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BA (Hons) Digital Media Arts The Animated Image (AME-4-TAI) Animation Proposal My animation project aims to provide a fresh take on present Mayan and global Warming theories in a satire fantasy action. My Animation will begin in the past with a short opening scene where the audience will witness the event where the Mayans made the prediction of the world coming to an end on December 21st 2012. The remaining animation will be based on a battle between good (Mother Nature in the form of a vixen, with the ability to manipulate the four elements) and evil (pollution – caused by the human race). In the end, the mass amount of pollution that is being created by the human race outweighs the balance of the battle in the pollutions favour, causing Mother Nature to plea for help from the human race. At this moment Mother Nature witnesses the human race transform into emotionless robots, increasing the amount of pollution they produce at a faster rate. My animation will conclude with Mother Nature using the rest of her strength to destroy her-self, the planet, and the human race, on December 21st 2012 as she realises she is never going to win the battle. I developed the idea for my animation project through the combining of personal beliefs and like’s, which all in some respect, inspire me. One of my favourite anime shows is a Nickelodeon series called ‘Avatar the Last Air Bender’ (). This series is based on four nations, each with the ability to bend one of the elements, which is where the inspiration for the use of elemental manipulation in my animation has come from.

Moreover, the reason for why I have chosen to use Mother Nature as the protagonist for my animation is due to the fact that I am a strong believer in the preservation and well-being of the planet. Additionally I personally feel that many of us do not do enough, and one day we will suffer the consequences, hence the transformation of the human race into robots to portray that as a race, we are selfish and emotionless towards the environment, leading to the end of the world being brought upon us, by mother nature through our own doing. Although it seems my animation contains quite a serious and strong message, I have chosen to give my animation a ‘satire fantasy action’ genre. This is because I want to create an animation which is fun and engaging, both visually and scripturally, enabling me to keep the audience’s attention.

However, I do hope to highlight quite an important issue to the audience and I feel the most successful way to make the audience remember and think about this issue, is to display it in the most engaging way possible. The artistic direction of my animation project has also been inspired from a few of my personal likes. Visually I want my animation to be monochromatic – inspired from one of my favourite PSN titles, ‘Limbo’ (), with a few aspects of the animation in colour, such as; the four elements. I feel this will make my animation visually engaging to the audience.

Additionally another game title which has inspired my animation, not visually but artistically, is ‘Rayman Origins’ (). Rayman Origins has a distinctive artistic style which is both unique and engaging. I am going to try develop my own artistic style for my animation project, however heavily influenced from the one used in this specific game.

Moreover, I would really like to incorporate some Roy Lichtenstein inspired wording/explosions into my animation project as I have a particular liking to pop art, and I feel it would coincide with the artistic style that I am going to develop and use for my animation.

Finally, when concerning sound for my animation project, I don’t particularly want to a soundtrack, as I feel it would distract the audience from what is going on. Ideally my preference is to use a lot of sound effects and voice overs in my animation project; however this decision has not been finalised. Word Count: 681

Female Protagonist Initial Design – Mother Nature:

Eyes possibly green – we associate connotations such as, ‘nature’ with the colour green (Mother Nature).

Elemental Manipulation


Animation Proposal - HaydenGeneSimmons  

This is my proposal for my upcoming animation project