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March 2019

Am I willing to be filled by the Holy Spirit?

Some Winter Activities in Myanmar

A time of fellowship for three of the Chin state churches was arranged on a Saturday afternoon at a beauty spot, a very pleasant lake with a dam, a little over an hour’s travel from Munlai. 60 or so gathered together for an invigorating time with physical activities, (some improvised on the spot), singing, a quiz, some And the disciples were filled with joy discussion and lovely food brought by sisters from Munlai. Everyone was well fed and with the Holy Spirit. and the willing hands working for preparation and cleaning up afterwards were a Acts 13:52 (NKJV) delight to witness. It will surely become a regular event. The disciples referred to in this verse are almost certainly those in Antioch in Pisidia who heard Paul and Barnabas speak in the synagogue there over the course of 2 Sabbaths (and in between!) and believed the message they heard. We are told that they were ‘glad and glorified the word of the Lord’ (v.48) and it seems that they were not at all put off by the persecution that was subsequently stirred up against Paul and Barnabas, resulting in their expulsion from the city and the surrounding region. This verse begs the question, “Am I filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit?” The joy that filled these disciples was Most then returned to Pyi-Daw-Tha and Munlai but a group ventured on to not a superficial cheerfulness based on spend the night in the hall in Khumnuai, staying for the Lord’s Day. More food their current circumstances … after all, was provided in the evening and next day, with cooking starting before dawn. On life had suddenly got a lot tougher for a cool evening, a fire was lit and some sat around discussing the Scriptures for a them as they would now be the focus good length of time. What fellowship there is in the Fellowship as again we saw of the aggressive persecution that had the sacrifice given to make visitors welcome. previously been directed at Paul and Barnabas. As elsewhere in the Bible, this “joy” is much more deeply rooted and is “in the Lord” and flows from their being overwhelmed by God’s love to them revealed through Jesus; it is the joy of knowing their sins forgiven and being brought into a relationship with God. How often do we find ourselves joining David in his plea, ’restore to me the joy of Your salvation’ (Psalm 51:12)? When it comes to the Holy Spirit, how can we measure whether we are “filled“? On several occasions, the New Testament speaks of people being ’filled with the Holy Spirit’ and usually it is associated with them saying or doing something. On the other hand, we are also told not to ’grieve the Holy Spirit of God’ (Ephesians 4:30) and not to ’quench the Spirit’ (1 Thessalonians Pyi-Daw-Tha Assembly hall is situated on the southern side of a good sized village, 5:19). Perhaps the questions we should so opportunity was taken whilst visiting the Assembly to spend time distributing be asking are, “am I willing to be filled tracts to those homes. These advertised a Gospel meeting that evening and it was by the Holy Spirit? Do I want Him to lead delighful to welcome some 30 visitors to the hall. Some were contacts of a brother and direct my words and actions … or in the Assembly who has left the darkness of Bhuddism for the light of God’s do I want to stay in control, saying and kingdom and we look for further opportunities to meet with them in God’s timing. doing what I want?” continued on page 2 ... James Stanley

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Spotlight Phil Brennan in India Camp Baldy

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Some Winter... continued Activities in Myanmar from page 1

In Munlai, opportunity was given and taken to share from God’s word on many occasions, including meeting on three nights after the time of ministry around a camp fire in the Church compound. These included tasty snacks, enthusiastic singing (a great testimony) and sharing the things of God with each other. The wedding of Mary (James’ daughter) to Isaiah (recently added to Munlai Assembly) was a highlight, attended by some 500 guests, mainly local people. Few of Isaiah’s family were able to make the long trip from the west of Yangon, so a celebration was organised there for the newly married couple in December. Both work in Mayalasia but are committed to return to Myanmar, under God’s provision, when work contracts end in two years or so. We pray for enablement for that to happen, maybe sooner.

A week was spent with saints in Insein, in Yangon in the south. Brother John Moe (U Moe Than) was called home in mid-December after a short time of physical suffering though he had not been in good health for a while. His 80th birthday had been celebrated in November, but the message had to be recorded as he was not able to attend. Good times happen in the Friday night house meetings and avenues to engage the Assembly young people on a regular basis are under consideration, including making the hall a better place for them to gather socially. Sadly, Esther, U San Hla’s (Stephen) widow, has deteriorating mental health. Progress on the initiative of Fellowship literature translation into Myanmar and Chin was evaluated with a little refocus offered where relevant. It was a busy six weeks, but in God’s providence the plans made were effected. It was good to have Western support and input from Steve Seddon, Tony Jones and Kevin Beal and we thank the Lord for equipping them to serve here. There is much work for us to do. Please continue to pray with us. James; Khupboih


Spotlight John Black

What is your background? It was my privilege to grow up in a Christian home. My grandfather was a church-going man but he was into his forties before he came to the Lord. He was then advised to ‘take the next step, as the Lord led.’ This brought him into the Church of God in Greenock. In God’s goodness his family have followed the Lord in succeeding generations, a rich blessing indeed. What was your previous work? My ambition was to leave school as soon as possible, on reaching my 15th birthday! Growing up on the farm, it was natural to become involved in it. It was strenuous but enjoyable work with many advantages. I spent nine happy years there. What about Church life? I was added to Greenock Assembly in my teens. It had an active programme, with three meetings on Lord’s Days, a Prayer meeting and a Bible Reading meeting each week, plus Sunday School and weeknight youth work. This provided lots of opportunities for spiritual exercise. Why did you leave the farm? Some of us grew up with an interest in missionary work, fed by missionary books and in part by reports in Intelligence from brothers who were expanding the boundaries of the Fellowship in other countries. These were usually the first reports to be read! When the opportunity came in 1965 to join Willie Stewart in Nigeria, it seemed that this was the Lord’s direction. Before my departure a dear old overseer assured me, ‘If you go, you will go back.’ How right he was! This has been my home from home. Willie introduced me later that year to Grand Cess in Liberia. The Church there ceased in the ‘80s but the Lord used connections to bring about the planting in Monrovia six years ago. That is another story in itself, of course. How do you assess your experience? Enriching! It has been a great privilege to obser ve what the Lord has done in so many lives – through others, I would quickly add — and to meet so many of God’s nobility. Hannah spoke about being made to sit with the princes of God’s people; I have personally experienced what she meant. It was good that Eppie was able to accompany me in Nigeria for a number of years and make her contribution. We have many good friends there and Lorna has some memories of her two visits before she started school. What can you say about the Fellowship? The fact that Assemblies are interlinked world-wide is a big advantage. We can move around and feel at home wherever we find Churches of God, and try to encourage each other in the faith. Our prayer is for its spiritual and numerical growth in the future. What has been your sphere of service? Africa chiefly, in earlier years. Over time this has been reduced, although regular ministry letters and annual visits maintain the links. There have been more opportunities to visit U.K. Assemblies in recent years and the home base continued on page 6 ...

For Prayer

Ministering Brethren March and onwards

John Black I have booked for a flight to Nigeria on 29 March. I will be going for a month, returning to U.K. on 29 April, DV. I plan to attend the Conference at Warri for the two Nigerian Districts at Easter. Phil Brennan Ministry in Buxton & Nottingham. Brian Johnston S p e a k i n g a t C u l l e y b a c ke y conference. Involved in Preachers’ Seminar in S Wales. Leave for a scheduled visit to Zimbabwe. Balance of time spent in support of local and home district events. Geralde Magusara In March I will conduct a Bible seminar in Kaligutan, Liguyon, and Pantukan. I will also host a youth rally in Tagum, Liguyon, Longanapan, Pantukan, and Nabunturan. Andy McIlree Australia and New Zealand from 19 February to 24 April. Karl Smith Activities for March include outreach in Bathgate, speaking at Camp Re:fresh in Barrhead and ongoing youth work in Queenzieburn (Kirkintilloch). David Woods I’ll be in Vancouver for most of March, helping with localised outreach and Church encouragement in anticipation of the Church taking occupancy of their new hall. “How lovely on the mountains...â€? ‌ tracing the footsteps of the Lord in the heights of the Holy Land through Matthew’s gospel.

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MIDLANDS SISTERS’  ‘–Š‘”’‡ ÂƒÂŽÂŽÇĄ‡‹…‡•–‡”•Š‹”‡


Forms and further information can be obtained from Celia Brennan phone: 01298 23445 email:


Report on Belfast Conference

TFS 2019

Being a Believer What we believe, and why

31st Aug. - 6th Sept. 2019 Flaxlands Manor Farm, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, UK £100 Course leaders: Phil Brennan, Lindsay Woods & David Woods A Training for Service study with foundations in the writings of the Apostle John Bookings via Lindsay Woods, 02825 643025 or


Camp Baldy’s




Date: June 8th Time: Starts at 11:00am – 4:00pm Location: Camp Baldy Colorado Can you believe Camp has been around for 50 years?! Special thanks to the Shrout family for hosting us for so many years. Also, many thanks to our amazingly dedicated volunteer staff from around the world that we’ve been blessed with. God is good!

Lunch will be provided along with lots of fun for all! Please feel free to bring your family. There will be special guest appearances from Camp Baldy’s campers and staff over the past 50 years. So, you may see your favorite counselor/leader!

We look forward to seeing you all!

Please RSVP with who will attend to Deidra Brooks by: May 8th or leave a text/voicemail at 720-515-5131

Saints in Northern Ireland came together on Saturday 19 January for our annual conference in Belfast. Gareth Andrews (Belfast), Lennie Shaw (Swindon) and Alistair Taylor (Swindon) were our invited speakers on this occasion and all ministered God’s word to our hearts. Gareth opened our conference by directing us to the wonderful subject of “hope”. He read 1Pe 1:3-9, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead….” The idea of hope is something that is inescapable, but how we view and understand it is so important. We should abound in hope (Rom 15:13), we should rejoice in it (Rom 5:2; 12:12), and not just for eternity, but also today! The indwelling Christ is our hope of glory (Col 1:27). Gareth looked at the ‘history of hope’, the ‘hermeneutics of hope’ (i.e. how we understand and interpret hope), and finally the ‘helpfulness of hope’. Unlike in the writings of Karl Marx, Aristotle and other philosophers, our hope is a hope that can transform, a hope that is real and a hope that is steadfast.  All hope that is based on anything other than the God of Hope (Rom. 15:13) is uncertain and indefinite.  Only the hope that is based on a living hope in the Lord Jesus Christ is certain and assured (1Pe 4:10). Our hope relies on the One who is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). In terms of how we interpret hope, Rom 15:4 gives us the answer, “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” We were taken to many other Scriptures which evidence that the God of Hope is our refuge, unshakeable and immovable.  In summary and in the words of a well-known hymn, “In Christ alone my hope is found…” Lennie then took as his subject, “The cleft of the rock”, taking us to the mountain-top experiences of both Moses and Elijah. He read Ex 33:12-23 where Moses spoke to the LORD face to face. They had a close and very real relationship. Moses spoke to God as a man speaks to his friend (Ex 33:11).  Yet it wasn’t enough, and Moses said, “Please show me your glory.” (Ex 33:18). Can we ever reach the point where we know enough about God?  We always want to know more of God’s ways, to understand Him better. The challenge for us is that we should reverently ask the Lord to show us more that we may know Him better, that we may glorify His name more. Moses asked that God may show him His glory, but the LORD said that he would show him His goodness. God is a God of abundance.  The goodness of our God is inextricably linked to His name, His grace and His compassion. The goodness of God is not dependent on our circumstances, and the apostle said, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  (Rom 8:28). We then looked at the experience of Elijah, as recorded in 1Ki 19:1-18. He also went to Horeb, the mountain of God.  After the great demonstration on Mount Carmel, all of a sudden we find Elijah in fear of his life because of the threat issued by Jezebel. It seems that Elijah was giving up – that He thought he had had enough! God was gracious and spoke in the still small voice, encouraging him.  Have we ever felt like we’ve had enough? When we feel like this we should look to the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. He never said it was enough. He said, “It is finished” (Jo 19:30), completing the work His Father had given Him to do.  In conclusion, Lennie took us to the mount of transfiguration (Mt 17:3; Lk 9:30) where Moses and Elijah appeared with the Lord Jesus Christ, in a scene that surpassed their previous mountain-top experiences. Alistair took as his subject, “Encouragement and Opportunity”. He looked at four aspects: ‘An open door’, ‘a little strength’, ‘hold fast’ and ‘he who overcomes’. Thinking of an open door, we read Rev 3:7,8 “….The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no one opens. I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” The Lord alone can open the opportunity in the Gospel in various fields, and He promised that He would open a door of service to the saints in Philadelphia. When the Lord opens a door, none can shut it. Though they realised their weakness (3:8), they had kept his word and had not denied His name. ‘A little strength’ can be a great thing (see 2Co 12:9, 10; Isa 40:29; Phi 4:12,13). Thinking of the importance of holding fast, we read Rev 3:11 again, “I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.”, and also Heb 10:23 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful”; and 1The 5:21 “…hold fast what is good”. However, what a promise the Lord gave to the saints in that day, Rev 3:12, “The one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name.”  We sincerely thank Gareth, Lennie and Alistair for the messages they each brought to us from the Lord, and trust that their endeavours in preparation will be richly rewarded. To close this synopsis of our conference we echo the words of the Lord to the seven churches, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev 3:13). On behalf of the Church of God in Belfast, Ian Lockhart; Stephen McCabe


Phil Brennan visits India, 12 January to 9 February 2019

Pongal is the Tamil Harvest Festival time, and with three days Government Holiday folk from the four Southern Assemblies gathered at Chennai for three days, while Phil led gleanings from the Book of Romans. Justification and Sanctification were presented. That was soon followed by fellowship with the isolated Church in Margao, Goa. Saints met for the day in a Christian Retreat Centre for Phil’s presentations on aspects of the Sermon on the Mount. A dozen youngsters met with Elsie Tugwell, and the Beatitudes were crafted and learned in a variety of fun ways. Ending the day with beach games topped a famous day. Several Assemblies and homes were visited by Phil in his all too short visit, which concluded with the three day Leadership Seminar at Rajahmundry. With the hall and the Faith School, sponsored by Faith Welfare Trust, adjacent to each other, it was a most suitable venue for those that met. Dr Moses and his wife Kamala were ever generous in their care of the four Tamil elders, the eight Andhra men and Bushan, from Goa. Seven aspiring leaders joined the studies. Phil led two morning sessions on the three days with challenges to the Kingdom of God, and the impact of “In Christ and In the Lord” on our lives led by Brian Tugwell in the afternoon. Devotional input from Dr Moses, brother Deivasagayam and brother B.V.Prasada Rao kicked off each day and brother Sagayam also led us in “Message Preparation”. Fellowship together was warm-hearted and free. Phil’s support in Oversight matters was keenly appreciated. M. T. Chandrasekaran; David Raju

Churches of God, N. Ireland

Cullybackey Spring Conference 16 March 2019 Methodist Church, Shellinghill Road, Cullybackey.


Ian Lockhart (Belfast) Brian Johnston (Leigh) Brian Tugwell (Liverpool) Bible Teaching & Devotional Ministry for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ Begins at 2:30pm with tea/coffee & biscuits and at the end a hot meal will be served Everyone welcome!

Walking Holiday Walking and fellowship is being planned for 14-20 April 2019 along the North Norfolk coast. New walkers will be very welcome. Further information on the walking and accommodation is at http://


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Spotlight - John Black

still provides scope for involvement in Greenock’s active programmes.

Midlands Brethren’s Study Day 2017 and 2018

We would like to acknowledge our appreciation of the visits of the following brethren who have served us well in leading our study days. Firstly, Stephen Hickling and Kevin Hickling who led us in our subject ‘From the Pit to the Throne’, a study of the Life of Joseph. Then last year we had Robert Shaw and Lennie Shaw who led us with a study of Romans 8. The father and son team worked well, and the gatherings were uplifting and beneficial. We thank our brethren for their study of the Scriptures, imparted freely to us. Many thanks to you dear brethren for imparting to us the things of God. J Gregory; GW Conway


Please note, the Correspondent for Wigan is now: Graeme J Hunter 134 Waterloo Road Birkdale, Southport Merseyside PR8 3AZ Phone: 01704 643 763 Email: TFS UPDATE Please note, the date for TFS is Saturday 31 August to Friday 6 September, and not as posted on the Calendar of Events.

What advice can you give to anyone considering ‘full time work’ for the Lord? When one man was asked if he would be going full time he replied, ‘I didn’t know part time was an option!’ We should all consider ourselves full time workers no matter what sphere of service we are engaged in, but we know what the term means. My advice to anyone who wants to devote life in this way is, very simply, be very sure about your call to the work. You will need it as an anchor to keep you on track. The temptations to deviate from this level of commitment do come, but realising you have responded to God’s call will help you keep your focus. This is true for us all, of course, whatever role the Lord has assigned to us. What encouragement can you give to our readers? Remember, it’s worth it when we do the Lord’s bidding. How true for this life, not to speak of the future. The hymn says, ‘No greater joy in life I know than in His service sweet.’ The song says, ‘Rich reward He offers thee.’ The Lord gave His disciples a great assurance of reward in John 12:26, and Paul’s exhortation in 1 Cor. 15:58 is an encouragement to us all to press on. He said, ‘Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.’ There is no greater calling. We have a great Lord and it’s a great honour to be involved in His eternal purpose.

Baptism of Henry Robinson

Henry Robinson was baptised on Saturday 5 January. What an uplifting event for us in Crowborough. Attended by about 90 in all including both sets of grandparents, a great crowd of camp/ YC friends and some of our regular Sunday Service folk, we enjoyed the warmth of the friendship and the heartwarming challenge of the word of God shared by Jon Stanley, and finished off the afternoon with warm pizza from a mobile wood fired pizza oven. (We wanted to say the water was warm too, but Ben King the baptist said it definitely wasn’t!). Henry broke bread with us on Lord’s Day 6 January. A memorable weekend! Graham Smith; Guy Elliott


Baptism of Lily Tidmas While the rest of the country was shivering, hearts of saints in the South Wales District were being warmed as they gathered together in Cardiff on the morning of Saturday 2 February to witness the baptism of Lily Tidmas. Lily, 15 years old, the daughter of Craig and Bernita, had been helped to make her decision through attendance at various camps, youth weekends and other Fellowship events. Her uncle, David Woods, spoke at the baptism and also led us in singing a number of worship songs. Her father, Craig, had the emotional task of carrying out the baptism. On the next day, 3 February, Lily was added to Mountain Ash Assembly, a great joy to this small and faithful Church. We give God thanks for His blessing. Steve Peers; Jeff Butler

Church of God in Hayes

We give God thanks for the safe birth of Jessica on Wednesday 30 January, to Lucy and Barry Mann. She will be a sister to a very excited Poppy! The Church in Hayes has been continually blessed with nine young children born in the last nine years, so this brings more excitement and pleasure as we see our Church filled with these youngsters. Please join with the family and us in their rejoicing. Thank you for prayers on their behalf and continue to pray for this happy Church. Stephen Oxley; Jon Stanley

Betty Bentham’s 90th Birthday

On Sunday 25 November 2018, Betty celebrated her 90th birthday. After the Remembrance almost fifty of Betty’s family, friends a n d W i ga n s a i nt s m et for a sumptuous meal in celebration of this great milestone. The highlight was a hearty rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ and a big smile from Betty. Graeme J Hunter; Chris Sutton

At Home with the Lord - Tommy Southern, Swindon, England

Tommy Southern - 9 September 1999 - 2 December 2018 It is with heavy hearts that we have to report the home call of a much loved member of our Church in Swindon - Tommy Southern, aged 19 - on Sunday 2 December 2018. Tommy had struggled with poor health for some months and was suffering with fatigue, severe headaches and an inability to swallow food. In the last few months of his life Tommy was admitted to hospital where he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Over his short life Tommy had experienced so much. His mother died when he was very young and he was treated for cancer as an infant, as a result of which he lost one of his eyes. Despite his disability he developed great sporting skills and was renowned for his speed and agility. Tommy came along to youth club from an early age and engrossed himself in the younger and older weeks of Camp, Tens to Teens and the South East Young Christians group. His musical abilities and keyboard skills as part of the praise band were appreciated at many events in the District, Camp and our Sunday morning services in the Piggery, and will be greatly missed. His baptism, and addition to the Church of God in Swindon just over a year ago, was a great joy and demonstrated his quiet, drawing power to so many of us. It was evident just how many lives Tommy had touched in his short time when over 200 attended his funeral on 13 December. It was such a tribute to him. Andy Seddon led the praise band in singing many of Tom’s favourite praise songs, “We are more than conquerors” being one. Kevin Hickling, who delivered the message, spoke about how Tommy had many homes throughout his life, and how the Lord Jesus has provided many rooms and goes to prepare a place for those who love him for all eternity. It is particularly important to pray for Tommy’s foster carer Jackie, his dad and step-mum, his brother and his wider family and friends. We need special prayer too for the young people in the District who feel the loss of their friend greatly. Tommy really valued these friendships. We will thank God that so many people met and knew Tommy, a young disciple of the Lord Jesus. We ask God that he will lift our hearts as we reflect on how important Tommy still is to us, and to focus our eyes once more on the future hope of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. On behalf of the Church in Swindon, K. Hickling, A. Seddon

Notice Board March

Camp Baldy Colorado Camp Baldy has a very special celebration this summer. We will have our 50 year anniversary, celebrating the joy of having shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with hundreds of young campers from across North America and other parts of the world. The Lord has maintained this work with help from many Assemblies and we give thanks for the eternal work that has been done over the years. You will see an advert about our day in Intelligence, so if you have been to Camp Baldy we would love to hear from you and know about your experience. We will be looking for old photos and will put together a display of cards or notes if you send them to us. We would love to hear from you if you cannot be there. Many of you will know that we had a forest fire affect our Camp activities for this past summer. Although the area around Camp was devastated by the fire, Camp itself was spared with little damage to the trees and none of the structures were damaged. Lots of prayer was made and God answered in a wonderful way. Thanks for all your prayer support. Because of the on-going fire close to Camp time, we were unable to have Camp at our regular site, but again God answered in an amazing way. We had all but given up on having Camp last year and had decided to cancel it. We had made several calls to see if we could find a facility for our campers, but everything was booked or too small to accommodate our groups. We had one final call to make and from that God opened the door in a dramatic way. We needed room for 30 boys and 30 girls, and the facility had a dorm for 30 boys and a dorm for 30 girls! They had room for staff, a fully functional kitchen and a meeting room for our activities. Although the cost was much higher than we normally pay out, the kindness of saints and help from the North American District made it possible to carry on the Camp work at a new location. We want to express our appreciation to all the helpers from Canada who hung in there with us and made it all happen, as plans had to be adjusted and schedules changed. Our God is awesome! This was an amazing demonstration of the overruling hand of the Lord! Saved from the fire, provided with a new site and given another opportunity to present the Lord Jesus to young hearts. It was also a blessing for our staff to demonstrate kindness and love to the staff at the rented facility and to share the Lord with them as well. Although it was a challenging summer for the Camp Baldy workers, we give God the glory and look to Him to provide the needs and resources as we plan to be back at our normal Camp Baldy site for 2019. Comments, greetings and photos can be sent to Ira Williamson, 1329 Alta Street. Trinidad, Colorado 81082. USA On behalf of the Camp Committee, Don Williamson; Ira Williamson

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