so if he stays up here I don’t have to leave”. After all of that they all lived together and forever. After everything that happened, Demeter and Persephone, they made Hades the king of there house!


a myth about gods and goddesses

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