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Henry’s Dam

Henry the Hippo was a BIG hippo and didn’t have any friends. He ate all the food, which made everyone mad and also took up all of the space in their enclosure. All the other hippos in the zoo didn’t even let him cool down in the dam with everyone else, because he would take up all the room, so Henry would have to wait until everyone was finished. Every hippo in the enclosure would tease him. Henry felt really left out, so he had to play by himself. Most of the time he just sat there doing nothing. Until one day he couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted some friends, so he tried to leave some food for the other hippos. He even snuck in and cooled down in the dam with them. The other hippos were shocked. Suddenly the hippo’s realised something. The water rose really high when Henry was in. The water was so deep that everyone could swim in it and play games. All the other hippo’s were so grateful of what Henry could do, that they all made friends. Henry was the happiest hippo in the world that day and the hippos all apologised for being so mean and teasing him. Now that he had made some friends he felt like every other hippo. He was a just little bit bigger.

Henry's Dam  

Henry is hippo that gets teased ALOT and wants to do something a bout it.

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