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Hayden Grom The Sporting Life

Anyone who has participated in any way in high school sports is aware of the tremendous importance that arises from being involved in them. Everyone knows that a skilled high school athlete can, and often does, win an athletic scholarship at the university of his or her choice, which is, in itself, quite an accomplishment.

Hayden Grom is well familiar with this. He has such an athletic background himself, and he points to it as being the foundation for the successful career he now enjoys. If they taught nothing else, athletics would show all the students the importance of teamwork, and Hayden Grom knows all about teamwork.

Hayden Grom also knows, sports teach a great deal more than the highly valuable skill of teamwork. Communication is another one. A team cannot work well if its players are not communicating clearly at all times, and/or if the coach is not communicating with the players.

The Sporting Life of Hayden Grom  

Hayden Jeffrey Grom, he received the full amount of schooling inherent in all his pursuits, in football, in baseball, in skiing, in indoor t...

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