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2012 The Federal Reserve

HAYDON Banking and Investing 1/6/2012

The Federal Reserve was created on December 23rd 1913, due to the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve or “the central bank of the United States� was evolved on events such as the Great Depression. They also call it the Federal Reserve System. The Fed is in the congress which is a major role in the Government

the Board of Governors

They are nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate. a full term for them is 14 years

Ben Bernanke,Daniel Turullo,Janet Yellen,Elizabeth Duke, and Sarah Raskin The Federal Reserve System

the Federal Reserve Banks

there are 12 different banks for 12 different regions across america.

The Federal Reserve conducts monetary policy by securing our finances. These actions help keep our economy stable by promoting economy stability and economic growth.

Federal reserve  

federal reserve

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