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Drawing Exercise

Critical Reflection The continuous line drawing was a challenging task. I have always been a keen artist, however my greatest flaw has always been that I am a perfectionist, and I like to have control. Therefore, with my comforts being taken away from me – drawing a picture without looking and taking my pencil off the paper, and hence, having no control, was incredibly irritating. Looking back at the task I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I could have had. It broke through my barriers when concerning art, encouraging me to give art the control instead of myself. This, in the end, enabled me to produce an image with Picasso like qualities that I am very proud of. Once I had chosen my favourite continuous line image that I had produced, I needed to scan my image into Adobe Illustrator so that it could be traced, via the pen tool. Due to using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop previously, for my Photographic portfolio; I went into this task with the confidence that I would be able to trace my continuous line drawing to near perfection. I soon discovered‌I was wrong! I traced and re-traced my image in order to gain a better outcome, and I feel that my final outcome is a success. Although upon close observation you can clearly see that some of my lines are more perfect than that of the original. I feel that only time would enable to improve my image, as I would be able to practise with the pen tool more thoroughly and retrace my image to a better standard. At First, for my illustrative typography, I drew an image inspired from two of my favourite artists, Luis Royo and J Scott Campbell, in which I used the hair of the woman I had drawn, to form my name. My drawing involved a lot of complex lines, and during tracing on Adobe Illustrator, I had decided that I needed more time to improve my skills with the pen tool, for this image to turn out how I had envisioned. Time then became an issue, as I had spent a lot of my time producing an image to the best of my ability, which I now had to scrap. I was on my PlayStation at the time, looking for inspiration, when it occurred to me that nothing better represented me than my love for gaming, which is when I decided to produce a PS3 controller out of my name. Considering the time I had left myself with, I think my illustrative typography is incredibly successful. My choice to colour only the buttons on the controller, helps to distinguish what the image is without distracting the viewer from my name, which I feel I have effectively placed and concealed. Additionally, I was able to make my name stand out to the viewer by colouring parts of the controller not included in my name in black. Overall I don’t necessarily think that my graphics portfolio is weak. I feel that I have managed to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator to a high standard, and produced some visually engaging images. However I do feel that with more time, enabling me to learn more about the software and improve my skills, I would have produced images that were more innovative, which I feel is what my graphics portfolio lacks.

Hayden Gene Simmons - Graphics Portfolio  

My graphics portoflio for still image university module

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