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Bring Home The Best Compatible Features Of R4i Gold 3ds To Nintendo Consoles A gaming console enthusiast will never go wrong in choosing the best flashcards for their Nintendo 3D/DSi/DS consoles. If you are a Nintendo fan, you should be well acquainted with R4i Gold 3ds flash cards which stimulate more fun while playing games. It is essential to have complete compatibility with Nintendo 3ds to enjoy your videos, music files and other conventional consoles. R4i purchased from site are 100% guaranteed, tested and 6 months warranty period with free delivery to your destination. It is considered the smallest memory card with newest standard SD flash Memory format with unique built-in technology to suit the smaller mobile phones. It is also probably the most popular among gaming enthusiast as it has robust skinning support. On the other hand, Acekard 2i brings a plethora of extra features to your Nintendo DSI XL leaving no room to compromise for less. It is one of the newest versions from Acekard line of NDS Flash card in the market today. The main motto was to bring the Acekard technology to place in with new DSi and DSi XL hand held gaming consoles. Review says, Acekard is completely compatible and is viewed probably the most efficient flashcard for NDS and DSi Flash credit score cards in the recent times by users in the market. However, acekard brings you a slew of new features wherein features are not feasible otherwise in Nintendo DSi. If fun is a prime motto, then you need to analyze the benefits that come with R4iGold 3ds and Acekard: Benefits: •

Clarity: The smallest memory card like R4i Gold 3ds, considered robust screen clarity, touch screen control and skinning support. This technology enables quick transfer of photos and movies in no time. Similarly, acekard too possess amazing skinning support enabling fantastic skinnable interface to its users.


Duplicate and Preserve games: An incredible feature that makes Acekard 2i unique, that you can duplicate and preserve online games saved on your PC. You can too discuss with friends on the net and suggest them to use acekard who have NDS flash card. Similarly, R4i Gold too support preserving games and restore them or the entire application even after restarting the machine and doing soft reset. will suffice your requirement to suit your Nintendo consoles.


Upgrade facility: If you buy R4i gold 3ds card comprising 8gb micro and SD card, there will be 50 games along with the latest correct firmware of R4i gold in the SD card. Acekard 2i also supports latest upgrades of firmware from Nintendo that means you can keep your gaming console up to date with the latest upgrades.

Both of the above R4i Gold 3ds and acekard 2i from site supports latest firm wares, smooth skinning interface, Homebrew games, large number of music files, video files, ebooks games, movies and photos. This allows any user to download thousands of free games

from the web and make their own design, making acekard and r4 gold unique and a popular device for DS, DSi and 3ds from Nintendo consoles.

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