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Refurbished sixth form area

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Iceland the trip of a lifetime

Year 12 trashION show

Dear Parents and Carers, As the end of our first term approaches, the summer holiday seems a very long time ago. However, while our students were enjoying their summer holidays the school was a hive of activity to ensure that the newly refurbished Sixth Form and PE facilities would be ready for student use. We also hosted a Year 7 summer literacy and numeracy project as well as being there to celebrate with our students on GCSE and A level results day. The students who left us in July achieved a fantastic set of academic results and we wish them all the very best for their future studies and careers. Once again we were the highest performing state school in Doncaster: 83% of our Year 11 students left with 5A*-C including English and Maths. This headline means that 180 young people will have better life chances and career opportunities due to the progress that they made at The Hayfield

Spring Term 2014 Monday 6th January – First Day of Term Thursday 9th January – Year 10 Parents’ Evening Thursday 23rd January – Bi-Annual Careers Convention Monday 27th January – Year 11 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 4th February – Community Open Morning Tuesday 18th February – Year 8 Parents’ Evening Monday 24th February – Spring Half Term: Monday 24th to Friday 28th February Tuesday 4th March – Hay Day 3 Thursday 13th March – Year 8 Options Evening Tuesday 18th March – Community Open Morning

School. Our ‘A’ level results were also cause for celebration as we wished a sad farewell to our Year 13 students who departed well qualified to enter the next stage of their future, the vast majority of students secured their university places whilst others followed other pathways into apprenticeships or employment with training. We have had another busy start to the academic year at Hayfield, with trips and visits as well, of course, as students’ usual exciting and varied classroom experiences. I have no doubt at all that the rest of this year will continue in the same way. Our Year Seven students, who joined us officially at the beginning of the term, soon found their way around and have settled in very well; the move to secondary school, perhaps, not being quite as daunting as they may have once thought. We are also delighted that entry into Year 12 has been one of the highest in the school’s history. 131 students have commenced their A level studies, we have been delighted to welcome 35 students who have joined our Sixth Form from other

schools. We feel that they have already made a fantastic contribution to our learning community and appear to be enjoying the Hayfield experience. As always, I am very grateful to parents and carers for the tremendous care and support you provide; I am very much looking forward to working with you this year. I hope you enjoy this edition of Haywire. Ms M Rock Headteacher

Monday 14th April – Easter Holidays: Monday 14th to Friday 25th April

Monday 23rd June – Year 12 Biology Field Trip (Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th June)

Summer Term 2014

Tuesday 24th June – Community Open Morning

Monday 28th April – AS/A2 Language Orals: Monday 28th April to Thursday 15th May

Thursday 26th June – Year 11 Prom

Monday 5th May – May Day: School Closed

Monday 30th June – Year 7 Rhine Gorge Trip (Monday 30th June to Friday 4th July)

Thursday 8th May – A Level & GCSE Exams Start

Tuesday 1st July – New Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Tuesday 13th May – Community Open Morning

Wednesday 2nd July – Training Day: School Closed for Students

Friday 23rd May – Year 7 Trip to Ridley Hall (Friday 23rd to Monday 26th May)

Thursday 3rd July – Hay Day 5

Monday 26th May – Half Term: Monday 26th to Friday 30th May

Monday 7th July – UCAS Parents’ Evening

Friday 13th June – Hay Day 4

Friday 18th July – Last Day of Term

Wednesday 19th March – Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Monday 16th June – Year 12 Berlin Trip (Monday 16th to Friday 20th June)

Tuesday 25th March – Sports Presentation Evening

Saturday 21st June – Year 6 Sports Morning

Monday 31st March – Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Monday 23rd June – Year 12 Paris Trip (Monday 23rd to Friday 27th June)

Tuesday 15th July – Sports Day

Note: AS/A2 Results Day – Thursday 14th August GCSE Results Day – Thursday 21st August

Hayfield’s Sixth Form has been the focus of much development over the past eighteen months in order to ensure that our Year 11 students, as well as an increasing number of external students aspire to be part of it. A distinctive ethos, high quality teaching, wider enrichment opportunities and newly refurbished accommodation are key features. We believe that investing in excellent facilities and providing a pleasant working environment enhances our students’ learning and social experiences during their time in the Sixth Form.

The accommodation comprises:

The newly extended Sixth Form Common Room provides an additional study area as well as a social area with sofas and café style tables for break and lunchtimes. The area has its own kitchen where students can make light meals, snacks and drinks during break and lunchtime.

“The newly re-vamped sixth form area provides a friendly vibrant common room alongside a room exclusively designed for quiet study. The combination of the two rooms allows for a brilliant sixth form experience.”

A glazed meeting room which students can use for individual or group study. Pleasant outdoor areas which can be used at break and lunch times.

A “Quiet” study area equipped With the largest intake into Year 12 in the school’s history at 131 students, study facilities are in with Apple Mac high demand. Most importantly our computers, as “Hayfield provides a comfortable students tell us that they enjoy well as ample and stimulating school using the dynamic and positive desk space environment with great facilities. learning environment which has which is used The newly refurbished common been created. by students room provides an excellent space at all times of the school day to complete for students to balance studying independent study. and relaxing. More than double its original size, it accommodates our growing intake of students.”

By Mrs S Witherden

Hayfield is Alive with



he Sound of Music by Rogers and Hammerstein is a wonderful celebration of the power of music and the vital importance of love. It contains some of the most memorable and well loved songs in the 20th Century musical cannon including: My Favourite Things, Do-Re-Mi, So Long Farewell and the eponymous Sound of Music. Our excellent and talented band and cast of students performed all these numbers with great aplomb and our audiences laughed and cried as the story of young nun, Maria Rainer, was played out. Both actresses playing the highly challenging role of Maria(Emma Spencer Y11 and Maddie Allsop Y10) were fantastic; vocally and in the energy and warmth they brought to the role as they bonded with the beautifully played, seven Von Trapp Children.



Our Captains (Sam Robinson Y12 and Jack Zuurbier Y11) managed to capture just the right blend of severity in the early scenes with a growing softness as his relationship with Maria developed. Another romance in the story, between teenagers Liesl and Rolf, was delightfully presented by Lizzie Hewitt Y11, Alicia Camplejohn Y10 and Louis Jackson Y11. The film version of the musical presents the Captain’s first love interest Elsa and the lovable rogue Uncle Max as non singing parts but the stage show gives these interesting characters, (played by Georgia Rowland Y13, Holly Emerton, Dan Guest and Sam Smithson all Y12), two rarely heard songs to deliver. All four acted with great energy and humour bringing a lightness of mood to this emotional piece. Both Acts conclude with the mother Abbess’s powerful and evocative song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ stirringly performed by Jessica Hill Y12 and Laura Thompson Y10, as the Von Trapp family climbed into the audience, their faces full of hope and determination. It is difficult to put into words the achievement of all those involved (cast, crew, band, directors) but ex student, Geoff Hewitt, summed it up beautifully, “Everything and everyone involved in this production was exceptional…..It is a comfort to know that whilst nothing ever stays the same, the productions at Hayfield still remain as superb as they always have been. Congratulations” By Mrs Lambert

for the Macmillan Coffee Morning Pupils and staff queued literally ‘round the block’ on Friday 27th September to buy cakes to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. Catering Manager, Mrs Farmery, and her team laid on a fantastic spread of cakes for students who had bought tickets for the event and the teaching staff proved themselves worthy of places on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ with an amazing array of novelty cakes, shortbread and biscuits, which were sold off to raise even more money. The event, coordinated by Assistant Head, Mrs Twell, raised in total a magnificent £836.00 for the charity and went down exceedingly well with both staff and students, who enjoyed a very appetizing break time. The winners of the bake off were as follows: 1st place to Miss Girdlestone for her

wonderful cookie monster cakes ; 2nd place to Miss Harewood for her Billionaires Shortbread, complete with edible gold!; and 3rd place to Mr Johnson for his Guinness Cake. Special mention too to Heather Haywood, Lia Gordon, Amy Pass and Charlotte Bruce, all in Year 9, who also ran side stalls and competitions to help raise money for Macmillan. Many thanks to Mrs Twell, Mrs Farmery and her team, Mrs Spotswood (aka Mary Berry!), Mrs Friar, Mrs Davis and all the 6th form helpers who made this such an enjoyable and worthwhile event. By Mrs Sheerin

By Alexia Lovell and Scarlett Taylor 8E

The first Friday of the autumn term saw all the new Year 12s set off on a team building exercise to Rother Valley Country Park. What follows is a student’s eye view of how that team building went! When we first arrived at Rother Valley, I decided that raft building would be the best place to start, as I knew that it would be a good way to get to know the people that had come from other schools. After all, what says “let’s be friends” better than falling into a river on the raft that we’ve spent the past hour trying to build? With perseverance, a bit of luck, and a lot of help from the instructors, our vessel of barrels and rope set sail and finished first across the finish line. There wasn’t an official prize for our accomplishment, but the combined feeling of pride and smugness was enough of a medal for us.

Metaphorical medallions in hand, we left the lake and changed before our next activity of the day. Team building was always something I enjoyed, so I followed the instructors up the steep hill with enthusiasm until the blazing sun became too much. After a well-deserved break, we continued to the activities: the first a game of giant pyramid building and the second a challenge with the aim of herding a group of us into pens whilst blindfolded, with only the use of animal noises to guide us. It was both interesting and hilarious to say the least. Sheepmimicking over, we proceeded to more team-

building activities before making our way back to school again in the afternoon. Rother Valley was a whirlwind, but it wasn’t until I was on the coach battling with my eyelids that I realised what a great day I’d had making friends and trying new things. From water sports to team building: we were thrown into a day of adventure at Rother Valley Country Park. By Kurt Armstrong 12DHE


The Trip of a Lifetime for 42 Hayfield Students

Miss Whetstone

This was our week:

By Emily Bray 10L

By Katie Wormald 13CLi

By Charlotte Briggs 8G and Emily Tan 8G

Wicked was Wicked!

By Jessica Crosby, 12JGA

On Wednesday 18th September Year 9 travelled to Manchester’s Palace Theatre to see…Wicked! The show was fantastic. The stage settings and effects were brilliant and so realistic. Every one of the cast were excellent, the main characters were exceptionally talented and the strength and power of their voices was awesome. Not forgetting the musicians who were also amazing. My favourite part of the show was when they sang ‘Defying Gravity’. It was a great day out and I would definitely recommend it. By Bethany Miller 9E

Towards the end of the last school year a rare competition had arisen. The Speaker of the House of Parliament was inviting eight young people from all over the UK to make a speech on one of four topics at the G8 Speakers Conference. As I knew I would be free this summer I decided to apply. A few weeks later , when all was forgotten and the holidays began I received an email saying that I had been successful! Me! The holidays flew past, especially the last few weeks, as I was receiving my GCSE results and then travelling abroad. On 7th September I caught a train to London where at Westminster two British Youth Council staff and the other young people were waiting. They were from all over the country; Basingstoke, Nottingham, Devon, one even flew in from Northern Ireland! (The House of Commons paid for it all). Once we’d all arrived we walked down to the House of Commons. There all our bags were security checked and we had photo identity cards given to us to wear at all times. We were then taken to the conference room where the event was taking place. There the delegates were sat on a table exactly the same as the one in our quiet room in the Sixth Form area, with their secretaries next to them. Behind them more of the delegate’s entourage were sat. We were seated directly behind the UK Speaker (kind of like his entourage) where he introduced who we were. On this day we weren’t making the speech but just sitting in the meeting and hearing how they wanted to improve their parliaments. As the meeting took a break we went across to the next room for drinks and cakes where we socialised with everyone (my aim was to have spoken to all of the speakers and I was successful in that endeavour). Once the break finished the Speakers of Parliament continued with their meeting and we were led back to the room where we left our bags to have our speeches improved by a professional who looks over MP’s speeches and improves them. He gave us tips and tricks that were very helpful. As he finished, the Speaker had kindly booked us a tour of the House of Commons and Lords and we got to see the green and red seats and also some other interesting things. For example, we were shown where Rupert Murdoch was led out after he was foam pied in the face. The next day (which was speech making day), John Bercow opened the meeting by reintroducing us and then we began our speeches. As the time went by it finally reached my speech, which was the closing speech. The title of my speech was “What problems do young people in the G8 countries have and why?” It was about the fear young people have about entering the job market and the global competition we all have to face. Once I had finished we were thanked and we had a break where we mingled, before leaving. This time some of us were handed business cards to keep in touch with some of the Speakers (I was given one by the French Speaker and another by the Italian Speaker). As we left parliament we were all so proud of what we had achieved. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that I will definitely remember and cherish for the rest of my life. My term as the Member of Parliament for Doncaster ends this March, where hopefully I will win my second term, but the skills, experiences and fun that I’ve had has been phenomenal. I still have many other events in the pipeline, such as going to Brussels to give a presentation on Yorkshire Youth Parliament at the EU Parliament and also returning to the House of Commons (but this time we get to sit in the green seats, which I learned apart from MYP’s and MP’s no-one else can sit on) and debate what our national campaign for this year will be. By Aysha Ahmed 12JGA

On the 17 June seven Year 12 French and Art students from the Hayfield School met at Doncaster railway station at 10.00am in a state of great excitement and anticipation. Accompanied by our teachers, Mr Taylor and Mrs Jones, we were about to embark on a journey of discovery to one of the world’s most beautiful and famous cities, Paris. After a trouble free journey down to King’s Cross we made the short walk to St. Pancras where we caught the Eurostar. Two and a half hours later we arrived at the Gare du Nord and after having safely negotiated the Paris Métro during rush hour we arrived at our hotel in the 12th arrondissement. We were soon ready to head into the city and we again travelled on the speedy and efficient Métro which we got to know very well during our time in Paris. We met Adèle and Marjorie, our former and future language ‘assistantes’ and went for a meal in the Latin Quarter, near St. Michel. On Tuesday we started our day at the Rue Mouffetard, where we enjoyed looking at the many authentic Parisian shops and then headed to the Panthéon, where many famous French politicians and authors are buried. After lunch in the Jardin du Luxembourg we headed for Les Halles, where we indulged in some retail therapy before making our way to the Centre Georges Pompidou where some of us had our portraits drawn! We then walked across the river to Notre Dame but there was a concert on so we couldn’t go in. We then had our evening meal in a little restaurant on the Île St Louis before finishing the evening with a stroll up the Champs-Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe (via a few more shops on the way!) Wednesday morning saw us at the Louvre where we saw the famous Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and many other works of art. After lunch on the steps of I’Opéra, we spent another afternoon shopping in the Galéries Lafayette before heading up to Montmartre and Sacré Cœur. We then walked along the Boulevard de Clichy to the world famous Moulin Rouge where some of the more daring members of the group did their Marilyn Monroe impression on the air vent outside!

A wet Thursday morning saw us at Père Lachaise Cemetery where we visited the graves of Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde as well as many monuments to the victims of the Nazi concentration camps. After lunch by the river we walked to the Musée d’Orsay where we saw the paintings of many of the great Impressionists, such as Monet, Manet, Renoir and van Gogh. Thursday evening was our last in Paris and we spent it at the most famous Parisian landmark of all; the Eiffel Tower. Although we only had time to go the second floor we had great views of Paris by night, a great way to say goodbye to the city. The opportunity to discover a city with such a colourful history and vibrant culture was an incredible experience; we all agreed that we would have to visit again and that we were definitely saying “au revoir” and not “adieu”! By Tayla Mundy-Gill, 13CLI

(Apologies to Mark Haddon)

Have you ever wondered what happens when the school day comes to an end, the lights go out and finally the doors are locked? Well recently it seems that school has become a party ‘pad’ for a number of very shy and very small creatures, who until now with a remarkable croak of luck managed to hide their antics and go largely undetected. However now their secret is out! Our mystery began just before the summer, and just recently following heavy rain, the sightings have more than doubled . . . so let me tell you just what is hop-fully an interesting story for us all – please don’t think I am-phibian either! Our other team of secret cleaning fairies, who arrive in school way before the dawn chorus, have been undertaking daily rescue missions to gather up and save a small army of tiny baby frogs who seem intent on following their own yellow brick toad - along the PE corridor, across the main hall, into the 6th form common room and under the doors of the offices near to the fish pond where Mr Dutton and Mrs Twell’s offices have been known to harbor a refugee early in the mornings.

Following the rain, our tiny adventurers began moving out in small numbers – starting with a few on day one, moving up to 14 on the second morning; and now quickly growing to the largest number of 24 on day three. All have been spotted on the morning cleaning shift , obviously left over from the previous night’s antics! The baby frogs have traveled some considerable distance, and staff who use the automated floor cleaners are now considering installing a ‘frog’-horn to help them as they go about their business in the halls and corridors – we don’t want any of our little travelers to ‘croak’ before they reach safety Each baby frog has been safely gathered up by our amazing cleaning staff, and returned to the fishpond in the inner courtyard to live ‘hoppily’ ever after. We are amazed at the distance these tiny little frogs are travelling – they certainly ‘rip-it’ up in the way they are moving around our corridors - hop-fully they are not now ‘hopping’ mad that they have been returned to their start point!

I trust that the emotion of this story has not left you all with a frog in the throat. So – keep your eyes and ears peeled; if you are in school early enough to meet one of our amazing cleaners, hop-in and ask them how many baby frogs have been spotted that morning!

Friday 11th October saw Year 9 come into school looking very bright in their orange accessories, all in aid of Arthritis Research UK. The event marked National Arthritis Week from the 7th-13th October. Year 9 were inspired by Liam Hackett, 9G , who was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic

arthritis when he was five years old and following his recovery from a series of life-threatening infections last year set himself a target of raising £2013.00 in 2013 for the charity which leads the fight against arthritis in this country. Year 9 made a tremendous effort and raised £95.00 on the day by paying 50p to wear something orange to school. This means that Liam has now raised £2,180 in total for the charity and has exceeded his ambitious target. Liam has also set up an online fundraising page, so if anyone would like to

donate you can do so at: Congratulations and well done to Liam, his fellow students in Year 9, their Year Tutor and Deputy Year Tutor Miss Rockliff and Mr Barnes and all the Hayfield staff who joined in with this fun fundraising event.

Apologies for the intended puns – I am sure you can think of many more. Please tell us your ideas for where these party-pad little critters are hopping off to ...this could run, and run.

By Mrs Twell and the Cleaning Staff

By Mrs Sheerin

Year 8 students enjoyed a day of enterprising activities, including the remote control car challenge and ‘bin it to win it’ at the Enterprise Masterclass held at The Earl of Doncaster hotel last term. This has been an annual event for Hayfield for nearly 10 years and aims to develop skills of problem solving, team building and presentation. The luxurious environment is a huge motivational element for the students. By Mr Jones

Year 8 Hayday July 2013 The final Hayday of the academic year last term saw Year 8 embark on a business & enterprise project in which students were challenged to set up and run their own pizza takeaway. Each team presented their business plan to a panel of ‘Dragons’. Many thanks to all of our volunteer ‘Business Dragons’. The day included pizza tasting (our thanks to Baljeet Dhalliwall and staff at Emilios), group work, marketing, financial planning, student presentations and lots of fun! By Mr Jones

By Abby Flannery & Isabelle Gratton, 8J

On the last Hayday in July, Year 8 went to York. We carried out lots of different activities and had great fun! One of the highlights was asking passers-by in the Shambles about why they were visiting York and we really gained confidence during the activity. We also had a chance to visit the cute shops and buy souvenirs! In the afternoon we walked along the city walls and saw many of the sights. We visited Clifford’s Tower and climbed all the way to the top where the view was really clear and we could see all the way across York. We went to York Minster and counted and drew some of the gargoyles. We were also allowed to go inside and look at the beautiful stained glass windows. We nearly lost one person who was so engrossed in looking around that he nearly forgot to meet up with the rest of the group! We had a great day and were exhausted by the time we got home!

In July 2013, 40 pupils from Year 7 JKL, accompanied by Mrs Witherden, Mr Clayton, Mrs Hunt and Mr Plunkett made the long (17 hour) journey to St Goarshausen by the river Rhine - it was well worth it! This year we were even joined by an ex-pupil, Glen Cruickshank, who was on the trip for a second time, having first travelled with us in 2005! Not much has changed since then. The backdrop for the trip was as spectacular as ever with the majestic river Rhine cutting through the steep-sided gorge with its many medieval castles. Each day was filled with a host of activities. We had guided tours of a musical museum, a castle, a vineyard and an entire city, Trier , the oldest city in Germany which was founded by the Romans and is home to some very impressive architecture. We enjoyed rides on cable cars, chairlifts and a boat along the Rhine and learnt about the history of Germany in the city of Coblence. For the sporting, and not so sporting amongst us there was minigolf, swimming in a great outdoor pool and a brilliant evening of “Kegeln”, the German equivalent of 10 pin bowling. Pupils practiced the German they had learnt, buying

The winners of the Year 8 Pizza challenge Hayday activity last term were invited to present their business ideas to the manager and staff of Handelsbanken. They enjoyed wonderful hospitality and fun activities. Many thanks to Neil Ebdon from Handelsbanken for inviting us and for agreeing to be one of our ‘Business Dragons’ for the Hayday activity. Mr Jones. By Mr Jones

things (ice-cream and sweets mainly!) in the shops and ordering drinks in the hotel (Spezi- a mixture of cola and fanta, try it!). The last evening saw us party at the BBQ and disco before making the long journey home again, but it was worth it. Another year of lots of happy memories. By Mrs S Witherden

By Ms M Rock – Headteacher


Netball Masterclass at Hayfield

Hockey New players needed to boost the teams

Community Sports Leaders Hayfield train leaders for the future

Dodge-ball Meet the Hayfield champs!

Jumping for Joy at England Netball Masterclass By Chantelle Wilson and Annie Mussett, Y10.

On Wednesday 25th October, 24 girls from Years 7-10 went to a netball masterclass. The session was held at Campsmount School, and run by members of the England netball coaching team. The masterclass focussed on a variety of dodging and attacking skills.

In groups of 3, the girls practiced the various types of dodges, and

then had two separate games of netball, where we tried to incorporate the skills we had just practiced. If we managed to do this, we gained extra points for our team. We had a thoroughly good session, which everyone really enjoyed, and gained a lot of ideas from it to take back into our matches for school.

Year 7 Inter-Tutor Group Dodge-ball Competition.

By Rosie Fox. Head of Student Voice Sport Strand.

In the term before the summer holidays, the Sport Strand of Student Voice was busy finding out what sports and competitions you as students wanted on offer in school.

The final took place in the concluding week of the summer term. Both teams arrived and were both very competitive and determined to win. The match lasted for 15 minutes and was a very high intensity game. After many close moments

Community Sports Leader Award 2013 By Miss Rockliff and Miss Gaynor

Wednesday 25th October, 2013 saw the first session of the Community Sports Leader Award (CSLA) course being run during wider curriculum time, with over 20 students signing up for

The season so far!! By Miss Rockliff, Mrs (languages) Witherden, Miss Linnell, and the Legendary Mrs Allen!

Despite some disruption to training sessions due to sponsored walks, other sporting fixtures to honour, etc., The Hayfield School hockey squads have made a great start to the 2013-2014 season.

Year 7 asked for an inter-tutor group Dodgeball competition and that is what they got! This required each tutor group to put forward a team of both boys and girls to represent their tutor group throughout the competition. We began the competition by having two group rounds. Firstly teams from form groups E, G and H competed against each other in a round robin tournament for the first spot in the final. Following this, teams from form groups J, K and L then took each other on for the last remaining place in the final. All the teams worked hard, tried their best and were incredibly competitive, but only two teams could advance to the final. These were 7G and 7K (now Year 8).

Hockey match reports

for both tutor groups, the victorious team were 7K (now 8K) who are pictured. Many congratulations to K and a huge thank you to all the students who took part and represented your tutor groups so brilliantly! The Sport Strand of Student Voice will continue to organise the tournaments and sports events that you want in school. All ideas are welcome and if you have any suggestions simply write them on a slip of paper (with your name on) and post it into the Student Voice post-box located outside IT1. We will always do our best to improve our provision and ensure that your views are acted upon. the course, a fantastic showing!! The CSLA enables students to gain a qualification to coach young people without needing direct supervision, and focuses on developing excellent teamwork and communication skills, whilst also giving students the opportunity to become more adaptable and flexible in pressurised situations (looks great on the CV for that part time job/ University).

The Hayfield School Headteacher: Ms M Rock Hurst Lane, Auckley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK, DN9 3HG

A new look Y11/ 6th form team were unlucky to lose 4-0 to Trinity on 19th September, the score line not reflecting the game. The year 9’s had better fortunes on the same evening, winning their match 2-1. We visited Trinity Academy again the following week with our year 7 and year 8 squads. Both teams came away that evening with a 1-1 draw, with some exceptional performances from those involved! It was wonderful to see some new students taking part in the games, and such talent and potential on display throughout the evening!

The 3rd October saw a year 10 squad, bolstered by several year 9 players, taking on Hall Cross in the torrential rain, coming away with an excellent 3-1 win, whilst an unlucky year 8 squad lost 3-2 in the dying moments of the game, but put on yet another great team performance. I’m looking forward to after the half term break, when we head to Trinity to play in a triangular tournament between ourselves, Trinity and South Axholme with our year 9 and year 10 squads – so get yourselves signed up! We do need a couple more players at each age group to boost our current squad numbers, especially with our tournaments fast approaching – we are defending Doncaster champions in a couple of the age groups so we need a strong turnout!! We hope to see you at training on Wednesday evenings!

Students were thrown completely into the deep end, and given (minimum!!) equipment with which to create their own game/ activity to deliver to the rest of the group. All students responded brilliantly and really got into the spirit of things – some very impressive and creative games and activities. We’re looking forward to the rest of the course!!

Tel: (01302) 770589 Fax: (01302) 770179 Website: E-Mail: (Dial Extension if known or select “2” to report a student absence)

Haywire Magazine - Winter 2013