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The Cake Hole.


Packaging and branding for a small cake shop using glueless construction


Hannah Jackson


Two colours + stock, 100% FSC stock.


Two weeks

Highlighting the details and the glueless construction method used to create the packaging. The boxes are held together using paper flaps instead of adhesive and are abl to be unfolded completely flat with ease for recycling/disposal without the risk of any harmful chemicals escaping into the environment.

Highlighting the range of flat cake boxes available for larger cakes. They are all constructed without the use of adhesives using paper tabs.

Illustrating the square format of the shopping bags given to customers when they puchase the handleless flat cake boxes. They are square bottomed and sized to the boxes so that they can sit flat at the bottom of the bag and no have to be turned onto their side to fit into the shopping bag.

Stationery for the company implementing the logo across a business card, letterhead, compliments slip and postal envelope.

A proposal for the web presence of the company through a website including an online order form to place orders to either be delivered or picked up in-store.

An ‘at home’ cake mix kit with which to make Cakehole Recipes at home and proposal spreads for a miniature recipe book.

Proposal for a shop front as well as staff uniform including a branded apron and name badges for all staff members.

Cakehole Boards  

set of boards

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