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Giles Yeo

[235] 7pm OXFAM MOOT child ticket (under 16) £10

Gene Eating: The Science of Obesity and the Truth About Diets

The Lost Words - concert


Spell Songs Join eight leading folk musicians for an evening of enchanting new commissions based on the book The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The musicians are singer-songwriter Karine Polwart, Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, kora player Seckou Keita, Scottish contemporary folk musician and songwriter Kris Drever, British composer Kerry Andrew, singer and harpist Rachel Newton, cellist Beth Porter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Molyneux. Spell Songs engages deeply with landscape and nature, to respond to the creatures, art and language of The Lost Words - A Spell Book. Spell Songs will allow these acclaimed and diverse musicians to weave together elements of British folk music, Senegalese folk traditions, experimental and classical music, and create an inspiring new body of work. Featuring live painting by Jackie Morris. See also event [103] Presented by Folk By The Oak Sponsored by Day’s Household Goods and Flow

In an age of misinformation and pseudo-science, the world is getting fatter and the diet makers are getting richer. So how do we break this cycle that’s killing us all? Drawing on the very latest science and his own genetic research at Cambridge University, Yeo has written the seminal ‘anti-diet’ diet book. Exploring the history of our food, debunking marketing nonsense and toxic diet advice and confronting the advocates of ‘clean eating’, he translates his pioneering research into an engaging study of human appetite. Chaired by dietitian Ceris Devereux. Sponsored by Hannibal Brown’s Deli [233] 5.30pm CUBE

adult ticket

free but ticketed

Hay Writers’ Circle

New Work, 2019 A reading of new work by members of the Hay writers’ group: prose, diary and poetry. [234] 5.30pm COMPASS STUDIO £7

Hay Festival Youth Council


How I Got Here How I Got Here sessions are in-conversation events where Hay Festival Youth Council members interview Hay Festival speakers (speakers will be chalkboarded at the venue and updated on #HAYCOMPASS). These sessions are programmed and delivered by young people for young people. Free for 16–25-year-olds who register at Hay Festival Compass is supported by Hay Festival Foundation [HD50] 5.30pm STARLIGHT STAGE £8

Juno Dawson, Laura Dockrill and Fiona Shaw

Nigel Owens, Ryan Jones and Martyn Phillips talk to Carolyn Hitt

Grand Slams, Game Plans, Tight Calls and Balance Sheets Rugby is a serious global business that is scaling up, and facing regional and global challenges and revolutions. WRU CEO and Chair of GlobalWelsh Martyn Phillips, triple Grand Slam winner Ryan Jones and THE ref Nigel Owens discuss all aspects of the sport: its challenges, both on and off the field, and the culture that underpins the essence of the game, in conversation with Carolyn Hitt, author of Wales Play in Red. In association with GlobalWelsh

The Bookseller YA Book Prize Panel The YA Book Prize singles out the best new fiction for young adults every year. Join shortlisted authors Juno Dawson (Clean), Laura Dockrill (Big Bones) and Fiona Shaw (Outwalkers) for a discussion of their books and the importance of YA fiction. Chaired by Anna James. 14+


Oliver Bullough

How to Steal a Trillion Dollars, and Where to Hide it Moneyland is the secret country of the lawless, stateless, super rich. Over the past 50 years it has become the third largest economy in the world, and is annexing more every day. Investigative journalist Oliver Bullough explains how the City of London created this phenomenon, what damage it’s doing to the world and what Britain must do to stop being the problem.

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Profile for Hay Festival

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.