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[247] 10am OXFAM MOOT £8

Will Bullough, Dermot Doyne and Nick Smith

Francis Green, David Kynaston, Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths and Alex Beard talk to Rosie Boycott

Woodland Heritage Timber Tour From tree to timber – a chance to see up close how a small-scale, sustainable wood is managed. The tour visits planting, ecosystem care and tree grading, and goes into the sawmill to see the log being converted into timber. Find out what the challenges and opportunities are for the timber industry. Please note that there is uneven ground and steep paths onsite so please wear sturdy footwear. In association with Whitney Sawmill

9.30am [245] 9.30am MEETING PLACE ON SITE £18

Richard King

Wayfaring: Music of the British Landscape Richard King’s new book The Lark Ascending: Music of the British Landscape explores how Britain’s history and identity have been shaped by the relationship between music and nature. The Lark Ascending, Ralph Vaughan Williams’ pastoral romance for orchestra, was premièred in 1921 and has worked its way into the collective consciousness to define a mythical concept of the English countryside: babbling brooks and skylarks. But the birth and legacy of the composition are much more complex than this simplified pastoral vision suggests. The landscape we celebrate as unsullied and ripe with mystique is a living, working and occasionally rancorous environment that forged a nation’s musical personality and its dissenting traditions. The walk will include a discussion of our place in the landscape, both as individuals and as a society, the role of hedonism and celebration in our enjoyment of the countryside and will feature elements of both local and national rural history, breathtaking views, and pauses for rest and conversation. Please wear appropriate footwear. Numbers are limited. There will be a bus journey to and from the walk location; return to Festival site by 12.30pm. In association with Brecon Beacons National Parks

10am [246] 10am BAILLIE GIFFORD STAGE £9

Marcus Brigstocke, Rachel Parris, Andre Vincent and Special Guest

Early Edition 2 A little more light ridicule, mockery and fun to start the day as the satirists read the tabloids and surf the social media storms for an irreverent look at what’s tickling the nation’s fancy – and driving it to splenetic fury – today. Sponsored by Colcombe House Ciders

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An English Education? In their controversial book Engines of Privilege: Britain’s Private School Problem Green and Kynaston contend that, in a society that mouths the virtues of equality of opportunity, of fairness and of social cohesion, the educational apartheid separating private schools from our state schools deploys our national educational resources unfairly and inefficiently; blocks social mobility; reproduces privilege down the generations; and underpins a damaging democratic deficit in our society. Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths is a deputy head teacher in Newport. Alex Beard taught in an inner city comprehensive before joining Teach For All and is author of Natural Born Learners: Our Incredible Capacity to Learn and How We Can Harness It. What does the best possible education look like? How will the Hay audience, many of whom are teachers, contribute to the debate? [248] 10am LLWYFAN CYMRU – WALES STAGE £8

Alice Morrison

My 1,001 Nights: Tales and Adventures from Morocco When Alice Morrison first headed out to Morocco, it was to take on one of the most daunting challenges: to run in the famous Marathon des Sables. But as soon as she settled in a flat in Marrakesh she was won over by the people, the spectacular scenery and the ancient alleyways of the souk. Soon she was hiking over the Atlas Mountains, joining nomads to sample their timeless way of life as they crossed the Sahara desert, and finding peace in a tranquil oasis. Alice came to fame with her BBC Two series Morocco to Timbuktu. Chaired by Kitty Corrigan. [249] 10am HAY FESTIVAL FOUNDATION STAGE £8

Chris Thomas and Faith Osier

Malaria Eradication in Africa: Fact or Fiction Huge efforts have been made to combat malaria for over a century, yet each year hundreds of thousands of people still die from the disease, particularly in sub Saharan Africa. The last decade has seen major reductions in this toll: are we at last on the road to eradication? The latest research charts a path towards a vaccine and new weapons against malaria mosquitoes. Faith Osier is Professor of Malaria Immunology at Oxford University and Chris Thomas is Professor of Zoology and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at Aberystwyth University. In association with Aberystwyth University

Profile for Hay Festival

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.