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Cerrie Burnell

Fiona Stafford

The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

The Brief Life of Flowers

Celebrated children’s author and former CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell presents her magical novel The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth. Meet Minnow, a seafaring girl with an incredible underwater ability, who goes on a journey from Brighton to Iceland to Barbados with her friend Raife on a mission to rescue her mother. Follow the call of the wild deep and be immersed in an event with mermaids, sharks and a magical mystery to be solved. Cerrie will share fascinating shark facts, reveal her top storytelling tips, and inspire children to go on their own creative writing adventures. 9+

Come rain or shine, flowers feature perennially in the landscape of human history. Their beauty has inspired some of the greatest works of art and literature, captivating creative minds from Wordsworth to Van Gogh, Botticelli to Beatrix Potter. Flowers have also played a key part in forming the past, and may even shape our future. Some have served as symbols of monarchs, dynasties and nations – from the Wars of the Roses to the Order of the Thistle. And while the poppy is often associated with World War One, it was the elderflower that treated its wounded soldiers, joining a long line of healing flowers that have developed modern medicine, including lavender and foxgloves. The right rose, according to the Victorian language of flowers, might mend a broken heart, while sunflowers may just save our planet. Stafford is Professor of English at the University of Oxford. In association with The British Academy

5.30pm [150] 5.30pm BAILLIE GIFFORD STAGE £14

Antony Beevor, Artemis Cooper, Edward Fox, Bettany Hughes, Joanna Lumley and Simon Schama


Dustin Lance Black talks to Francine Stock

John Julius in the World: A Tribute to the Historian

Mama’s Boy

John Julius Norwich had to withdraw from his Hay Festival event last year and died on 1 June. His family and friends offer this celebration of his work on Sicily, Venice and the Mediterranean, Byzantium and the Kings of England. With readings from his books and from his edition of his mother’s letters Darling Monster: The Letters of Lady Diana Cooper To Her Son John Julius Norwich. [151] 5.30pm OXFAM MOOT £9

James Holland

Normandy ’44: D-Day and the Battle for Holland D-Day and the 76 days of bitter fighting in Normandy that followed have come to be seen as a defining episode in World War Two. Its story has been endlessly retold, and yet it remains a narrative burdened by both myth and assumed knowledge. Drawing on unseen archives and testimonies from around the world, the war historian challenges much of what we think we know. He reveals how the sheer size and scale of the Allies’ war machine ultimately dominated the strategic, operational and tactical limitations of the German forces. Sponsored by Golesworthy & Sons

“To outsiders, my mom and I should have been enemies. Our house should have been divided – North vs South, red vs blue, conservative vs progressive, or however you want to put it. Instead, my mom and I fuelled each other. Her oil lit my lamp, and eventually mine lit hers.” Dustin Lance Black wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for Milk and helped overturn California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in the United States Supreme Court. He grew up in a conservative Mormon household outside San Antonio, Texas. This is his story. [154] 5.30pm STARLIGHT STAGE £8

Adi Kliot, Aquila Mavalankar and Jackie Rosette

The Royal Society Platform 3: The Next Big Things From the genetics of insects and groundbreaking X-ray technology to measuring the world’s forests with lasers, three Royal Society Research Fellows discuss their work at the forefront of science with neuroscientist and broadcaster Hannah Critchlow. In association with The Royal Society

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Profile for Hay Festival

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.